Libby Ch. 01 – Sexual Predator


This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex between consenting adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


It depended on your viewpoint, but Jackie viewed it as an advantage to working in such a male orientated company, she thought it meant that the few women that did work there tended to stick together whether it be at a lunchtime or at a social event.

Being tall, slender yet shapely, long legged and, if she had to say so herself, gregarious and beautiful, she was always assured of a lot of attention from her male colleagues. She’d have a laugh and little flirt with them to get them to bend to her whim’s. Sadly, their attentions counted for nothing as she was a fully paid-up member of the ‘out of the closet’ lesbian society.

She made no secret of it, especially on social media where all and sundry could remotely perv on her life. She always mentioned her partner Cheryl — or sometimes Chez to put people on the back foot trying work out if Chez was male or female — and always wore the rainbow lanyard to demonstrate her support of the LGBT movement, if anything she was a little dismissive in jest of relationships with men involved. She and Chez had been a thing for 10 years now and had met through her work but what she hadn’t been totally truthful about was the number of extra partners she had picked up in that time.

Working in sales meant she was travelling frequently and that meant being off the leash from Chez, whether it was in this country or frequently abroad. Some would think the travel lifestyle a bit lonely but here again, her viewpoint differed from many. In Jackie’s eyes she was presented with numerous opportunities to pick up other women who viewed their own situation as lonely and welcomed a bit of company. The fact that the company was casual, attentive, charming and not male immediately let their guard down and ensured numerous nights were spent with a different female partner who never knew what hit them and frequently had never experienced what another woman could do.

And there in lay her prime tool, they never suspected a thing until she had them under her spell. Her female colleagues were with one or two exceptions all a fair bit younger than her 48 years and therefore easier to manipulate. Some were nice enough but not really worthy of her efforts however there were three possible conquests all in their early twenties and just asking for her to work her magic.

Lib was her first candidate. She worked in Project Management and required a fair bit of interaction with the Sales department and especially Jackie’s technical expertise. She herself was as gregarious and effervescent with her male colleagues. Jackie liked the way Libby could control her male colleagues like Jac could and that perhaps made her focus on the young brunette as her first conquest.

The companies Christmas evening was approaching and Jac made sure she found out who would be stopping overnight. She would automatically be stopping at the same hotel because it was such a distance from home, and she was in the office the next day. On finding out Lib would also be doing that same came as a little surprising. She lived close to the hotel and had a young child to look after, but it turned out Lib’s husband had volunteered for childcare duties that day so that Mum could have a night off.

Jackie ensured that she paid Lib a lot of complements in the lead up to the evening and was poetry in motion how she engineered a seat next to her target when it came to sit down and eat. Naturally afterwards people broke off into little groups and Jac was pleased to see that Lib seemed in no rush to break contact as the older blonde plied her younger colleague with as much alcohol as possible.

As the evening wore on, the alcohol began to take effect and the touching between them became more frequent and less rushed. Jac would start by touching Lib’s legs as she stressed a point and then after Lib said something critically about her husband, Jac put her arm around the younger girls and held her close joking about female partners can be equally annoying but then they have other benefits to compensate.

At this point Jac again placed her hand on Lib’s leg but this time started to work her fingers in gentle circles making the touch far more intimate than previous. This allowed Jac to pose the tester question — while remaining suitably flippant and airy at the same time “Don’t tell me you’ve never tried it with another girl”. It was a well-practiced scenario, and this was the point where she would either crash and burn or seal the inevitable.

Inadvertently she was holding her breath waiting for the younger girl to reply. Shaking istanbul travesti her head Lib replied, “No never”.

‘Darn it’ thought Jac but there were still a few cards left to play and so said “Not even a peck? Never been tempted?”.

Just then her heart soared back in hope as Lib leant closer and with a whisper said, “I can’t say I’ve ever thought about but the situation has never cropped up and never say never is my life’s motto”.

This left the door open slightly for Jackie, especially when Lib leaned closer and whispered, “Are you trying to seduce me”, she had a mischievous look on her face at the time.

