The Witch and the Dragon; Part 1

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Prologue Sunlight poked through the cracks of the window shutters; glittering rays dancing across the grey stones of the tower room floor. Alluna hadn’t opened the shutters, unable to bear the sight of another perfect day. The scene would be the same—the tall grass in the field rolling and swaying with the caress of summer breeze, surrounded by a sea of deep green forest beyond. The trees always danced and whispered amongst themselves, making Alluna envy them. They were surrounded by their own kind and never lonely. Not like her. Loneliness was her constant companion. Alluna only knew her >ama. Sometimes she would catch glimpses of wildlife outside her window, and once every few years, humans brave enough to chance Mama’s wrath to appease their curiosity about the castle ruins. Alluna tried to sigh, but couldn’t get enough breath into her starving lungs. The brace Mama insisted she wear to keep her abnormal swelling down pinched her hips and constricted her ribs. It hurt. With a cry of anger, she tore at her golden frock, peeling it down to her knees, and unlaced her brace. Cool air caressed her naked upper body, making her nipples peak tightly. Tossing the offending brace aside, Alluna rubbed the ache, letting her head fall back in relief. Rubbing always felt nice…pinching too. The sharp little sting of pain made her feel alive, made the area between her thighs ache. Alluna’s fingertips closed on her nipples slowly and hesitated. If Mama saw her, she’d beat Alluna, call her “naughty.” Mama said touching her body was what had made her sick. Her chest had swelled up into two ugly bumps, and once a month she bled between her legs. That was really scary. She didn’t enjoy the dull ache she’d feel in the pit of her groin those days either. Choking back a sob, she crawled across the rough stones of the floor into the lap of one of her life-sized dolls. A flood of tears bathed her cheeks as she wrapped the cold, rubbery arms around her. “Mama said the villagers wanted to hurt me. Why?” Her breath hiccupped as her fingers gripped the dolls frock tightly and burrowed deeper against the lifeless doll. She imagined her doll, Lila, kissing the top of her head, patting her back and telling her it would be alright. “Why would they want to hurt me? Why am I sick? Why can’t I stop being naughty?” She sniffled, feeling shame in the enjoyment she felt exploring her body, and the pleasure in the spankings afterwards. Mama had tried to scare her, saying the villagers would come get her, tie her up and take a switch to her bare ass. The thought both frightened and excited Alluna, much to her chagrin. “I’m naughty. I’m a bad girl, and I’m ugly. Mama said so.” She cried until, weary from grief, she dozed off. Strange dreams invaded her sleep; a horde of devils in a dimly lit cavern. A tall, muscular warrior with a fall of golden hair down his naked back hacked away at the snarling creatures, even as claws and tails ripped wounds into his flesh. Black blood streaked the glowing blade he used. His thighs and arms rippled with savage strength. The warrior roared his anger. Alluna startled awake, confused by her dream. She tried to remember more of it, but it faded away like smoke on a windy day. The chill of the tower room made her skin pimple and her nipples peak. With a sigh, she pulled her dress back into place, ignoring the brace. Let Mama find her with her lumps swinging free. Perhaps if she were disobedient enough, Mama wouldn’t leave her for such long periods of time. Another sigh escaped her lips. She’d cleaned the entire tower, both levels, tidied and reorganized everything. Only her bed remained unmade since she’d awakened. With a rebellious frown, she decided to leave it that way. No one would come calling today, she was sure. Pushing away the feelings of self-pity, she decided to practice her Echize di’ Drakkur, or Dragon’s Lure. Lifting her dress, Alluna crawled her way across the floor where she vaguely made out the outline of her bench before the closed window shutters. The cold rough stones felt good against her skin. Her hands skimmed against the floor and she had the sudden urge to drag her bare belly against it, to feel the roughness against the softness of her chest lumps and thighs. Alluna sighed with a shiver, feeling the area between her legs quiver. Such strange feelings. What do they mean? She gave a little bleat of pain mingled with surprise when she smacked her head against the bench. Rubbing her sore forehead with one hand, she reached out with the other to feel around for her golden flute. Cold, hard metal met her searching hand. Wrapping her fingers around it, she brought it up to her face, took a deep breath, pursed her lips, and blew. Soft lilting music filled the air around her and echoed throughout the chamber. Closing her eyes, she envisioned a beautiful golden dragon