Hard Limit


I’m a 26 year old guy. I’ve been bull for a few couples about my age in the past but Covid stalled that until recently.

I met a bi guy online (24) who said he wanted to cuck for his girlfriend (23, blonde, C cup, tennis player). He said he wanted to be humiliated, and when we talked turned out also was into findom (but specifically that he liked to be financially humiliated by being treated as if he were poor) and bondage. We exchanged photos and numbers and talked a few times about what we all liked and agreed to meet in Birmingham (UK) this weekend (26 November) at the Premier Inn on New Street.

I booked and paid for the room and also booked a table for three at the Ivy on Temple Row. I told him he was allowed to eat and drink what he liked, but he was not to speak or interrupt our conversation, except if he was invoking the safe word.

We met at the hotel and had a drink, got showered and changed into evening wear. We had the normal wait while the lovely lady got made up, made worse by the fact that the England v South Africa rugby, which her boyfriend and I were watching on my phone, wasn’t keeping my attention. I had decided not to touch until after we were properly acquainted but Eddie Jones’s side made that incredibly difficult.

Eventually, she was ready; a turquoise dress and tan heels, and we walked over to the restaurant (it’s about 5 minutes if you dawdle). I held her hand and he walked separately, watching us from behind; they’re not that local so not bothered about being seen. The food was lovely and we (me and her) enjoyed each other’s company, me particularly enjoying the looks from the other diners and the restaurant staff trying to work out why a man was sitting silently watching a couple smiling and laughing.

I paid and after dinner we walked back from the restaurant a little drunk and excited. On the way past I stopped in at the supermarket and picked up a bottle of prosecco, a bag of ice and some roses for the cuckoldress.

Getting back to the room the atmosphere changed immediately. I told the cuck to undress and sit in the chair at the foot of the bed. I emptied the ice into the basin in the bathroom and put the prosecco in to chill. The cuckoldress ran the bath for us and while she was doing this I got the roll of duct tape from my bag. As planned, I taped the cuck’s arms behind his back and his legs together. Remembering that the lady was getting undressed I went back to the bathroom and retrieved her pants from the floor.

I walked back to him and placed her pants in his mouth. “Taste how I’ve made your girlfriend feel, bitch”, I said as I taped round his head so they were left in there. He nodded at me and I could see him starting to precum.

Leaving him to “relax” I left him and went to the bathroom, grabbing two mugs from the stand near the tiny kettle, to find his girlfriend who was now in the bath. I took the roses and carefully stripped them of their petals, dropping them into the bath around her, and poured the prosecco into the mugs, handing her one which we both thought was funny (it was mugs or the little plastic toothbrush cup on the side).

I undressed and climbed in behind her and helped her actually relax by kissing her shoulders bursa escort and neck, moving slowly round to the front and under her chin, I moved away to see her smiling and had our first proper kiss, which was amazing, no doubt she could feel me starting to throb and poke her in her lower back.

After a couple more glasses (well, mugs) of prosecco, I reached up out of the bath into the basin and took a cube of ice out. I placed it just above her navel and felt her tense slightly but immediately relax and melt into me, then moved it up between her breasts and back onto and around her left nipple. She turned her head to kiss me deeper and I occasionally moved the ice cube away to feel how hard her nipple was. As I could feel it melting, I moved it back down between her breasts and under the water to her clit, pausing there for a second and then pushing it into her pussy as I looked into her eyes over her shoulder.

I asked if she was ready and she said she was, so I took her hand and stood up, grabbed the two towels and we got each other dry between kisses. I took her out into the main room and for the first time she saw her gagged and bound boyfriend, looking at her in excited expectation, and she chuckled at him. He’d been able to hear us through the bathroom door and his little dick was twitching between his legs, something he couldn’t do anything about with his hands bound.

I pulled him a little closer to the bed so he had the perfect view and lay on it with my head towards him. I encouraged her between my legs and she started by sucking me and running her hands over me, as she got into it looking into my eyes and presumably past me to him behind me. I could feel this becoming too much pretty quickly so signalled to her to lay back and I spent a few minutes licking her pussy with her head in the pillows as she started to moan (enabling me to calm down).

A few minutes of that and I couldn’t resist any more so I dragged her back down the bed a bit, lifted her legs up and put a cushion under her, keen that the cuck at the bottom of the bed had the best possible view. I kissed her as I pushed my tip down into her and then as she wrapped her arms around my neck I pulled my face away to look into her eyes as I plunged down and she took it, inch by inch. Somewhere behind me I heard a whimper from the cuck (but no use of the safe signal, five kicks on the base of the bed), but I was far more interested in her, over the course of about 2 minutes getting progressively deeper with each slow stroke until I was down to my balls and I couldn’t stretch her cervix any deeper.

Over the following few hours we both came probably half a dozen times, me first (I admit) but rounds two onwards were easier and by four or five we were reliably orgasming together, the last time her on top and with her forehead on mine, noses tip to tip. We had a few post coital minutes lying like that, still inside her where I ran my fingertips up from her bum, over her hips and up her back to hold her close and feel her heart initially pounding and then slowing as she kissed my neck. This was about midnight and we both needed a break.

