Destined for Algeria Ch. 07


Once satisfied that her elbows were tied tight enough together he wrapped the free end of the rope loosely, twice around her neck, then fastened it around the knot between her elbows.

“You’re going to tell me all about Gus.” He said calmly and meaningfully into her ear.

The rope wasn’t tight enough around her neck to restrict her breathing but once he’d tied it off behind her, the arrangement allowed him to control her movements with just one hand.

Not yet receiving any verbal response from her, he continued with his pre-inquisition. “It was you who’d been kidnapped wasn’t it?”

Content with his bindings he dragged her backwards away from the door and forced her to sit down on one of the three chairs, ensuring her arms were over the backrest of the chair.

He wrapped the remainder of the rope around the top of the wooden chair back, tying it off again between her elbows to finish.

Using the roll of tape from the table he began cocooning the adhesive plastic around her upper arms, forming the top half of an arm binder as he applied layer upon layer of inescapable stress to her shoulders.

“Ok. Ok. What do you want to know?” She shouted with a clear tone of discomfort in her voice.

“Later my dear.” He said. “I have a little present from Tess for you first.”

He took her jacket and placed it on the table then went back to rummage through the box’s contents again.

Whet he’d first met Tess and falsely lured her into moving out to an imaginary beach resort in sunny Algiers with him, his intentions where always to keep her for himself here in the blockhouse with her own personal necklace, the real purpose of which had been designed by Ally as a collar.

Now faced with this turn of events he needed to use the necklace for a different application, around Ingrid’s wrists.

The collar remained in the form of a thick necklace shaped silicone mould, ready to be filled with cold cast liquid metal resin, once in position around his intended victim’s neck.

Being careful with the mould as he only had one shot at this, he removed it from the box along with a tube of metallic resin.

With the items in hand he knelt behind her at the back of the chair and tore off a length of tape.

To prevent her from damaging the silicone mould during the time it would take for the resin to set, he had to immobilise her forearms as much as practically possible before fitting the mould.

Having her elbows tightly roped in such a way forced her forearms together leaving little freedom of movement.

Ally twisted the palms of her hands to face each other and held them together with one hand. His other hand stuck the tape to one of her lower arms and began wrapping them at the area of the creases of her elbows.

Ingrid did not struggle.

She could quite easily rock the chair away or even stand up with it hanging from her arms as her legs weren’t restrained at all. Instead, she accepted defeat and interlocked her fingers, allowing him to continue.

Once satisfied that her elbows were secure, he released her palms in preparation for slipping the mould over her hands and rest it around her wrists.

He again cursed to himself in hindsight for not buying the handcuffs from Mandy at the adult store when he had the chance. They would have been perfect for this occasion he thought but he had to move forward with the tools he had and continue using his own initiative.

The adhesive resin came in two cylindrical tubes joined together side by side. Each had its own designation of a double width plunger at the top end, with a two-into-one, spiral mixing tube attached to their openings at the bottom.

He placed the nozzle end of the long, thin mixing tube into a small slit he’d prepared on the inside of the mould and depressed the double plunger, sending equal amounts of adhesive and hardener down into the mixing tube.

The end of this mixing tube extruded the two part liquid, beginning the chemical reaction which would soon result in a solid metal resin within the mould.

“What do you want to know?” Ingrid asked.

“You’ll have your chance minute.” He replied.

The inside of the mould had been designed to produce a round, one inch wide necklace after the resin had set and the silicone rubber had been cut away. According to the instructions on the resin tube, this process should only take thirty minutes but Ally wanted to allow at least a couple of hours to be absolutely sure.

He pumped the liquid metal around the mould until full then sealed the small opening on the inside of the circle with a small piece of tape.

Before putting the adhesive gun down, he stuck a strip of tape to the floor and poured a straight line ‘bead’ of the liquid metal along it to use as an indicator of when the resin had set hard.

The clock had now begun ticking.

With the chemically hardening, resin filled, circular necklace mould in one hand, he hurriedly rummaged through the cardboard box for one of the many standard bracelet moulds he knew he’d bursa escort brought with him.

Ally knew exactly what he wanted and exactly what to do with it.