soaring through the sky, his scales gleaming bright like the sun. She played for him, calling with her heart as well as her song. Giant wings fanned the warm air as her imaginary dragon circled, sapphire eyes glowing down at her. Two gleaming horns spiraled up from his mighty head and he had a snout full of jagged ivory teeth. A growl rumbled deep in his chest, the scales on his body lifting slightly from the rumbling vibration. She should have feared the beast, but as long as she played her melody, he was hers, a slave to her bidding. Mine, she thought, feeling her heart race at the sheer beauty of her beast. He would protect her, love her. My dragon, she thought with longing. Oh, how safe she would feel. The air, stirred by the dragon’s wings, stroked through her raven tresses. She willed him to her, to kneel at her feet. The dragon landed with… A heavy thud behind her made her jump. Alluna’s eyes snapped open, fingers stilling on the flute. Her lips parted, breath lodging in her chest as every hair on her head prickled from the shiver running up her spine. She felt a presence in the dark behind her. Her imagination conjured the image of a fire-breathing dragon hunkered down, sharp teeth dripping with spit, ready to devour her in one gulp. Silly, of course, escort avcılar because a dragon wouldn’t even fit in her tower room, even as big as the room was. Still, her mind would not shake the image of a dragon. Swallowing, she lowered her flute, heart racing. A fine trembling began in her body as she bit her lower lip, stifling a whimper. She strained to hear any type of movement, but all she heard was… breathing, deep, steady, sounlike her terrified panting. A fresh clean scent, like citrusy fruit on a crisp verdant summer breeze tickled her nose. The heat emanating behind her dissipated the chill in the room. A fire-breathing dragon. She tried valiantly not to scream now. Slowly, Alluna turned her head. She winced when her flute fell from her grasp with a loud metallic clang, her eyes going round in the gloom of the tower. It was somewhat shaped like a person. At least it wasn’t a dragon, though the presence of the shadowy figure did not comfort her at all. The person knelt a few paces away. She could barely make out the shadowy figure. Whoever it was didn’t move, just knelt there, silent, breathing. Alluna turned her head away and rose, her heart seemingly pounding at the back of her throat. Putting one bare foot before the other with careful slowness, she made her way to the window shutters. The sound of her heart and erratic terrorized panting seemed to echo in the room’s rafters. Movement. She sensed movement and turned her head to see the shadowy figure slowly dragging a pillow into its lap. The head looked big, furry, the shoulders wide, body enormous. Oh no, it’s a beast… a monster! she screamed in her head. Alluna shivered, her eyes riveted to the dark shadow as her trembling fingers fumbled with the latch on the shutters. The latch stuck, rusty with age, and just as she was about to start shrieking, it gave and slid open with a long, squealing cry of protest. With a forceful push, she swung the shutters open. The ancient shutters groaned and creaked. For a moment, she pondered simply throwing herself over the ledge. The ground below was very far. She’d never survive. Fear choked her as she turned back. Sunlight poured into the tower room, chasing back the darkness and chill. The dark grey of the floor lightened to a slivery ash, the same shade as the old wooden beams that held up the second story to the room. The blinding light spread to her rumpled bed, with its faded patchwork quilt and frayed red rug. Her dolls sat around, smiling, unmoving, uncaring of the presence in the room. The shutters banged against the rock walls of the tower. In two rapid blinks, light engulfed the shadowy figure, bathing it in golden splendor. “Oh, gods,” Alluna gasped, her hand going to her galloping heart. Her eyes beheld the most beautiful creature she’d ever seen—and the biggest. What she had assumed was a large furry head turned out to be a mane of golden hair, spilling wildly thick, lustrous waves around a muscular body. Alluna’s jaw dropped as her eyes took in the fiery sapphire eyes. It had lush lips, a thick neck, bulky shoulders, and ropey arms. The creature’s chest sported square pillows of flesh with copper colored disks in their bronzed centers. They tightened even as she gaped at them. Her eyes couldn’t stop there though. Rippled abs dipped into a tiny belly button just above the red pillow clutched over thick meaty thighs. She swallowed loudly, her eyes darting back up to the creature’s beautiful face. Hints of dimples made little hollows in the cheeks and another in the center of the chin. An angel? Was this an angel like the one she had in the little picture on her nightstand? But why would an angel be kneeling in the center of her room? Sapphire eyes closed, long