My Daughter the Cheerleader – Chapter 4


This is a continuation, as indicated by the title. It was Saturday night. The girls were in bed, except for Addie, who was still out with LD. Beth and I were having a glass of wine on the patio, listening to the sounds of the warm evening and chatting about the recent events with our beautiful daughter Addie. The mirror had worked just as I planned. We were discussing how hot it was to watch our beautiful daughter as she masturbated and how much she favored Beth. I said, “Honey, I noticed that seeing Addie naked was turning you on. I saw you rubbing your pussy!” Beth responded, “Rick, she is so beautiful, and reminds me so much of myself at her age. I just wanted to help her have a big orgasm. Is that wrong?” I said, “Darling, just as wrong as me wanting her so much and loving the blow job she gave me. But it is what it is! I could not blame you if you wanted to kiss her sweet pussy, because I want to do it myself!” Beth smiled and squeezed my hand, and said, “Maybe we should invite her into our bedroom for a little chat tonight when she gets şişli escort bayan home.” I said, “The last time she came into our bedroom with me, she tried to fuck me and wound up giving me a blow job. My cock is hard now just thinking about it.” Our conversation was interrupted as Addie came out of the house onto the patio. “I’m home,” she said. “Did you two have fun?” Beth asked. “Yes,” responded Addie, “just a movie and some popcorn. I tried to get him to come in but he said he was tired and had to get up early to help his dad with a project. I really needed him to stay for a while, and…” She stopped right there and both Beth and I knew what she was not saying. Beth said, “Honey, your dad and I were just going up. Why don’t you come up to our bedroom and let’s continue our chat?” I replenished our wine as we moved from the patio. Addie started shedding her clothes as we were walking up the stairs, as she always has done. I think in another life she was a nudist! She looked over her shoulder and said, “I’ll just be mecidiyeköy escort bayan a minute, mom. I need to get ready for bed.” Beth and I dressed for bed; me in just jockey style shorts. Beth threw on a red, sheer negligee that just barley covered her ass. Her tits were clearly visible and her trimmed pussy was peaking out from under the edge as she moved. I was hard instantly. Beth smiled and said, “My, my, Sailor. Have you been out to sea long?” I responded, “Honey, am I that obvious?” Beth said, “Babe, your hard cock is sticking out of the top of your shorts,” as she giggled. Addie burst into the room wearing the robe she had on earlier. It was tied in the front, but I could tell she had on no bra and panties. Her big tits bounced as she strode over and hugged her mom. ‘Mom, that is a beautiful negligee”, she said, “Can I wear it sometimes? You look so beautiful in it!” Beth was still hugging her close. Beth kissed her on both cheeks and then on the lips. “Of course you can wear it sometimes sweetheart”, she escort şişli said, “You would look gorgeous in it!” Addie said,” Mom, I could never look as gorgeous as you!” Then Addie kissed Beth on the lips, as they continued to hug. I was standing there observing, with my cock throbbing like a school boy after getting his first kiss. Wow! They looked like twins; both blond, blue eyed and beautiful. As they continued to hug, I heard Beth say, “Honey, what you did to dad yesterday…” Before Beth could finish the sentence, Addie started in, “Mom, oh mom, let me explain!” “No, no,” Beth said, “You do not need to explain. Dad explained it all to me. I just wanted you to know that I was not mad, that’s all.” And she smiled and kissed Addie again on the mouth. It was a long kiss this time. Not a motherly kiss. I could see Addie kissing back. I walked up behind Addie and put my arms around them both and hugged in tight, my stone hard cock pressing firm against Addie’s tight ass. With my head over her shoulder, Addie broke from kissing Beth and turned her head and kissed me hard and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Addie broke first and moaned, “Oh Dad! Oh Mom! I love you both so much.” Then she kissed Beth again, this time I could see the tongues in motion. It was a long kiss. She broke and I kissed Beth and then Addie.

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