Mark finds a Big Dick Has Drawbacks Pt. 02


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I had graduated from high school and was headed off to college after a fun summer of relaxing and fucking. It felt a little sad to reflect on my school days. I was popular, had plenty of sex, played sports, and had excellent grades, which got me into a prestigious university. So why was I sad about all that?

It all started on my eighteenth birthday. My nineteen-year-old girlfriend Melissa had gotten a picture that some guys snapped of me naked coming out of the showers after a game. She shared that picture with some of her girlfriends, including several cheerleaders. For my birthday, Melissa decided to blow me and fuck me. She then decided that I should fuck one of her friends, a beautiful girl named Alice, because her friend was an 18-year-old virgin, and according to Melissa, Alice deserved to have her cherry popped by the best cock in school.

I was young, dumb, and full of cum as they say, and thought, why not? So Melissa set it all up for Alice and me to come to her house on a Saturday when her family would be out of town for the weekend. When I arrived at Melissa’s, she and Alice were waiting and eager. Alice seemed a little shy and nervous but excited. Melissa got right down to business and took us to her room, where she immediately took off my jeans and underwear in one quick motion. Being stripped caused me to become nearly fully erect in seconds displaying my 8 inches of man-meat.

Melissa started by showing me off to Alice, saying, “Look at that! Isn’t it the most beautiful cock ever?” As she took the head into her mouth and bobbed up and down, she almost seemed to forget that Alice was here to lose her virginity. She did stop and said, “He tastes so good. Want a little taste?”

Alice came closer and seemed almost hypnotized by my dick which Melissa was waving back and forth. Alice finally said, “That’s huge. It will never fit in my mouth or anywhere else!”

Melissa said, “He knows how to use it and will be gentle if you need him to be. Just grab it and lick it a little. You’ll see what I mean.”

Alice reached out and grabbed my now twitching dick. She inched closer and seemed to sniff it, then stuck out her tongue and just barely touched the tip. She then moved her lips to encircle my mushroom head and gave a few bobs up and down.

“I’ve given a few handjobs, but I’ve never seen a dick this big or this gorgeous. He does taste good. But I don’t think it will fit in me, especially since I have never had even a small dick in me before.”

During this “show and tell” and exploration, I was just standing there. It seemed the girls were so fixed on my penis they forgot I was even in the room.

“You can’t back out now without even giving it a try,” coaxed Melissa. “It may be uncomfortable at the very first, and you will feel it when he takes your V card, but it will be worth it when you start cumming as you have never cum before. He’ll go slow. Won’t you, Mark?”

“I will go slow and will stop whenever you want me to,” I said as I was finally included in the conversation. I moved in to kiss her, and after some initial hesitation, she got into the kissing. I moved her to the bed, laid down, and continued to kiss her while moving my hand to her breast.

“Let me make you more comfortable,” I said as I lifted her enough to unsnap her bra. After liberating her luscious tits and kissing and sucking them, I moved my way down her body, kissing and stroking. When I got to the top of her jeans, I unbuttoned, and she lifted her ass so I could pull them off. I stroked her thighs and began to rub her pussy through her panties. She was already getting moist.

“Can I lick your pussy?” I asked. “If it is half as sexy as the rest of you, that will be a treat.”

“Yes. Do you seriously think I am sexy?”


I pulled her panties off and began to explore her with my tongue and fingers. Her clit was starting to awaken, and just the tip had escaped the hood. When I flicked her little nub, she jerked and told me how good it felt. I stuck a finger inside her vagina while I continued to minister to her labia and clitoris. She began whipping her head from side to side, grabbing my head and jamming her pussy into my face. Soon she said, “I’m cumming! Her orgasm seemed to make her lose control of her body as she arched her back and flailed her arms.

After her quakes subsided, Melissa asked me to roll on my side so she could put some lube on me. I guided my now throbbing dick to her love channel and pushed the head inside. I moved in and out a few times, going a little deeper with each stroke until I felt the resistance of her hymen. She asked me to stop for a minute, and I held still. She looked down and said, “My God, there’s still a mile to go. It just can’t fit.”