gold-tipped lashes sweeping over slightly flushed cheeks. Again, Alluna let her gaze sweep over the creature’s unclothed body. It was so big… so different from her or her other dolls… who were female. A boy doll? Had Mama given her a boy doll? Her fascinated gaze traveled back up its torso. Huge, but pretty. It had to be a boy. Alluna walked over to him. His eyes snapped back open, disorientated at first, but then they focused on her, almost in adoration. She circled him once, noticing all that wavy golden hair fell to the middle of his bottom, which rested over his enormous feet. His gaze followed her, blinking, turning his head first one way then the other as she came around him full circle. A confused frown marred his features. How strange. Dolls usually grinned and said hello. This one looked lost and confused. Maybe this is how boy dolls are supposed to be. Clueless. She went down on her knees before him. “You’re so beautiful.” She touched his chest and was surprised at his warmth, as though he ran a fever. His skin was velvety soft too, not rubbery. She moaned at the shiver that ran through her. “Oh, yes. You’re going to feel so good against me. I can hardly wait to take all my clothes off and rub against your soft, hot skin.” Her nails pressed against the pectoral under her palm. The doll flinched, eyes widening, going over every feature on her face, as if seeing her for the first time. His hands clutched the pillow tighter. He swallowed convulsively, looking bewildered now, which Alluna found quite strange. She licked her lips and his eyes flicked down to watch in rapt attention. A soft sigh puffed out from between his lips and he swayed a little toward her. Alarm streaked through her making her gasp and lift her other hand to steady him. “Is your power running low?” she asked anxiously. He blinked and pulled back. “I only have enough power to charge one doll at a time, and today I was charging Rayne,” she explained. He opened his mouth to speak, looking baffled, but Alluna placed her fingers over his lips. Their petal softness startled her silent a moment, but she shook her head, worried he’d power off from lack of energy. Then he’d grow cold and lifeless like the rest of her dolls. “Don’t talk or move until I bring Rayne’s energy crystal. She’s another doll I have upstairs in a glass case. Mama won’t let me play with her…” she escort bahcesehir frowned, “I don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter. Please don’t shut off. It’ll take forever to get you to power up and I want so much to talk and play with a new doll. My other ones don’t function anymore. I’ll be right back. Stay.” She got up, joy overwhelming her senses as she scampered up the stairs, tripping along the way. ** ** **Zak watched the raven-haired beauty scramble away. She gave a little squeal of utter delight as she literally ran up the old looking spiral staircase. What the hell? he thought with a raised brow. After a few seconds of staring off after her in stunned silence, he finally closed his gaping mouth and looked around. “Where the hell am I?” he whispered to himself. Everything wavered and he felt light-headed and faint, but, of course, that hadn’t hindered him from noticing how freaking hot she looked, and so… innocent. Hell, he wasn’t sure if his stupefied state of mind had to do with how much she blew his mind, or the fact that some female had actually managed to accomplish such a feat. Zachariel Wilder—blown away by a little slip of a girl with dark hair and skin, and golden eyes. “Huh,” he snorted. His gaze lowered to the pillow he’d grabbed to cover his boy parts, unsure of the welcome a six-foot-seven, two hundred and fifty pound naked man would receive. The ache in his loins made him frown. Again, he wondered how he wound up here. His gaze roved over everything; round room, very big, made of stone, and judging from the view of wispy clouds and swaying treetops the ginormous window before him displayed, he surmised he was inside a very tall tower. “As in Rapunzel, Wilder,” he murmured to himself with a snort of disbelief. “Remien Fyre, where the hell have you sent me?” Grayed out beams hinted at siglons of age. The furniture looked worn, and the bedclothes and tapestries faded and frayed. His frown deepened at the sight of dozens of life-sized dolls in various stages of undress sitting around, their big lifeless eyes and empty smiles giving him the creeps. Zak huffed in confusion, running his hands up his chest. His hair was loose and he was naked. A shiver of revulsion made him clench his teeth as he wondered if he’d shifted into his dragon form again. Mistake. No,no. Mustn’t think of that horror…. The feel of his body contorting, stretching, jagged teeth pushing through his gums, his bones popping, fire coursing through his veins.