Rags to Riches Ch. 04

Bouncing Tits

To my darling Pixie.

Thank you for guiding me through this journey and editing my stories

Forever yours.


June knelt at the end of the bed, with her arms stretched out sideways, her body flat on the mattress, with her face in a loose pillow, and her boobs rubbing on the duvet as each slap of the spatula whacked into a bum cheek.





Her mind wondered if this was her true calling, to be used and dominated by the one and only love in her life?

Only just the night before, the situation been in reverse, and although Pixie was screaming for mercy, June could tell that her body relished the torment. In fact she was wetter than ever, June had noticed in their love making. Were Pixie and her both submissive sluts – or were they both also dominant and demanding?

For now, it seemed to be June’s turn to be submissive and she too could feel her body reacting. She loved it, she wanted it, she needed it.

“Oh yes Miss, yes.”


Pixie rubbed the soreness after each set of five slaps, the redness increased and spread across those perfect bum cheeks: June’s crack perfect in every way.

Not surprisingly her success as a model had been aided by her cute bum. Many photographers looked though their lenses at a model’s boobs and cleavage, but in June’s case it was certainly her bum. In fact, lingerie manufacturers paid higher and higher fees for opportunity to have the ‘world’s best posterior’ model their wares. If only it was known publicly that this posterior was being used and spanked with such passion and love, the attitude towards it might change

Whack, “who owns you?”

“You do Mistress.”


June’s pussy was now soaking, it was craving attention, and Pixie knew from her own experiences that now was the time to take her lover and consolidate her ownership.

June heard shuffling from behind some clicking and clamping before there was another slap on her left buttock. Never before had she felt like this, never in her wildest dreams did she think that pain could be so exhilarating.

Pixie lifted June’s legs slightly apart, and reaching down between the firm buttocks she ran her finger over June’s pussy spreading the lips and smearing juices around.

June moaned even louder

“Tell me June, what do you need?”

“Please fuck me, Miss!”

“Who owns you?”

“You do, Miss!”

At this point Pixie turned June on her back.

There in front of her eyes was her mistress strapped into a harness with a thick 9-inch strap on cock protruding from its centre.


“Spread those legs, slut. I want you!”

June immediately gripped her shins and held her legs wide, her glistening wet pussy lips waiting eagerly to be penetrated. Pixie moved closer, holding the cock with her left hand, she guided it to its destination.

Slowly and gradually inching deeper and deeper, Pixie penetrated her wetness, taking time for June to enjoy the true nature of a large cock inside her vagina.

Moaning loudly June took deep breaths as Pixie began to work her hips, in and out, harder, and faster, pumping into June in the heat of her passion for her, not letting up for a second as she fucked June even harder.

“Ahh ahh ohhh Mistress…yes, yes take me I’m yours!”

Pixie ploughed in and out, as June began to heave under the pressure. She gripped the sheets as Pixie’s body forced its way between her legs, before suddenly shaking into a huge spasm, then another, and even a third.

June exploded in sheer joy, screaming so loudly it could be heard across the corridor where Cara and Ella were quietly kissing one another.

Pixie came too, as the joy of taking June was enough to boost her over the edge.

“Seems your sister is being quite dominant, my pet,” Cara whispered. “so pleased it’s not a family trait. Now get on your knees and feed from my sweet pussy lips, unless you want me to go next door and get your little sister in here.”

Ella dropped to the floor, and Cara gripped her long hair, guiding Ella’s face to her shaved pussy. That’s it my slut. Lick up those juices.”

Ella worked her tongue as she had done a few times before for Cara. She loved her taste, and it was much more pleasurable than a man’s cock ramming down her throat. Maybe Cara was right, maybe she was a submissive slut?

