Catie’s Night Off Pt. 01


Catie was exhausted, it was the end of a long day looking after very energetic children. Finally, the time came for parents to begin picking up their kids. Catie loved her job as a childminder, but it really took its toll. She had face paint all over her hands, grass stains on her shorts and a smudge of mud on the side of her face which she didn’t realise had been there for the last 5 hours.

One by one parents came to pick up their children, until only two brothers were left.

“I guess they’re just running a bit late guys, don’t worry. Let’s tidy up while we wait”.

Grumpily they agreed and started tidying up some blocks. Catie bent over to grab the last few from under a bench when she heard voices behind her.

“Hello. So sorry we’re late, Catie.” said the parents.

Catie spun around and instinctively pulled down her shorts a little lower, wondering how much of her ass they had just seen when she was bending over.

“Hi! Don’t worry at all. We had a great time today! Bye boys, see you on Monday.”

“Actually no”, said Petra “We’re dropping them off at Grandma’s tonight, aren’t we boys?”

“So they won’t be back until the week after” added Stephen. He had a slight accent, but Catie had never quite put her finger on it.

Catie watched as the family walked away and let out a sigh. She had always thought Petra and Stephen were the most beautiful parents she had ever met. They were tall, expensively dressed and both in great shape. Catie thought the salt and pepper grey hair of the dad was extremely sexy, and that Petra must have been an absolute knockout in her day. Hell, she was still a total knockout.

Once Catie had got home, she quickly showered and put on her makeup. She was off for another Tinder date. So far she had only had bad luck, mostly men/women that had either no idea how to hold a conversation, or were rubbish in bed, but she felt good about this one. He was a trainee doctor now but used to surf competitively so his body was outstanding. Not that they had ever met before.

Catie put on her flirtiest underwear, a black lace crotchless bodysuit under a turtleneck jumper dress. She put on her boots and made sure the stockings were only visible when she wanted them to be.

Catie loved going from her daytime innocent childminder role, to her night-time sultry promiscuous one. There was no more mud on her face, no face paint on her hands and her red hair was now silky and hanging just below her small breasts. Her eye makeup was smoky, which complimented her dark brown eyes. She sprayed some perfume and went to meet her date in town.

She was almost at their meeting point, the cocktail bar near the station. It was a hot night, with a warm breeze. The town’s streetlamps were yellow, and when the light bounced off the buildings it looked hazy and old. This town was gorgeous. Her boots made a light clacking as she stepped.

Then she got a text.

“I’m so sorry, I’ve been called into work. Can we do tomorrow instead?”

Catie stopped in her tracks staring at her phone. Fuck’s sake. She didn’t reply. She never bothered with time wasters. She took out a cigarette and lit it as she turned around and walked back the way she came. She started texting her friends to see if they were around, she didn’t want it to be a completely wasted evening. Not with what she had on under her dress.

Only one friend got back to her straight away, she was away with family. Great.

Catie was almost home when she walked past a bar that she had never been in. It looked far too expensive for her measly salary. Fuck it, she thought, I’ve earnt a treat. Putting her cigarette in their ashtray she threw caution to the wind and went inside.

She looked around. There was low lighting over a few intimate tables. The bar was adorned with plants and a liquor shelf full of brands she hadn’t heard of. All the people in there seemed to be very attractive and quite casually dressed. She looked down at her attire and inwardly cringed. Maybe this was a bad idea. Then the barman escort izmir smiled at her and gestured for her to take a seat at the bar. Might as well.

“Hi, can I have a whiskey please?” she said as she sat down, folding her legs carefully so as to not flash her stockings, or her crotchless underwear.

“Certainly, what’s your brand?”

“Uhhh”. Catie stared at the bottles, trying to quickly choose a name so it looked like she knew what she was talking about.

“A Balvenie is always nice” said a familiar voice behind her.

She turned around. It was Stephen, the salt and pepper dad from this afternoon.

“Oh, hi Stephen!” She said. Unfortunately, it came out in her work voice, which was a bit too cheery and loud for the situation they were in. And for what she currently looked like.

Stephen stared at her blankly, with a furrowed brow. He was trying to place her.

Fuck, Catie thought, I really have made no impression on this guy at all. He can’t even remember who I am.

“…. from the holiday club your boys attend?” she prompted.

“Oh my god, yes of course! Wow. I didn’t even…you just look…wow.”

Ok, I’ll take two wows, Catie thought happily.

“How are you?” She asked, adjusting her voice so it sounded calm and more mature, enjoying seeing his eyes dart from her face to her thighs and back.

