Magic Barn


Magic Barn It all happened between my Junior and Senior year of High school. I had just turned seventeen and my older sister, Lisa, who is a year and a half older than me, had just graduated and was eighteen. I was just your typical high school dweeb. I played some football as a lineman but generally stayed out of the spotlight and went about the business of achieving a solid but very mediocre GPA. I was already over 6 feet and had a solid build but I was never approached to be featured on any hunk calendars! My sister was on the student council, an A or B student always, and she was an real athlete. A swimmer, a track star, tennis team, she could do it all. Super fit, not an ounce of fat on that girl. She kept her hair short and had a physique designed to compete and by that I mean pretty flat chested, an A cup probably and a fairly muscular build but a little lanky and obviously not very curvaceous. Built for speed you might say. I’m not saying she looked like a Russian weight lifter or anything I have always found her attractive and one of the sweetest girls I know. We even played show me your and I’ll show you mine when we were in grade school and she was the first girl I ever kissed. IN fifth grade that was a big deal! Even though she had all of those achievements, in the High School world her looks meant she was not terribly popular, other than with team mates. A lot of guys actually thought she was gay, but that was far from the truth. We are from a pretty big extended family. Our mother is one of ten children and she grew up on the family farm in Virginia. She met our father just before the Korean War and afterward he was stationed in Washington. So he dragged her off the farm and out of the town she planned to live in for the rest of her life. The one condition was that we would visit the farm as often as possible. That meant istanbul travesti many a weekend five hour drive down and five hours back, several times a summer. Sometimes as often as every other weekend. Because we were not trusted to stay on our own it was brutal for us kids. We were loaded into the old Dodge Monaco station wagon (the precursor to the minivan) replete with faux wood paneling on the side and the rear seat that faced backward. That’s where Lisa and I sat on these trips. The middle seat was occupied by our little brother, who was something of an accident we suspect as there is 14 years between him and I. Plus the cooler and various bags and other stuff was jammed there. Sometimes there were bags tied to the roof just like in the National Lampoon movie!On one hot summer weekend at the farm we were bored as usual as the family gathered, many of the brothers and sisters and their kids often showed up for a visit, a cook out or a big family dinner. There was lots of hubbub and buzzing about. Lisa and I would go for walks around the fields and orchards trying to kill time and stay away from the cousins, which we affectionately called the s’cuzins. On Saturday we were approaching the rear of the barn, Lisa in gym shorts and a tank top, her standard attire, and me in cargo shorts and a tee shirt. We heard noises inside and went to investigate. As we made our way past the stalls and looked to the open middle section, there was our Uncle Mark and his older sister, Florence. On closer inspection, our Uncle had our Aunt bent over a hay bail and was laying some serious pipe. I mean he had his rod stroking like a piston in and out of Aunt Flo like a machine. Aunt Flo would let out a grunt every time he buried himself in her. It was quite a sight and luckily they did not see or hear us. I suppose they istanbul travestileri were too busy at the moment! Lisa stood behind a large wooden loft pillar, so as to not been seen, looking on intently. I stood just behind her looking over her shoulder. We were mesmerized. For an old guy and gal they were energetic and obviously enjoying themselves. Aunt Flo reached down and began fingering her clit as Uncle Mark quickened his pace. He looked to be at least 7 or 8 inches and Aunt Flo took it all, no problem. When Aunt Flo started to, well, flow, she wiggled her ass, arched her back and started moaning as her orgasm shook through her. At this time I had one hand on the pillar and put my other hand on Lisa’s hip to steady myself as we stood there. By this time I had a pretty pronounced hard-on and I figured she could feel my hardness pressed against her ass but I didn’t care. Then it happened. It was a little thing, a gesture really, Lisa took my hand and wrapped it around her and over her belly and held it there, her hand on mine. My mind began racing between what I was looking at and this unusual and somewhat intimate move from Lisa. What should I do? Does she want me to feel her up? The thought got me even more excited but my thoughts were interrupted. Flo let out a long guttural moan and Uncle Mark buried his cock up to his balls and held it there. No doubt emptying a serious load into the recesses of Aunt Flo’s pussy. They got quiet, then relaxed and stayed there a moment. Then as though nothing happened, straightened up a little, embraced briefly and went back to the house. We were left standing there, dumbfounded and sweaty and as for me, hard. It was hot in that barn in more ways than one.Lisa and I retreated out the back and silently headed for the apple and peach orchard where we sat under travesti a tree and discussed what had just happened. By this time I was less engorged and more interested in what sis thought of all this. I asked “Do you think that was their first time together?”Lisa, always analytical, “I don’t know much about this stuff but that was definitely not their first time. That looked like the result of years of practice. They were in perfect sync and knew just how to please each other. No doubt about it.””So this has been going on under our noses for years? Do you think anyone else knows?””Hard to tell. They weren’t exactly hiding. The barn is open and its broad daylight. What about Uncle Jeff and Aunt Stacy?”I began to think that if the spouses know, then maybe they are doing something on the side as well. Lisa continued,”I think we need to pay a little more attention to what’s going on around here.” I started to feel like we were in a Nancy Drew episode or the Hardy Boys or something! “We should hang around the house more and see if we spot any unusual behavior””Unusual? You said a minute ago that you don’t know a lot about this stuff. How much do you know?” I wanted to see how much sis would reveal to her younger brother. “Oh I have some experience” she smiled. You mean Bobby? I thought he never closed the deal!’How would you know? Well, he didn’t, technically, but we did a lot of stuff.” Now grinning. “You certainly seemed to be enjoying the show in the barn.””Weren’t you? I thought you were getting a little hot and bothered in there. You held my hand.””Hmmmm, it was, let’s say, interesting.”Only my sister would say that was interesting! I thought it was plain and simple, fucking hot.We went back to the house and kept an eye of Uncle Mark and Aunt Flo and the rest of the s’cuzins to see if there was any ‘unusual’ behavior, whatever that is. Everything seemed perfectly normal to me. There was a lot of family over so we couldn’t keep track of everyone. On Sunday afternoon, Lisa pulled me aside and asked if I had seen Junior and Sharon, the oldest of my mother’s siblings. I said no so we decided to investigate the barn again.

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