As Cara began to moan, she pushed into Ella’s face grinding on it as her clit was flicked from istanbul travesti side to side. As soon as Ella’s tongue darted into her, she began to really enjoy her pet’s work, sucking and feeding on the sweet juices as they flowed. She gripped Ella’s hair tighter, holding before sudden spasms hit, as she let herself go and had an enormous orgasm. As she came she wondered if June, who was clearly willing to submit to little Pixie, might be willing to submit to her?

Cara and Ella fell asleep, exhausted — much as June and Pixie had.

During breakfast the next morning, all four were enjoying fruit and yoghurt. No one made any effort to discuss the previous evening’s exploits upstairs, though there was a certain tension in the air. A large pot of coffee on the table, and of course June’s mint tea.

Suddenly June’s phone buzzed.

“It’s Sue,” she said turning to Cara, looking quizzically.

Ella enquired as to who Sue was.

“She’s their agent,” explained Pixie.

June began to laugh,

“Firstly, she wants to know if I know where you are Cara, apparently you had a date last night. Don’t tell me you’re banging her as well? And secondly, she is asking if we will both do a photo shoot for Diva magazine.”

“Really? Together?”

“Seems so, but I don’t know much more, will we have to talk further.”

At this point June explained to the inquisitive Ella that Diva was a quite well-established lesbian magazine that specialised in features on certain aspects of lesbian lifestyle – often quite good articles with some raunchy photos to support them.

“What’s the offer?” Cara asked.

“Hang on I’m still reading.”


“Three hundred and fifty thousand pounds each for a front cover and middle page spread, with an article on our modelling careers as gay women.”

“Let me see,” Cara grabbed the phone from June.

“Why is your phone off? Didn’t Sue call you?” Pixie asked Cara.

“You don’t think I want to be disturbed when I’m having fun do you Pixie?”

Cara giggled, as she read from June’s phone, which confirmed everything that had been said.

“After Sue’s ten percent and tax, we could clear nearly two hundred thousand pounds which would go a long way to help support Emily’s,” June said.

“And I get a few days playing around with you June,” blurted out Cara, much to Pixie’s annoyance.

She immediately looked at Cara and then at June. They were both so beautiful. It was, she reflected, a good job she trusted June, although Cara she trusted about as far as she could throw her.

“We have to do this June. Are you in?” Cara looked at June grinning from ear to ear.

‘I don’t know, I’ll need to know more and discuss with Pixie. Anyway you’ve avoided a question I asked earlier. What’s this about you and Sue?”

“Oh yes sorry, well you know me, any chance of getting one step ahead. Since you arrived on the scene, I was no longer number one at the agency, and before we became good friends, I figured that if I slept with Sue every once in a while, I might get some better opportunities. It sort of became a regular occurrence.”

They had never seen Cara blush so much. Sue, was in her mid-fifties and although one of the top modelling agents in the country, was old enough to be Cara’s mother. Pixie spoke for them all when she quipped:

“Cara, is there anyone female between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five you would not fuck to get ahead?”

But even as the others giggled, Cara replied:

“Can’t think of anyone, no!”

Ella had been relatively quiet through these exchanges, the thought of Cara with someone else made her slightly jealous, although she had no right to be. She knew that her relationship with Cara was purely lustful sex and that it had no true meaning for either of them. But even still it wasn’t easy. On top of that she knew she would probably make love her husband before the day was out.

“Well, ladies and little sis, I think it’s time I went home to my family. It’s been a blast – thank you dearest Cara. Thank you, sis, and thank you June.”

“What did I do?” asked June.

“Oh my dear if you only knew! The noises coming from your room last night were so stimulating, and not just for me I gather,” she said looking at them all with a huge smile.

Getting up from the table, hugging each in turn with an extra kiss for Cara,

Ella went to pack. Before getting into her cab, she gave Pixie a sisterly kiss, Cara a lustful one, and June a big hug:

“You two are so good together. You’ve made istanbul travestileri all the difference to her.”

June hugged her tight:

“Thanks for that – and see you soon!”

June spent the next hour on the phone, negotiating her terms with Sue. Pixie heard her explaining that if she did this, there was no way she would bare all.