He quickly selected a thick rubber mould which he’d used in the past to form solid round bracelets with the resultant hole through the middle being two and a half inches to allow the wearer to be able to put it on and off again with ease.

With less than twenty seconds gone he inserted the spout of the mixing tube and depressed the double plunger, filling the bracelet mould to capacity.

Approaching the one minute mark, he quickly squashed down the necklace mould and pushed it half way through the centre of the bracelet mould to create the beginnings of his own figure of eight design wrist restraints.

‘Voala’ he thought to himself. ‘An instant pair of handcuffs.’

Ingrid could feel his attempts at sliding something smooth and loose over her wrists but had no idea of what it was.

Natural politeness instinctively encouraged her to stretch out her fingers in a downward pointing direction as she felt the silicone rubber being slipped over the width of her hands.

Once over the threshold of her knuckles, the two hoops came to rest loosely around her wrists.

Conscious of time, he began to bite off strips of tape and wrap them around the mould, on the insides of her wrists, either side of the centre ring.

By doing this, he tightened down the size of the loops around each of Ingrid’s wrists, forming them into shape, around the contours of her flesh and bone, once the middle of the mould had been forced together, tighter against her skin.

He continued to build up tape gently at either side of the central bracelet mould until satisfied that there would be no uneven, weak spots or bulges once the resin had set.

The restraints already had enough rigidity in them to hold her wrists comfortably apart in the middle and without any knowledge of his finishing intentions, she had no reason to push her wrists together any further than they already were.

“That’s it.” He said admiring the finishing touches of her soon-to-be ‘rigid restraints’. “You can start talking now.”

Ingrid began. “Gus is a man I fucked to romance his financial details, then ripped him off for more than nine hundred thousand, over a period of time in bank transfers.” She confessed. “He owns a complex in Morocco near Marrakesh, which is where I suspect they were taking me and is probably where Tess is heading.”

Ally showed Ingrid the failed message on Tess’s phone. “Is this the place?” he asked.

“Yes.” She told him. “He will definitely want his money back in some form of a ransom or another and so I think my husband will be expecting a call very soon.”

“Does your husband have the money?” Ally asked.

“Yes. Most of it.” She replied. “Can I call him?”

Standing in front of Ingrid, Ally looked down at her. “Doesn’t look like it does it.”

“Please, I need to let him know I’m safe.”

“You are far from safe.” He insisted. “I’m going to go visit this complex and claim my property. If I need to swap her for you then that is what will happen.

Tess doesn’t know this address, if she ever comes looking for me she’ll start in Algiers where she’d planned for us a new life in the sun. Truth is, I never intended on going there. I can’t stand the fucking place.”

Ingrid stared at him, hanging on to his every word, listening to his voice for pointers or evidence of his intentions about taking her to Gus’s complex with him or not.

Seeing on his watch that thirty five minutes had now passed he bent down and felt the progress of the hardening resin by pressing his finger into the test sample he’d left on the floor.

Happy with his findings he walked around the back of the chair and prepared for his leave of absence.

Looking behind, she watched him reach for her jacket and hang it over her shoulders as best he could. He then picked up the tape again, knelt down in front of her and began restraining her ankles to the chair legs with tape.

“You don’t have to do that.” She told him. “We can work together on this.”

“How do you mean?” Ally asked.

“I could get you the money and you could use it to get Tess back without handing me over to Gus.” She explained.

“I’ll bear that in mind.” he said. “But I’m tying your legs because I have to go out to the service station for food before I go visit Gus. I don’t want to return and find you out there, running around the oasis with a chair attached to your back.”

“Can you at least loosen my elbows please before you go?”

“No.” he replied. “I’ll untie you from this when I return. Then I’ll show you Tess’s little present.”

Ingrid didn’t want to piss him off and so she decided to put up with the agony in her shoulders until such a time as to when she would be able to flutter her eyelashes and win Ally over.

She watched the headlights move away and heard the outer wall gates close behind him.

With no concept of bursa escort bayan time she sat in silence trying to take her mind off her aching shoulders, at the same time contemplating ways of winning Ally over when he returned.

