Vampire Nights 3


Darla spent most of the day distracted as she thought about Edward and the message he had left for her on the bathroom mirror. Her thoughts drifted to the memory of his lips against her bare skin and the feeling of him throbbing inside her as they had fucked passionately under her flowing shower the night before. She caught herself smiling at nothing near a dozen times throughout the day, and even when she was focused there was a persistent tingle between her thighs as she worked. Even her friends had noticed that she wasn’t herself when she met them for lunch. “Just have a heavy load at work today. Nothing to worry about.’’ She lied. Her new, demon lover was to be her own little secret for now. Their times together would be just for the two of them for as long as she could keep him to herself. At 5:30 she rushed home, the spring nights were starting to lengthen and she had plenty of time, but she wanted everything to be perfect when he arrived. After a meal she dropped her clothes into the hamper and enjoyed the freedom of her nakedness. Running her hands down her body she sighed softly, picturing his hands in her mind, his lips, his everything. A tingle spread through her as she made her way to the bathroom. The steam of the shower circled around her as she stepped under the hot stream. Lathering her body Darla lay back against the wall and felt the shiver of cold from the tiles. Her hands circled the soft curves of her wet body, her fiery hair was soaked against her back and drops of water were dripping from her stiffened nipples as she used her hands to make herself smile. Fingertips teased her inner thighs as she felt herself getting turned on from her own touch. Bringing her hands up Darla pinched each of her own nipples firmly and let out a deep moan before escort avcılar coming to herself; rinsing off the lather and stepping back out from under the hot water. A fluffy, white towel dabbed the worst of the water from her body and hair before she wrapped herself in its warmth. Cleavage showed brazenly from the top of the material and the curve of her arse was on full show when she bent over. It looked great and would suit its purpose perfectly. Moving around with most of her body on show Darla lit candles until the room was full of their gentle glow and their flickering light. As she opened the window to the warm night the sun was nearly below the horizon, she hoped it wouldn’t be too long before turned up again. Standing at her dresser Darla brushed her hair and conservatively applied her make-up, with smoky eyes and full, red lips she was happy, and thought she looked very sexy in her revealing ‘outfit’. With one last touch everything would be perfect. A dab of flower scent on her wrists and a cheeky squirt over her largely exposed bosom finished everything off and made her smile as she looked at herself. It was at that moment that the perfume bottle slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor, bouncing on the carpet and luckily not breaking. As she bent over to pick it up she heard a thud and a familiar voice behind her. “Now that’s a view that would please any man.” Spinning around, perfume clutched to her chest she faced him and a smile spread across her face. “Liked what you saw I take it?’’ The bottle was placed on the dresser as she started to walk over to him. Edward wrapped her in his arms and they kissed passionately by the open window. A quiet moan sighed from Darla’s lips as she melted into his strong embrace. His hands slid escort bahcesehir softly down her back until he was cupping her firm arse and lifting her up against him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, their lips pressed firmly together as he held her body against his own. She started to slowly grind her hips and slide her tongue over his as her desire for him grew within her. His hands grasped her tightly as he carried her over to the bed; she felt his weight on top of her and her body releasing itself to his touch. She felt his hands running up her thighs and sliding under the towel to caress her hips. The towel fell from her body as his hands slowly moved up across her soft, bare skin. His lips were pressed lightly to hers as they kissed deeply and moaned with their need for each other. She felt her skin tingle as it was exposed to the air and his touch. With her body completely bare and fully on show she felt excited and naughty as his eyes lingered on her. He moved his lips from hers and softly kissed her collar bone, the top of her breast, her nipple. She gasped as she felt the swift flick of his tongue across her hardened bud. He teased and pleased her with lips and tongue, her chest heaving under their caress as he used his mouth to make her nipples tingle and send shudders down through her body. Soon she was moaning softly and running her hands through his hair. With his teeth he was grazing her hardened buds; Darla gasped at the rough sensation and felt her pussy getting wet between her spread and exposed thighs. Soon his lips started to move and she felt the press of his tongue sliding down her naked body. Between her breasts and down her stomach she felt her body shivering at his delicate and naughty touch. beylikdüzü escort As he kissed her bare flesh and circled her navel with his tongue she felt his hands sliding down her sides to grip onto her hips. She was biting her bottom lip as his tongue again started moving, getting closer and closer. A stifled moan escaped from between her lips, she so wanted to feel his wild tongue on her wet pussy, she wanted him to make her body shake from the pleasure he was giving her. It was then that Darla held her breath and stilled her body. His lips were hovering just above her clitoris, the feel of his breath washing against her sweet spot as she waited for the touch of his tongue driving her crazy. She tried to lift her hips and press herself onto his hovering tongue but he held her tightly pinned to the bed as he teasingly flicked his tongue across her. “Oh just fucking lick my pussy already!’’ She heard him chuckle to himself just before he suddenly pressed his tongue hard against her swollen clit and wrapped his lips around it, a groan forced its way out of her as his tongue circled and teased her sensitive button. Grabbing at the sheets Darla arched her back and let out a moan as she felt his busy lips sucking and toying with her pulsating clit. He was slowly sliding his tongue between her labia before circling her hot clit and dropping back down to slide into her dripping hole. Over and over he teased his tongue around and inside her until she was sitting in a musky puddle of her own wetness and breathing heavily. “Oh Edward! Lick my wet pussy…make me cum.’’ She begged as she pressed his head firmly between her thighs. He took the message, with one hand he exposed her clit and gripped it softly between his teeth causing a shudder to run through Darla’s body. His other hand slid up her thigh, she felt a thick finger pressing against her dripping pussy. With his lips and teeth gripping her clit she moaned and thrust her hips forward, impaling herself on his finger and feeling it bury itself deep inside her.

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