“Boobs are fine, they’ve been seen before, but I’m not having my pussy photographed for all to see.”

She put the phone down looked at Pixie and took her hand

“Trust me?”

“I do.”

“Okay Cara it’s on. New deal is one hundred thousand pounds each per printed photo with an extra fifty thousand for the front cover. No full frontals and no direct sex. Looks as if they want to do a shoot next month.”

“How about indirect sex?” Cara asked, hugging June. “Oh this will be such fun.”

Pixie had not been surprised at Cara’s reaction. Did she mind? Being honest with herself, she knew she could trust June; she knew the opposite was true of Cara. But on the other hand, it would be a crowning point of June’s career, and benefit Emily’s and the Hoff Houses, so how could she complain?

For the next fortnight, life was quiet and stable for June and Pixie, with just the odd fashion shoot for a magazine.

Pixie took hold of the management of setting up Emily’s and with her brilliant team had everything ready to officially open the doors by the designated date.

The previous evening Cara had come back for a visit as she and June had just finished working for Estée Lauder and she was free for two days. Pixie knew they were back when she smelt their perfume, which was quite stunning and filled the kitchen with a wonderful aroma.

“Pixie my love how are you?” Asked Cara

“Really well, thank you. Wow you both smell absolutely gorgeous, is that the new fragrance for Christmas?”

“Yes, it’s called, After Sunset, isn’t it so seductive?”

Only Cara would say that Pixie thought.

The two hugged and kissed cheeks just as June’s phone rang. It was Sue asking about the last few days with Estée Lauder.

“June darling, while you were talking with Sue about Estée, Billy Whizz was on the phone and would like us to call at Emily’s this afternoon.”

“I think that would be a great idea.”

“Would you like to come too Cara and see the new premises, we officially open the doors next week but are already having many members wanting to join and I think Billy has already let a few through the doors.”

“Would I? Just try and keep me away, I’d love to see it.”

Emily’s was a three-storey building not far from the first Hoff Centre that opened two years ago, about five miles from June and Pixie’s house. It was a detached property with a small garden both front and back, set amongst a row of both residential and business premises, where no one would question the coming and going of people, or indeed what went on in the building, as there were many visitors coming and going from all properties in the street.

The three walked through the front door, although June had a peek through the window first to check if all was as to be expected. In fact she nearly climbed through it as a joke just to scare Billy, but then thought differently.

Once inside Cara was amazed, nice soft furnishings sofas, armchairs, and low tables set off by a lovely piled carpet. There was a bar and stools on one side serving alcoholic drinks plus a barista machine at the back.

Some of the tables had magazines for varied tastes and a bookshelf with a variety of established author’s works.

Billy was behind the bar chatting to two young women in their twenties. They were obviously sharing a joke.

“Hi Billy,” June shouted from the door as they walked up to him.

“June, Pixie so lovely to see you, and who is this fine beauty?”

They exchanged cheek kisses.

“Billy meet Cara, Cara meet Billy, our super accountant and general, if it needs fixing superman.”

They shook hands.

Pixie looked at the two young women who were in awe of the founders to Emily’s being present. They had met before, and Pixie introduced June and Cara to the two of them

“June darling, you will remember last week I told you we had recruited two Hostess’s, well here they are, Amy and Beth.”

“Lovely to meet you both and I hope you will very much enjoy your time with us.”

“Oh no, it’s our honour to be here and to meet two famous models like you and Miss Cara,” said Amy. “If there is anything you need just ask.”

“Thank you, travesti istanbul Amy, I know I’ll certainly love to get to know you better,” said Cara.

Pixie just grinned with a smirk, as she nudged June in the side.

“Cara, we have this area her with a washroom and facilities in the back and then ten private suites upstairs for more intimate gatherings,” June explained.

“Amy, why don’t you show Cara round while Pixie and I have a quiet business chat with Billy over there in the office.”