More than an hour later, through the missing windows she could see daylight beginning to come up over the walls of the courtyard.

The first and only car engine she heard, stopped outside shortly before the gates opened.

She watched Ally unpack most of the grocery’s into the old gated armament store before returning the headlights towards the main building and bringing the rest of the bags inside with him.

“Hey.” She said in a polite and friendly manner, disguising her frustration and agony.

“Hi.” He replied. “I got everything I wanted.”

Reaching down for the test strip of resin he’d put on the tape on the floor, he held it in his hands and tried unsuccessfully to press his thumbnail into it. Satisfied that he couldn’t make a mark on it, he tried bending the strip of hardened cold cast liquid metal resin, increasing the pressure more and more, expecting it to snap under the strain. Try as he did, he could bend it but couldn’t break it.

Smiling to himself he placed the test strip down on the table and pulled a craft knife from his pocket.

“Let me get this shit off you.” He said making little cuts in the layers of tape behind her.

She felt relief when her upper arms were released and ultimately more so when she felt the rope being untied from her elbows. He pealed the rest of the tape from her arms but left her ankles strapped to the chair legs.

Her skin showed evidence of being wrapped in their plastic packaging for nearly two hours, adding a refreshing feeling to the muscular relief of being freed.

She thanked him for what he’d done so far but could still feel the tension of the resin handcuffs which had now more than had enough time to set solid.

Ally continued using the craft knife to attack the now redundant silicon moulds, cutting, tearing and picking them to pieces until he’d completely removed all traces from them, eager to discover the bespoke quality of what they would reveal.

The walls of the mould had been designed by Ally to be at least four millimetres thick, which meant that when removed, each of Ingrid’s wrists were relieved of this thickness throughout, totalling a comfortable eight millimetre skin clearance around the inside.

The oval profile however restricted her ability to rotate her wrists within the confines of the rigid cuffs, resulting in the palms of her hands now permanently facing towards each other behind her back.

The bracelet ring rattled with ease from one wrist cuff to the other about the two central parallel straight pieces, formed by being held together in position during the resin setting period.

“There you go my princess.” He said. “A little present from Tess.”

She pulled both of her wrists to one side, looking down at what held them together.

“What the hell are those?” she exclaimed, “Some sort of fucking handcuffs?”

More than familiar with the feeling of wearing handcuffs she contorted her fingers in all directions to feel the texture of what restrained her. The smooth, unblemished finish as well as the lack of edges to dig into her skin confused her.

“They’re not just any old handcuffs.” He replied. “These are courtesy of Tess. Custom made for your comfort.”

Ally held the twin tubes of the resin up in front of Ingrid’s eyes for her to see.

The words ‘Cold Cast Metal Epoxy Resin’ written on the side meant nothing to her but to Ally it advertised that he had used the strongest, hardest kind of resin he’d so far had the pleasure of working with.

It boasted the ability to be used in the repair of a car engine block and withstand the pressures of the explosions created within a standard internal combustion engine.

“What is that?” she asked.

He bent down with the craft knife and cut the tape from around her ankles, freeing them from the chair legs.

Ingrid stood up, took a few steps away from Ally and twisted her whole body left to right and back again to get her shoulders moving.

He picked up the thin strip of test sample he’d made and passed it down to the side of her so that she could feel it with her hands.

“This stuff is indestructible.” He said. “Try and bend it.”

Ingrid held it between both thumbs and fore fingers and attempted to bend the thin strip of resin, without success.

“You see.” He smiled. “And even if you cut it with a saw, it fills the gap between the teeth and blunts the blade.”

He took the test sample from her and felt the cuffs for himself, spinning the supposed bracelet ring he’d placed in the middle.

The feeling of solid rigidity immobilising her slender wrists, sent a rush of arousal through his body.

He walked around to the front of her, brushed the hair away from her face and looked her in the eye.

This is my chance, she thought. escort bursa She fastened her eyes onto his with her most exaggerated seductive smile.

“I’ll do whatever you want.” She whispered. “But please don’t hand me over to Gus. He’ll torture me in unimaginably horrific ways.”