Melissa said, “Just let him give one good push. Then you’ll find out how great this all is. It may feel too tight istanbul travesti now, but it will feel so good in just a minute.”

Alice said OK, and I jammed past her hymen and came up against something more solid as I buried my cock in her and held still. She let out a yell and asked me to stay still as she felt she had been split in two.

After 2 or 3 minutes, she began to move her hips, so I caught her rhythm and moved in and out of her honey pot. She picked up speed and exclaimed that I was pulling her clit with each thrust. Soon she was urging me to pound her and making exclamations like, “Oh God,” “Yes,” and “Fuck me!” I knew she was getting ready for the big O as her pussy started clenching as if milking my cock, which was prepared to fill her newly oped cunt with cum. She screamed and started jerking as if she was having a seizure as I unloaded ropes of hot semen into her wanton vagina.

I held her sweat-drenched body and enjoyed the feeling of buried in her sweat femininity. After she recovered, the two girls had a lengthy discussion of how good it felt for Alice and how sore she felt but how great she also felt,

All this sex talk was getting me horny again, and Melissa noticed that I was nearly wholly erect and decided that she wanted to ride me. She asked me to lay down on my back, and she started stroking my chest and nipping my nipples.

She stroked my abs and thighs, commenting on how manly and sexy my body hair was. She then straddled me and lowered herself onto my fully engorged penis, and began rocking her hips and moving up and down. She picked up speed and was soon bouncing on me as if she were on a carnival ride. Soon she was arching her back and cumming with one of her full-body orgasms. I had not cum and was trying to get her to keep going just a little longer. She rolled off and told Alice to “finish off this wild stallion.”

Alice got up and straddled me, and began slowly fucking herself on my cock. I grabbed her hips and helped her speed up as I drove myself up into her now grasping pussy. I told her to keep going as I was going to cum, and she tried to keep pace as her movements became more uncoordinated and almost spastic.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock twitching and knew the release was upon me. I grabbed Alice, jammed myself into her as deep as possible, and began shooting liquid bullets into her already pulsing pussy. As she felt me cumming she began yelling about my rich cream coating her and feeling that my dick might poke out through her throat, and then she came with another trembling orgasm.

After that, Melissa started showing me off to her friends regularly. I must have fucked in parks, cars, under the bleachers at school, the library study room, and of course lots of bedrooms, living rooms, and a few kitchens. I must have fucked most of the cheerleaders and at least twenty other girls.

Melissa started having little parties for 18-year-old friends where I was the only guy at the party. The usual routine was that I would come in, and immediately Melissa would parade me around, showing me off like a stallion at an auction. Melissa would get the girls all sexed up and start asking who wanted to see “boom boom and deep thunder” (which she named my cock and balls). Eventually, she would get on her knees in front of me and start unbuckling, unzipping, and slowly pulling my pants down while all the girls gathered around to watch.

Melissa liked it when “thunder” was not fully erect when he came into view because she could then command several girls to strip “to get “thunder” interested. It became clear that Melissa was really after getting the girls turned on more than me. She usually followed this up by telling the girls that I wouldn’t mind them touching, stroking, or sucking boom boom and thunder. This announcement brought some nervous giggles and a line of girls eager to give things a closer inspection.

Often after her little parade, she would call out one or more virginal girls and encourage them to get their V ticket punched “by the most awesome cock in the state.” I did my best to make it memorable for these girls, with lots of kissing, pussy licking, clit tonguing, and caressing. It must have been good enough as every cherry I popped included an orgasm. Some of the girls at school started calling me “the conductor” because I punched so many V tickets.

Many times these little parties ended with Melissa generously offering to make me cum so the girls could all get a taste of a “real man’s cum.” Her popularity soared. My reputation spread until everyone seemed to know. At first, all this was fun and exciting, but it was beginning to feel like a freak show, with me being the freak.

Most of the guys had also found out, and several wanted to be included in all the fun. My friends were eager to get as many details as they could get from me, and I did give some juicy tidbits. I felt a little guilty because I knew that I had fucked some of their girlfriends, but I never gave any names or identifying istanbul travestileri information about the girls, despite the begging from my friends.

