Cum Dump for My Brother’s Friends


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Everyone in this story is legal age (18+)


It was a Friday night and my brother Shane and I were watching T.V like normal. I was wearing shorts and a tee, and he was wearing only his boxer briefs. Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend, so we had the whole house to roam free.

“You should go get me a beer.” my brother said poking out his lip.

“Only if I can get one too?” I asked mimicking his poked out lip.

“I don’t care, your 19. But if Dad asks where his beers went, I’m blaming you.” he stated, and I was willing to take that risk. I hopped off the couch and made my way down to the basement where Dad kept his beers.

When I came back up I saw four of my brothers friends, Brian, Dickey, Zeke, and Dean, walking through the front door. I didn’t know we were having company.

“Hey Brody boy.” Brain smiled as he took off his jacket and hung it on the rack.

“Hello Brian.” I nodded, starting to feel nervous as I handed Shane his beer.

“My have you grown!” Dean chuckled throwing his arm around my shoulder and ruffling up my hair.

“Yeah I’ve grown a few inches.” I smirked trying to be promiscuous. My brothers friends were a lot manlier looking than me. Although I was only 19, Dean and Brian were 22, Zeke and Shane were 23, and Zeke was 24. They were all grown men, and I was only a year out of high school.

“Can I get one of those too?” Zeke asked pointing at Shane’s beer.

“I can get Mom’s vodka. Dad is going to notice if I get another beer.” I told Shane opening my own beer.

“Vodka is fine.” Zeke shrugged, so again I made my way down to the basement. When I came back up Dean had his shirt off flexing his muscles in the mirror. I froze in my tracks looking at his rippling abs and his strong biceps completely forgetting how to walk.

“Brody remember how to move your ass.” Shane spoke up bringing me back down to earth.

“Here.” I said shakily handing Zeke the bottle and returning to the couch.

“You alright?” Dickey asked taking hold of my shoulder and squeezing it.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said watching as he took my beer out of my hands.

“Aren’t you a little young to be drinking?” he asked taking a swig out of my bottle.

“I’m 19.” I stated watching as Dean walked over to me.

“Legal age.” Dean leaned down whispering in my ear.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked looking up at Dean.

“Means your ass is free picking as long as you don’t say the magic words. But the way you looked at me earlier, I don’t think we will have that issue.” He smirked kissing me on my neck.

I then felt Dickey start rubbing his hands under my shirt, over my chest, and on my thighs. “Take his shirt off.” I heard Zeke say and Dean raised my arms and I felt Dickey pulling off my shirt.

“Damn your little pink nipples are so hard already!” Brain commented rolling my nipple in his fingers.

“Ahh.” I moaned biting my lip.

“It’s going to feel a lot better once we get these shorts off.” Brain said bending down and pulling off my shorts. I didn’t have on any underwear under my shorts, so Brain just took me straight into his warm wet mouth.

“Damn Brian couldn’t wait could you?” Zeke asked pushing Brains head down on my hard on. I wasn’t that big, but he started choking on me and the sound of his gags made me moan.

“That feel good?” Shane asked walking around in front if me.

“Yes!” I moaned opening my eyes. He was drinking his beer and palming his erection through his underwear. My brother was getting off on watching his friends do sexual acts with me.

“Alright get him up and bend him over the couch.” I heard Dean say and I felt Dickey roll me over and bend me over the couch. My knees were escort izmir on the seat cushions and my elbows were on the top of the back board. I then felt large hands spread open my ass cheeks and a wet tongue lick over my entrance.

“Oh fuck!!” I moaned pushing back on whoever’s tongue was pushing against my hole.

“Anyone have any lube? He’s going to need it.” I heard Zeke chuckle and a fly being unzipped.

“I got some in my bedroom.” I heard Shane say as he bolted up the stairs.

“Have you ever had sex before?” Brain asked before he laid under me and started sucking me again.

“Just can’t stay away from that cock, huh?” Dickey chuckled then I felt a cool substance being poured over my anus.

“Yes I’ve had sex twice with a girl and three times with a guy.” I moaned feeling someone push their finger into me.

“Looks like you’ve been getting around lover boy.” Dean smirked.

“It’s not like tha… AHH fuckk.” I moaned feeling another finger being pushed into me.

“Your still so tight.” Dean moaned, and I felt the fingers start moving faster in and out of me. I also felt the sucking on my erect penis become more hard and wet. It felt so good, and it was turning me on so much.

“Don’t make him cum yet.” I heard Zeke say and I felt Brian move from underneath me. Then I felt more lube being poured over my hole and the tip of a penis start to push into me.

“Who’s cock is that?” I moaned trying to turn around.