“Yes, we’re fine. Thank you, just treating ourselves. We don’t often get a break from the kids”

“Of course. I’m here for a treat too. I just got stood up.” Shit, why did I tell him that? Catie thought.

“What a moron” Stephen said, then checked himself “I mean…I’m sorry, that’s terrible”

Catie laughed and said “It’s ok, I’m just here for one then I’m off home again. Enjoy your evening”

“Well, why don’t you join us then? Petra and I are sat over in the corner booth. We owe you a drink, our boys speak very highly of you”.

“Umm…” Catie quickly had an internal battle of professionalism versus excitement, the excitement won. “Sure, why not”

The barman said he’d bring her drink over and Stephen and Catie walked over to Petra. Stephen had his hand on the small of her back as they walked, lightly touching the top curve of her ass. How many drinks had he had? She wondered.

Catie’s eyes widened as she saw Petra. She was wearing a white loose fit blouse and what looked like a diamond necklace nestled in her glorious cleavage. Her hair was curly and dark hanging about her shoulders. She waved and smiled broadly. Her teeth were perfect.

Petra patted the seat next to her, they brushed thighs as she sat and Catie’s dress slipped up a little. Did Petra see her stockings? Stephen came and sat on Catie’s other side in the booth.

The couple shared a knowing look. Catie wasn’t sure if she was reading the vibe right, but she really hoped she was.

They chatted lightly about the holiday club and their boys until Catie’s whiskey arrived. Then the conversation turned to where Catie grew up and what her interests were. Catie wasn’t driving the conversation at all, but Petra and Stephen seemed to know what they were doing,

“You won’t believe this Petra, Catie was stood up tonight”.

“I’m sorry to hear that Catie, but it is definitely his loss. He has no idea what he is missing. Or I’m sorry, was it a she?”

As she said this last bit, Catie felt a hand gently settle on her thigh. It sent goosebumps all over her body. She looked up at Petra who was looking at her with a steady gaze. Petra seemed to be reading her face for clues as to whether she ought to continue or not. Catie let a small smile play on her lips. Then the hand began to move very slowly upwards. Catie felt herself blush.

“No, it was a he, this time” Catie said, trying not to sound breathless. Did Stephen know what Petra was doing?

“Well, he would regret it dearly if he could see you right now. You look stunning.”

A larger hand landed on her right thigh and squeezed. Catie looked at Stephen, Stephen and Petra smiled at each other.

“Can I izmir escort bayan get you any more drinks?” The barman had appeared suddenly. Catie jumped but Petra and Stephen didn’t.

“Why don’t you tell us what you have on tonight?” Asked Stephen.

The barman went on to describe their drink specials or something, Catie wasn’t listening. Stephen’s hand had reached her crotchless underwear under the table. He touched between her lips and felt the wetness there. Catie held in a gasp and tried to look interested in what the barman was saying.

“And what about your wine selection?” Asked Petra, though she obviously didn’t care about the wine selection. Her hand had snaked up to meet Stephens. Catie thought for a moment they might be surprised to find one another there, but neither flinched. Petra’s hand gently pushed two of Stephen’s fingers inside Catie, they slipped in easily. Catie jumped and her knee hit the table making the drinks clatter.

The barman paused and looked at Catie…

“No, I think we are just going to head home, but thank you. Just the bill please” said Petra casually.

As the barman walked away, she turned to Catie and said, “Would you like to come home with us?”.

“Yes please” said Catie at once, she could not think of a better way to spend the evening than being fucked by this couple.

“Good” said Stephen, as he put a few bills on the table and got up to leave.

Before Catie stood up, she was worried her wetness might have gone through her dress, will it be visible when she stands up? This might be a problem if they were in for a long walk.

As though reading her mind Petra said, “We have a driver, he’s outside”.

This time it was Petra who held Catie’s lower back as they walked towards the car. Stephen opened the door for the women. Catie sat in the middle beside Petra, Stephen went around the car and came to sit on Catie’s other side.

“Home please, driver”

Stephen turned to Catie and said seriously “I want to make sure you are completely comfortable with this, Catie”.

“Is there anything that is off limits?” added Petra quietly so the driver couldn’t hear. It sounded like this wasn’t the first time they had interviewed a potential third for consent.

“No.” Catie said. And she meant it. There were things she had never done before, but she thought tonight, with this experienced couple, would be the night to try it all.

“Good” Stephen said again.

Neither Petra nor Stephen touched Catie during the car ride. They were chatting casually again as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Catie was confused, her anticipation rose. What was about to happen? She didn’t know where to look, so she looked down and saw Stephen’s erection bulging through his expensive trousers.

He was obviously well endowed. Catie fidgeted as her vulva pulsed with the sight of it. She wanted to take it out, to see it, to taste it, sit on it.

