The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #5


Friday finally arrived, like a slow train … it seemed to Lynn that the day would never pass. Lynn checked the kitchen clock over and over, it never seemed to move. Finally it was time to get ready to go. Her husband Don did not seem terribly unnerved, and was sitting by the TV waiting for Lynn to get ready. She packed a few naughty, new outfits, boots, and assorted BDSM items in her bag. She donned a pair of hot-pink, thigh-high, ballet-boots, a pink and white vinyl, paneled flare-skirt that barely reached the bottoms of her behind, and a matching pink, cut-off top with collar and cuffs to match. Her black, latex panties accentuated the fact that her backside was exposed to view, and the attached internal dildo kept her in the needed state of arousal. Lisa arrived early: wearing a pewter color, latex micro-miniskirt, corset-top and a matching laced and heavily boned pewter and black, latex posture collar. Her legs were encased in a beautiful pair of crotch-high, black vinyl boots with platforms that were nearly 4 inches high, resulting in almost 9- inch tall heels. To keep her occupied, she wore pink latex dildo-panties, with both of her holes nicely and fully plugged. Lisa had also brought with her a matching arm-binder with shoulder straps and a pewter and black latex hood with a long pony-tail of silver and pink latex rubber strips that cascaded to her waist. The hood had clear plastic inserts for the eyes, no opening for the nose, and a small, mouth opening. Lynn and her husband helped Lisa into her posture collar and hood, fastened the arm-binder tightly around her arms, and pulled the shoulder straps tight. It was obvious to them that Lisa was not only severely restrained, and in some distress caused by the tight collar and arm binder, but equally sexually charged as well. At exactly 6:00 PM, the three travelers got into her husband Don’s car and headed out to the abandoned shopping center to await their fate. The drive seemed like an eternity, although it was really only about a half-hour. The girls busied themselves with swapping fantasies about what was to come, and what the future would hold for them all. Pulling into the parking lot, they nervously exited the car, and awaited the familiar sound of the tormentor’s Harley. Standing there in the abandoned parking lot, Don could see that the girls were extremely excited, and could hardly stand still. To relieve their tensions, he graciously put his hands under each of the girl’s skirts, and grabbed onto şişli escort bayan them. He did his best to masturbate them through their panties, by grabbing hold of the dildos which were violating their pussies. Quickly both girls began squirming and wriggling, panting deeply and finally exploding in shuddering bliss. Looking at Lynn’s legs, he could see a large flow of her precious juices running down her legs and over her boots. Both he and Lisa saw the sticky flow and almost in unison, they dropped to their knees to lick it from Lynn’s legs and boots, savoring the wonderful apple-sauce flavored cum. Competing for the precious juices, they licked and sucked Lynn’s fabulous tasting pussy juices, then winding up licking each other’s lips and mouths as they competed. When they finished, Lynn’s legs were cleaned as well as anyone could have done. Don was very turned on by not only the cleaning, but, by licking and kissing Lisa as Lynn stood above them. “Lisa, my dear, I think that this weekend we will all experience a new and very exciting life together,” Don said. “If that means that you are finally going to fuck me, after all these years, then I am all for it,” Lisa blurted out. Looking at Lynn: Don stood quietly; Lynn smiled at him and said, “Please be sure that Lisa is fulfilled as well as I am, Sir, feel free to use her as you see fit.” His heart quickened, he kissed his lovely wife deeply and passionately, telling her that his love for her was unconditional and unending. “Worry not, my love, I expect that you will soon be husband to both of us, for now and forever,” Lynn said in return. The moment was broken by the sound of a car approaching. An old, antique Packard limousine entered the parking lot and stopped next to them. As the large rear door swung open, Lynn was so excited to see that it was her new tormentor and master of pain. He exited the car, and with the introduction of her husband to him, she threw her arms around his neck, kissed and hugged him with all her pent up passions. She then turned to Lisa, who was now kneeling before him, awaiting her acknowledgment. Lynn introduced Lisa to him; she explained that she was her lifetime friend, and a novice to the lifestyle of BDSM, but a very good learner. She further explained that Lisa was now ready to give her body over to him, as his new subject for experimentation and conversion to a rubber dolly. She further apologized for bringing her along without permission, but since mecidiyeköy escort bayan she had no way to contact him, she thought that it would be OK. Master looked at