She went into the bathroom to freshen up. I considered going for a smoke bursa escort bayan but decided not to as it would mean dressing and finding the right place, and instead stood in front of the cuck to give him some abuse. I deliberately stood close enough so he could see my cock and balls, shining wet with cum and her juices and a bit of that creamy stuff you make. I could see between his legs he was dripping precum down onto the chair (apologies to the cleaners at Premier Inn).

He gestured he wanted to be let out of the gag and, when I did, he asked me to take the pants out of his mouth. As I took them out, the lovely lady had come back from the bathroom with the last two mugs of prosecco from the bottle (now essentially flat and room temperature). She laughed at him, having not realised that’s where her pants were, but generously offered the cuck a sip of her drink and, replacing the tape round his mouth, I grabbed her round her waist and asked if she was ready to carry on, which she was.

I picked up the cuck under his armpits (sweaty and horrible) and moved him onto the bed face up. I told his girlfriend to get on all fours with his head underneath her and his legs in front of her while I went over to my bag to get some lube, which I used on her ass and to lube myself (although my cock was still pretty slippery from all the cum and the juice from her pussy). Making sure they were lined up, I grabbed a fist of her hair and pulled her more upright so he got a great close up view of her hole, which I slowly teased and then pushed into as she moaned.

She was incredibly tight and it was obvious that he hadn’t spent much if any time back there, although given how little interest she showed in his dick in front of her she didn’t give it the same respect she’d given mine. Nevertheless, she seemed to be enjoying it, as was he. I had deliberately used too much lube initially, so it was overflowing off me, between my legs and dripping off, and out of her too, and onto his face.

I reached around to rub her clit with my fingers and carried on fucking, occasionally spanking her just to encourage her to stay clenched and squeeze me, and about 15 minutes later I came in her again, deliberately pulling out slightly as I did just to make sure it wasn’t too deep. After I finished pumping I pulled out completely and told her to stay relaxed but to push. As expected my load oozed out of her and onto his face, briefly covering his nostril to his slight alarm (as in, he was left with only one air hole). I rubbed it into his face and gave him a gentle “good boy” slap to make sure he was properly humiliated.

We fucked/69’d a few more times but by 3:30am we were both getting tired and were ready to sleep. We were too tired to wash and at any rate the idea of sleeping in each other’s juices and sweat was actually pretty appealing. I tried to persuade her to let me leave the cuck bound and sleeping in the chair, but she insisted he at least be un-taped, although that in itself didn’t look pleasant for him (maybe cable ties next time to avoid pulling too much hair off?).

I told him he could sleep where he liked but not the bed, that was for us. He eventually chose the floor, under our damp bath escort bursa towels and her turqoise dress from that evening, while we snuggled up in the bed, her little spoon, and fell asleep.

Morning came and this is where it started to go wrong. I woke up and noticed the cuck on the floor pretending to be asleep, having got dressed back into his clothes in the night and I suspect having given himself the release he’d been craving all evening. My stirring caused her to wake up too although she remained drowsy. I was starving and, suspecting that in anticipation of anal she hadn’t eaten much the night before either, I realised I wanted a Bacon and Egg McMuffin. I didn’t want to get out of bed as I was incredibly comfortable and warm, so I instructed the cuck to take £20 in cash from my wallet and go downstairs to McDonalds (conveniently right next door on the ramp into New Street Station), get us all breakfast, then bring it back.

He wandered off and did as instructed, taking one of the room keycards with him. I realised despite all we’d done the night before, her hair (pretty wild now) still smelled slightly of roses and she was so warm, so I went under the duvet and started kissing her pussy, which I did for a couple of minutes before kissing a trail up her stomach, between her breasts and up to her neck, as she ran her hands through my hair. I pushed back into her again and we started to move in time with each other, still slightly sticky from the night before but now well used to each other.

We’d been doing this for a couple of minutes when cuck came back, brown bag in hand. He was pissed off that we were fucking when he wasn’t watching and demanded I get off her, which I did. Initially I was surprised as this was the longest utterance I’d yet heard, and certainly the only one of aggression. I stayed in bull character and told him to remember who he was talking to and sit down, but he wasn’t interested in playing any more, telling me to fuck off and leave his girlfriend alone.

He told her to get dressed and go. Serious now, I said not to talk to her like that, but she said it was OK and that I shouldn’t get into an argument with him. To be honest, I didn’t feel like getting into a physical fight with the guy, naked as I was and dressed in leather jacket and shitkicker boots as was he.

I lay in bed as she got up and dressed and tried to brush her hair so she looked reasonable (she still looked hot). I tried to stay calm as he shouted at her for fucking me like that. I wanted to ask what he thought was going to happen when he went out, or ask why he hadn’t made that clear before he left, or what the difference was from the hours of fucking he’d watched the night before, but I could see she was getting more upset so left it.

Eventually they both left (with the food and presumably the change from my £20, so I was hungry and out of pocket), and worse nursing a semi having been given blue balls due to the fuck cut short by the cuck. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact he was made to sleep on the floor, or whether he’s not cuck material as much as he thought he was, but my lesson for next time is to agree the hard limits beforehand.

I’ve messaged her today to check she’s OK as I’ve still got her number, even though he’s blocked me on Grindr and I presume on WhatsApp. She’s fine and she’s apologised for his behaviour but she says she needs a day or two to process the night, but also says she wants to keep talking, so it’s looking promising!

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