More Rob, Robin and Darin Ch. 06

Big Tits

Driving back and forth to Champaign, Darin always tried to spend much of the summer, camped out at our house. Though, since Benji came into the picture, he was spending a little more time on campus.

Anyway, it was Wednesday evening, and he was with us through the weekend…and maybe Monday; he had a summer class starting on Tuesday. I had just helped him sharpen the pruners with a whetstone and we were doing some gardening before it got dark.

There was a nice breeze, pleasant after the hot summer day and perfect for working outside…but Robin had more erotic gardening needs. She was finished with planting and lounging on the chaise, “Oh gardener…gardener, where’s your handsome partner?”

I kept working, “He’s out-front deadheading planters and the border.”

“Well, I could use some garden help over here.” When I turned, she had a big ass smile and had lifted her shirt. The areola that I loved to have in my lips, sat proudly atop her succulent, breasts. They were perky and firm, but big enough to crease nicely from all the weight…breathtaking to say the least. Needless to say, the gardening was going to wait, and I smiled, tossing my pruners on the table.

“You know…I was just thinking you might need some attention,” I grinned, kicking off the flip-flops. The fabric was stretching tight over the rapid growth, in my shorts. I stood within reach, where she could lean forward and pull down my shorts; she rubbed the expanding outline in my briefs. It was undeniably thick and irresistible, but getting bigger…she smiled, “I do need some help, but let me help you first?”

She slipped the briefs down, and admired the weaving cock, just inches from her face. She stared, mesmerized, as it overwhelmed her with a hungry ache, completely centered between her legs. Darin was around the corner, and I yelled, “Robin could use some help over here, dude…come on back!”

Once rounding the corner and seeing what was up, he got a huge smile, too. “This’s gonna be fun,” he grinned and pulled his dick out, “You know…I really don’t mind gardening at all.”

She opened her lips and took my dick, wasting no time in taking it deep…right up to her throat. My fingers dug into her thick hair, as I pumped my hips, to fuck through her lips.

After a few minutes of serious face-fucking, I pulled out, grinning, “Ride me, sweetie!”

“Trade’ya places,” she got up and tossed her clothes aside, while I took her place.

Standing naked on the patio, she hiked her leg over me, and planted a foot on each side. Spread wide, she straddled me and pressed the head just inside her pussy. She slowly lowered herself, till she was completely filled and resting in my lap. When she hit bottom, she tossed her head back, moaning, “Mmmm…mmmm…yeah…yeah, that’s perfect…that’s what I need!”

Lustfully fucking herself on my cock, she started riding faster; before I could collect my thoughts, she was full-on cowgirl, poking her cervix, again and again. I groaned, “Oh god…yeah…yeah…that’s it, take it all!”

Stretched tight and gripping, her pussy sucked my cock; it almost turned inside-out each time she lifted herself up off me.

Fucking wildly and grinding, we savored a shared lust. Her tits hung heavy and bounced, and my gaze was fixed. I reached up to grab them: and leaning forward, I went back and forth, sucking the nipples.

We both groaned as she pumped and rolled her hips, each time coming to rest in my lap and filling herself with rock-hard flesh. She leaned back and started working her clit; squeezing again and again, I could feel her savoring its girth with her pussy’s rhythmic caress.

With orgasm building, she rode harder, grinding my cock as deep as it could go. I dug my hands into her hips and pushed it deep. Finally, she was overwhelmed and squealing, “Ahhhh…ahhhh, deep…fuck me deep…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…yessssssssssssss!”

With her, wildly convulsing around the deep-thrusting flesh, I took over and fucked her through it. Once she came out of the clouds, she was still clinging tight to my cock; it felt amazing…and I plunged deep into her belly and held her tight.

She leaned down to kiss me, while I gripped her ass, digging my fingers into each cheek. “You’ve certainly honed your gardening skills…but I need to tend to my gardeners’ needs…and their very handsome…um garden tools.”

I smiled, “Much obliged Miss…this’s a very attractive garden to tend…always a pleasure,” gently kissing her lips.

“You know you can tend my garden any time, but let me help with those big, beefy, garden tools.”

Darin was laughing, over the exchange, “You know this garden tool, over here, is rock-hard…probably needs a good stroking…a polishing…and maybe a draining. He gripped the base and waved it around, “You think you could help me with my garden tool?”

In the warmth of the afternoon sun, his handsome cock almost looked like a fantasy; it was curving upright and hovering over his abs. He pumped his fist over the enticing ten inches and escort izmir kept it bobbing sensuously over his pubes.

