Aunt Elsie Pt. 06


Andy, Daryl, & Marvin had left the room. Rick had moved Elsie form the coffee table to the floor. She was still a mess. Cum and saliva dripping from her lips, her tits covered in cum and sweat, her pussy still gaping cum dripping down her ass onto the back of her pantyhose as Rick is slowly fucking her. Only her torn open pantyhose on her legs. Even after being ravaged by Andy, Rick, and that monster cock of Marvin’s she still loved the way Rick was taking her now. His hands moved from her legs to her slick tits and pinched her nipples. As Rick looked down at her there was something about seeing her like this that turned him on. Rick was able to give her another orgasm and Elsie exclaimed, “You’re the best baby, your cock still fits so perfectly into my pussy.” Rick came hard dumping his second hot load into Elsie’s overflowing pussy.

Rick had forbidden anyone from doing anything with Elsie for two weeks. He even told her she wasn’t allowed to pleasure herself or her husband for those two weeks to let her recover. But by the end of the first week Elsie was getting very horny she wanted some cock. But she obeyed Rick and didn’t act on her desires. So by the end of the two weeks she was ravenous.

Two weeks later…

Rick & Andy were in the kitchen playing a board game with Daryl while Elsie and her husband were in the den watching TV.

Elsie came into the kitchen with two empty glasses and went to put them in the sink. Elsie is wearing light black sheer to waist pantyhose and a blue night gown that comes to just below her ass. Suddenly she feels Rick behind her. He whispers in her ear, “Have you missed us?” as he kisses her neck she feels his hard cock against her nylon covered ass. Rick has pulled it out through the fly of his jeans. She shudders as her entire body tingles and her juices start to boil. “You know I have Rick.” Elsie whispers. As she pushes her nylon covered ass against his cock. Turning her to face him he kisses her deeply and presses his cock again her wet nylon covered pussy. The tip of Rick’s cock easily pushes the nylon of her pantyhose up into her open lips. But the pantyhose keep him from penetrating any deeper. Elsie moans her approval and she pushes her hips into Rick trying to force him deeper into her aching pussy. “I want you so bad baby, please give your Aunt Elsie that beautiful cock of yours.” Elsie begs.

Suddenly they hear footsteps coming down the hall. Rick retreats to the table hiding his hard cock as Elsie tries to compose herself.

“I’m heading to bed dear. I have an early shift tomorrow.” Her husband announces. “Goodnight boys.” He adds as he waves before heading back down the hall. “Goodnight,” Elsie tries to reply but her voice cracks and she’s forced to clear her throat before repeating, “Goodnight dear.”

Once her husband is out of sight Elsie looks to the boys, “Well that was a close one.” She says. As if he can read her mind Rick announces, “Let’s give it some time so we make sure he’s asleep.”

1 hour later…

Daryl returns to the kitchen. “My Dad’s out cold.” he announces. “Great, lets go.” Rick replies.

Rick heads to the den, he then takes Elsie by the hand and leads her back into the hallway stopping by her open bedroom door. She can see Frank, her husband sleeping in their bed. As you look in the doorway of the room there is a dresser with a mirror above it to the right on the same wall as the door. The bed is centered on the right wall. On the far wall is a tall dresser in the corner with windows centered on the wall. On the left wall there is a doorway to a half bathroom then two closets with sliding doors. The floor is covered with light blue wall to wall carpeting. The blinds are open so the moonlight filling the room with light makes everything clearly visible.

Elsie is nervous why have we stopped here. Rick enters the room and pulls Aunt Elsie to him kissing her hard on the lips. When he breaks their kiss he starts to undress. Andy comes up behind her, he has already removed his clothes as he reaches around clenching her breasts his hard cock presses against Elsie’s nylon covered ass. “You’re going to love this Aunt Elsie you dirty whore.” Andy whispers in her ear. Rick is now naked in front of her. He pulls her nightgown over her head and tosses it on the floor. He moves to her left and his lips move to suck her hard nipple flicking it with his tongue. At the same time Andy moves to her other side and sucks on her other nipple. Both boys are running their hands up and down her nylon covered thighs. This is making Elsie very wet and she can barely keep her balance. Andy lays on the floor and motions Elsie to him. After ripping open her pantyhose he has her mount his cock. Elsie can’t believe what she’s doing with her husband sleeping only a few feet away. But she can’t resist, Andy’s cock feels so bursa escort good and it’s been so long since she has been fucked. Daryl is standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of nude pantyhose stroking his hard cock through the sheer material. Elsie is trying so hard not to moan by biting her lip. But because of the sensation of Andy’s hot young cock inside her she can’t help herself and she lets out a soft moan. “Oh Fuck, I’m cumming.” She whispers into Andy’s ear. He laughs, and whispers back “You’re such a slut Aunt Elsie fucking me next to your sleeping husband.” This drives Elsie crazy, “Cmon boys fuck your slutty Aunt Elsie good.” She says so all three boys can hear her. Andy is soon filling her pussy with his hot jism. He let’s Elsie lick and suck his cock clean before leaving the room. Rick helps Elsie to her feet. Leading her to the bed he pushes her down on the side of the bed opposite her husband. He begins to fuck her cum filled pussy right there on the same bed her husband is sleeping in. She can’t resist Rick and his cock feels so good, his hands on her nylon covered legs, god I’ve missed his touch, is all she can think about.

