Experimenting III


Third installment of my “Experimenting” series… I recommend reading my first two stories first…. true stories of my “sexcapades”. =D Hope you enjoy, if you do then tell me, I love comments, and meeting new people, guys and girls. My cross dressing never stopped. I loved female panties, and my sister didn’t even notice they were gone. It turned me on when I was walking threw school. When I was in the locker room I get even more turned on with all the half naked guys. One day a bunch of people were running around trying to take boxers of of each other, I had to duck out of the way because my life would be ruined if anyone found out about my secret pair of yellow cotton panties, they were my favorite pair. If someone from school found out about my cross dressing then I would have my life practically ruined.After school I got really excited, I practically had the whole house to myself to explore my body and my fantasies. My hot ex-marine brother was out of town with his girlfriend. My sister was having a sleep over at her best friend’s house. Her best friend was Amanda. Amanda and I were both Sixteen, and I had lost my virginity to Amanda, and I, at the same time, had taken hers. It was perfect, nice and romantic, and oh my did she have a bush, I loved her bush, it was just like my sisters. Mandy, my sister had never known that Amanda and I had had sex. But what she didn’t know wouldn’t istanbul travesti hurt her. The only other person in my house was my mother, and she was practically deaf, and even if she weren’t then as long as I waited till she was asleep she would be out cold. I go to my sisters room and grab her vibrator, I loved sticking it up my asshole. It put me in an elated spirit. Whenever I was down and out I always found something to go up my ass. If I was having a bad day at school then I would use my fingers. But if I was home I always tried to sneak into my sister’s room to grab her vibrator. Once I got into her room I opened up her underwear drawer to grab the perfect pink pleasure toy that I loved so much. It was under a couple of black lace bras that I had seen her in a few times. Only when she went swimming and was too lazy to go to put a bikini on. I just moved them to the side thinking nothing of it. Then I saw some black tights. Tights had always turned me on. I loved it when a girl wore some tights with a jean miniskirt it was so hot, the only thing hotter was when a girl only wore tights. You could see the outline of a perfect tight ass, and sometimes a nice camel toe. So I grabbed the vibrator and went back to my room, I. popped in my favorite threesome porno. Went to my favorite scene. It was this hot Latino girl with a bald pussy, and a small tight ass. Two guys istanbul travestileri with huge thick delicious cocks. First the girl started sucking them, then I got hard with jealousy. And then they started to finger her, and soon began ramming her tight wet pussy with their nice thick cocks. I turned the volume up and I could hear her scream from pain. Then the other guy got behind her and started massaging her ass.So I too started to massage my ass to get it ready for insertion. As I saw the guy put his huge dick in her ass I grabbed the vibrator and slowly inserted to the same speed of him, then once he sped up so did I. It was the most fun I ever had masturbating, my ass felt great, and I had just blew my load in my hand, any other day I would have just grabbed a towel, but today I just tossed my hand in my mouth and tasted my sweet cum. So then I was about to end my night, I figured I couldn’t go for a round two. So I took my sister’s vibrator back to her room, opened up the nice drawer of cute panties and bras. Then it hit me!I didn’t have to stop, I could dress up. I always wanted to do more than just wear cotton panties and now was my chance. I rummaged through my sister’s clothes looking for something cute. First I started with underwear, I grabbed her black lace bra, it was so cute. When I put it on it felt so natural. Then I grabbed my pink cotton panties travesti istanbul that I loved so much, as soon as I put them on some I was hard. I tucked my 7 inch dick between my legs, this way I looked a bit more feminine. I was going to stop at the bra and panties but I pushed through even though it seemed like I was so horny I was just going to blow a load. I remembered the tights she had on the top drawer, then I realized how far I was going to take this. I threw on the tights and grabbed a miniskirt, I looked so much like a cute little girl. I had to find something to fill up my bra though, so I grabbed some tissues, and carefully made them seem like real boobs. Grabbed a black cami and put that on to seem like a girl I was thinking of in my class, she used to turn me on because she only wore a bra and cami. So not really know what to do next I sat on my sisters bed and put on a chick flick. After all if I was going to be a hot young school girl I may as well act like one, and that turned me on… a lot. I popped in A Walk to Remember, grabbed a Cosmo to read, and soon I was just like a teenage girl, I even started thinking about cock. I fell asleep watching that movie, even crying a little because my female hormones were raging. So then I just decided to sleep the way I was, there was no reason to go back to my room, my sister was probably finger banging Amanda at the sleep over anyway. So I went to bed, right in my sisters bed. I fell asleep with two thoughts. My first thought was: “Damnit it’s over that’s all the fun I can have tonight” and the other being: “WOW! This is the best night of my life”.I was awaken by the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

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