Jackie smiled broadly and shrugged her shoulders saying “Oh come on. Someone as obviously beautiful as you must be fighting the advances off from all sorts. Besides, you can’t blame a girl for trying”.

Thankfully, although Jac pulled her arm from around the brunette and placed her hand back on Lib’s leg Libby didn’t pull away from their conspiratorial huddle and went on to say “I’m flattered, especially from someone as glamorous as you but… you know… how do you do it if you haven’t a… you know” making a variety of phallic images with her hand.

This was just the opening Jackie was hoping for. She let out a full laugh making her flowing blonde locks ripple as her head tilted back “Oh you would be surprised the many and varied tools I have”. She wiggled her fingers against Lib’s leg adding “These fingers can work their magic on many places. What’s more a man could never know the area’s that we know ourselves”.

Placing her fingertips on her lips she added “These lips can be soft, tender and flexible on your most intimate parts” Lib was now physically squirming in her seat “While this tongue and these teeth can touch and stimulate in equal measure until you are screaming for release. Besides it’s all wham bam thank you mam with a man whereas a women can be gentle and tender all night long without peaking”.

As Jac pulled back slightly she caught sight of how flushed the younger girl was who picked up a discarded napkin and started to fan herself to reduce the heat she was radiating. Jackie simply smiled one her most charming smiles and asked “Have I won you over enough yet. Look at it this way, we could have a little fun exploring what you’ve been obviously thinking about. If it doesn’t deliver everything, and I mean everything, I’ve promised you can go back to your heterosexual life, and no one will know as it’ll be our little secret. Or…” she left the next statement hanging waiting to see which way Libby would go.

Then came music to Jackie’s ears “I won’t deny you make a convincing argument” said the brunette before adding “I just can’t see myself being unfaithful to Matt”.

The number of times Jac had heard that she retorted with her tried and tested answer, “Everyone knows it’s only cheating if it’s with another man, a women is different, it ain’t cheating, it’s exploring”. Sometimes a woman would argue the point, but Lib simply accepted her argument as red.

Jackie played her final card saying, “With another woman there is lots of touching and caressing and there is none of that rolling over and falling asleep afterwards. The anticipation builds and builds, the crescendo gets nearer and nearer but boy when the damn breaks, well you’ll just have to take my word for it, unless of course…” This was the point where Lib was squirming in her seat again. Jackie leant in further and whispered, “Admit it, your panties are wet just thinking about it aren’t they?”, she leant back with a raised eyebrow and questioning look. All Libby did was raise her eyeline slightly to look directly at the older blonde woman and nodded sheepishly.

While continuing to slowly caress the younger girls leg Jackie whispered, “Shall we make our departure and head to your room?” Lib just nodded again before Jac continued “For your discretions sake I think you ought to head to the loo, I’ll head in the opposite direction to say good night to a few people, and I’ll meet you by the lifts”. Again, a humble nod from Lib before she stood and headed in the appointed direction.

Five minutes later they were stood at the lift with Lib looking down at her feet, quiet and virtually shaking. Jac felt she had to say, in a low whisper “You really sure about this? You can pull out at any minute”.

Libby looked up and smiled saying “I’m okay really. Make no mistake, I want this to happen”. Once again Jac’s heart was almost jumping out of her chest. As the lift arrived and the doors opened it was just the two of them, they were hoping it remained that way. They stepped inside but stood on opposite sides of the lift, Lib pressed the button for the fourth floor and the doors began to close.

As soon as they were fully closed and the lift started moving Jac stepped forward, took Lib’s hand in hers and leant down to kiss the younger woman who leant her head upwards and returned the soft tender kiss. If her panties weren’t damp enough while they talked, they were certainly that way istanbul travestileri now, the anticipation of what was about to happen was driving her on to new highs. As the lift pinged, they separated but remained holding hands. They exited the lift and Lib steered them left towards her room and with a quick flourish of the entry card, the lock disengaged, she pushed the door open and entered with Jackie one step behind.