Her hand twitched towards it but Stephen said in a low voice “Not yet” and she retreated.

The car turned down a lane Catie knew for having enormous houses. They soon pulled up to what appeared to be the biggest house on the road and got out of the car.

“Thank you, we will see you tomorrow”, said Petra, slipping him a tip. Catie didn’t see how much it was.

Stephen opened the front door, hung up his jacket and walked away. Catie went to follow Stephen and his enormous erection, but Petra took her by the hand.

“He’ll join us later” said Petra, walking Catie upstairs. The house was tastefully decorated with large pieces of artwork and exotic looking rugs. “I want you to myself first”.

They walked across the wooden floors of the landing and turned into what must be the master bedroom. Catie looked around in awe. She had seen nothing this extravagant in real life. Petra watched Catie and laughed.

“Come and sit with me”.

Catie and Petra sat on the edge of the large bed together.

They looked at each other for a moment before Petra leant in and kissed her. izmir escortlar Her lips were soft, and her perfume was earthy and subtle. As Petra’s hands moved to Catie’s waist, their tongues gently began to tease each other.

Petra pulled away and said “Take off your dress. Leave your boots on”

Catie obliged, she stood up and pulled her turtleneck dress over her head. There Catie stood, in her black lace bodysuit, pussy exposed, stockings and boots. Petra sat and looked carefully at Catie’s body.

“You look incredible”.

Catie needed to be touched, now. She took Petra’s hand and placed it on her vulva. Petra fondled her clitoris expertly. Catie let her head fall back, her red hair now dangling down her back and tickling her ass. Petra’s other hand joined in. Catie could feel gentle circles being drawn on her clitoris, while two fingers entered her, but only just…

Petra’s pace was infuriatingly slow. She was still fully dressed as Catie stood near naked. Catie looked at Petra, the situation she had found herself in, the sensation Petra was giving her, and suddenly she felt like she was going to climax within seconds.

Shit, not yet, thought Catie. And with a massive effort she took a step back.

Petra paused for a beat, then smiled, stood up and undid her trousers, she let them and her panties fall to the floor. Catie went to touch her and felt a small bush of hair.

Petra sat on the edge of the bed again, with her feet on the floor and her legs spread wide. Catie was delighted to read this non-verbal cue and knelt on the floor between her legs. Petra’s pussy was beautiful, her lips were darker than Catie’s, but smaller, and her clit was engorged already. She smelled sweet and musky. There was a shine on her labia which Catie leant forward and licked up.

Petra groaned and held the back of Catie’s head. Catie took this as encouragement and went to work. She used her tongue to play with her lips before heading up to the clit and teasing it lightly. She dived into her pussy deep with her tongue a few times before switching to a finger. Then two, then three.

Petra was now laying back on the bed breathing and moaning deeply, with her feet still on the floor while Catie knelt on all fours on the carpet, eating her hungrily.

Catie heard the floorboards creak behind her and knew Stephen was there watching. She increased her pace, pulled her fingers gently out of Petra and put them inside herself instead. It turned her on to be watched, her own wetness now all over her hand, with Petra’s wetness all over her mouth. Petra’s noises had changed, they had gone from moans to grunts, more animal. Catie knew this meant she was getting closer. Catie worked herself and Petra even harder.

To Catie’s delight she heard an unzipping from behind her. Stephen was getting his massive cock out and getting ready to join in. Catie was eager to get the dick first, so she spread her own labia as an invitation.

“Darling?” said Stephen. Petra sat up and looked at him. Catie didn’t stop eating Petra so couldn’t see what was happening behind her, but she saw Petra nodding with desperation.

Catie suddenly felt a heavy hand on her tight ass and a moment later felt Stephens strong cock enter her completely.

Petra and Catie cried out together. Catie took a moment to adjust to the full sensation thrusting steadily in and out of her before quickly getting back to Petra’s vulva. Petra’s thighs and stomach started to shake; her breathing became more laboured.

“Don’t stop, Catie” breathed Stephen deeply, as he placed both hands on the sides of Catie’s hips and continued his deep controlled thrusting.

Petra suddenly yelled out, a long guttural cry.

Catie kept going to make sure Petra’s orgasm lasted as long as it could, her body jolting forward with each penetrating pulse.

Petra’s stomach was still spasming as she shuffled back onto the bed and away from Catie’s mouth. She stood up and walked around to meet Catie on the floor, she kissed her hard on the lips.

Catie then watched as Petra walked away, naked from the waist down, her large peachy ass bouncing as she went.

Now Catie was alone with Stephen inside of her. She still hadn’t looked him in the face since he came to join in.

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