What Happens in Spain Ch. 14


“Irene, what have you got going this weekend?” Maria asked the next day when she called unexpectedly. They hadn’t set a specific date for “playing,” or even stated that it would be this weekend, but she’d sort of assumed that they would iron out the date as the weekend came closer.

“Uhm…” she hemmed as the plans she thought might be happening ran through her mind. “Are we getting together?”

“Well, how would you like to go with me to Mutxamel [mooch-a-meal]?”

“Mutxamel? Where’s that? And what’s there?”

“Carmen! I got a call last night from Carmen,” she answered and then went on to explain. “Jose is gone for the weekend and she asked if I’d like to come visit. A girl’s weekend away! Mutxamel is about 15 minutes outside of Alicante. We could leave after work on Friday, or better yet, leave at lunchtime. It’s about a 5-hour drive.”

“Yeah, I remember. We took the group to Alicante between our weeks in Madrid and Barcelona. Where would we stay?”

“With Carmen of course. She and Jose have a villa in the countryside there, it is absolutely gorgeous. She’s got lots of spare rooms for us. Anyway, I told her I’d come and when I suggested you might want to come too, she was all for it.”

“Wow! Sound fabulous. Coming back Sunday night?”

“Can you take off Monday morning also? If you could, traffic is almost always light on Monday mornings coming this way and we could be back here by about lunch time.”

“Good wine?” Carmen offered by holding the glass of red wine up that she had in her own hand, after she’d closed the gate behind them. Irene understood, without saying the old Spanish joke, that “good wine” meant a Spanish Red, and if it wasn’t Spanish Red, it was a French White. It turned out that Maria hadn’t been able to leave until after work, so now, arriving at nearly 11 pm, it was a perfect Spanish dinner time.

“Is there any other kind?” Irene had laughingly agreed when Maria had said “of course” to the red wine offer. Although Maria introduced Irene, Carmen and Maria were immediately getting caught up on everything, having been several months since they’d seen each other.

Carmen had dinner almost done and waiting and they took time to eat, sitting at the table in the open courtyard in front before Carmen showed Irene the house and grounds. She took her through the house, first showing a guest room where she would stay, before going around to the back of the house. “This is the tennis court, basketball court and apparently the previous owners had kids that used it as a futball court, although Jose and I don’t do any of those things. Jose will come out and shoot baskets occasionally, but other than that, we don’t use it for much.” They wandered by the garden, of which Carmen explained that every Wednesday a gardener came by and kept it pristine for them, eventually reaching the pool area.

“Oh my god! This is fabulous!” Irene said, stepping over and testing the water with her hand.

“Isn’t it? It’s our favorite part of the home.”

“And totally private,” she said, glancing around and seeing that although the side most towards the house was chain link fence, the surrounding three sides were surrounded by a three-meter block wall. The wall around the front of the yard made everything private, despite the chain link between the pool and yard.

“Absolutely. We don’t worry about wearing swimsuits here,” she laughed. “Come-on, let’s get some more wine.”

By the time dinner was done, after a long workday and traveling, and three glasses of excellent wine, Irene was more than ready for bed, even though Carmen and Maria were obviously still engrossed with each other. Excusing herself, she went to the room that Carmen had told her she would stay in, and went to bed.


Irene woke to the sunlight pouring through the window. Not having paid attention to where the sun might come from in the morning, she hadn’t bothered to close the curtains. Pulling on her robe, she stepped to her bedroom door and found the hallway still virtually dark and the house quiet. She quietly pulled her door shut again, keeping the bright sun from spoiling the morning darkness in the rest of the house. The kitchen cappuccino maker was easily found in the kitchen, and a few minutes later she found herself walking the grounds of the villa enjoying a cup, the morning sun not yet even peeking over the wall. Cicada’s entertained everywhere, going quiet as she stepped near, only to restart their seemingly ceaseless noise as she moved on. She pulled up a lounge chair on the deck surrounding the pool, just enjoying the sultry morning air, already hinting at the stifling heat that would surely come later.

Finished with her coffee, she stood and walked over to the pool, dipping a toe into the water, finding it refreshing, yet warm. Turning, she glanced around, again realizing that although seemingly out in the open, with high walls on three sides and the chain fence to the yard on the fourth, the entire deck and pool were private. Even stepping over bursa escort to the chain link fence she still had to lean against it and look hard to the right to be able to see the house. Her mind made up, she turned back, stripped her robe and nightie off, dropping them on the lounge and stepped over to the pool.