One of the male cheerleaders, Jed, managed to talk or bribe his way into being invited to one of the parties, something I knew nothing about until I had already been stripped naked. Jed was bisexual and came from a very wealthy family that did not know he was bi. He was a reasonably good athlete with a good build and a nice guy. When Melissa led my (by holding onto “thunder”) through the house doing her usual show, we run into Jed.

Jed’s eyes locked onto my cock and seemed to be about to pop out of his head. He stammers, “Holy shit, Mark, you look delicious! What is that monster 9 or 10 inches of perfectly formed uncut meat? Can I touch it? God, I’d give anything to suck it or feel it up my ass!”

He started towards me, and I said, “Jed, you’re a nice guy, and I have nothing against anyone’s sexual orientation, but I don’t swing that way. Understand?”

“Please, just let me hold it for ten seconds.”

“Jed, you’ve just gotten all out of control. I’m sure you’ve seen and tasted cocks just as good with all your experience.”

“Never have I seen anything more spectacular.”

“No way,” I said. I turned and walked away. Melissa came trotting after me and started apologizing, saying she had no idea that Jed would do anything like that. Then it seemed an idea popped into her head as she started saying how sexy it would be to watch a guy give me a blowjob and how it was probably a fantasy of most of the girls at the party.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked Melissa if I was the entertainment for her and her friends and expected to do whatever she thought would be fun to watch or gain her more friends. I was looking for my clothes so I could dress and leave. Becky, a lovely and scorching hot girl whose V ticket I had punched, came running up and told me she was sorry I had been surprised like that and that she and several girls had been talking and had come up with the idea that might satisfy a lot of things.

I asked her what she meant. She explained that some of the girls had confronted Jed about ruining the party and that Jed had said that he gave better head than any girl and that the girls should be sorry to be depriving me of that pleasure. She went on and said he had bet three hundred dollars that he was right. The girls had called his bluff. They said that if I allowed myself to be blindfolded and let the ten girls who thought they were great cocksuckers and Jed suck my cock for three minutes each, I would choose the winner and get four hundred dollars tonight two hundred more in the next week.

She went on to say that everyone was sworn to secrecy, that Jed wouldn’t say anything no matter who won because if he did, the girls would tell his family about his bisexuality, and there were similar issues that held over each girl’s head. She begged and said it would be fun and would be an exciting experiment, plus it would give me some extra money for college. Melissa chimed in and pointed out that nobody could say I was gay or bi, and she would take care of having proof enough to keep everyone’s mouth shut. Becky added that she would also gather evidence, including on Melissa.

I eventually reluctantly agreed. We went to a bedroom, and I laid down on my back. I was double blindfolded, and the rules were made clear. I was not allowed to touch anyone. All the girls had to pin their hair back so it wouldn’t touch me. No one was to touch, kiss, or lick me anywhere except between my naval and my knees. No one could make vocal sounds while giving head or after. The winner would get to finish me off. I insisted that there would be no anal penetration with fingers or vibrators, etc.

I was getting a little nervous as the first cocksucker got on the bed between my legs. They pushed my legs up to my chest, allowing them access to my ass which they licked and prodded. Then licking and kissing, they went around to my balls and gently sucked each one briefly. They then surprised the hell out of me by jamming my cock down their throat in one swift move. They held me there while they kept swallowing, which had the effect of milking my wanton dick. They pulled off and began sucking the head and bobbing rapidly up and down. It was a terrific blowjob. When they had started by giving attention to my asshole, I had figured it was Jed, but when they paid so much attention to sucking and bobbing, I wasn’t so sure.

Each succeeding person seemed to do their best to outdo the last person, and it was amazing how different the technique was for each person. I have never been that fond of intense sucking on my dick. I have always preferred the satiny feel of sliding over flesh and lots of tongue action. So the five people who tried to suck my brains out through my penis were off my list right away. That still left six candidates. In the end, I couldn’t decide whether number 3 or number 5 gave the best head.

When travesti istanbul I announced my decision, the group was somewhat surprised and wanted to know why I had selected 3 and 5. So I gave them a run down and told them it was a matter of personal preference and that they all had given good head. I was shocked to find that Jed was number 5 and Becky was number 3.