“No, no, brother. Keep your head straight.” Shane smirked.He then waved a blindfold in front of my face and pulled it over my eyes.

“Fuck I’m going to fill your tight ass with my load. I haven’t blown it in three days.” I heard Dickey say then felt a pair of heavy balls rest against my perineum.

“Damn look how his ass takes your cock.” Zeke said smiling.

I moaned as Dickey started to stroke his cock in and out of my anus. It was long and curved right. “Fuck his ass feels so nice.” Dickey stated gripping my shoulder and the back of my hair. He then started to pound my ass hard grunting and moaning as his cock slapped against my ass cheeks.

“Ahh Dickey your cock is so hard.” I whimpered feeling as his penis started to swell inside me.

“Dammit I’m cumming.” Dickey moaned as he shoved his cock deep into my ass.

“That’s a little quick but yeah fill his fuck hole!” Zeke edged, and I felt Dickey’s hot cum coat my insides.

“Don’t let any of that good cum spill out.” Dean said, and I felt Dickey’s cock slide out and be replaced with someone else. This one didn’t feel as long, but it was definitely thicker and didn’t curve. There were too many voices talking at once to tell who had just entered my ass, but I think it was Brian.

“Yeah dude use my cum as lube.” I heard Dickey say from in front of me. I then felt the cock in my hole start to pound hard then soft in and out of me.

“You like that?” Brain asked pumping in and out of me slowly.

“Yes, I like that. It feels good.” I moaned taking hold of the back of the couch.

“Lick.” I heard Dickey say so I stuck my tongue out and was met with the taste of a cumey cock. I licked over the tip of his cock and his moaned edged me on to do more. I then started to suck over his tip as Brain continued to fuck me from behind.

“Will he be able to cum?” I heard Brian ask as he slowly pulled out of me.

“Yeah he’ll get to, don’t worry. You can suck him off after he’s been well-used.” Dean smirked and it made me shiver.

The way he said his last statement made chills run down my spine. He talked as if I was just a place to ejaculate in. Something just to fuck then pass off to the next cock, and I loved it. The room started to smell of sex, and it was amazing. Brian then placed his hands on my back and leaned down.

“Can I cum in you?” Brain asked and I hummed around Dickey’s cock.

“Say it.” Brain izmir escort bayan moaned deeply in my ear putting his cock back in.

“Yes, please cum in me Brain.” I whimpered letting go of Dickey’s cock. I then felt Brian’s cock bury itself deep inside me. He kept himself there and fucked me hard swearing as he came.

I couldn’t feel him physically cumming but from his moans and swears I knew he was. I could hear his heavy breathing and panting and I loved it. Not only that, but I also liked the fact that my brother was watching me get my hole bred by his friends. It made an erotic feeling come over me, I felt so horny.

“Who’s next?” I heard Shane say as Brian started pulling out of me. I then felt some fingers enter me and plugged my hole keeping the cum inside.

“He can take my load next.” I heard Zeke say and felt his large hand run down my back. “You ready for me cum little slut?” He sneered and I nodded yes.

I had seen Zeke’s cock before. It was long and had a helmet top, it wasn’t as thick as Brian’s, but he knew how to use it better. Zeke got around a lot more than Brian did. “Yes I’m ready.” I moaned feeling as Zeke pushed his cock into my ass.

“Oh fuck Zeke, that’s really deep.” I wiggled forward.

“Don’t run Brody. Come back, take it like a man.” Zeke chuckled pulling my waist back into him.

“Shit that tight.” I moaned feeling my cock leak.

“Awe poor baby, but that cock of yours is dripping like a faucet. I know your feeling good down there.” he smirked slowly fucking me deeply.

I whimpered grabbing my cock. At that moment with Zeke’s cock burred deep inside my anus and my cock leaking loads of pre-cum I felt my brain turn completely off. All I felt were spinning emotions and blissful sensations.

No logic or reasoning was needed as my body just reacted to what it was feeling. My toes curling as Zeke’s cocked pushed and rubbed against my feel good spot. His hand pushing down on the arch of my back. Even the sound of his heavy swears and moans made my body feel drunk.

“You better not cum Brody.” Zeke said still slowly and deeply fucking me.

“I… I can’t hold it.” I moaned starting to stroke myself.

“Oh no, absolutely not Brody.” Dean chuckled grabbing my arm and preventing me from touching my cock.

“Can’t have you cumming before I get a turn.” He smirked.

“Let me get it, I’m going to make him beg for my sperm like a girl.” Zeke said reaching for my arm that Dean was holding. He folded it behind my back and took the other one and did the same. I was know leaned forward with my back arched and my arms pinned.