She tumbled off, looking at us with a huge grin, “Sweetie, just bring it over here and I’ll stroke it for you.” She pulled my dick towards her lips and wrapped her lips around the shaft. While she stroked Darin with her other hand, she savored the solid, pulsing heat of his erection.

After a few, she switched things up and took him into her mouth; Darin was a bit longer and thinner, but perfect…she had two perfect guys…and two perfect cocks. She pushed it inside and, felt its heat on her tongue. Running her lips up and down the shaft, she took it deeper; she groaned into the mouthful of hard flesh, cupping his balls, and sucking his big, beautiful dick.

She pumped me harder, as Darin groaned, “Fuck…fuck yeah! Robin…fuck, that’s…that’s good…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck!”

Darin pulled himself out and grinned, “What do you think, Rob? Is she ready for some planting?”

The way she had taken to both cocks, I knew her pussy was on fire. I put my hand went between her legs, and dipped a finger inside, “Oh, she’s definitely ready.”

She giggled, “I’m more than ready…for some planting.”

We got her back on the chaise, on her knees and sucking me, again. Meanwhile, Darin positioned himself between her legs, and gripped the firm, rounded flesh. She shuddered when he smacked one cheek and then the other; she always loved to be swatted and he grinned, “You’re such a bad, little girl, Robin…but you got a couple handsome…and horny gardeners to set you straight.”

He shoved a couple fingers inside her, probing deep and fucking.

Once he replaced them with cock and started pumping, I grinned, “I know you like this…you love sucking a hot, hung gardener, while the other hot, and very hung gardener fucks you from behind!”

She groaned in response, almost gagging on my cock. With each thrust, Darin slowly withdrew till just the tip was inside and humped forward, sinking his long, cock all the way.

We were both hot, and horny as shit, fucking deep and hard…she loved to be fucked full-of-cock, and submitting to her guys. We knew she loved to be dominated, so, Darin grabbed her hips and started pounding away.

I pulled out and teased her face with my dick, while she groaned, “Yeah…yeah…yeah, I love hung gardeners…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me!”

I grinned at Darin, “My turn, dude,” and he moved aside, to let me plow her. I pushed inside and groaned, “Fuckkkk…baby girl…that’s it…squeeze my dick…yeah, that’s it…squeeze it!” I started driving my dick hard, into her pussy…taking it deep…and churning her insides.

We went on taking turns, going from pussy to mouth; I think we swapped three or four times, before Darin was on the brink and grinning, “It’s definitely my turn now, Dude…let me in there…I’m gonna shoot!”

When he slid his cock inside, she arched her back and pushed herself back onto it; he really didn’t last much longer, before moaning, “Fuck…fuck…mmmm…oh fuck…so close…so fuckin’ close…I’m… cumming…fuckkkkkin…fillin’ it…fillin’ yer pussy!”

We were both pumping faster, and she sensed urgent need; she wanted to satisfy us, but she wanted it too. She wanted to feel it inside…she wanted to taste it…she wanted to be filled…she wanted it trickling down her chin and down her thighs.

She was rubbing her clit, again, and I think we both felt her tighten, squeezing her spit-roasting gardeners. I tipped her head up, “Look at me, sweetie…watch me while we fuck you.”

Grabbing her ass with both hands and shoving his cock deep, Darin thrust hard and gave her his big load; he shot hot pulses deep inside her belly, “Yeah…yeah…yeah, cum…fuck…cumming…cumming…cumming!” It was only a couple minutes, before I painted her throat, but he kept pumping into the seed, till we were both finished.

I pulled out, as she swallowed; my dick hung heavy, bobbing, and glistening with spit and cum. Robin was on the verge, and working her clit, like there was no tomorrow. I stood there panting and rubbing it over her lips, while she cut loose.

Moaning into the evening breeze, as orgasm took her, “Oh god…oh god…fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, fuck me…don’t…don’t stop!” Darin stayed in her, thrusting till her moans became pleasured screams, “Oh god…Darin…Darin, fuck me…fuck me…mmmm, sooooo good…don’t stop…oh god, don’t stop…don’t stop!”

She was still a little, fuck-hazed and breathless, when she felt Darin finally pull out; she said, “Baby, come up here and let me clean that big, garden tool.” Reaching for it, her hand felt full, and her lips anxiously widened, as she moved closer.

I looked at him, “She’s right, dude…the best gardeners always clean their tools.”

We laughed…and I was admiring the creampie he left; when I spread her legs, she squealed, “Sweetie, what’re you doing?”

“I just want my tool cleaned,” and shoved izmir escort bayan it back inside, “and I know you love sloppy seconds!”