Seeing his mother getting fucked by Rick less than 3 feet away from his father Daryl soon blows his load all over his pantyhose. Once his orgasm subsides he leaves the room.

As Rick’s rhythm slowly increased the bed squeaks a little this causes Frank to stir a little but he doesn’t wake up. “OH god, Rick you feel so good I’ve missed your perfect cock so much.” Elsie whispers. Rick then fucks her doggy style before letting her ride him cowgirl style. After she orgasms again Rick moves Elsie so she is on her side facing her husband as Rick takes her sloppy pussy from behind. “Look at him sleeping over there clueless, while I fuck you Aunt Elsie only a foot away.” Rick whispers into her ear. Elsie can’t believe how turned on all this is making her. The bed continues to squeak as Rick fucks her pussy. Elsie is in a state of euphoria she has never felt before. The combination of being celibate for two weeks and now finally having Rick’s perfect cock inside her, his magic hands on her nylon covered thighs, and of course the location less than three feet away from her clueless sleeping husband who could wake up any second and catch them. Rick is soon filling Elsie’s pussy with is hot load at the same time she orgasms intensifying hers even more. She wanted to scream but instead let out a low guttural moan. “Oh fuck baby your so fucking good.” Her husband again stirs and starts to wake up. Rick quickly leaves the room before Frank discovers him.

Rick narrowly escapes Elsie’s bedroom undetected. When her husband is awakened by Rick and Elsie’s simultaneous orgasms.

Frank rubbing his eyes letting them adjust to the light. “Baby, you up?” He asked through a yawn. seeing she is

Frank rolls over and kisses Elsie the remnants of Andy’s cum still warm on her lips.

“Well since we’re both up you want to fool around baby?” Frank asks Elsie. “You’re such a romantic Frank.” Elsie replies sarcastically, shaking her head.

“C’mon baby it’s been so long” Frank persists. Elsie looks at the doorway and sees Rick peeking in motioning for her to do it.

“OK come and get it big boy.” She tells Frank as she lays on her back and opens her legs. Frank looks puzzled as he asks, “What happened to your pantyhose?” Oh my god Elsie thinks I forgot I still had them on. “Well, I was playing with myself before you woke up and I guess I got a little carried away.” She blurted out. “Oh so you must be nice and wet.” Frank said with a grin. She didn’t know why but that pissed her off.

“Why don’t you go down and see for yourself.” She replied.

Her husband did just as she asked and as he licked and sucked the boys hot loads from her freshly fucked pussy Frank mumbled, “You’ve never been this wet before, you taste so good baby.”

Elsie’s eyes were fixed on Rick in the doorway as her husband ate the boys cum from her still very sensitive, quivering cunt.

Frank soon came up and slid his pathetic little cock into her pussy and after about 2 minutes he shot his little load onto her nylon covered thighs.

“Hope that was as good for you as it was for me baby.” He said as he rolled over and fell back to sleep.

under her breathe, Elsie replied, “Mind blowing.”

That’s when Rick decided it was time to Cuckold Frank.

The next day while Frank is at work…

Rick comes over early while Elsie and Daryl are having breakfast. Elsie is a short red silk robe and a fresh pair of light black pantyhose.

Rick goes right to her puts his arms around her and kisses her passionately. Grabbing her nylon covered ass.

“So did you enjoy yourself last night Aunt Elsie?” He asks. “You know I did honey, but that was bursa escort bayan a little too close.” She replied.

As Rick breaks their embrace and leans back on the counter with Elsie standing in front of him her robe open enough to see her nylon covered pussy but still covering her breasts.