Jed immediately claimed the prize of getting to suck me to completion. Becky said she would agree if I would fuck her and perform cunnilingus on her. Jed pointed out that he had already sucked my cock, so what would be the difference.

It was clear that nobody was going to let me get out of the agreement I had made. Becky quickly got naked and laid down on the bed, and spread her lovely legs. Jed cautioned me not to cum as he wanted to taste the lightning from “thunder,” and he would suck all night if necessary.

I crawled between Becky’s legs and slowly slid my penis into her welcoming folds. About halfway in, I paused, then pulled most of the way out before drilling further into her moist and hungry pussy. She began rocking her hips and wrapped those long legs around me with her heels pushing my ass. I finally bottomed out in her sweetness and held still for a moment relishing the throbbing and pulsing of her vagina.

When she started squirming and pushing with her heels, I moved in rhythm with her passionate gyrations. With every other thrust, I was hitting her cervix, and each time I made contact, she yelped. Her pussy was pulsing more urgently, and I knew she would burst out with her orgasm soon, so I started making longer, quicker, and harder strokes pounding her vigorously. When her orgasm hit, she started a long and piercing wail and shook like a leaf in a windstorm.

When she had recovered enough to speak, she said, that was even better than our first time and that I was turning her into a sex craving slut. Kissing and holding her tight, still buried deep inside her, I sensed passion and maybe caring coming from her. A tear trickled down her lovely face, which I kissed and asked if she was okay. She said she was terrific, to which I agreed.

I glanced around and saw that many of the girls had a hand down their pants and were busily stroking themselves. Not for the first time, I thought about how I had become the Saturday night porn star. My thoughts were interrupted as I felt a tongue reaming my asshole. I looked around and saw Jed, now naked and sporting a six or 7-inch boner, enjoying himself. He laid down and began licking Becky’s nether lips, my balls, and penis.

Soon a few of the girls joined in, one at my asshole, another joining Jed at my intersection with Becky. Someone spread my asscheeks. Then I felt something pressed to my nether ring and pushing inside my ass. I could feel it rubbing my prostrate, and then it started vibrating. I was relieved that it was not Jed shoving his dick in my ass.

Becky felt the vibrations and my cock swelling and said, “Oh shit, that feels good.” I was probably fully erect by this point as I could feel her cervix with the tip of my dick. She started yelling, “It feels too good. I can’t do this again. I’m going to cum.” Her orgasm was not quite as powerful as her last orgasm, but she was entirely spent from cumming again so quickly. Breathlessly she asked me to pull out and give her a rest. I asked for someone to pull the vibrator out and rolled off Becky.

As Becky recovered, she said that was enough for her, and Jed could have his turn. Frankly, I had forgotten about Jed and the impending blowjob. He, on the other hand, was on my dick as soon as Becky’s last word was out of her mouth.

My cock had shrunk to half-mast at the thought of Jed sucking me off, but it was pay-off time.

Since I had worn Becky out, there was not going to be any distraction. I just laid back on the bed. Jed moved in with a lot of oohs and ahhs. He took hold of my dick and slowly moved his hand up and down. He tongued my balls and pushed my legs up so he could reach my ass and probed with his tongue, making multiple stabs up my ass.

He stuck a finger in my ass and began sucking on my dick while massaging my prostate gland. He had lubed his finger as it moved smoothly and painlessly. He kissed my inner thighs and around the base of my cock, then ran his lips up and down the sides and underneath my cock.

I was surprised to find myself getting hard. He wrapped his lips around my shaft and bobbed his head up and down slowly at first, then alternated his pace. He managed to deep throat me and held me there while he swallowed, producing that milking feeling that drove me crazy.

Jed started moaning and groaning around my cock, then started humming. The vibrations seemed to get me harder. He stuck more fingers in my ass, and though I could feel a slight stretch, it felt okay. He kept up his bobbing with the occasional throat swallow, and he had me moving towards the finish line.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock twitch and knew I was about to cum. “You’re going to taste the lightning,” I said. Jed began to alternate short dives with deeper dives, and soon I was shooting. He deep throated me then pulled back, so I finished off in his mouth while he struggled to keep all the cum inside his mouth.

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