Bob , Susan Ch. 04


Susan woke and looked at the clock on the nightstand beside the bed. It was almost five-thirty. It was late afternoon and she had been asleep for several hours. Then she looked at the man, Bob, still asleep in bed beside her, remembering the pleasure they had shared.

Slowly, so as to not wake him, she rose and made her way to the shower. Once under the warm water, she began to think about her recent experiences with Bob: cumming twice in a restaurant last night as she and Bob had played with each other under the table; blowing Bob in the car, with the mike of his CB keyed for truckers to hear her slurps and moans and Bob’s grunt as he came in her mouth. Once at her house, they had talked the rest of the night, sitting nude in the living room. This morning, she and Bob had begun again and she had been both eaten and fucked. Cuddling in bed afterward, they had both fallen asleep.

Suddenly, Susan realized that she was playing with her pussy and clit, rubbing as the warm water ran over her body. A moan escaped her lips and she bent slightly, wanting to continue, to cum again. But she forced herself to stop, not wanting to waste any of her sexual passion on solo masturbation. Bob would wake soon and take care of that. They had all night and the rest of the week, as he had called in to his work, informing them he would be out of the office for the rest of the week.

Susan finished showering, dried herself off, slipped on a robe and moved toward the bedroom door. She felt an urge to move over to Bob and kiss him softly, gently – – perhaps even lovingly? Instead, she left the room, closing the door softly behind her.

This was the first time in a long time she had felt this way about a man. He was fun to be with and amazing with sex, secure enough in his manhood to try anything she wanted to, anything that might pleasure her. She didn’t want a slave, but it had been wonderful to be with a man whose masculinity wasn’t threatened by her desires. He had let her fuck his ass with a strap-on, something she had never done with a man before, having just bought the strap-on after seeing a woman using one in a video. He had complied eagerly when she asked him to eat his cum from her pussy, another first for her.

Bob was playful, kind, considerate, and also married. Susan had known that when she went out with him. She usually preferred going out with married men, at least those who had not had affairs before. They were safer; there was less chance of a sexual disease. As things stood now, she believed she would continue the affair as long as Bob wanted to.

They had met because of a mix-up involving Gina, Susan’s next door neighbor and best friend. Gina had made reservations for the two of them at a dinner theater. Susan arrived in her car and was seated when the waiter brought a message that Gina would not be able to make it. The dinner theater had been set up for four people at a table and they had been booked to share a table with a man and his wife. The man was Bob, and after he too was seated, the waiter came with a note that his wife would not be there. That had left the table for the two of them.

At first, they had spoken politely, but both felt the attraction. By the end of the play, Bob had invited Susan to a coffee shop and they had talked for almost two more hours. Both were amazed at the intimate level reached in their conversation. Bob had learned that Susan was divorced, having been married only once, and that a complete disaster. She was not about to try it again. Susan learned that although Bob was married, his marriage had problems; his wife seemed to have intimacy problems with him and in the last year, they had stopped having sex. Bob had not, though, turned to having an affair, at least not yet. At the end of the evening, Bob had asked her go to out with him, and she had agreed.

Susan thought about how fortunate it had been that Gina had not been able to make it to the theater. Otherwise she might not have gotten to know Bob.

Gina was Susan’s best friend and confidant. They talked openly and shared intimate details of their lives. Susan would tell Gina about her dates and Gina would push for details about the sex, which Susan enjoyed giving her. It was something about her exhibitionist streak. Gina, in turn, would tell Susan about her own sex life, both with her husband and with various men. Gina had a very healthy libido and since her husband seemed to enjoy his work more than his wife, there were a number of different men.

Their sexual sharing had reached very intimate depths. They sometimes shared a glass – – or more – – of wine or a few drinks as they talked about experiences and occasionally, after enough drinks, has watched sex videos together. In the past three months, they had moved to masturbating while watching.

Masturbating together had not been a great leap, although the first time they were well on the way to being drunk before they did, and neither knew exactly how it had started. In addition to sharing details istanbul travesti of their sex lives and watching sex videos together, they had seen each other nude many times as they frequently used Susan’s spa.

Although they had never had sex with each other, Susan suspected Gina was bisexual. She had to admit to herself that she although she herself had never had sex with another woman, she had sometimes fantasized about it.

Gina! Gina knew about the date and Susan wanted to tell her best friend about the sex last night and this morning. She hit the speed dial and Gina answered.