“I know” Rick replied and continued, “That’s why we’re going to Cuckold your husband tonight.”

“And just how do you plan to do that? Elsie asked as she crosses her arms just below her chest.

A few hours late…

Frank comes home from work to find his wife, Elsie, leaning against the railing by the living room. She’s wearing a hunter green negligee, taupe sheer to waist pantyhose, and her hunter green, 5 inch, open toe, pencil thin heels.

“Wow, honey what’s the occasion?” Frank said with a huge smile on his face.

“Well, I thought about what you said last night about how long it had been since we… well you know.” Elsie explained, “and since Daryl went to the movies with Rick and Andy we have the whole place to ourselves for a few hours.” Elsie continued, “I thought I’d surprise you.”

Frank went to wrap her in his arms and kiss her but she put her hands up and says, “Not so fast.”

She takes his hand and leads him to the basement stairs. When they reach the bottom she hands him a mask to cover his eyes. “Put this on.”

After he puts it on she leads him to a chair and has him sit down. She zip ties his wrists to the arms of the chair and his ankles to the legs of the chair. He looks so excited.

“Are you ready for your surprise dear?” she whispers into his ear.

“Oh yes” Frank replies eagerly.

A few moments later Frank feels his blindfold being removed and after his eyes adjust to the light he can’t believe what he’s seeing. Elsie is facing him laying back on the old mattress with her legs spread wide open on her left is Andy sucking on his wife’s tit with his hand on her inner thigh. To the right is his son Daryl sucking on his wife’s other tit and sliding his hand along her inner thigh.

“What the fuck is going on here!” Frank yells very pissed off.

Frank is startled as Rick comes from behind him, “Take it easy Uncle Frank, and I’ll explain everything to you.”

What the fuck are they doing? That’s my wife, Daryl for christ sake that’s your mother.” Frank still visibly very angry.

Both Andy and Daryl stop sucking on Elsie’s breasts and they stop massaging her thighs but they don’t remove their hands from them.

“Now Uncle Frank I know this is going to sting a bit, but you need to realize you haven’t been satisfying your wife sexually for a very long time.” Rick paces around as he speaks. “After all if you were she wouldn’t have been so quick to open her legs for me.”

“I’m going to kick your fucking ass you little prick! Untie me this instant!” Frank screams as he tries to break free.

“Uncle Frank calm down!” Rick shouts back. Silence fills the room and after only a few seconds which feel much longer, in a much calmer voice Rick continues, “Please Uncle Frank just give me 5 minutes and then I promise I’ll untie you.”

Reluctantly Frank agrees, “Like I have a choice.”

“So like I said you don’t satisfy Aunt Elsie in the bedroom anymore. But she still loves you and doesn’t want to break up your family or embarass you by leaving you. But she does have needs.”

“So here’s your choices you can blow up your marriage and have your family, your friends, and the whole world find out that your wife has been driven to the desperate measure of fucking your sons best friends all because you can’t satisfy her in the bedroom. Now you don’t want to be humiliated publicly like that do you?”

After a short pause. “Of course you don’t so that leads us to option two, you can become her cuckold. To your family, friends, and the whole world you’ll remain this great husband with a smoking hot wife and loving son.” “We will continue to fuck your wife and if you’re a good cuck not only will Aunt Elsie let you watch she might even let you fuck her once in a while too. The choice is yours.”

There is a long silence and it’s obvious Frank is weighing his options.

Either lose his family and friends and become the laughing stock of the whole town. The guy who was so bad in bed his wife started sleeping with their sons friends or become her cuckold. Some choice.

“There’s one more thing Uncle Frank, before I untie you, just watch.” Rick said. He then gave a nod of his head at the boys. “I think you actually might enjoy this. I know I do.” Rick ended.

They once again began to suck Elsie’s tits and stroke her thighs. This made her coo and moan her approval. It always drove her crazy when both her nipples got licked and sucks at the same time. As their hands reach Elsie’s wet escort bursa pussy she slowly moves her hips in rhythm with their fingers on her swollen nylon covered lips.

She lets out a long moan when Andy finds her clit.

