I had always had a close relationship with my older sister Tammy. She was 15 months older than me, and a total knockout. She has brown hair down to her shoulders, green eyes, tanned, with a very toned body from years of gymnastics. She is about 5’6″ 125#. Her breasts are pert and perky at 34C, a nice slender waist a tight, apple-shaped ass, long muscular legs. She used to make me a bit uncomfortable though, she would let her kisses linger a bit too long, rub herself against me when we’d hug, and would let me see her when she would get dressed. In high school, she was a cheerleader and played volleyball and soccer, and I played football, lacrosse and baseball. So she and I went to all the same parties and had the same group of friends. In fact I had some friends that met the business end of my fist when they said my sister was a whore or a tease. A few years ago Tammy got married to a friend of mine by the name of Jason. Jason and I were fishing and hunting buddies, and used to play baseball together. In fact Jason and I were supposed to go on our annual 10 day fishing trip to Canada in a few months and I was stoked. I set up a trip to go visit Jason & Tammy, and a day before I was set to get there Jason had to go on a business trip he said he could not get out of. I decided to head up there anyways as it istanbul travesti had been a while since I had seen Tammy. When I got to Tammy’s house, she was happy to see me as was I to see her. We had dinner and a few drinks, and she told me she found out Jason was cheating on her. I made a mental note to have a chat with my ‘friend’, I sat there and consoled her. She was drinking mojitos, and kept grinding her mint leaves with a mortar and pestle, I couldn’t help but get turned on looking at her muscle tone as she bruised the mint leaves. She got up to make us another round, and I hopped up take a leak. When I came back, I noticed she had unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse. I couldn’t help but see she was not wearing a bra and I liked what I saw. We talked for a few more hours, and I kept getting peeks in her blouse, and got more and more turned on. I told her I was going to bed, she was cool with that, and said it was time for her to turn in as well. I remember taking off my pants and shirt, and crawling in bed. I masturbated to thoughts of my sister and her fantastic body, and I came so hard and fast it made me dizzy. Sleep hit me fast, since I was tired as hell from the drive. I fell fast asleep and had a crazy dream that I was sailing on a ship. Except that istanbul travestileri I was the sail, and the sea was a bit choppy. The wind felt good on my cock, it was a warm breeze and the spray from the ocean was hitting it as well. Then I realized this was not a dream, I woke up and my sister was on top of me, riding my cock. I could not help but realize that Tammy’s pussy felt incredible. In fact she was the best lay I think I have ever had. Then she put her hands on my chest and started to bounce a bit more. Her tits were hanging in front of my face and I lifted my head and took her gumdrop sized nipple into my mouth and began toying it with my tongue. Tammy started to convulse, and lifted off my glistening cock. Then she let forth with a gush of her cum, I had never made a woman do that before, and she said that had never happened, but it made me want to get in her all the more. Then I flipped my gorgeous sister on her back and stared to pound her shaved pussy with a new found vigor. Her tits were swaying in time with my thrusts, and her dark brown, 3″ areolas were begging for my mouth. I felt my balls twitch, and I released my load inside her pussy. Then I realized not only had I fucked my sister, I just shot my cum in her. I pulled out and noticed that Tammy had travesti had the presence of mind to put a condom on me before she mounted me. I thanked her with a kiss, and asked her when she got that idea. She said she wanted to fuck me since she was about 14, and used to try all the time. I told her that it made me uncomfortable then, and if she had not done this tonight, I would have resisted her. But I am so glad she did. Needless to say, that was not the only time that weekend that I made love to my gorgeous sister all over her house, in fact we only stopped to eat and sleep.When Jason came back into town, Tammy and I had to stop having fun. I tell you, that was so very tough since anytime we had been horny in the last week, we took care of that. She made it tougher still by rubbing me when Jason’s back was turned, or pulling up her skirt to reveal her pussy and playing with herself while Jason and I were talking. Jason, ran out to the store to get more beer and his car wasn’t even out of the driveway before I had my sister bent over the back of the couch, fucking her. I had this vantage point, so I could see when he came back and so we didn’t get caught. I felt like a teen at that point, because I may have lasted 45 seconds before I pulled out of her and pushed her head down so I could cum in her mouth. I felt bad, and Tammy just laughed at me and told me it was okay. I immediately dropped to my knees and started kissing her sopping pussy. I was teasing her clit with my tongue, then I formed a seal around her shaved pussy with my lips and slid my tongue in and out of her, like a cock.

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