It was early morning, and Robin was in the kitchen, making coffee; I knew she was probably working on a big breakfast, because she’d been gone a while. I knew my girlfriend and exactly how she operated…she was in mothering mode, because she was ecstatic to have both of us there.

Meanwhile, I was ecstatic to be getting my favorite wake-up call from Darin, morning head. Beyond his lust for cock, he always loved my reaction, as I awakened and slowly realized what was happening. He could tell from my breathing and moans, when I was awake.

The clincher was when he felt a hand on the back of his head; he bobbed a little faster as my fingers dug in and I whispered, “Mmmm, Darin…fuck, I love waking up…like this.”

Despite knowing five inches was his limit, I teased his throat and smiled, “Dude, change positions…and lay back with your head off the edge.”

“Now, see if you can take more,” I grinned, “take it deep like Robin.”

He laughed, “Fuck, you’re dreamin’…I wish I could!”

With his head off the edge, I lined myself up and started pumping his mouth. I went as deep as I could, savoring the caress of his tongue and lips…I wanted to go deeper, but knew he couldn’t take it…that was Robin’s forte.

He gurgled and almost gagged a couple times, but I fucked his mouth for ten, maybe fifteen, minutes, “Ahhhh….ahhhh, there you go…like that…just like that!” I teased him by fucking right up to his throat and grinning, “Fuck, you’re close…only three or four to go…you easily got half…just a little more to go!”

Using his mouth, I took myself right to the edge, before I had to stop. I wanted to make it last, and pulled out, “Fuck…that’s it, Darin…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck…fuck, we need to stop…too close…to fuckin’ close! Damn…damn, that was a good face-fuck!”

He laughed, “I get a lot of practice…you know?”

Darin was hornier than ever, but I was on fucking fire…and horny as shit! I spoke softly, “Dude, let me ride…let me ride it. I fuckin’ need some of the beast.” I laughed, “That beast between your legs, dude!”

I felt him reach around to fuck me with a finger…and then a second finger, stretching me wider. He probed deeper, and said, “You need it…don’t ya?”

I took him in my hand and moaned, “Fuck Yeah,” stroking the shaft; arching upward from his pubes, it stood tall, and I slapped it over his abs.

My eyes were transfixed and following my fist, up and down the big shaft, savoring every inch. When it was rock-hard like that, the veining seemed to become more defined. Mmmm…it was ten inches of heaven, with a stout, purple head…lip-stretching perfect.

Robin yelled, “Coffee’s on the way…and breakfast is in the oven!” She smiled when she walked through the door, “I knew there’d be some garden tools out this morning.” As she sat the carafe and mugs down, I motioned, “Put that down and join us…I was about to ride the beast.”

“Oooh, that’s fun,” she squealed! “I wouldn’t miss that, but I’m just watching this morning,” she smiled, “I’m a little tender after all the gardening last night.”

Pouring herself a cup, she tossed him the lube, “Don’t break our head gardener.” She sat back with a leg propped up over the arm and took a sip. With her legs spread wide and her pussy all out, all she had on was a concert t-shirt (it was my shirt, but she filled it better…way better).

As I turned to straddle his legs, he was coating himself and nudging the tip inside. He was solid as a rock, when I felt the head push inside, “Mmmm, Rob…take me, dude…just relax and take that big dick.” He laughed, “Take the beast…I know ya want it.”

I was super tight, and I could feel that good stretch, as he pushed inside. Eventually I felt my cheeks resting in his lap; buried deep inside, it was as deep as it could go. I savored the throbbing warmth, as he held it deep, and slowly grinded. “Fuck, that’s good Darin…mmmm…now…let me fuck myself…yeah, fuck myself on that big thing.”

Slowly, I rolled my body forward, leaving nothing but the head in my ass. Quickly developing a steady rhythm, I started fucking myself on his dick. I moaned loud, just celebrating the erotic pleasure of his big, beautiful cock easing in and out.

Robin had a courtside seat and the best view, of where the shaft parted my ass. She whispered, “Perfect…just fucking perfect…now, that’s a hot garden tool,” and I think it made him blush.

His big dick stretched and reshaped my insides, caressing my senses and setting me on fire. When I started riding faster, he started humping up to meet my ass, and Robin moaned, “Rob…oh god, take it…take that cock…take that big cock…mmmm, it looks yummy…take it…take it all…yeah…yeah…fuckin’ feel that good…good stretch!”

She was rubbing her clit, “Yeah…yeah…love to watch my izmir escortlar guys play.” She was crazy turned-on, too; with each thrust, she could almost feel it inside, ramming deep…and satisfying her needs.