“Oh yes I’d be delighted to,” she said, taking Cara’s arm. She immediately started chatting and taking her round the ground floor.

Beth replaced Billy from behind the bar as he, June and Pixie went off to the office to discuss finances.

Amy led Cara upstairs to the private suites. Full sitting area, bed, and bathroom. They were tastefully furnished and most welcoming. And more importantly, soundproof.

“So my dear tell me what is your real reason for being here?” Cara asked as they sat on the edge of the bed.

“I’m just here to enjoy myself Miss, and hopefully help others enjoy themselves too.”

“Well now isn’t that a coincidence my dear,” Cara said, as she stroked her long hair and parted it from covering her face.

“That’s a lovely perfume Miss, I’ve not come across it before.”

“It’s a new fragrance from Estée Lauder, I’m glad you like it. Here smell my neck.”

Well that was like asking a duck to test water, for no sooner had Amy come closer did Cara just kiss her full on the lips, taking immediate control as her tongue invaded Amy’s mouth, exploring it fully and mixing her saliva with her new young friend.

Her arms wrapped round Amy pulling her closer hugging her to her bosom, Cara murmured:

“Mmmm good girl!”

Slowly Cara lifted her top, exposing her firm breasts, while still keeping her young target engaged in a kiss. She held her head and pulled away.

“Come here and savour my breasts darling.”

She pulled Amy’s head lower to suckle on her nipples.

“Good girl, I don’t think you are a novice.”

Amy worked hard, never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be suckling the breasts of a famous model, especially one that she had only last week, been drooling over whist reading one of the magazines downstairs.

“Mmmmm that’s so good! Now let’s see how good you really are?”

Cara stood up and removed her skirt. Kicking off the three-inch heels she was wearing. At the same time she removed her damp thong so that Amy could work freely.

Lying back on the bed and parting her legs she beckoned Amy to her.

“Come my dear, taste what I know you will want to worship.”

Amy nosed her way up Cara’s legs licking the skin as she progressed.

Being a Model, Cara looked after herself and was free of any hair from her head down. Her glistening pussy beckoned her new playmate and Amy wasn’t going to disappoint.

Licking and teasing she sucked tasting Cara’s nectar. The honey trap of many before.

Her mouth sucked harder as her tongue explored deeper – taking all she could between breaths.

Flicking Cara’s clit and then blowing on it, Amy lapped at her justices and swallowed. Cara moaned and she grabbed Amy’s hair and pulled her head into her, grinding her wetness onto her face.

“Yes, my pet, taste eat and enjoy your Mistress, love my pussy as if it was your life’s desire.”

Amy didn’t stop, darting her tongue deep, sucking on lips, flicking the clit. She knew Cara was close, and she worked harder, faster, deeper.

“Ohhh ahhhhh Yesssss!”

Suddenly Cara froze before shaking into a huge spasm and orgasm. Squirting over Amy’s hair and face.

“Ohhhhhhh ohhh ohhh!”

Amy still didn’t stop, she knew what she had to do – please guests – and she enjoyed doing it, even if on this occasion she wouldn’t get her own fulfilment.

A finger joined her mouth as she slid it into Cara, pushing in a second then third. This was a loose woman she thought, working her fingers twisting and turning until Cara yelled again and spasmed even harder. Her breathing heavy as she was in full orgasm.

Amy cleaned up her first client at Emily’s, using her tongue to remove the juices from Cara and lapping up any drips.

“Thank you Miss.”

“Thank YOU, Amy. I look forward to coming back here again very soon.”

After an hour the three from the office returned, both Pixie and June almost exhausted from talking figures with Billy, but non the less extremely happy with the way things were developing.

As they did Cara and Amy walked downstairs.

Cara had a glint in her eye and oddly enough Amy’s hair was damper than earlier in the afternoon.

“Well Cara what do you think, Isn’t this place magic?” asked Pixie

Cara just responded with a smile and a one word answer


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