His cock pulsed at the thought of having both Ingrid and Tess together, here, at his fortified blockhouse. Could he pull it off He wondered?

“If he harms Tess you’ll have to pay the price.” He whispered back, still looking into her beautiful blue Norwegian eyes. “I’ll be the one torturing you. Do you understand?”

She moved her body closer and closer until her she almost touched him. He watched her eyes move away from his and focus on his slightly open mouth.

She kept her concentration, pretending not to notice him adjusting his trousers but smiling to herself, knowing that she had his attention.

Before he made a move to kiss her she whispered again “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Ally’s sexual desire could take no more. He planted his mouth onto hers and forced himself against her hips, pressing his cock against her with his hands on her arse cheeks.

Pausing for a second, with their foreheads resting against one an other, they took a breath.

Speaking softly Ingrid began. “Would you like me to relieve some of that pressure down there?”

“That would be a good place to start.” He replied.

He began removing his trousers.

With hands firmly secured behind her back she knelt down in front of him and adjusted her position for comfort on the stone floor.

Starting with gentle kisses on the side of his erect shaft she progressed to tongue licking the tip of his cock before opening up and testing his size by taking in as much as she could.

His breathing quickened as she worked on him. Even though she wasn’t looking forward to the moment where she would be swallowing his cum, she still worked as quickly as she could to get this over with.

Moments later he took control of her head movements with his hands, pulled himself out from between her lips and admired the lubricated tip of his cock as he pressed it against the soft pale skin of her cheek.

The vision of how her lips remained irresistibly open as though begging for his return proved too much of a temptation.

With his fingers locked in her hair, the variants in the rhythm of strokes he set upon her head announced that he wouldn’t be long.

She soon felt him pulling her hard against him, pushing his cock all the way to the back of her throat, temporarily halting her breathing for the time it took the pulses of cum to shoot directly down into her gullet.

Ingrid knew that she would have to swallow before being able to breathe again and so did exactly that, coughing as quietly as she could when he withdrew to not show actually how repulsive this felt.

“Did I do ok?” she asked trying to show loyalty to the man currently in charge of her fate.

He pulled his trousers up at the same time as she staggered to her feet.

“I think I’m going to enjoy your company.” He said.

“There’s a lot more of that if you let me stay here.” She promised. “Until we get Tess back of course.”

“I’ll take that into consideration.” He told her. “Lets talk money shall we. How much do you think this Gus man would be ransoming you for?”

“Probably about a million but he knows that me and my husband will have spent most of the money we stole.” She replied.

Ally lowered his head towards the ground and walked around his mini fortress, deep in thought.

With Tess’s phone in his hand, he approached Ingrid once more.

“I’m going to make a video and you’re going to ask for five hundred thousand. Ok?”

“WHAT?” Ingrid screeched. “We’ve only got little over two hundred thousand left. Our house has swallowed all the rest.”

Ally took hold of her shoulders and looked her squarely in the face. “If you don’t do this video to your husband asking for five hundred thousand then we’ll have to go for a little trip to Marrakesh together wont we. How would you like that?”

Ingrid took a deep breath and sighed. “Ok I’ll do the video but we really don’t have that sort of money.”

“It’s that or Gus’s will be asking for a million.” He replied.

Ally switched on Tess’s phone. He verbally threatened and blackmailed Ingrid into doing several takes of a ransom video, repeatedly filming over and over again until satisfied of a convincing enough message for her husband Kristofer, asking for Ally’s sum of half a million.

She then explained to Ally how to search and obtain her husband’s contact details, as she didn’t have his number memorised.

“What happens to me when he cannot pay?” she asked.

Ally stared, smiling, momentarily distracted by the two lovely wide open, frightened eyes in front of him. “I hope he can’t pay.” he replied. “Then you can stay here and work for me and Tess until we’re satisfied of your atonement.”

Ingrid didn’t respond. She calmly looked down at the ground, turned and walked towards one of the glassless windows.

“I need to breathe.” She said, looking out into the courtyard.

Ally walked towards the door and opened it. Turning back to her he motioned with his arm for her to leave. “Feel free.” He told her.

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