The curtains were already drawn and lights already on from when Lib had exited earlier. Never in her wildest dreams was she expecting to come back with someone this evening, especially a woman. Although she was aware of Jac’s sexuality she never even considered the possibility that the tall, curvaceous and elegant woman would even consider her and yet here she was. Jackie ensured the kisses were frequent and tender, her hands never failing to roam and caress over the brunettes back.

She steered them down to sit on the edge of the bed as a means of reducing the height difference and Lib immediately responded by kissing back in an energetic manner that spurred the older woman on more. She took Lib’s right hand and guided it upwards and towards her so that she nestled it against her left breast to get used to its weighty fleshiness as it flexed around her fingers. Of course, Lib had caressed her own breasts before, many times in fact, but this was different — for a start bigger but belonging to another person.

After Jackie removed her own hand so that Lib was doing the required actions under her own steam, the older woman reached her same left hand and placed it experimentally on Lib’s right breast. The younger girl’s reaction was priceless as she leaned further into the caress while moaning loudly into Jac’s mouth as her lips and tongue continued to work their magic keeping the younger girl on the boil.

Ever so slowly and ever so gently Jackie let her hand fall down Lib’s side, along her leg and came to her knee where it temporarily stayed for a few heartbeats. After stroking the soft flesh of her exposed knee, Jackie slowly pushed her fingers upwards under Lib’s skirt only for the younger girl to open her legs as she slowly mumbled a confirmation instead of breaking the kiss. As the fingers enquired higher the splay of the legs extended until Jac reached her goal.

She had been correct in assuming Lib’s panties would be damp. She pushed against the younger girl until she was lying flat on the bed. Much as it pained her to, Jackie broke the kiss as she slid down to her knees between Lib’s splayed legs — the scent of freshly primed pussy was overpowering. She planted tiny little kisses on Lib’s inner thigh, working her way slowly upwards while reaching for the elastic of her panties. Lib guessed what Jackie was trying do and quickly lifted her butt off the bed so that the obstructing article could be pulled down and out of the way.

Lib looked down at Jackie and nodded as Jac looked into her eyes as she captured her enflamed clitoris between her lips and work it over with her tongue. “Oh god yes” was all Lib could say as she leant her head back against the bedcover, she was thundering towards her first cum and hadn’t wanted anything more in her life. When it hit she literally saw stars. Her body went rigid and then started to shake all over. Jackie was genuinely concerned for her until she panted “Thank You”.

Jackie smiled to herself. She was only just started and if Lib had come from a simple clitoral workout, was she in for a hell of a ride. Her fingers slipped inside Lib’s pussy, the excess lubrication ensuring that the intruding digits easily slid inside and came to rest on the immortal G-spot while battering her clit with her tongue. “Oh, Jesus not again” panted an exasperated Lib as she came for a second time within 10 minutes. Jac extracted her fingers before licking them clean; Lib tasted delicious.

Now was the time to explore those shapely tits, unbuttoning Libby’s blouse before pushing open the garment and off her shoulders. Although not as big as Jac’s, Lib was proud of her full round boobs and smiled back before asking “You like?”

Jackie nodded and in her best husky voice proclaimed “I like” as she reached behind Lib to unhook the clasps. She pulled the bra out of the way and then drove her mouth to capture the nearest nipple. Lib just loved having her sensitive nipples sucked.

Jackie reached down and once again worked two fingers inside Lib while pressing down on her clit with her thumb. Lib was beginning to think that all these orgasms were blurring into one, her pussy continued to lubricate the intruding fingers making a very crude squelching sound that was only just discernible from her own groans.

Ten minutes in and Jackie decided on a change in tactic. She flipped the younger girl over on to her knees with Libby’s face buried into pillow. The change of position left her mouth unoccupied and so replaced her exploring fingers with her devilishly long tongue, stabbing deeper and deeper savouring the copious come. Libby had travesti istanbul just loved her first two orgasms but this third one really shook her world to the extent that Jac had to relinquish her oral searching as Lib bucked her upturned rear end so violently Jac had to let her go through the throws.