Frank can’t take his eyes off of them. His hurt and anger being replaced by lust. Andy drops down and kisses his way up Elsie’s nylon covered thigh then starts to lick and suck on Elsie’s pussy and clit through her pantyhose While Rick brings his cock to Elsie’s lips. Elsie eagerly takes him into her mouth sucking and licking his hard cock. It doesn’t take long before Elsie orgasms into Andy’s mouth,

“Oh Andy, you’re making your Aunt Elsie cum!” Elsie exclaims. Andy eagerly laps up as much of his Aunt Elsie’s juices as he can through her soaking wet pantyhose.

Rick and Andy trade places and Rick pushes his hard cock against Elsie’s nylon covered pussy lips and Andy brings his hard on to her mouth. Elsie licks and sucks Andy’s cock as Rick is able to penetrate her pussy just past his cockhead before the wet nylon stops him. Elsie is being teased to the limit and she begs Rick, “please baby fuck me, your Aunt Elsie needs to feel your wonderful cock inside her.” Rick now rips open Elsie’s pantyhose and Andy lays down on his back facing Uncle Frank, Elsie mounts him reverse cowgirl and after a few strokes into her wet pussy he pushes it up into her ass.

“Oh yes your Aunt Elsie loves the way your young cock fills her tight little ass.” Elsie announces.

“She’s a real cock whore Uncle Frank, she can’t get enough.” Andy says as he smiles and continues to slowly but steadily fuck Elsie’s little asshole.

Frank is surprised by this. He can’t believe how turned on he’s getting by this. He can feel his little cock growing in his pants.

Rick comes over and slides his cock into Elsie’s soaking wet pussy, “Oh yes Rick, take my pussy with that perfect cock of yours.” Elsies squeals. Then for the first time Daryl brings his cock to his mother’s lips and Elsie takes his cock into her mouth filling all her holes.

Frank can’t believe his eyes. His wife has a cock in every hole and she’s loving it. What’s even more surprising is how much he is enjoying seeing her like this. He feels his cock straining against his trousers.

Andy is the first to cum, “Oh Aunt Elsie I can’t take it, I’m going to fill your ass with my cum.” Andy says.

“Yes baby fill my ass with your sweet cum.” Elsie exclaims. Daryl is next and as he shoots his hot load into his mother’s mouth he yells, “Oh yes I’m cumming mommy.” Daryl collapses back onto the box spring as his orgasm subsides and his mother is satisfied she has drained him of every drop of his hot young semen.

Andy slips out from under Elsie and brings his cock to her lips.

“Look Uncle Frank, How Aunt Elsie licks every drop of my cum from my cock like a good little slut.” Andy taunts Frank.

But it just makes Frank hornier. As Rick continues to fuck Elsie’s pussy she coos and moans in pleasure and bucks up to meet his thrusts.

“Oh Rick I love the way you fuck your Aunt Elsie with that big cock of yours” She proclaims, “It fits so perfectly into my pussy.”

Rick looks at Frank, “If we cut lose one of you hands do you promise to be good?” he asks.

Frank nods his head yes. “Ok Andy cut loose his right hand and help him open his pants so he can play with his pecker.” Rick orders.

Andy obeys and Frank’s little cock is free, he is soon beating his meat as he watches Rick pound his wife’s pussy.

Rick fucks her missionary, then he has her ride him cowgirl, where she has a very long and loud orgasm. As her body twitches and spasms Frank blows his load onto the floor.

Rick continues to fuck Elsie she is now on her side facing Frank with Rick behind her holding her top leg up so she’s spread wide as he fucks her pussy. Frank can see Andy’s cum dripping from her ass.

Rick finally shoots his load into Elsie as she has another long orgasm. “That’s it baby cum with your Aunt Elsie!” She screams.

After they collect themselves Rick comes to Frank and cuts the remaining zip ties. “Clean your wife up for us.” Rick instructs.

Frank looks puzzled. “Go over there and eat our cum out of your wife’s pussy and asshole.” Rick orders.

“It’s not like it will be the first time.” Andy laughs.

Frank again looks puzzled.

“Remember last night Uncle Frank?” Rick explains, “You woke up and ate Aunt Elsie’s pussy?”

Frank stammers out a barely audible “yes but how did you…”

“Well the two of us had just fucked her and filled her with our loads. Apparently you liked the taste.” Rick continued, “I actually fucked her just like I finished her here on your bed next to you.”

“Now I was nice enough to let you watch and jerk off so be a good cuck and do as your told, clean your wife’s pussy and ass.” Rick ordered.

Frank knelt down to start eating Elsie when he heard Rick, “Almost forgot, hands behind your back, no touching.” Frank did as he was told and began to lick his wife’s well used cum filled pussy and ass.

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