Sisters’ Gift II


Part II Here is the last paragraph from Part I to refresh your memory The sight of the pancakes on my plate reminded me that I was starving. I sat down and began to dig in when I noticed a nude Abby crawling under the table. As I poured syrup onto my pancakes, she started to prime the pump to get some syrup of her own. As I began to eat my pancakes, she began to attack my dick with ferocity I had never witnessed from anyone. Kissing and licking, sucking and deepthroating, she was about to drain me of my cum. Finally, she was rewarded with my cum, which she promptly swallowed. She then got out from under the table, sat in the chair as if nothing had happened. It was then that I realized that I had not had sex with either of them. I figured since I could have anything I wanted to day I would start with… I rose from my chair, my knees a little wobbly from the breakfast blowjob I just received. I walked over towards Gabby, stopping to give Abby’s nipples a courtesy pinch. I pulled Gabby close, and kissed her hard. I realized now that not only had I not fucked either of them, but I hadn’t kissed Abby, and Gabby has been nowhere near my cock. I figured out a way to remedy this very quickly. I ripped the apron off of Gabby’s body, revealing her perfect form. I lifted her and carried her over to the kitchen table. After quickly throwing everything off the table, I laid her down and began to tease her. Her being a virgin, I wanted to make it memorable. I licked up from her right foot, up to her cunt. I licked and kissed all around it, but never placing my lips or tongue directly istanbul travesti on it. She attempted to thrust her steamy cunt onto my mouth, but I wanted to tease her more. I kissed down her left leg, and then back up to her inner thighs. Seeing the wetness and feeling the heat emanate from her I figured she was ready. I licked long and slow from the bottom of her now seeping slit all the way to the top, lightly flicking her clit along the way. She shuddered from the sudden attention to her most sensitive regions. But I didn’t want her to cum just yet. I kissed up her body, spending some time at her bellybutton, but making my way up to her tits. I dragged my tongue around each mountainous piece of flesh, finally zeroing in on the nipple of her left breast. A light flick of the tongue, and then I engulfed the nipple playfully biting and kissing it. All the while, the hand was tweaking her other nipple, making her moan softly in pleasure. I continued my journey upwards, and kissed her neck up to the corner of her mouth, then up to her cheek, eyes, nose and ears. As I reached her ears, I whispered “Are you ready to lose your virginity?” “Oooohh….Just fuck me already!” I took that as a yes, and inserted my long rod into her dripping cunt. She emitted a low guttural moan, then yelped a little as I reached her hymen. I kissed her, and then broke through the barrier, making her mine. She was so wet and tight, every inch of my cock was being massaged by her pussy. She looked at me with a single tear in her eye, and simply nodded and smiled. istanbul travestileri I took that as my cue to start thrusting. Nice and slow, in no rush to finish, I fucked her. She lay on the table on her back, and I straightened up to my feet, standing on the floor, fucking her nice and slow. I looked at Abby, now fingering herself and motioned for her to sit on Gabby’s face. She gladly obliged and lowered her own steaming cunt on top of Gabby’s mouth. At first surprised, Gabby soon realized the situation, and began to lick Abby to a ferocious orgasm. As she was being licked by her sister, I pulled Abby towards me and began to make out with her. Not as passionate as Gabby, but still pretty damn good. I continued to slide in and out of Gabby, faster and harder now, pushing us both towards orgasm. The harder I fucked her, the more she moaned into Abby’s cunt, forcing her towards orgasmic bliss. Without warning, Abby broke our kiss and began thrashing and shaking on Gabby’s face. Her juices poured onto Gabby as Abby tiredly lifted herself off to sit down. Taking the opportunity, I climbed on top of Gabby and continued to fuck her as I licked the fresh pussy juice from her face. As I did this, we met in a kiss that could not only curl my toes, but make my blood boil, and make me rush towards orgasm. Apparently it had a similar effect on Gabby whose pussy began to contract and squirt all over my cock. I continued to pound the tightest pussy I had ever entered and soon blasted my seed deep inside her filling her to the brim. Spent, travesti I rolled off Gabby who moaned at the absence of my cock filling her up. I looked over at her, the picture of beauty. A light red hue on her face, her hair slightly darker and clinging to her face with sweat. I gave a kiss on the cheek and asked “So, how was your first time?” In a soft, barely audible voice she managed to croak out “Amazing. OOOHHH!” I looked at her and her face was contorted in pleasure again. Scanning towards her pussy I saw her vixen of a sister lapping up our combined juices and pushing Gabby towards another orgasm. Although tired from cumming twice in such a short period of time, I was able to get a rise, which somehow Abby noticed. She began to stroke me, then climbed up on the table, impaled herself on me sideways, and bent down towards Gabby to continue licking her cunt. Seeing all of this unfold in front of me was just incredible, but I still had a ways to go until I cam again for the third time that morning. I relaxed on the table and let my slut of a sister handle all the work, and she did it beautifully. Her ass bounced up and down, stopping to grind all around when she was fully impaled. Soon enough both of my sisters were moaning in orgasm. I was still hard, and hadn’t cum yet. Abby took that as an insult and decided that I was to cum again. She engulfed my cock to the base and began to massage me with her throat. Gabby apparently wanted to taste some of my cock, now wet with both her sister’s juices and saliva. She began a long slow lick from my balls up to the base, where Abby’s mouth seemed to be permanently glued. Eventually, Abby lifted up, and allowed me to feel the sensations of my first blow job from Gabby. She licked back down to the balls, then all the way up the underside of my cock. Slowly, she circled the tip of my dick with only her tongue.

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