Immediately her mind remembered her last skinny dipping, in the ocean not all that far from here. Ryan sliding in behind her, his arms going around her and holding her close, his hands fondling her breasts, his erect penis nestled into the crack of her bottom. She hadn’t yet made love with him at that time, hadn’t even acknowledged to herself that she would do so, but now, looking back in her mind, she knew she could have so easily raised up, allowing him to enter her from behind. She could have fucked him, or rather he could have so easily fucked her, right there in the ocean and probably no one would have been the wiser. The thought that if they ever got together like that again, she would want to do just that, passed through her mind.

Leaning back, she drifted, feeling the water caressing her naked body, realizing how much she really enjoyed it and how decadent her nakedness felt. When her hands bumped against the pool wall, she turned over, swam the few feet over to the stairs and climbed out, realizing that as she did, she didn’t have a towel. However, just in the few minutes she’d been in the pool, the sun had risen enough that the lounge she’d been on previously was now slightly in the morning sun. Setting her robe and nightie aside, she turned the lounge to face it, stripped her hands over her body to shed the excess water, and lay down to drip dry. Once again, her mind shifted to Ryan and their short, but sexy, goodbye in California, admitting to herself that she was more than ready to see him again. Her mind slipped flawlessly to her recent discussion with Maria, how Maria would share Albert with her again, but that she wanted to be there, too. She’d never really considered a threesome with Oscar, although she knew he’d at one time confessed he found the idea hot, but she’d never gone so far as the thought of bringing another woman into her bed. Now she considered what that would mean, Maria bringing her into their bed. Albert had easily gotten her off with his tongue, and of course he’d fucked her to orgasm, and she’d ridden him to orgasm without problem either. Her mind shifted to the logistics; what would they do in a threesome? Would he fuck her or Maria first, and then do the other? Would he want her to sit on his face, to lick her pussy while Maria was riding him? Would she watch them together, and then would Maria watch her with Albert? Somehow, she had the feeling that Albert would want to do her first while Maria watched. The thought of Maria playing with her never even crossing her mind even though Maria had outright told her twice now that she had played with women before.

The sun began to feel quite warm on her body and, realizing she’d mostly dried, she stood and put on her robe to go back to the house, just picking up her nightie to carry it along, knowing she was just going to get dressed anyway. Walking barefoot across the lawn, she at first thought that Carmen and Maria must still be asleep, but she heard a giggle and a responding quiet voice as she approached the kitchen door.

As she stepped into view, she saw a naked Carmen playing with the cappuccino maker, heard her giggle, and saw her hand come down to swat Maria’s hand away from her naked bottom where an equally naked Maria had just caressed her. When Carmen turned, her eyes rose to the door, alighting on Irene. “Oh! There you are, you are up! We saw your door closed and were trying to be quiet, so we didn’t wake you.” She stepped away from the coffee pot, stepping over to the counter to pick up two coffee cups. “Did you go swimming?” she asked, her eyes obviously dropping to the nightie in Irene’s hand.

“I did. The water was really nice.”

“We were just going out; you’re welcome to come back out with us. You don’t need to get dressed if you don’t want, we’ll be alone for the entire weekend so no need for clothes. Here,” she said, stepping over to a cabinet and opening it up, “this is where the towels are. Make yourself another cup and come join us.” She unabashedly picked up two towels and stepped toward the door, Maria carrying two cups of coffee as they headed out toward the pool. Irene watched them walk away, realizing that they both had sandals on, which was smart, and would have made it easier for her to have walked around earlier. She stepped over to her room, dropped her nightie off and hesitated just momentarily before shedding her robe. If Carmen and Maria were going to be so comfortably naked, there was no reason for her to be bashful. She slipped her sandals on and turned back, now as naked as they had been. A few minutes later, a fresh cup of coffee in hand, she picked up a towel and followed them out to the pool.

Carmen and Maria were both in bursa escort bayan the water, hanging onto the side of the pool, coffee’s sitting beside them on the pool deck. Already feeling the morning heat, she set her coffee on the side of the pool by Carmen and Maria before walking to the steps, climbing in knee deep before diving forward and swimming underwater across the pool and back.