“How was he, Susan?”

“God, he was wonderful.”

“Well, go on. I need some stimulation. Ronnie is working out of town tonight – again. Give me the details. Did you fuck him?”

Susan giggled, telling Gina in detail about the entire evening and the next morning. When she got to the part about using her strapon on Bob, Gina stopped her.

“He let you put your strapon in his ass?”

“Yesssss, and encouraged me to fuck him hard. Not only that, he ate his cum out of my pussy!” Susan giggled again.

“Oh Fuck! I am so wet thinking about it. I have to come over to talk with you. Where is he now?”

“In bed asleep. You can come over until he wakes up. I don’t know that he would feel comfortable with someone else knowing he’s here since he’s married.”

“I understand. I will be right over.”

“I’ll make us something to drink.”

After hanging up, Susan felt warm, shrugged her robe off onto the chair and moved nude to the kitchen. Going from one cabinet to another, Susan got out glasses, a bottle of tequila and some margarita mix. The blender was a bit dusty and she moved to the sink to rinse it. The window over the sink was open and she could hear a creaking noise, indicating that her friend had entered the gate to her yard and would momentarily be at her back door. She smiled as she watched Gina round the corner of her house, stop momentarily at the window and pause to look at her.

At that moment, Susan’s smile turned to surprise as she felt two hands parting her ass cheeks and a tongue lick her puckered asshole.

“Goddamn!” She blurted out, pushing her ass back onto the tongue.

“What . . .?” Gina replied, just as surprised. One moment she had been looking through the kitchen window at her friend smiling at her. The next, her friends eyes had closed and her head was thrown back.

“Oh God! Don’t stop!” Susan gasped hoarsely as the tongue paused briefly as its owner suddenly realized that someone was there besides the owner of the ass. “Don’t stop.” She moaned again.

Then her eyes open and she looked at Gina, “He’s licking my asshole!”

“Oh my God!” Gina replied, watching her friend’s tits and entire upper body move as Susan pushed her ass back onto the face behind her. Both Susan’s lower body and Bob were hidden by the kitchen cabinet.

Bob had woken to find Susan out of the bedroom and had gone in search of her. He had gotten to the kitchen door as she was moving toward the sink and seeing her nude body, he wanted more than anything else in the world to lick her sexy asshole again. He moved silently across the floor on his hands and knees, unaware that they soon would not be alone.

“Can I come in and watch?” Gina gasped.

“No.” Susan was breathing deeply now, and a giggle escaped her. “I promised Bob I would not let anyone know who he is. Mmmmmmm.”

“Can I stay here?” Gina asked.

“Yessssssss.” The thought of some type of audience excited her more.

“Tell me everything he does.”

“Oh God! Mmmmmmmm. He’s has my ass cheeks spread wide with both hands and he’s licking up and down over my asshole. Mmmmmmmmm.”

As Susan enjoyed the tongue, breathing deeply and moaning, she watched Gina, who began to rub her pussy through her shorts.

“Fuck! He’s pushing his tongue into my asshole.”

Susan watched Gina unfasten the front of her jean shorts and slide her hand inside, moving it. She would imaging Gina’s fingers playing with her clit and wet opening, maybe even sliding inside.

“What’s he doing?” Gina asked after a very short silence.

“He’s – mmmmmm – he’ssssss – mashed his face between my ass cheeks and – Mmmm – wrapped both hands around me, holding my ass to his face – Mmmmmmm – fucking my asshole with his tongue.” She gasped out. “Goddddddd. He’s pushing it all the way inside. Oh Goddddd!”

With that, Gina pushed her shorts down, kicking them off her legs and pulled off her blouse. Naked now, she quickly moved the patio table near the window and sat in the middle of it, bending her knees, pulling her feet almost up to her ass, and spreading her legs. She placed a hand behind herself so she could lean back, giving Susan a clearer view of her pussy and began to play with herself, masturbating.

They looked into each other’s eyes and both saw sheer lust. With Bob raising her to a sexual frenzy by fucking her ass with his istanbul travestileri tongue, Susan felt a desire to lick Gina’s pussy. She could see the wetness seeping outside and wanted to taste it. She had had brief fantasies about it before, but this time it was truly intense.