… Zak clenched his teeth tighter to keep the scream that wanted to erupt from his throat trapped. He slid his hands into his hair and pulled, eyes closed as he willed his flesh to stop twitching. “God, oh Godd…not now,” he panted. Control. He was the master. He was in charge. Slowly, his body stopped shaking and his breathing slowed to normal. Eyes closed, he lowered his hands back upon the pillow. “That’s better, Wilder,” he said to himself through clenched teeth. “Now think.” The last thing he remembered was fighting a legion of devils in some underground cavern, following Remien out into a corridor afterwards, and then accidentally falling through a portal Remien had opened in hopes of getting back to their transports quicker. “Aw hell,” Zak cursed with a grimace. God only knew where the hell he was. “Serves me right for following Remi around like an idiot.” Soft footfalls sounded above, drawing his gaze to the wooden ceiling. The girl. Longing stirred within him. Holy crap, the minute she’d opened those shutters he felt as if he’d been hit over the head with a plasma cannon. Had that ever happened to him before? Her skin was the color of sweet caramel, eyes a luminous gold fringed by long, thick, black lashes. He didn’t miss her full, lush lips, the glimpse of white teeth, and a soft pink tongue beyond when she gasped. She had the slightest hint of an over bite that made her face more adorable than beautiful, framed by a fall of deep black hair spilling to her tiny waist. Firm, round breasts pressed against the gold material of her scoop-necked dress, jutting nipples letting him know she wore no bra underneath. Zak literally drooled…. He’d bedded many beauties before, had them by dozens at a time in his bed, tied down, spread out for his pleasure and dominance, but this girl…. I want her, I need to be hers.… Zak blinked, rearing back before he crawled on hands and knees up the spiral staircase after her. “What the fuck is wrong with me? I need to be hers?” He scowled wondering what sneaky spell she’d cast on him. Oh, she definitely needs to be… punished. Naughty girl. His body tightened as his mind pictured what all that caramel-colored skin would look like once he peeled away her pretty gown. Oh yes, and his favorite metal-studded cuffs around her delicate wrists and ankles would look stunning too. Images of her strapped to his favorite spanking bench had him sighing. He’d kiss, lick and nip her perky ass first, get her all hot and bothered, then, she’d feel the business end of his palm, let her know who was in charge—who belonged to who. The thought of slapping her pretty ass a rosy pink had him moaning, “Oh, yeah.” Persistent hissing intruded his dark thoughts. “Pssssssst!” Zak turned with a scowl. Remien Fyre, his irritating Alpha Angel brother, waved his hand insistently, whispering loudly. “Get over here!” Aw, damn it all. Zak growled at him, making the red-haired weredragon’s eyebrows shoot to his hairline. No. He was not leaving. That female had his name all over her and Zachariel Wilder wasn’t leaving until he tried her on for size. Zak turned away with a snort, ignoring the way Remi hissed his name in irritation. His eyes went over the room. It was relatively clean, but everything looked very old, much older than the girl who seemed to be trapped here. Yes. The raven-haired beauty had to be a prisoner. And he was going to save her. The thought made him grin. He imagined carrying her out of the tower, laying her inside his Viper and stripping her bare, telling her she didn’t need the old rags of her past life. He’d dress her in diamonds, rubies, and pearls. His collar. beylikdüzü escort She’d be happy and appreciative he’d saved her. Yes, Master. Thank you. Please, take me.… A hand gripping his biceps interrupted his fantasy. “What is wrong with you? Let’s get the hell out of here,” Remi whispered, getting into Zak’s face. Remi’s black-rimmed green eyes bore into his. Zak didn’t understand what was wrong with himself, either. He felt weird, not right at all. All he knew was that the thought of leaving her, gave him a feeling of panic, anxiety, anger. He’d convince Rem to bring her along. Later, he’d figure out what the hell the little witch had done to him, and turn the tables on her. Yeah, good idea, he thought, watching Remi’s confused frown. “She’s a prisoner of sorts,” Zak blurted, knowing that if there were anyone in this universe that understood blind stupid infatuation, it would be Remien Fyre. “Let’s take her with us, Red.” Remi’s lips twitched, the sunlight glinting off the two silver hoops piercing his lower lip, and then he grinned that wicked grin he always got when he was about to partake in some matchmaking. The idiot thought he was the reincarnation of Cupid. This time Zak didn’t mind the weredragon’s meddling—meddlesome fucker that he always was. “Are you out of your mind?” Seth’s platinum blond head popped in next to Remi, making Zak jump. The young weretigri frowned at Zak, his pale blue eyes flashing as Remi rolled his green ones in annoyance. “Devon