“So, Irene,” Carmen said as Irene settled her bottom onto the steps near her, “Maria says you’re a fan of Alberts too.” Irene’s eyes went immediately to Maria, not believing that she’d told her this, eliciting a peal of laughter from Carmen. “She also says you’ve got one of your own that’s even better.”

“I can’t believe you told her that,” Irene said accusingly to Maria.

“Why?” Maria said, putting her arm around Carmen as she did. “You’re both my friends and you both like Albert’s cock.” Maria pulled Carmen back against her as she said this, her hand slipping under Carmen’s arm, her hand visibly filling itself with Carmen’s breast before pulling back slightly, her fingers tweaking her nipple. It wasn’t just a momentary tweak, her hand remained on Carmen’s breast.

“So, is it true?” Carmen giggled. Irene saw Carmen’s arm reaching backward underwater to Maria’s body as she spoke, “you’ve got a boyfriend with a cock bigger than Albert?” Irene’s eyes opened a bit wider and she pulled her lower lip between her teeth, not used to talking with anyone else about her love life or her lovers. “It is!” Carmen exclaimed, Irene’s reluctance being the confirmation, “Oh my god you’re a lucky girl!”

Despite the question about Ryan, Irene couldn’t help but see that Maria also had her other arm forward and was touching Carmen, that both were handsy with the other. Mostly underwater as they were, all she could really see was that their hands were on each other’s bodies, just as Ryan’s had been on hers when they were in the ocean. Maria’s one hand had continued playing with Carmen’s nipple, but her other hand was below Carmen’s breasts, on her belly — or lower, she couldn’t tell. She tried to ignore it, tried not to stare, but with her facing them it was hard not to tell their hands were on each other’s bodies.

“Maria talked for years about Albert before she let me try him. Oh My God! I’ve never been filled so well before. I mean, my play toys are fun, but there’s nothing like the real thing.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Irene agreed. “Maria convinced me I needed a big toy after I inadvertantly saw Albert, and she told me even he wasn’t enough for her sometimes.” Carmen nodded; Irene looked over her shoulder at Maria. “But definitely the real thing is nicer even if the toys can be larger.” All three of them laughed. Irene picked up her coffee and finished the last swallow, and in doing so realized that it was the end of her second cup of the morning, and she needed to go to the toilet. She told the other two that she was going to the toilet and would be back in a few minutes. Climbing out of the pool she took the towel and quickly dried off before laying it in the sun on one of the lounges. She was a bit self-conscious, walking around someone else’s yard completely naked except for her sandals, but admitted to herself if Carmen and Maria were going to be naked, she could be too.

Stepping out of the toilet she glanced down the hallway and saw the door to Carmen’s room was now open and realized that it had been the only door shut in the morning when she’d risen. Stepping to the other open door, to what she had thought would be Maria’s room, she realized that room hadn’t been used. Another few steps and Carmen’s room, also on the opposite side of the hallway, was just the opposite. The large double bed was unmade, and it seemed from the disarray that it had been slept in by two people. If that wasn’t sufficient to convince her that Carmen and Maria were lovers, the play toys on the bed stand certainly were. She glanced over her shoulder at the empty hallway, and then stepped in to examine them closer.

What she’d assumed from the doorway to be a black max dildo, actually was similar but different in that it was attached to a band which she realized looking at it, was a waist band with leg straps. She’d not seen one in the women’s shop although she’d seen pictures of them on-line, but regardless, knew instantly that this was a strap-on dildo, one that allowed a woman to fuck another woman as a man would. Beside the large dildo was a smaller, more normal sized cock, and looking at it she realized that they were interchangeable on the strap-on. Sitting beside them both was a pink curved phallus with a smaller appendage coming off near the end. She picked that one up, finding it had an on/off switch. Turning it on, it began buzzing in her hand, causing her to turn it back off and setting it down again. A smaller egg-shaped device was beside that, followed by a bottle of personal lubricant. If she hadn’t been sure about Carmen and Maria before, she certainly was now. Carefully escort bursa setting everything back down as it was, she turned and headed back for the pool.

