Daddy’s Darling Daughter III


A few days ago, I went to my father’s office, to ask him for a favor. I wanted him to take me and Mom out for dinner. It was their twentieth anniversary, and if I couldn’t change things it was going to be their last.I told his administrative assistant that I needed to talk to my Dad, and she told me he was by himself and to go on in. As I went in, I made sure to close and lock the door behind me. “Kelly, this is a surprise. Is anything wrong, you don’t usually come down town?”I went and sat on my dad’s lap and put my arms around his neck. As he put his arms around my waist, I made sure to wiggle my ass on his cock. It started to come to life right away. “Dad, I want you to come to the house and pick Mom and me up for dinner.””Kelly, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. You realize that it’s our anniversary, and I’m sure that has some bearing on what you want, but…””But nothing, Dad. Mom still loves you, and I think you still love her. Besides, I already made reservations for dinner.” As I said that, I reached down and felt my Dad’s cock. I rubbed it up and down through his pants. “You like that, Dad?” I said as I unzipped his pants.”Kelly, stop that! Irene is right outside the door, for God’s sake.””Yes, Dad. She’s right outside a very thick door that I locked.” As I said that, I tugged his cock out of his underwear and exposed that beautiful, mushroom shaped head, that I had become very familiar with over the last couple of months. I slid off my father’s lap, and slowly slid my mouth down over his cock. I looked up at his eyes, as I deep-throated his cock. I have gotten very good at sucking my Dad’s cock. I slowly pumped my hand up and down the length of his cock, as I felt it get harder and harder. My father quietly let out a small moan, and I pumped harder and faster. I knew he wasn’t going to last, and sure enough, I felt his cock jerk and I tasted his hot, sweet come as it shot into my mouth. When his cock had finished istanbul travesti shooting, I lifted my mouth off his cock and showed my dad my mouthful of his come, and then swallowed it all. “How was that, Dad? Did you enjoy that? You can have more after dinner. How about it?””It was great, as usual. You know I can’t say no to you. What time do I pick you up?””7:00 o’clock and don’t be late.”As I went out the door, I told Irene, “Make sure you throw him out the door by five. He’s picking Mom and me up for dinner.” ******* I got home and told my mother we were going out to dinner with my father.”Kelly, you are out of your mind! What makes you think that we want to go out with each other at this stage of the game?” I went up to my mother and put my arms around her and told her, “I don’t care if you want to or not. I want the two of you to go out with me, as a family, like we used to. Whether or not you get this divorce, you’re both still stuck with me. We are family!” As I said this, I reached down and squeezed my mother’s ass. We had been enjoying sex together fairly often the last couple of weeks, and I thought my mother was really starting to get into the idea of sex as a fun pass time. “Besides, I already talked to Daddy, and he agreed.”*******Dad picked us both up and we went to the restaurant where I had made reservations. We had a pleasant evening, and as we ate, I played “footsies” with both my parents, under the table. My Dad just looked at me when I first touched his foot, but then smiled at me. I was hoping he was thinking of what I had told him he could have this evening after dinner. After we went back home, we sat around and made small talk. Finally, Dad said he had to leave.”I’ll walk him to the door, Mom.”Dad sort of looked a little wistful as he looked at my mother and said goodnight. As I walked him to the door, once we were out of sight and hearing of my mother, I gave my dad a quick rub on istanbul travestileri his cock. “You didn’t think I had forgotten, did you? Leave the house and drive off. Sneak back in very quietly, in about 45 minutes, and come to my room. I will leave the front door and my bedroom door open.””Kelly, you’ve gone nuts. I can’t come to you in this house, with your mother here.””Dad, Mom’s been using the guest room at the other end of the house, and she takes a couple of sleeping pills. In 45 minutes she’ll be dead to the world. Trust me. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve fucked, and I need you tonight. Now go.”After my dad had gone, I went back to my mother, who was sitting on the sofa in the den, with tears in her eyes. “Come on, Mom. Let’s go to my room. You look like you could use some hugs.” Taking her hand, I pulled her up off the sofa and led her to my room. I left my door open, hoping that my dad’s need for my pussy, would convince him to come back.After Mom and I got on my bed, I held her for a little while, and then slowly I started to run my hands over her body. I kissed her and told her I loved her. As my hand slid up her thigh, under her skirt, I could feel the sexy new panties I had convinced her to buy the week before. I ran my hand around to her pussy, and began to rub up and down her slit, through her panties. I felt her start to get damp, and I began to tug at her panties to get them off. I stopped playing and stood up, and quickly stripped out of my clothes. I looked down at my mother and told her, “Come on, Mom. I want to eat you, and play with you with the vibrator, and I want you to do the same to me. Undo your skirt and blouse.”Even though my mother had become much more amenable to having sex with me, I still had to get her started. I think her years of avoiding sex, still kept her from admitting that it wasn’t a bad thing, and it wouldn’t hurt her to initiate the sex. As she took travesti her blouse off, I started fondling her tits and then removed her bra. I was kissing her neck and ears, and slid one of my hands inside her panties and up and down between the lips of her pussy. I felt how wet she had become and easily slid two fingers into her. She gasped as I curled my fingers up and rubbed her G-spot. Her body began to pump up against my hand as she tried to drive my fingers deeper into her.”That’s it, Kelly, that’s it. God, that feels good. I don’t know why, I wouldn’t let your dad turn me on this way. God knows he tried hard enough. Oh yes, more, more, deeper, uh-uh, I’m going to..I’m coming.” I drove my fingers deep into her cunt and felt her pussy juice squirt out, just a little. I reached over to my nightstand and got the vibrator out of it. As I turned it on, I felt my mother’s tongue flicking gently over my clit. It felt like little electric shocks each time she licked me. I got on my back and positioned myself with my head at the foot of the bed, facing my doorway. “Get on top of me, Mom. Give me that sweet cunt to eat.” As she did that I began licking the lips of her cunt, and reached around her hips to spread her lips open like the petals on a flower. I nibbled and sucked on her clit, and then took the vibrator and slowly inserted it into her cunt. Her hips bucked hard against me, slamming her cunt against my mouth. I could hear little squeals coming from her as I fucked her with the vibrator. “Eat me, Mom, eat me” I shouted. As I started to fuck myself with her tongue,I felt her slip a couple of fingers into my cunt, and I began to really pump myself against her fingers. I felt that wonderful flush of heat flash through my body as I began to come. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them around my mother’s shoulders, pulling her ever deeper into me. I threw my head back as I cried out in ecstacy, and saw my Dad, standing in my doorway, with his mouth open. I managed to take one hand and place a finger to my lips, telling him not to make any noise, then I crooked a finger at him, motioning him to come closer.When he was standing next to me, I reached up and rubbed my hand on his cock.

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