will tear us a new one. We’ve got to get out of here now.” Zak stiffened. No. He opened his mouth to beg shamelessly, but Remien saved him from the humiliation. “Zak likes her,” Remien said with a nod. “I say we take her home for him.” Zak held his breath, watching Seth’s frown turn into a scowl. “We can’t just take beings as fuck toys, Fyre. What the hell is wrong with you?” Fuck toys? Zak snarled at Seth.An angel and a devil. The creatures arguing before her new doll were not of this world. The devil’s hair was so red it reminded her of fresh blood. It was long and shaggy, and stuck up out of its head in every direction. Black scrolled designs wrapped around its biceps, and forearms. The tattoo of a dragon clutched the right thigh up to its hip and a snake curled from its left foot to just past the ankle. The angel’s hair was as white as fresh snow and fell like a silken veil, just barely brushing wide, bulky shoulders. Like her doll, they too were unclothed, their bodies knotted with muscle and sinew, though not as massively proportioned as her beautiful boy doll. Why they were conversing in hushed tones eluded her. All Alluna knew was that that devil was not going to take her new doll. His hand was clutching the golden-haired boy doll by his arm. Maybe the angel was trying to get him to release her doll. Clenching her hands, she approached in silence, pulled one fist back, and swung, aiming for the head of deep red hair. The devil ducked last second and her fist connected with her beautiful doll—right in his eye. He fell back, golden tresses flowing around his face and body like the rays of the sun pouring down on all of them. “Son of a bitch,” he roared, clutching his eye. The devil snapped around to her and blurted, “Sleep!” Dragon-green eyes and blood-red hair were the last things Alluna saw.Chapter One Two Earth month cycles later, Cygnus arm of the Milky Way galaxy, Crystalimuus sector. The loud music flowed through Zak’s very soul, taking him, driving him. His fingers, as if possessed, flew over the strings of the power guitar in his arms. He stroked the instrument like a lover, loving her, controlling her, bringing her to fevered ecstasy. The power guitar keened and cried under his touch. Zak threw his head back, the feel of his long hair whipping his sweating back as he widened his stance. He twisted sideways, fingers sliding down the arm of the power guitar, knowing he held the hundreds of thousands of alien beings in the arena enthralled. Gritting his teeth, he arched back, fingers already sparking flames with his rapid arpeggio. The multitude roared, shaking the ground beneath his boots. Yes. She would cry out in fulfillment under his control, his dominance—and dominate her he would—master her, make her soul soar. The image of the Arborian witch filled his mind, tormenting him as always. He didn’t even know her name, but he’d fallen under her spell. He needed to punish her for that. No one mastered him. He was the Master. The thought of having her bound and at his mercy, hearing her beg as he teased her to agonizing arousal, made the blood in his veins sizzle. Zak groaned, the feel of frustrated lust making him ache, even as the explosion of cheers and applause swallowed the last keening notes of his power guitar. He had to stop thinking about that girl, or he’d go insane just as Seth warned. He panted from the efforts of his performance, letting the fact this was his last show with Draconius Imorteus sink in. Pushing back his sweaty hair from his face, he scanned the view before him. Spires of ice soared hundreds of feet into a velvet sky dusted with billions of stars. Laser beams lit each spire from within in a kaleidoscope of blinding colors. Bursts of white light went off in the arena as the alien beings recorded the concert with their vid-crystals. Zak looked up to see himself on all the 4D image replicators around the arena. His blond hair deepened to caramel from sweat, plastered to his torso. His body screamed for a shower, a bed… and her. Zak closed his eyes and desperately shoved away the feeling of anxiety and desperation that thinking about her provoked. Opening his eyes, he tried to drown himself in the screams and applause of his adoring fans. With a smile, he closed his eyes, lifted his arms, and let his head drop back. The cheers swelled to a deafening roar. There were beings from every reach of the galaxy, fans of the mega intergalactic rock band, as well as reporters, paparazzi, Master Guardians, and reapers. The fans came for the music. The reporters and paparazzi came for Edenia’s legendary Master Guardians, back after disappearing over three hundred years ago, and Zak was one of them. The other Master Guardians and reapers were there waiting for either Zak or one of his brothers to manifest some type of evil power for an excuse to execute Edenia’s fallen angels Fallen angels.

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