Having just seen several play toys beside Carmen’s bed, and realizing that Maria must have shared her bed with her, and that Carmen and Maria had been fondling each other when she left, she should have expected that being alone for a few moments might have changed into them playing. At least playing more than they had discretely been playing before she left. Now, as she stepped up to the steps leading to the opening in the chain link fence, she gasped, and stopped, a bit shocked. She stepped backward one step onto the lawn, leaving her head at the level where she could just peek over the pool deck at Carmen and Maria.

Carmen had climbed up onto the side of the pool, almost facing away from her; Maria was still in the pool but between Carmen’s legs, and obviously performing oral sex on her. Carmen was leaning back on her hands, Maria’s head almost hidden from view by Carmen’s legs. She couldn’t see directly but could tell exactly what was happening by the movement of Maria’s head between Carmen’s legs. When she lowered her face, her tongue and lips had to be on her vagina; she could tell from the angle that she was trying to penetrate with her tongue. A moment later a couple of upward movements indicated Maria was licking her labia, or at least between them. When Maria’s head stopped and stayed in place, now nearly totally visible, her nearly circular movements along with Carmen’s arching back, told her that Maria’s tongue was on Carmen’s clit.

Irene felt a burst of heat in her pussy. Although she’d momentarily seen Oscar’s face buried in Maria’s pussy when they’d played together, she hadn’t exactly been watching, it was just that she saw it. But never had she participated in sex with a woman, nor witnessed it before, although she intimately knew the feeling of a tongue on her own clit. Oscars, occasionally for years, but especially Ryan who had driven her to ecstasy again and again. Albert also, although he’d been more interested in having his cock in her pussy or mouth rather than tonguing her clit. His cunnilingus had definitely been more ‘just’ foreplay, getting her wet enough to fuck, than either Oscar or Ryan had ever been.

Carmen, leaning back on both hands, was obviously enjoying the ministrations of Maria and her tongue. She rocked forward a bit, one hand coming forward to caress Maria’s head and hair, the gradual arching of her back lifted her pussy into Maria’s face. Whether Carmen sensed Irene standing there, or just wanted to look and see, she turned her head, looked right at Irene, and then turned back.

“Oh Baby,” she heard Carmen coo, “Irene’s watching and I’m going to cum. Oh…. Oh… yes, right… agh!” Carmen’s body began to convulse as she came, Maria obviously not stopping her tonguing despite Carmen shuddering. “Stop… Stop!!” Carmen begged, and Maria finally relented, pulling back from her pussy but still standing between her legs.

“I love doing that to you,” Irene heard her say to Carmen.

‘Oh my god, you’ve always been so good at that. You’re much better at that than Jose has ever been. Once I begin cumming he always pulls away when I want him to keep going.”

“Don’t you ever say anything?”

“Oh, of course, but once he pulls away, it’s over. It’s like trying to restart and it’s too late.” Turning to Irene, Carmen acknowledged the presence of Irene’s head, barely visible from the yard. “I hope you don’t mind; we got a little carried away while you were gone.”

Irene just nodded, and stepped up the stairs to the pool deck, unsure about what this would mean. Would they be wanting to include her in their play? Would she want to be included in their play? She’d never really contemplated her being involved with a woman, although after her talks with Maria, even before seeing their play toys a few minutes before, she’d known that they were sexually active together. “I see that,” she responded, walking over to the lounge where she’d been before. She moved her towel onto the back and sat, unable to directly look at either woman, realization jumping into her mind that she herself had gotten wet watching them. Her mind slipped back to Oscar attempting to pleasure Maria that way, although not very successfully. Here, it was obvious that Maria had been quite successful at pleasuring Carmen.

Carmen stood from the edge of the pool and stepped back to her own lounge chair, spreading her towel before lying back. Maria ducked underwater, swimming the length of the pool, before returning to the edge where she’d been. Irene tried to ignore that anything unusual had happened, but so many questions, so many thoughts, ran through her mind. She kept coming back to the image of Albert, silhouetted in the morning light with his huge cock upright stepping into their tent. The faint sounds from the tent as Maria sucked and then fucked him, her confessing later that she’d pretended to be Irene, which had really gotten Albert off. Was it the same here? Had Maria tongued Carmen to orgasm, pretending it was her? How long had Maria and Carmen been playing? Was it before they went to Tuscany last year? They seemed so familiar with each other.

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