New found loves


     The more and more I grew older, the more and more I realized that my life was pretty sweet. I came from a wealthy family, a good family background, went to the best schools and always had the latest and nicest fashions. As a 18 year old guy, I also did pretty well with the ladies. I was only 5’8 but was built was a brick shit house. I was following my father’s footsteps to play college football and was recently accepted to the nearby college powerhouse. I was about 205 lbs of pure muscle. Wavy blond hair, blue eyes and always shaved my entire body, except for my armpits, legs and head. Not to brag, but I was the all- American boy someone who girls fathers wanted to have their daughters go out with. I had been dating Carrie for almost two years now. She was the captain of the cheer leading team, an honor roll student and easily the sexiest girl in the school.She was my height, very skinny, but had very nice 34c breasts. Everyone assumed we were in total love and we were the ideal high school couple. Younger kids were amazed of our mere presence and we had too many friends that at times, it was hard to count. As great as this sounded though, there were problems. Carrie, was a completely fake bitch when it was just the two of us, she would put me down, complain about everything and not to mention the sex was terrible. Missionary was the only position she ever wanted, she never gave me head and on top of that, I always felt like the basement could’ve been kept cleaner! Oh, there was another little secret that was hindering our relationship. I had developed a curios side during my junior year. One day after practice I had noticed this senior and how sexy he looked. He had a huge dick, probably 9 inches and that horse was the talk of the school. He wasn’t afraid to show it off either and I quickly noticed myself looking at it in the shower after practice, eager almost to have the opportunity to tag at it and it and wonder what it looks like hard. While I never acted upon anything, I did stroke myself to the idea of us sucking each other off on a pretty regular basis.      While my school life was good, home life was even better. My father Ben, was the best dad in the world, loved my mom, istanbul travesti was a great provider, spoiled me and my sister to death and was a man who everyone in the community loved. My mother Lita, was a beautiful 41 year old Spanish delight. Died blond hair and big fake breasts and from what I figured was totally in love with my father. I would often hear the two moan with passion as they made love and one time, about a month before I had caught a peek as they had left their bedroom door open one night.My father’s tanned brown ass was right in front of me as he laid into my spread- eagle mother. I could see his big nuts go in and out as he made my mother scream with pleasure. As he was about to cum, he pulled out and to my surprise blew a huge load of hot cum onto my mother’s beautiful fake breasts. He moaned with fervor as he shot spunk after spunk onto her chest. I was so hard at this point and I noticed myself staring long and hard (no pun intended) at my father’s love tool. He had a huge dick, almost the same size as my former teammate’ s but he had a set of balls that were goliathan in comparison. As I went back to my room, I quickly relieved myself to the thought of my old man’s cock entering my virgin butthole and letting him shoot his wad into my mouth. I had never had any dreams or incestuous thoughts but I was so turned on by the idea of letting my dad fuck the shit out of his lone son.     For almost two weeks I jacked off with the vision of me and dad working our tools together and  shooting load after load of man spunk into each other’s mouths. My relationship with Carrie had dissolved and while she was heartbroken, I was finally relieved and now felt free to explore my options.     After a game one Friday night, a game in which I had a star studded performance, I had the idea of a quick stop at home, a shower and change before heading off to a party and probably getting laid by a wiling high school slut. As I walked up the stairs to my room, I saw a stream of light coming from my parents room and a hushed moan from a girls voice. The door was cracked open, much like the previous experience and my mind became aroused quickly as my shaft istanbul travestileri became stiff as a board. The idea of seeing my dad’s large tool once again was exciting me but I also remembered that mom was out of town on business and wasn’t due back until Sunday evening.              Was dad cheating on mom?     Did mom come home early?     Who was this women in the room and why is my dad banging her?     As I got to the door I quietly peaked my head in and found a startling discovery. My dad, naked from head to toe was giving his tounge a workout on none other than my kid sister, Ari! My beautiful 16 year old sister was engrossed on the bed as my dad muzzled his face into her sweet, young womb. I hadn’t seen my sister naked for years, but quickly realized that she was turning into a gorgeous women. She was only about 5’2″ and probably didn’t weigh more than 100 pounds, but she was a nice set of tits, probably a b or c cup, and her hips made me quiver with excitement as dad was giving her all she could handle. As he was sucking and kissing on her clit, I put my hand into my shorts and had began to stroke my cock. I was so turned on seeing my dad and little sister go at it, with dad occasionally breaking stride to kiss her lips and stroke her hair. My mind was filled with questions as I still held my shaft in my left hand.     Was this their first time?     Does mom or anyone else know what they have done/ are doing?     Was this bout of sexual lust the first my teenaged sister had experienced.     As I was breathing heavier and heavier, I saw dad get up, get behind Ari and spread my sister apart as he put his pole into her sweet, young cunt. I could not believe what I was seeing and while I was so unbelievably turned on, I also was concerned that I would be caught jerking off and for the amazing episode of sex to cease abruptly. I fell back more beneath the door and could no longer see the action, but still could hear the sounds of pleasure coming from my two family members. About 10 minutes into their fuck session, dad began to moan and start getting louder, signaling his need to cum. As he began to breathe heavily I reappeared and saw dad cream travesti into Ari’s precious box. He shot jizz droppings for probably a good 15 seconds and at the same time I shot my load into my right hand and began to walk away to go back into my room. However, as I began to leave, I made a slip up and bumped into the door, causing it to open about half way. My dad and sister quickly looked towards the door to notice me with a stunned look on my face, as they slumped into the sheets and I escaped to my room, the one directly to the right of theirs. I quickly hoped into the shower and got clean as I thought that I had inflamed a big family secret. They had to have been pissed to see me and I made sure that for at least the rest of the evening I was going to be as quiet as a mouse and get outta Dodge, quicker then ever.     As I turned off the shower and quickly got dressed into a nice pair of white calvin klein boxer briefs, dress jeans and a Ralph Lauren, white polo a knock was heard pounding on my door. “Oh shit” was quietly echoed off the breathe and was very hesitant to open my door. After several more knocks and about a minute and a half of time passing, I decided to open the door and see what was up. My dad was standing in front of my face, fully dressed and with a shameful look draping his masculine face.     “Son, what you saw, I am sorry for and was not intended for you to see”, Dad admitted, “I have been having sex with Ari for a while now and I have a problem”. A shocked look entered my face as I stumbled for words to try to say to my dad, who unknowing to him, I have been secretly lusting for. “Son, I did see you though…” he broke the silence with, “…and it seemed as though you were more then OK with it!”     I was shocked! My dad had noticed that while I was watching what many would consider a totally wrong and immoral action, I had pleasured myself to a mind blowing orgasm and again had found myself speechless.     After a few more odd seconds of silence, I finally decided to speak up and make a shocking revelation. “Dad, I was so incredibly turned on, watching the two of you!” I admitted, “Watching you give your seed to Ari made me want sex real bad”     By now my dad was the speechless one and without saying a word, he stood up and walked out of my room. I was wondering if I had startled him or made him feel uncomfortable, by basically admitting that I had just gotten the best climax of my life, by watching my dad fuck the shit out of my kid sister.

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