The First Time She Fucked Her Dad…


The first time my wife got fucked by her own dad was a complete accident. You see, my wife fits easily into the category of a “slut” – she’s told me plenty of times that getting fucked makes her feel better, and after going a few days without getting her pussy filled, she can’t control herself until she gets her fix. So, being a good husband, I decided to help her out with her addiction. Before we left, we asked her parents if they would mind watching our kids for a night, so we could just be together. We set up in a hotel near our house and unpacked our things. We had posted an ad online that read:Plus-sized slut needs cock My wife cannot be satisfied with just one lover, so I need your help. We’ll be at the [hotel] in room 214 from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. The door is unlocked, simply walk in and fuck my wife. That’s it – no catch. I will be there to make sure everything goes safely; we’ll be wearing blindfolds to protect your anonymity. Enjoy her. We set up a laptop on the desk for two reasons: First, we decided it would help everyone relax if there was some music playing. Second, so that we could record the event, in case anything escort got out of control (also for later viewing). We went out to eat and she was so nervous that she was shaking. I told her I would be there to keep her safe, and that I knew she was going to love it. We got back to the hotel room to get ready.  She stepped out of the shower, her pussy soft and silky, her curves glistening with beads of steam. She slammed a rum and coke and laid down on the bed. Gently, I tied a blindfold around her eyes, making sure it was snug, but not too tight. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss my way down her body, tasting her warm, clean skin. I decided it would be a good time to get her warmed up – we opened in a few minutes. My tongue found her clit instantly; she was already getting wet with anticipation. Her soft pussy lips caressed my mouth as I licked her, tasting that delicious nectar that had got me hooked in the first place. She let out a soft moan, and lifted her hips off the bed to force more of her sex into my mouth. Droplets of sticky girl-cum dripped down her skin, finding their way to her cute, tight asshole. She was ready.  I unlocked bayan escort the door, and propped it open just slightly. I sat between the door and the bed, also wearing a blindfold, and waited for our first customer. It wasn’t long; I heard the door open and someone shuffled in. I heard a movement on the bed, followed by my wife asking, “Babe, is that you?” “Nope,” I smiled. I heard her giggle, and tell the stranger, “Hey baby. Enjoy yourself. This pussy’s all yours.” My cock rocketed to a throbbing erection, and I heard her moaning softly, rustling the sheets. I wanted nothing more than to rip off my blindfold and show this guy the way around my woman. Suddenly, my wife gasped. I grabbed the arms of the chair, ready to help if the guy was hurting her. “Oh fuck,” she moaned, “that cock feels soooo good.” I relaxed, listening to my wife enjoying herself all over a strange, new cock. Another person walked in, brushing past me. The two men exchanged a quiet “what’s up” before I heard my wife’s breathing being interrupted by a mouthful of cock. She choked, gagged, and slurped; smacking her lips with satisfaction when he withdrew from escort bayan her mouth. She was getting her fill now. A third person walked in, or a fourth, I couldn’t tell. I was so overwhelmed by what was happening I was on the verge of cumming in my pants or calling the whole thing off. I sat patiently, listening to my wife getting fucked. I could hear guys enjoying her tight, pink, hole – I listened as their cocks filled her, making wet, squishy sounds punctuated by my wife gasping for breath. One guy began to hesitate, managing to stutter, “I’m… going to cum…” “Cum in my mouth, baby!” my wife called, and only a moment later I heard the familiar sound of her swallowing, knowing that her throat was filled to capacity with a stranger’s cum. I listened as she pulled off just enough to catch her breath… then heard her swallowing again. These guys were abusing her, degrading my slut wife, using her as nothing more than a cum dumpster, taking advantage of her body to empty their balls, and I was loving it. I heard quite a bit of movement on the bed, and a bit of laughter – it was then that I realized that there might be as many as ten guys in here, waiting for their turn on my girl. “Ouch! Gentle, baby,” my wife winced. “Babe?” I asked, concerned. “It’s okay, honey, I just wasn’t ready for such a big cock in my ass.” I almost came.

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