Susan watched her friend’s fingers sliding over her pussy – – then playing with her clit – – then back to her pussy and inside, fucking herself with her fingers – – moving a finger to touch her asshole and pushing it inside to the first knuckle. She could see the wetness that has seeped out of Gina’s pussy. She imagined Gina with Bob, one licking her ass and the other her pussy.

Gasping again as she felt fingers over the entrance to her lust tunnel wetting themselves with her love-honey, then pushing inside, she whispered in a voice heavy with desire. “He’s got his fingers inside my pussy. I’m sooooooooo weeeeeeeet, and it feels soooooooo goooooooood! – – Fuck my pussy with your fingers, Baby, and my asshole with your tongue!”

Susan continued to watch Gina paying between her legs. She could hear her moans. “Mmmmmm. Oh god. Mmmmmm, tell me mooooore – – moooooore, pleeeeaaaaaaase. Mmmmmmmm.”

Susan was glad to oblige; describing what was happening was driving her higher. She put a hand on the edge of the sink, steadying herself and her other between her legs. “I’m rubbing my clit mmmmmmmmm – – while he fingers and licks me.”

She felt her entire body moving uncontrollably and knew she was almost there. “Oh God! I’m about to cummmmmmm. I need to cuuuuuuuummmm. Cum with me, Gina! Mmmmmm.”

Nearly delirious with desire, Susan felt Bob change his position and nearly screamed. “He’s moved! He’s sitting on the floor with his face between my legs facing my clit. FUUUUUCCKK! He’s sucking on my clit! Now his tongue is inside my pussy. PLEEEEAASEEEEEEE! Please suck my clit. I have to CUMMM! Oh SHIT! NGGGGGGGGGG.”

Susan’s head flew back and her body began to move uncontrollably as her climax ripped through her, filled her, possessed her. It seemed her entire being was focused on her own pussy – – and Gina’s as she saw her head move backward, watched her body twitching. She wanted Gina’s pussy, wanted it intensely, needed it, needed to feel Gina’s legs around her head as she came – – while Bob sucked her clit.

It seemed like forever before she realized that the fingers of one hand were wrapped in Bob’s hair, pulling, while she held herself up with the other on the edge of the sink. She realized she has been grunting, and that Gina was still cuming on the patio table. Her own climax subsiding, she tried to catch her breath as she watched Gina’s finishing.

Still breathing hard, Susan managed to say. “God. That was wonderful!”

“Yes, it was.” Gina replied, her chest heaving.

“Mmmmmmm.” Susan sighed. “I had the wildest fantasies.” Then almost, but not quiet, regretted speaking the words. She was put at ease by Gina’s reply.

“Ohhhhhhh, So did I. We’ll have to talk about them sometime.”

Both women giggled, and Susan looked down between her legs at Bob, still sitting on the floor. His face was upturned, covered from his nose down with her love juices. He was smiling and sporting a raging hardon.

Susan giggled again. “Gina, I have to go. This guy is so hard he will likely bust unless I get some of that cum out of his balls soon.”

Gina laughed. “After what he gave you, the least you can do is a blow job.”

“Maybe I’ll fuck his ass again first.” Susan giggled, her eyes filled with mischief. “God, he’s kissing my pussy again, licking it!” Then grinning as she looked down at Bob. “Don’t you ever get enough?”

“I could never get enough of your pussy.’ Bob replied, loud enough for both Susan and Gina to hear.

“Keep that man!” Gina responded, laughing. “Or better yet, let me have him!”

Susan laughed, and Gina could see the flush of desire creeping back up her breasts and into her neck as her nipples began to harden again.

“Go blow him and I’ll talk with you later.”

Gina put her shorts and blouse back on and left.

When she was gone, Susan wrapped the fingers of both hands in Bob’s hair and tugged upward, playfully.

“Come up here, that is if you really want that blowjob” She laughed.

“Does that mean I’ll have to stop eating your pussy for a while?” Bob laughed back. Then serious. “God I love your pussy, Susan.”

“I know, Lover. I know.”

It was the first time she had called him her lover and it sounded great. He hadn’t felt this way about a woman since he could remember. Perhaps he had felt this way with his first girlfriend as a teenager, the first one he had ever fucked. But if so, he couldn’t remember it. His attraction to his wife has not been love based or even sensual. It had been based on logic. It had seemed logical when they began dating and when they married. They had had sex, but not with this kind of passion. He had never felt this way about his wife. travesti istanbul

The thoughts flashing at quantum speed through his brain were interrupted and he was brought back to the present by the feel of Susan’s fingers gripping his cock. She started moving toward the living room, leading him by his cock. When they reached the sofa, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed, moving him to sit. He leaned back, spreading his legs for her as she knelt between them.

