The Boarding School – Part I


First let me get some background information out of the way. My name is Jake and I was sixteen when this story took happened. I didn’t have many friends back then as I attended a boarding school with my sister, Sofia, after our parents won the lottery. Our parents won a lot of money in the lottery, and they bought some businesses around the world which meant they had to travel a lot. They decided our education was very important so they sent us to a boarding school, as they didn’t want to leave us at home alone as they travelled. Due to the fact I came from a now wealthy family, guys would start to be nice to me, trying to become good friends with me in hope I would spend money on them. For that reason, I only had two true friends in the whole school, my sister Sofia and a guy called Alex. When I first arrived at the school, I needed to take up an activity to stay busy so I decided to start working out in the school gym. The school gym wasn’t overly fantastic, but it had everything you could need in it. I started to work out a lot, spending most of my free time in the gym alone working out. There was one guy that was always in the gym at the same time as me, and he also happened to be one şişli escort bayan of my roommates. His name was Alex. He kept to himself, and didn’t try becoming friends with me to avail of the benefits of being rich. We started working out together, as it’s better to work out with a partner. Soon we became good friends so I introduced him to my sister at dinner one day, and they started talking. My sister’s friend Sarah and Alex really hit it off fast, and were soon boyfriend and girlfriend and spending a lot of time together. It wasn’t long before I wasn’t hanging out with Alex anymore except in the gym and sometimes in the dorm room when we had to stay in our rooms. It was the same for my sister, which drew us together even closer than ever. I am quite muscly, due to spending a lot of time at the gym out of boredom. I have black hair, which I try to keep short. My sister is sixteen and they’re ten months between our birthdays. She looks younger in than me in facial appearance, but her body is like a full grown women’s. She started working out at the gym with me out of boredom, and she managed to get herself an amazing ass and body. She would wear yoga shorts in the mecidiyeköy escort bayan gym with a tight belly top and the clothes really showed off her assets. The story begins one day in the gym. Alex had just left as it was a Saturday morning and we were allowed into the town on the weekends. Sofia and I had decided not to go today, as there wasn’t much to do there besides sit around on the grass in the sun. We decided we could do that at the school rather than having to take a twenty minute bus ride to do it. We decided it was time to finish up so we went into the changing rooms of the gym. The changing room is just a big room with lockers along the wall and benches in the middle, and it is unisex. There are two different shower rooms in the changing area. Normally when we go into the changing room, my sister would take off her clothes in the shower room and then bring them back out with a towel wrapped around her and put her clothes in her locker. I always stripped where I was and I was normally in the shower by the time she came out with her clothes. We both have lockers beside each other, as it goes alphabetically by surname. Today, she went into the changing escort şişli room and stripped bare in front of me, not caring that I could see her. We both stood naked looking at each other’s bodies, and I lusted for her so bad. My cock became rock hard, and I made no move to hide it. She smiled at me, grabbed her bag of shower stuff, and disappeared into the shower without another word. I went into the guys showers, and started to stroke my cock hard, fantasizing about fucking my sister hard in her pussy which had a small bit of hair around it in a cute little triangle. I thought about her breasts, and how amazing they looked. I guessed they were a C cup. Soon cum started to shoot out of my seven inch cock and I finished washing in the shower, before I stepped out into the changing room, not bothering to wrap a towel around me. My sister was still in the shower, as I could hear it running. I longed to see her naked body again. I dressed slowly, hoping she would emerge soon. Finally I was dressed, and I sat on the bench waiting on her, as we had plans to hang out after the gym. Soon she came out, naked and without a towel. She had shaved her pussy clean, and she was still soaking wet from the shower. She didn’t speak or look at me, she just proceeded to dress. She put on her dress, completely forgetting her bra and panties, and we left the room. We went outside to the grass area in the sun at the back of the school near the dorms and sat down under the big oak tree.

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