RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In – Chapter 3


RedTails: AwakeningsA Night Out, A Night InByScarletdownChapter III : Penance, Passion, and a BathNow alone in the outer lounge, Frelic turned to his sister and gave her a smile that reflected a mix of pure unconditional love, and unbridled feral passion. “Now, my little tender hawk,” he purred, “We have an appointment in the bed chamber.” He clasped a leash to her collar, removed her tail belt, picked up the paddle, and led his pet sister through the door to the south.The bed chamber was just as large as the outer lounge. A four-poster bed large enough to sleep at least six Elf or Furling-sized people dominated the southwest corner of the room. A large wooden chest sat locked on the floor at the foot of the bed, and beside the bed’s head, a small table stood, with a tall, thick candle in a brass holder perched at the center. Along the wall that the bed chamber shared with the outer lounge, was a large, thick double cushion, upon which was a nest of pillows and light cotton blankets. It sat between a four drawer dresser to the left; its top surface fitted with a large mirror, and a wide bookcase to the right, which was mostly empty save for a pair of leather-bound journals belonging to Karma and Frelic, and Thissle’s collection of lesson tomes and scrolls.A square, pinewood table with four wooden chairs around it decorated the middle of the room, and the southeast corner featured a small roll-top desk with a single padded chair. There was a door in the east wall near the desk. It was open, and Shaasta could see that it led to a small, private study. She guessed that the other door in the same wall, near the one they had come through, was another entrance to the bathing chamber. And set into the wall beside the night table, a double door, fitted with actual glass windows like the one out in the other room, opened out to the balcony.Shaasta’s Master closed the door behind him, guided his pet over to the table in the middle of the room, and removed the leash from her collar. Still clad in nothing but his boots, Frelic’s passion and arousal were clearly evident in more than just his violet cat-like eyes; The Elf pet knew that she would soon feel her Master’s hard cock filling her hot depths at long last, finally satisfying the longing burn she had been holding back ever since her brother first started his inspection of her sweet treasures back at the Southern Rose.”Ten platinum pieces,” Frelic said, his voice low and stern as he looked his pet over, his fingers tracing a gentle line down her left cheek from temple to chin. “That is one thousand gold pieces, dear sister. Do you know how many days wages that is for the average worker?”Math was not one of Shaasta’s strengths, so all she could guess was, “A lot, Master.””Yes, that is a lot. That was why Master Varo nearly had a heart attack when I offered to pay your full original price instead of the seven he had discounted you to.””I am really grateful that you spent that on me, Master. And I give you my solemn word that that will be the best ten platinums you have ever spent. I am forever in your debt, my Master, my brother. All that I am belongs to you for all time and beyond.”Shaasta’s impromptu vow of submission hit Frelic like a war mace across the back of his head. A single tear escaped down his cheek, and he took his pet sister in his arms, his hands again gripping her sweet tender bottom and hers likewise pressed against his. Their lips touched and practically became one, tongues probing each other’s. His hard maleness rubbing against the warm, damp, slit of her sex, Frelic wanted to take this beautiful creature he held in his arms, bend her over the table, and ride her to the summit of pure and feral passionate ecstasy, right here, right now. However, he had one last task to accomplish before consummating their relationship of loving Master and devoted Pet.”Shaasta, do you remember that bit of advice I imparted to you and Hansen before you went istanbul travesti off on your little adventure?” Frelic asked.She nodded, remembering, “You advised us to avoid traveling along the northwest coast of Diranni.””Correct. And why did I suggest that?””You had heard that the economy was depressed in this area; people are struggling to make their way by any means possible.””And any means is just that, any. For some, that means preying on unsuspecting travelers.””Brigands, charlatans, and slavers.””Right. And what did you two do despite my warnings?” Frelic continued his interrogation.”We journeyed up the northwest coast anyway. Hansen and I had been through so much together, we honestly felt that we could outsmart any thugs we might encounter along the way.””You underestimated the severity of the situation around here,” Frelic declared. “Those who have taken up such an unsavory path are desperate. They have nothing to lose and the prospect of tremendous gains to fight for.””Yes, Master,” Shaasta agreed, “Neither of us truly understood until it was too late, just what we were up against. We lost.””Ten platinum pieces, one thousand gold,” Frelic repeated again. “I hate constantly bringing up the cost of your rescue, but it was a cost that was the result of your disregard for my advice.””I am truly sorry for what I cost you, Master. I will heed