New Home 5


End of Part 4 Kassie moaned softly as she woke up. “I’m so sore. But it was sooooo worth it.” She gave me a dazzling smile and mocked biting at me. I smiled back, still tired from my intense fucking the night before. “I think a nice shower will help you feel better. Wanna join me, Matt? Kass?” I looked to my right, seeing Karen, blissfully naked, her eyes locked on mine. I looked to my left, seeing Kassie, blissfully naked, her eyes locked on mine. “Yea, a shower sounds good right now.” Karen got out of bed quickly, followed by me, then Kassie as she got up, walking slightly bowlegged to the bathroom. I smiled, knowing I caused that. I followed the sway of Karen’s naked ass as she entered my bathroom, turned on the water and stood there impatiently, testing the water. She looked incredibly cute, tapping her foot as she waited for the water to warm. I’ve always loved feeling the water go from cold to warm to hot on my skin, and being the mischievous pain in the ass that I am, I lifted my girlfriend and walked into the shower, dousing her sexy body in the cold spray. “Matt, you jackass!” “What? You looked dirty and I thought you needed to get cleaned up?” I put her down as my sister joined the shower party, relishing in the now warm water. “You want to see dirty, Matt? I can show you dirty.” Karen grabbed my sister and pulled her body close, kissing her near-twin, pressing her smaller breasts against my sister’s larger ones. My sister moaned into the kiss, one hand on Karen’s ass, moving slightly closer to her pussy, seeking it’s wet şişli escort warmth. Her other hand reached behind her, grasping my cock and slowly running her hand up and down its length. Karen’s hands were far from idle as well. Starting on my sister’s perfectly round tits, she massaged the skin, then pinched her nipples and slowly ran one hand down the front of my sister’s body and the other down the back of her body, eventually slapping down on my sister’s wet ass, then grabbing onto it. The other found Kassie’s pussy, rubbing the outer lips. I sat back and watched, my cock getting harder and harder. “Dirty? It’d be dirtier if you were sharing something between your mouths.” The kiss broke, revealing two panting and sexy nymphs. My sister and Karen each squatted down, Kassie’s hand stroking my cock, Karen’s rubbing my balls. “If you wanted a blow job, big brother, all you had to do was ask.” She gestured to Karen. “I’m sure my twin sister and I would be happy to comply.” Karen licked the tip of my cock and nodded, but then stood up and smiled. “But I think he needs to be punished for holding me under the cold water.” My sister stood up, running her hand up the length of my cock, then up my torso and chest. She leaned close and kissed me deeply. “Oooh. I know!” Kassie grabbed the soap and then lathered her tits up until they were nice and soapy white. Taking the soap in her hands, she did the same to Karen. “He said we were dirty, let’s clean up, twin sister.” With that, Kassie and Karen resumed their lip lock, their mecidiyeköy escort tits slipping and sliding all over their body, making them nice and sudsy. Using her tits like a perfect and spongy loofa, Karen slid up and down my sister’s body, soaping up her entire lithe form. Kassie was making the most sensual and sexy noises, as she ran her hands up and down her own and Karen’s bodies. Once that process was complete and repeated until both of their bodies were devoid of suds, they turned to me. Karen took the soap in her hands. “But look! Our big brother is all filthy too.” Karen re-soaped up her and her “sister’s” tits, Kassie taking my front, and Karen on my back. Both of then sliding up and down my body, getting me all wet and slippery with soap. Karen’s hands moving to my cock for a few strokes, or Kassie wrapping it in her soapy tits for a second or two made me mad with lust. Just as Kassie was about to wrap her lips around my cock, Karen spoke. “Ok, I think he’s all clean.” With a smoldering look, Kassie stood up, leaving my hard cock unattended. “How long are you two devious girls going to tease me?” “Until we think you’ve learned with lesson.” Kassie chirped in, “Plus, we want a huge load of your cum to swap between us.” “And when will that be?” The two girl looked at each other, then back at me. “Now!” Together they pounced on me, licking down my chest until they both got to my cock. Almost as soon as both of their tongues touched my cock, the hot water ran out, and the shower started drenching us şişli eskort in freezing cold water. Shrieking, the girls jumped out of the shower, wrapping themselves together in one large cottony white towel. I got out of the shower and dried myself off, watching my girls as they warmed up. “I cannot catch a fucking break. I’m bursting with cum.” “How about you join us in our big, fluffy towel and warm us up, then we’ll be happy to suck and fuck until our mouths and pussies are flooded with your hot cum.” They opened their towel and I gladly walked in between them relishing in their bodies pressed against mine. I received twin kisses on my cheek as my sister and girlfriend started to slowly lead me to my bedroom. They pushed me against my bed, sitting me down. Both girls kneeled before me and kissed, their mouths locked over my cock. Their kiss broke and Kassie’s lips descended on my cock. Finally, it was encased in a warm, wet mouth. After all the teasing, I knew I wouldn’t last long. Karen’s hand found my balls as she stood up, talking dirty in my ear. “You love your baby sister kneeling in front of you, sucking your hard cock. You love when she takes it deep in her mouth, down her throat.” The hand not on my balls pushed my sister’s head further against my crotch, my balls pressing against her chin as I slipped into her throat. My sister moaned as she heard Karen’s words. “Fuck I’m close!” Karen nibbled on my ear, then slid down my body as my sister’s mouth slid off of my cock. Together, both girls started to lick and suck on the head, one of them jerking the shaft, one of them rolling my balls around. “Cum for us, paint your sisters’ faces in your cum, big brother!” While the head of my cock was between Karen’s lips I groaned and came hard, sending the first volley into her mouth.

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