My Incestial Desires


My brother, John and I have been close since the day we were born. Being born twins, growing up together, sharing toys, sharing our room till we were 18…  It had its ups and downs. We quite often would fight over things, sometimes even the littlest things like what side of the room the desk would go on and for how much time we could kick each other out of the room for some peace and quiet… which rarely happened with us being the youngest of a family of 4 kids and very over bearing parents. Mind you, living so closely together had its good times too. we told each other everything.  When we turned 18 our older brother who was 23, finally moved out of the house and in with his girlfriend. This meant one of us got to have his old room. It was bigger than the room we were in now and that meant a lot of arguments for quite a few days over who would get the room. Eventually my brothers laziness over took his want for a new room and he let me have it, that escort way he didn’t have to move stuff. This completely suited me as by that stage in our life, we had gone through puberty, and had both been into self pleasure for a couple of years now. I finally had room for all of my clothes in the wardrobe, I could decide what time I wanted to turn the light off and go to sleep and I could finally masturbate without worry of my brother hearing me. I also no longer had to hear the sound of him wanking himself off almost every night. I have to admit it though, sometimes when I was really in the mood for it, I would go to the bedroom earlier than my brother to release the sexual desire I felt raising. Quite often, my brother would come in to the room when I was halfway through masturbating. I would be quiet and stop for a while to pretend I was asleep.When my brother got to his bed, he would turn his lamp on and rummage through his bedside bayan escort draws, he would pull out his phone charger, his iPad and his headphones. I knew exactly what that meant. Charging his phone for the next day, and watching porn on his iPad with his headphones in.  My brother would make sure I was asleep in bed before he sat up in his bed, his iPad resting on its stand beside him and his boxers came off. my brother only ever wore boxers to bed, he said he found that wearing clothes to bed made him feel restricted and he got to hot, no matter how cold the night was.  This completely suited me, my brother had an amazing body, he kept himself fit and always seemed to look energetic. He has longish wavy ginger hair that just suited him so much. I must admit to having thought of him before when I was masturbating, when he watched porn, the lights would all be off but the glow from his iPad shined onto him meaning I could see his escort bayan face and his huge 7 inch cock. I liked it when this happened, it helped me out a bit and because he had headphones in, I could hear the faint sounds of him moaning but he couldn’t hear me. After moving all of my stuff into my new room I was overjoyed with all of the space I now had. The wall I had set my bed against was the one that shared a wall with where my brothers bed was in the other room.  My first night of sleeping in my own room was both bliss and way too quiet. It was a Saturday night, our parents had gone out for the night to drinks with their friends and weren’t due back until they were sober the next day. My other brother who was 20, was out at his girlfriends place for the night, so me and my twin were alone. We both enjoyed zombie movies and comedies and decided a movie night sounded like fun. We watched a zombie movie first, while eating ice cream, with smashed up crunchies on top. When the movie finished I got up to change the movie. I was wearing my thigh length black nightie and cute little black lace panties, my brother was just wearing his boxers. I changed the movie and went back to the couch.

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