your instincts from now on,” the fire-maned girl assured him, “And I will find a way to repay you for your loss.”Frelic smiled devilishly at his sister, “No. I do not need the coin back. I have you now, a pet sister for whom I would have gladly paid ten times or more what I did; you, my love vixen, are truly priceless to me.”Shaasta blushed and averted her eyes, visibly embarrassed at her Master’s flattering words. A moment later, she recomposed herself and looked him in the eyes again, “Still, if it is at all possible to repay the debt in any way…”Frelic held his hand up to silence her, “Shush a moment, tender hawk. I do indeed have a suitable penance to prescribe to you.” He held up the paddle he was carrying.”By the Mink!” Shaasta swore, “Yet another paddling? Hansen was right, Master. You do seem to have a single track mind tonight. But if reddening my bottom even more is what you decree, who am I to argue?””Master Varo and Lilieblume indeed did some good work in training you,” Frelic noted, nodding his approval, “but be warned, Shaasta. This is not to be like any of the spankings I have given you recently or back when we were tender tails.” Shaasta was starting to look worried.Again Frelic repeated as if it was a mantra, “Ten platinum pieces, one thousand gold pieces.” But this time, he added, “One thousand gold pieces, one thousand swats, one per gold piece.”Shaasta put her hands protectively over her backside and shook her head, “No, Master,” she protested, panic in her voice, “One thousand swats? My bottom would not be able to withstand such a heavy punishment.””One thousand gold pieces, one thousand swats,” the Elven wizard again said. “Do not force me to cast a Holding spell over you Shaasta,” he warned her, “I would prefer that you submit to this by your own will; submit to this by the vow you pledged to me mere minutes ago.”Tears trickling down her face, Shaasta knew deep down that she was bound to obey and submit to her punishment. She had pledged her submission and then offered to pay whatever penance her Master desired to declare.”Turn and face the table,” Frelic instructed. She turned around so that she was facing away from her brother and awaited his next command.”Spread your feet; bend over; grab the edge of the table.” Again, she obeyed, bracing herself against the pine table, her rear thrust out and presented to her Master, awaiting the fiery kiss of the paddle. Mercifully, it was not a long wait.Standing behind and to her left, Frelic removed the rose that was nested up her ass and ran his tongue along the length istanbul travestileri of its stem, savoring the delightfully decadent flavor of gehennite-cleansed Elven bottom. He placed the flower in his hair behind his left ear for safe keeping, then he assumed a firm two-handed grip on the paddle and rubbed its round wooden blade over his twin sister’s round, soft, quivering southern hills.”Shaasta, I am going to turn your lovely ass the same color as your lovely mane.” He gave her rump a pair of light taps with the weapon of discipline and gave her a final instruction, “Now, you are going to receive a large number of swats. And because I will be busy concentrating on paddling your butt, I may lose count. Therefore, you are to count out each strike as it lands on your bottom.”And so, Shaasta’s penance for costing her brother ten platinum pieces, one thousand gold pieces, was executed on her tender ass in earnest. There was a soft whoosh of the paddle dropping down through the air, followed by a loud SMACK as oak connected with soft, tender flesh, striking solidly on the left cheek of her bottom. A white hot burning spread out across her rear, momentarily robbing the Elf girl of her breath. Then, closing her eyes, she gasped out through clenched teeth, “One!”A second SMACK, followed by the white hot pain, this time on the right cheek caused her to yelp out, “Two!” And this was followed by yet another burning impact, landing squarely across the center of her ass. Already, the punishment was unbearable, and Shaasta wondered how she would withstand the nine hundred ninety-seven yet to come. “Three!”In the bathing chamber, Thissle and Karma had put Hansen to work immediately, helping to prepare them for their evening at Hot Summer Nights. The Squirrel’s leash, collar, and rose had been removed and placed safely on top of a table in the corner of the room by the door, and Hansen, Karma, and Thissle were soaking in a large cedar tub, filled with fresh steaming water from the underground hot spring that flowed and bubbled beneath the inn.After they were completely drenched in the steaming water, not quite hot enough to scald, Hansen was ordered to completely soap down and scrub the girls. Even had he not been bound to obey them, he would have been a fool to decline this task. “This has to be a dream,” he thought to himself, as the girls stood on the submerged ledge that encircled the edge of the tub so that only their lower legs and feet were beneath the water. He rubbed the lightly scented cake of soap all over Thissle’s smooth, slick, wet body. He made certain that he covered every last square inch of her lovely tanned flesh above the water line, from her brow down to the middle of her muscular but soft thighs, giving extra attention to the delicious-looking, jiggly, orbs and the