Lynn with glaring eyes, and told her that her assuming anything that he might do was a major offense that would be dealt with severely when they returned to the farm. A swift slap to the face snapped Lynn back to reality, and she was ordered to the car. Without a thought, she did so at once. Looking down at Lisa, he asked her if she had any idea of what the life she was giving herself to was all about. She said that she was divorced, lived alone and had no children, so her life was hers, and that she wanted more than anything to be subjected to the same, and even harsher tortures and sexual degradations that her friend Lynn had been, and that she dreamed of being a sex toy for the rest of her life. She promised to serve him and do his bidding as long as he would have her as one of his toys. “Very well then, we will see if you are suitable to be so greatly rewarded with this gift that you seek,” Master demanded. He motioned to her to stand up, which she did. He took his hand and placed it under her panties, feeling the attached dildos that were impaling her. He was noticeably excited by her self imposed impaling, and ushered her to the car along with Lynn’s husband. Entering the car, Don saw that Mai-Lin was in the rear passenger compartment also. She had Lynn strapped into a seat with several TENS unit pads stuck to her body at strategic points, she was ball gagged and sweating from the ever increasing electrical current that was coursing through her body. Mai-Lin held the battery operated device in her latex-gloved hands, and was smiling as she delivered wave after wave of pure electrical pleasure to Lynn. “I am afraid that your lady must be punished for her transgressions, Sir,” he explained to Lynn’s husband. “I fully understand and agree!” Don said as he watched his love being so fabulously tortured. The sight of her straining at her bindings as she was being electro-shocked was so enervating to him that his cock felt like it was going to rip out of his pants. He never saw his lady in so much distress, and it excited him greatly. He now understood the pure pleasures of seeing his loved one suffer so willingly. “Turn up the current, bitch, fry the cunt!” Master ordered Mai-Lin. Mai-Lin complied at once, Don could see his wife shaking wildly, her eyes opened to their escort şişli limits, and her entire body shaking and sweating profusely. It amazed him that torture like this, which could do no real harm, was so obviously severe and unrelenting. As the car drove off, Master ordered Lisa to kneel before him and Lynn’s husband on the wide floor of the limousine. He then ordered her to suck the cocks of both him and Don until they were fully satisfied. Hearing this order, Don was frightened, he had worn a pair of Lynn’s pink latex panties under his clothes as a concession to her libido, now, her master would see the girl’s rubber panties on him! Lisa was warned that if she failed to please them, or spilled a drop of their precious cum from her mouth, she would be electro-shocked as well. Lisa complied, pulling their cocks from their panties, and dutifully servicing each one until they shot their loads of cum into her mouth. It was very difficult for her to swallow all of it, and not drip any of the huge loads of cum, but she tried her best and succeeded. Master had seen Don’s rubber panties, but said nothing, only giving a knowing glance and shaking his head to indicate his approval. Don looked at Lisa as she kneeled before her new tormentor; she pursed her lips and slowly allowed the huge cock to penetrate her mouth, forcing its way deep inside. She moved forward slowly, taking every inch into her fuck-hole, and savoring its taste, as it coursed its way deep into her throat. The huge cock was so thick that it completely stopped her from breathing while it was in her throat. The head rubbed its way down, further and further until it would go no more. Lisa felt like she was suffocating, but did not try to remove it. To the contrary, Lisa kept it deep inside of her as long as humanly possible, only then pulling it back to her lips. She repeated this slow fucking of her mouth until his clamor for orgasm was no longer able to be stifled, she then pushed it down all the way again, and allowed the huge volume of cum to fill her willing mouth. Don could not take his eyes off his lady, even as he was getting his own cock sucked. The sight of her glorious pain was greatly enhancing his sexual pleasures. When both men were fully drained, Master ordered Mai-Lin to stop the electro-shock and motioned for Lisa to get up. “Now, kiss Lynn deeply, and see to it that the cum is sucked from your mouth into Lynn’s,” he commanded. Lisa bent over Lynn’s body and placed her lips on hers, she felt the cum transferring to Lynn’s mouth and used her tongue to complete the exchange. Lynn gulped and swallowed every drop, thanking both men for her treat. Arriving at the farm, the girls were first to disembark, Don and the tormentor were next, with Mai-Lin exiting the car last.

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