Susan bent and kissed the head of Bob’s hard cock, licking the precum oozing out of the opening with the tip of her tongue. She swallowed, looked up at him and grinned.

“Baby, I need more – – more cum.”

“You know where it is and how to get it. Bob grinned down at her.

His breath caught as he watched her on her knees, her lovely tits hanging down. He remembered how they felt, so soft, how her nipples felt in his mouth and between his fingers, the taste and texture of her skin on his tongue when they fucked earlier this morning.

“While I suck your cock, I want you to describe to me eating your cum out of my pussy.” Susan said, then moved her mouth back down to Bob’s hard shaft, sliding her lips down over the bulging head, one hand softly playing with his balls. She knew he must find her truly erotic since he had already cum last night and twice in the morning and his cock was still rock hard.

True, he had slept some, but most men she had been with had cum perhaps twice and were finished.

Bob moaned deeply as he felt her moist, warm mouth surrounding his cock, her tongue licking the underside softly, and then began to speak.

“I never did that before and wondered . .”

Susan lifted her head and looked into his eyes. “Never did what?”

Bob realized she wanted him to be explicit, realized it turned her on.

“I never licked my cum out of a woman’s pussy before.”

He heard her moan and watched as she lowered her head again, holding his cock in one hand and licking from his balls to the tip of his cock, paying special attention to the very sensitive place just under his pee hole, and then licking her way back down to his balls again.

“When we fucked, I was so excited I completely filled your pussy with cum, mmmmmmm.”

Bob felt her suck one of his balls gently into her mouth, then return to his cock again. He gasped with pleasure as she engulfed it completely in her mouth, letting the head slide into her throat. Reaching out, he cupped her head gently in both hands as it bobbed up and down. His hips were moving also as he gently fucked her mouth.

“When you began moving up toward my face, straddling my body, I looked into your eyes and I could tell by your excitement that you wanted me to eat my cum – – Mmmmmmm. Oh Fuck! I love your mouth and tongue – – I saw your pussy over my mouth and all I wanted to do was to please you.”

Bob felt Susan’s mouth leave his cock for a moment and watched her wrap her fingers around it. He saw the lust in her eyes as she looked up at him.

“Ohhhhhhh.” Susan gasped, as turned on by Bob’s words as she was by his cock. “Tell me how you enjoyed eating your cum from my pussy.”

She lowered her head to his cock again, this time taking only the head in her mouth as she stroked him quickly, wanting his cum in her mouth.

“It was nnnnnnnnnnn, sticky – – the first drop that fell into my mouth – – nnnnnnnnnnnnn. And it was wonderful because it had been in your pussy.”

Bob felt his hips thrusting up and knew he was about to cum.

“I would love to swallow anything that came out of your pussy.” He groaned, feeling cum swelling in his balls, about to shoot out. “I’d eat another man’s cum from your pussy if you wanted me to.” He blurted out. “NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG. AAAAAAHHHHHHH.

The words and especially the thought that this man would do that to please her pushed her into sexual frenzy and she sucked and swallowed as warm, gooey sperm filled her mouth. Bob spurted again and again until he had finished, finally relaxing, for the moment spent.

Swallowing the last of his cum, Susan looked into Bob’s eyes. “Did you mean what you said? You would do that to please me?”

Bob looked a bit embarrassed, then grinned. “I guess I would. The look in your eyes while I was licking my cum out of your pussy was fantastic. I guess I would do most anything to see that expression.”

Susan smiled and Bob paused, then continued, a bit more thoughtfully. “Susan, I’ve never felt this way about another woman. It’s not just the sex either. I love talking with you. I trust you. I – – I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Bob fell silent, wondering whether he had crossed some forbidden line. Had he gone too far with her?

“It’s not just you that feels that way, Bob. I like you too; I may be falling for you too, I don’t know. I do know that I have never had a man who was willing to . . . .”

She moved up over him and they kissed, softly at first, then passionately. Bob felt her tongue probing into his mouth, and he could taste himself on it.

When their kiss broke, Bob took Susan’s face in his hands and looked into her eyes. “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do if you said it brought you pleasure.”

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