A Fathers love


I’ve always admired my son who is now 16 and has grown into a luscious man. His light blond hair,light blue eyes, and his tan 6-pack torso. Only recently have I started to get extremely hard around my son. I haven’t told him this is why his mother and I are divorced. I loved his mother but I’ve always had my secret desires for cock.His mother found me fucking a man in our room while our son was out. I should tell you about myself I am Nick.I I have dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, and I am 6’3 well built for being a 36 year old. I came home one day and found my son not home he was probably at his football practice. I walked upstairs lazily; tired from a long day at work. I took off my suit and took a shower to relax myself. When I finally came out my son, Jason, wasn’t home yet .I got curious I walked into Jason’s room with my towel wrapped around me. I found a pair of dirty boxers on the floor and picked them up and smelled the scent of my son. It was musky . I wondered what made Jason’s istanbul travesti boxers smell like this. I noticed my cock was fully hard I sat on Jason’s bed unwrapped my towel took Jason’s boxers and wrapped them around my cock I jacked myself off imagining it was Jason’s hand around my 8 inch cock. It wasn’t long until I cum into my sons boxers. I sighed with satisfaction I heard the front door open I gasped dropped the boxers picked up my towel and tip-toed back into my room. I dressed quickly into sweatpants to give my slowly returning limp cock some air. ” Dad! I am home.” Jason yelled up the stairs. “I’ll be right down, I am getting out of the shower”. I yelled down to him. I slowly walked down the stairs I saw my son sitting with his basketball shorts on and no shirt all sweaty I immediately got a raging boner. He turned his head and smiled at me.”Your home late. Practice run long today?.” I asked him trying to cover up my shaking breathe.”Yea istanbul travestileri coach made us do extra today for our game on Friday. Hey since your out of the shower can I go take one now?.” He asked while smiling his beautiful, gorgeous smile.”Yea go take a shower I’ll get dinner ready for us. You want pasta tonight?.” I asked hiding my raging hard-on behind the table in the kitchen.”Pasta sounds great, Dad”. I watched him slowly go up the stairs to the main bathroom. I sighed in relief when he left. I smiled when I heard the shower turn on. I then started to make dinner but I couldn’t help but think what my son was doing while hes in the shower. I wonder how big his cock has gotten since he was a boy. I couldn’t help it anymore. I took the bowl off the stove and I slowly walked up the stairs. I gently opened the door my heart pounding in my rib cage. I thought it was going to jump out of my body any moment.I opened the door enough for me to slip travesti in. I saw Jason’s body outline in the curtain my raging hard-on got so hard like I never have been before. “Is someone there?” I heard Jason ask.”Its just me, son. I just need to get some soap to clean the table with.” I said nervously.I slid my pants down my 8 inch cock pointing straight out with cum dripping from the head. I pulled the curtain back slowly so Jason couldn’t hear me I stepped in quietly. I touched Jason’s sides gently. I heard him gasp.”Dad?. Is that you?” He asked with a shaking voice.”Shh its OK relax Jason its just me.”I kept rubbing his sides and heard his trembling breath.I kept thinking about Jason’s hot,lustful body. Yet in the back of my mind I kept wondering if I should be doing this or shouldn’t. “I love your body Jason”I then slowly started kissing Jason’s neck and reaching in front slowly and softly rubbing Jason’s cock. I heard him gasp and quietly moan. I smiled at this.” Have you ever had you ass played with my darling son?. I asked in confidence.” No Dad. I..I’ve never had my ass played with.” He replied.I turned Jason around slowly and planted a huge passionate,devoted kiss on his luscious lips. I slowly wrapped my arms around Jason and pulled him close to my chest.

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