“Open him up real good for me, will you?” Dean said, and I could hear the smile he had on his face.

“With pleasure.” Zeke responded casually. He then pulled all the way out of me and kissed around my neck.

“You want some more cum in this sweet hole of yours?” Zeke hummed nibbling on my ear.

“Maybe.” I teased feeling fingers enter my hole.

“Don’t make me have to make this painful for you.” He smirked lining himself back up to my entrance. I then felt the fingers pull out and him push all the way into me with one hard thrust until he was balls deep inside.

At first, he went slowly then quickened his pace. I started to feel and hear the sound of his naked waist slapping against my used ass. He gave it a hard slap and tightened his grip on my pinned arms.

“Zeke please.” I moaned biting my lip hard.

“What is Brody, want this cum?” He asked proudly.

“Please fill my ass with it.” I moaned pushing back into his thrusts. He then pulled all the way out and just fucked me with his tip.

“Come on Zeke please?” I whimpered trying to fill the emptiness.

“You call that begging slut?” he spat continuing to softly use his tip.

“Zeke please! I need to feel you, I need your sperm in my ass. I crave it so badly, izmir escortlar please let me have it?” I begged feeling hornier than ever.

I felt my balls pulling up towards by body and Zeke’s cock began to roughly pound at my ever stretching sphincter. “I’m going to get you pregnant.” Zeke moaned wrapping his hand around the base of my dick.

“Fuckkk!” Zeke moaned pushing his cock all the way up my ass and pinching the tip of my cock.

I felt the pressure of his thick hot ropes of sperm invaded my insides as he prevented me from cuming. I whined from my discomfort as my balls ached from once again being denied the right to ejaculate. When Zeke was done efficiently filling my hole he let go of my numb arms, and they dropped to the back of the couch.

“Awe look how limp he is.” I heard my brother say as he lifted my chin. The blindfold must have come off sometime during Zeke’s rough fuck because I saw the horny look in my brothers eyes piercing through me. I felt Zeke slowly pull out of me and fingers were then stuffed into my hole and I bit down on my lip again.

“Four, easily.” I heard Brian say from behind me. The fingering began to jiggle around inside me and I couldn’t help but moan.

“You can hear Zekes cum still swishing around inside him.” Dickey said coming over and roughing up my hair more.

“Your turn Dean.” I heard Zeke say sounding like he was well pleased with himself. “I stretched him out good for you!” he stated proudly.

“Well, thank you. I’m sure you will all understand that I don’t fuck in public so ill be taking my slice of cake to go.” He chuckled, and I felt him pick me up over his shoulder, so my butt was up in the air.

“Fine, we’ll wait to hear the details later. Careful though I hear people fall in love after missionary fucking!” I head Dickey chuckle.


I was a little tired at this point, but I still wanted to feel Dean inside me. I’ve been waiting for it all night. He carried me into my room and softly laid me down on the bed. “Want me to hold my legs up?” I asked watching him pull down his pants.

“No I just want you to lay there and relax. Let your body calm down, it’s been through a lot the past few hours.” He smiled turning off the lights in my room.

“I can’t see you.” I whimpered sitting up as I heard his underwear slide down his legs. I had never seen Deans cock ever, and I wanted to really badly.

“You don’t need to see for this part now lay down.” he chuckled, and I obeyed him laying back down and relaxing. I yawned after a while starting to really feel how tired my body was.

“Dean?” I whispered after not hearing him for a while.

“What?” I heard him say as I looked around in the dark.

“Where are you?” I whispered back into the pitch black.

“I’m right here.” I heard him say then felt the bed dip and a pair of lips come in contact with me. It startled me a bit, but then I started kissing back. I then got lost in the kiss as I felt Dean’s hand rest itself on the side of my face deepening the kiss.

When he finally pulled away I felt weak and dazed. “Did you just kiss me?” I asked feeling the bed rise.

“Yeah so what? You kissed me back.” He chuckled and I laid there blushing. A few minutes later I whispered Deans name again.

“What now?” he asked sounding like he was now to the left of me.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked yawning again.

“What do you mean?” he asked sounding confused.

“Aren’t we going to have sex?” I asked feeling embarrassed a little. I then felt the bed dip and I pair of arms wrap around me.

“Not yet. First you’re going to go to bed and sleep. Then in the morning you will ride my morning wood with that sore ass of yours.” I heard him say.

I didn’t really know how to respond. Dean had his warm arms around me, and I was already half way sleep. “Until the morning comes.” He said kissing my cheek and pulling the covers over us. It wasn’t long after that I fell asleep cuddled up next to Dean as three loads of cum spilled out of me.

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