crevasse that formed her perfect derriere.”If only my sibs could see me now, sharing a steaming tub with two hot and sexy young ladies, whose desires I am required to obey.” His thoughts focused on the word required, as if any Furling in his right mind would balk at this situation, and soft giggle escaped him.”What’s so funny?” Thissle asked, her body now glistening all wet and slippery with the scented coating of soap.”Oh, nothing nothing really,” Hansen replied, giving her bottom a playful swat, then turning his attention to the drenched Rabbit to his left, “I was just reflecting about how I seem to be living the Furling Dream,” he admitted. Thissle and Karma giggled with him.”Yes,” Thissle agreed, “Now that you mention it, this does feel like a drawing right out of one of those naughty weeklies you see at the news vendor’s stall in the market.” She planted a soapy kiss on his cheek and then playfully goosed him under the tail, her finger easily finding the tight little opening behind his hard shaft of maleness, lightly pressing against the entrance, but not quite penetrating.”You silly teaser,” travesti istanbul Hansen laughed, playfully sticking his tongue out at the copper-maned girl. He resumed his task, gently but firmly massaging the soap into Karma’s fur, again covering every square inch of her lovely body down to the tops of her thighs.Both girls now fully soaped down, Hansen reached over and picked up the pair of wooden, soft bristled bath brushes that lay on the tub’s deck, “Turn around and face me, girls,” he instructed, “I am going to do you both at the same time; ooh, that sounded naughty.”Giggling like school girls, Karma and Thissle turned and stood before Hansen, who was armed with the twin bath brushes, tools of cleansing which both girls knew all too well could easily double as paddles of the cruelest kind. For a brief moment, the two giggling young ladies, standing wet and naked before the diminutive Furling, looked for all the world as if they were the bratty pets awaiting disciplining.He expertly scrubbed both of them simultaneously, gently working the soft bristles in small slow circles over their luscious soapy bodies, forming a thick creamy lather in the brushes’ wakes. The brushes massaged vigorously over their shoulders, down their arms, and back up to their necks; the bristles not once losing contact with flesh and fur. Under their dainty chins he scrubbed, then worked their breasts, full but not overly endowed; their perky nipples stood erect on the soft orbs as the soapy bristles tickled and teased. Karma and Thissle’s sweet scent of arousal, mingled with the light fragrant perfumes of the soap, filled the Squirrel’s nose, and the steamy water, frosted with lather, hid the erection that formed between his muscular thighs.From beyond the door next to the one leading to the outer lounge, the rhythmic slap of oak on bare flesh coupled with the pained cries of a girl pleading for mercy, the distinctive sounds of punishment, could be heard.Karma winced in sympathy, “Sounds like Shaasta is getting paddled yet again, poor girl,” she sighed.Even Thissle, who had learned to enjoy most spankings, placed her hands on her wet, slick bottom and turned her gaze towards the closed door, “And it sounds like one helluva tail roasting Master is giving her this time too. I wonder what the brat did so soon to earn a real punishment spanking?”Hansen shrugged and continued his chore, now working the brushes down the girls’ tummies in firmer wider circles. The sounds coming from the next room brought images to his mind, images of his Elven lover submitting to their Master’s paddle, her sweet lovely butt taking strike after strike after strike, jiggling cutely with every blow as her aft flesh burned red. His erection beneath the water lengthened and pulsed.”Perhaps she mouthed off to Master,” he suggested, “You know how feisty that girl can be. Or perhaps she did nothing, and he is paddling her just because he can, you know; for his own pleasure, to give her a really good warm up before boinking her.””Well, whatever his reasons,” Thissle said, “it’s his call. And Shaasta probably had it coming to her anyway.”Karma giggled, “A day of reckoning, ye might say. Now be careful, furball. You are getting to our high value zones.” She and Thissle spread their legs a little wider as Hansen gently caressed the brushes between their thighs, tickling in tiny circles over the plump mounds. Thissle’s was bare and smooth, and Karma’s had a pelt of light blue fur; normally fluffy enough to provide modesty when dry, though now matted down to clearly reveal the tight slit of her sex. The Squirrel worked his brushes back to the tender spot between their treasure slots and tight southern stars, then continued his journey down the girls’ inner thighs, stopping at the waterline, back up, and back down the other side.Hansen stepped back and rested the brushes, like sword blades, on his shoulders, “Finished afore, m’ladies,” he announced, “Now please turn around so that I can work aft.”Thissle and Karma turned around and presented their delightful backsides to the Squirrel so that he could continue his task.”Forty eight!” Shaasta gasped through her tears as the oak paddle continued to relentlessly tenderize her ass.

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