Darin laughed, “You just like to watch guys’ dicks…but I do too.”

“Well yeah,” she grinned, “no question there.”

He rolled his head back and closed his eyes, “Fuck yeah…yeah…ride it…ride me…that tight…that tight assssss…fuckkkkkkk!”

I knew he was close…he needed release and screamed, “Yeah…yeah…ride me…fuckkkk…ride it…ride me hard…cumming…cumming…fuckkkkkkk…fuckkkkkkk!” He grunted hard, as his cock swelled and exploded deep inside; I could feel the heat and four distinct pulses washing over my insides. I just sat there, in his lap, impaled on his big dick. It was amazing to feel his cock, hard and pulsing inside me, while I listened to the morning quiet, and the birds outside, in the garden…it was a perfect morning.

It hadn’t been that long, but I had sweat on my chest, and precum beading at the tip…when it dropped onto his lean muscle, it had a pearlescent glow. I started jacking a fist over my cock, while he started fucking me, again.

It felt good and my needs took over, “Darin…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, Darin…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!” The morning light dappled my body, while I ran my hand up and down over the shaft.

“Yeah…that’s it…stroke it…gimme that load…pump it out…pump out a fuckin’ load, dude!”

I was so fucking hot, and horny, and it was only two or three minutes before I was wildly spraying his chest. I moaned, “So close…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…alread…eeeee…cumming…fuck me…fuck me!”

Waiting to see it explode, his gaze was locked on my cock, and I threw my head back, moaning, “Yeah…yeah…yeah, here it comes!”

“That’s it, bud…get it all out…cum hard for me…gimme that load!”

Leaning forward and holding myself steady, he fucked the shit out of me, while I moaned, “Fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck the cum out of me…fuck it outa me…fuck it outa me!”

I watched a fire in his eyes, as he started thrusting with all he had. Darin was almost always bottom, but when we switched, I loved every minute…it was amazing to feel his big dick push, pull…and satisfy my needs.

I felt my shaft pulse with seed, as I buried my fist in pubes and sprayed his chest. With a big strand landing just shy of his chin, I was grunting, when the second trailed over his abs. As the last creamy remnant oozed from the tip, I grinned and pointed it in Robin’s direction, “Cream with your coffee, sweetie?”

She jumped onto the bed, slurped loud and swirled her tongue over the head, “No, I’ll take it this way.” Then, without hesitation, she ran her tongue through a shiny trail on his chest, and looked up, “Gardeners have the best tools…and they have the best taste, too.”

“Oh shit…I better check the oven!” On the way to the kitchen, she yelled, “You guys need to get ready for breakfast…if it isn’t on fire!”

He looked into my eyes, “I was hoping for more gardening today.” Arousal was still pulsing through my dick, and he stroked the shaft, girthy, heavy and moist with spit. “I bet the lady of the house and I could find a way to share this very special tool…what do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan,” I winked.


We had a late dinner and I almost had to help them to bed…they were both cashed, and a little drunk. At any rate, we didn’t get around to sharing the “very special tool” till the next evening.

While Darin anxiously awaited his turn to be fucked, he was pumping his big dick, and watching every inch penetrate Robin. “Yeah, take all that cock…yeah…yeah…get it wet with all that pussy!”

I rolled her nipple between my fingers and pinched into its arousal, eliciting a tiny moan. Then I grabbed the firm, bobbing flesh and pounded her with an erotic intensity, while she moaned, surrendering to every last inch. “Oh god…oh god, yes…yes, yes, yes…oh god, fuck…fuck me…Rob, fuck meeeee!”

Our eyes met and he grinned, “Fuck…that’s sweet…there’s nothing like a big ass garden tool…can’t fucking wait!”

Giving in to a mutual, craven lust, Robin’s legs were flailing in the air as I ploughed hard. Almost bouncing her off the mattress, I worked her to the brink of orgasm, and our pleasured moans filled the room. Her pussy was stretched to its limits, eagerly swallowing every last inch.

Finishing each satisfying thrust, my pubes grinded her swollen labia and she started clutching the bedding and screaming, as orgasm swept through her body. It seemed like minutes before it subsided, but I finished her off and left her nearly breathless;

Before moving over to my boyfriend, I withdrew my dick, leaving only the head inside. After a savoring, long pause, I treated her to one final deep thrust, and she groaned with a satisfied ecstasy.

Darin was pulling his legs back and spread wide, ready to be taken. I focused, “Dude, you ready for it?” I stroked lube over my cock, covering the soft glisten her pussy left behind; Darin couldn’t take his eyes off it…he was completely mesmerized.

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