She leant back to remove her own blouse and was reaching around to unclasp her bra as Lib’s pussy squirted come onto Jac’s stomach. Now that was definitely a first for the older blonde. Lib’s knees gave way and she lay flat, firstly face down and then shortly after wards on her side facing Jac. “On my god. You weren’t kidding about what her fingers and tongue could do” gasped a very weary sounding Lib. Jac lay down flat and pulled the younger girl into a very tender cuddle with the brunette nestled against her right breast.

This was the point where Jac wanted some attention in return and every so often she would have to prompt a new lover that maybe this was a two-way street — thankfully that wouldn’t be the case with Libby. The younger girl reached up and caressed the nearest breast leading her to capturing the nearest nipple between her lips. It was obvious from their feel that Jackie’s impressive chest had the addition of implants, but they were still a joy to behold and flexed nicely between her fingers.

Disengaging from the sucking Libby looked up at the older woman, smiled and asked “Do you mind if I try a bit of that” nodded down to her crotch.

Jackie smiled back and replied “It would be an absolute pleasure” as she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them along with her own moist panties down to her ankles. A brief bout of leg kicking got them over her feet and allowed her to open her long legs at the knee as wide as the bed allowed. Lib slid down the bed and nestled between Jac’s legs.

It seemed to the older woman that the brunette gazed at her ripe vagina for the longest time but then she looked up at Jackie with her blue grey eyes, smiled and then craned her neck forward to rack her tongue along the pussy lips and clit. “Does it taste like you expected?” asked Jac.

Lib shook her head, smiled again and replied “No. Better” before she went back to the task in hand.

It took her a while to get the older woman to come but the younger girl stuck at her task with only minimal coaching from Jac. By way of a reward, Jac had her swing around, place Lib’s leg over her shoulder and renew her tongue’s acquaintance with Libby’s very tasty pussy, although Lib wasn’t able to get Jackie off a second time, she did a very good job of keeping her on the boil particularly when considered the amount of humping up and down her crotch did on Jac’s face while she came a fourth time that night.

It turned out they were both wiped out as they fell to sleep in each other’s arms. It was Lib who woke first as the sun streamed around the edge of the curtains. At first, she was a little disorientated, it was her room, but she was snuggled up to the older woman and the lights were still on, but as she recalled the events of the previous evening, she smiled to herself and nestled back into the crook of Jackie’s arm that was wrapped around her.

Not long after she felt Jackie stir and as the older woman blinked her eyes open Lib looked up at her and gave one of those beaming smiles that attracted Jac in the first place. “Good morning” Jac enquired, Lib response was to crane her neck towards Jac and planted a long deep kiss on her lips, so Jac continued by asking “Any regrets about last night?”

Lib shook her head, “No none from me. It was everything you promised and so much more”.

Jac smiled back and asked the elephant in the room “Let’s get any awkwardness out of the way. I really, really enjoyed last night and that’s only half of what I need to show you – wait to see what toys we can play with – but we are both in other relationships. Does last night change things for you in any way?

Lib leant up on one elbow and rolled her eyes “Last night changed a lot of things for me. For a starter Chris is in for a bit more training on how to do things but I guess you mean between us?”

Jac nodded and added “As I said, I would really like to progress this but don’t want you under any illusions that I’ll be leaving Chez.”

Lib shrugged her shoulders and replied “I never expected anything other than a bit of fun, although I have to say that I’m very much looking forward to the next opportunity. We might struggle in the office but I’m sure I can work it so that I get one night a month away. Interested?”

Jackie smiled one of her broadest smiles and nodded “Very interested, and perhaps we have time this morning for some more fun”. She leant towards the young brunette and enveloped her lips in a kiss. A few minutes later they were engaged in another sixty-nine which Lib was delighted when she brought Jac off before the favour was returned just a few minutes later.

It turned out that opportunities at the office transpired more than the two expected. With Lib being a first aider, she came to the idea that using the first aid room was an excellent reason for the two of them to be in there with the door locked. On the one occasion that they bumped into someone as they exited the room, the younger girl made a show of talking about the plaster she had applied just before they walked out.

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