This Is Really Happening


The phone woke up Kimber on Saturday morning. She effortlessly reached for her cell phone sitting on top of her dresser, next to her bed. “Hello,” she said, sleepily. “Hey Kim, what are you up to?” It was her cousin, Ryan. She cleared her throat so that she could talk normally. “Oh hey, I just woke up what’s up?” She sat up straight in her bed so she could lean back against the headboard. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Ryan apologized. “Don’t worry it’s OK. Do you need something?” she asked. Kimber figured there had to be something he wanted to be calling this early. “I was calling to ask if you wanted to hang out today.” “Right now?” Kimber asked. “Yeah,” Ryan said. Kimber looked at the time. It was 10:30 a.m. and she didn’t have any other plans for the day so she agreed. “OK fine, I guess that’s okay.” “Cool, I’ll be there soon,” Ryan said happily and hung up the phone. Kimber yawned and stretched her stiff limbs. She went into the bathroom so she could get ready before Ryan came over. As she was brushing her teeth, she started to wonder what they would do when he got here. She figured they could talk, but what would they talk about? She finally decided that they could watch movies. She had just bought a whole collection of new movies for them to choose from. She had just finished şişli escort bayan putting on her purple knee length dress when she heard a knock on the door. She jogged to the door to greet her cousin. “Hey, come on lets watch TV on the couch.” Kimber led him to the living room. Her apartment wasn’t too big since it was a one bedroom, which only came with a kitchen, living room, and a snug bedroom. “Here, pick a movie.” Kimber handed Ryan a stack of DVDs to choose from. “Jeez woman you have so many!” Ryan and Kimber laughed together. “Here,” Ryan handed her a scary movie called My Bloody Valentine. She put the movie into the DVD and they settled in to watch it. Kimber even made buttered popcorn for them to share. About thirty minutes into the movie, Kimber started to notice that Ryan had sat closer to her and his arm was resting on her thigh. She started to inch back away from him. “Am I making you feel uncomfortable?” he asked. “No, not at all – it’s just I need a little bit of space,” Kimber lied. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but he was making her feel weird and she didn’t know what to do. Ryan raised his eyebrows at her. “Do you not want to sit close to me?” Kimber could see a look of hurt on his face. She started to feel bad. “No, I mean I do, but…” She mecidiyeköy escort bayan started to say something but then stopped. “OK, I’ll sit closer to you.” She scooted closer to Ryan. He smiled and put his hand around her shoulders. “What is with him today?” Kimber thought to herself. He was acting weirder than normal. I mean he had always acted strangely around her but she never paid much attention to him. Now that he was in her apartment alone with her, she couldn’t help but think about it. The only reason why she was letting it go was because he was her older cousin and she looked up to him. Then she realized something. He had started acting strangely a couple weeks after she had turned 18. “Oh crap,” she thought, “he must be trying to have sex with me or something.” The thought crossed her mind for a second and she quickly dismissed it. There was no way her 25 year old cousin was trying to sleep with her. It just sounded silly. The movie ended and as she was putting the DVD back in its case Ryan asked, “Do you think cousins having sex with each other is alright?” The question took Kimber by surprise and she didn’t answer right away. She really had to think about that question. She had never even considered having sex with any of her cousins and yet here escort şişli was one of them asking her about it. “Um, I mean I don’t care what people do. It’s a free country,” Kimber replied. Ryan nodded. “I was just wondering because I remember when you had your little Arabic boyfriend and you told me he had sex with his cousin.” Kimber had to roll her eyes at that one. She also remembered her ex-boyfriend had shared that with her. “Well we broke up for other reasons, I mean he did that when he was younger anyway.” Kimber sat back down on the couch next to her cousin. Ryan laughed at her. “Yeah OK, sure. I think as long as you don’t have kids with your cousin then it’s OK.” He laid his hand on her thigh again. She started to feel warm on the inside and she didn’t know why. Suddenly Ryan kissed her on the lips. She was taken aback and didn’t pull away immediately because she actually enjoyed it. Then she pushed him back and stood up. “What the hell?” She tried to act like she didn’t enjoy it because she didn’t want him to know she actually did. Ryan stood up to face her. “Kim, I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself around you.” She scoffed at him. “What are you saying?” He stepped closer to her. “I’m saying that you’re so beautiful and I just needed to kiss you like that. I’m sorry.” He gave her a sad look and she started to feel bad. Kimber sighed, “Oh Ryan it’s OK.” She laid a hand on his shoulder. “Kim,” Ryan started. “Yes?” “Can we kiss again?” he asked. Kimber knew she should say no, but she had to admit that the first kiss left her wanting so much more than a kiss.

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