Spring Road Trip Pt. 01


Britney’s boyfriend, being the caring guy that he is, planned a vacation road for himself and Britney to Tennessee. He took Britney that night out for a small romantic dinner and revealed the surprise to her. Britney was excited, she hadn’t been out on a road trip before and had been wanting to leave, especially since her parents were very strict and hard on her. The only reason they let her date her current boyfriend was because he was the son of her dad’s rich boss and he was also a very strict Christian parent, so they trusted him because they knew he wouldn’t do anything to make his dad angry or ruin his chances of succeeding his father in their family business. They still had a sexual relationship and Britney wasn’t too attracted to him. when they were intimate it was missionary and it lasted about a minute. “A very bland sex life” would describe it best.

Britney packed for the vacation as soon as she got home, very excited not to necessarily spend time with her boyfriend but to finally be away from everything she believed was bringing her down. Britney’s an 18-year-old blue-green-eyed girl on her last semester of high school after that spring break. She’s a typical suburban American white girl 5ft 8 inches tall with clean beautiful long blonde hair. Her best feature was her thick legs and 39-inch ass and hips. Her waist measuring 26 inches as she was fit, being an exceptional athlete at her high school, excelling in volleyball, track, and soccer. But her breasts weren’t bad either at a perky, youthful, and firm 34C so she had it all where it matters the most.

That last day of school before the break, Britney couldn’t wait to get out and be on the road. The final bell rang and she headed home from school and got dressed as her boyfriend was picking her up as soon as he was also ready and said his goodbyes to his family. Britney wore her favorite pair of tan cargo short shorts that her body filled in perfectly along with her favorite black lacy thong. Along with some tan Arizona-style sandals and a tan tank top that complemented her breasts and her skin tone perfectly. She said her goodbyes to her parents and was picked up by her boyfriend and they both set out for their trip.

Six hours into their trip near the Florida Georgia border, they stopped at a rest area due to her boyfriend needing to use the bathroom. Britney stepped out to stretch her legs and walked around to get the blood flowing in her legs. She stayed close to the area which the RV drivers were resting at and she ran into an older group of people from the same area she is from of St Pete, Florida. The group consisted of a 61-year-old short thin man named Jim and his 62-year-old wife named Karen and her 59-year-old brother named Bob. They were your typical Florida rednecks who traveled a lot and enjoyed visiting RV park after RV park and sported a rebel flag on the side of the RV. Karen noticed Britney first and said hi to her, Britney said hi back and they chatted a little bit and found out they were both from St Pete, Florida, Jim walked up to his wife and the stunningly beautiful Britney and joined in on the chat they were having. Jim could not stop looking at Britney’s amazingly developed body and Britney noticed it and it made her uncomfortable.

She wanted to end the conversation, but Karen started to invite her to join them on their road trip as they also were headed to Tennessee. Karen explained to Britney that she and her husband were swingers and were headed to a swingers RV owners gathering happening in Tennessee and that they needed someone to join them for her brother and they were willing to pay her handsomely if she did. Britney was surprised at what they were offering her and didn’t know how to take it so she nervously denied it and proceeded to end the conversation as quickly as she could. The couple noticed what had happened and took it in offense a little and told her that she didn’t know what it was to live and she would be missing out on a great experience that she would surely enjoy, but Britney was not interested and declined them and walked away.

Britney and her boyfriend got on the road again after he had returned from being in the restroom for a long time. Britney was a little upset and told him he shouldn’t have eaten that terrible-looking burrito at the gas station before they set out on their trip. On the road again, Britney couldn’t stop thinking of what had happened and what was offered. Why would she want to do that with an older, out-of-shape guy when she was way out of his league and she was way younger. Trying to make sense of why she was still thinking of it and why she felt strange about the situation, she thought also that Karen was a terrible-looking, typical overweight red-neck woman. She even had a mustache and her husband was worse with a beer belly and a mullet. But for some reason, she was feeling a strange way about the situation and it had her deep in her thoughts. She started to feel a little excitement and some warm feeling of being wanted that it made her a little tingly between her legs, thinking escort izmir of the possibility of what if she did give herself to them, to some random guy who in reality had no chance with her and maybe it would happen again at the swingers meet. Her heart started beating a little faster and she was getting a flush look on her skin and she started to play with her hair with a slightly devious smile on her face. Her boyfriend noticed and asked her if she was okay. She replied she was good and started to talk to him to deviate from what had happened.

Getting into the end of the Georgia area, her boyfriend got a flat tire and they had to pull over and fix it. In the process, the car got some damage and they had to drive it carefully into the town and into a mechanic shop to get it fixed. Unfortunately for them it was a complicated fix and it would take a while to repair it and that would ruin the entire trip because the small town didn’t have rental centers for cars and for them to get one soon would take days as well. Their best bet was to just get a room in the town and stay there as their vacation. Britney was furious and upset. Her perfect moment to escape her life and finally do something away from her strict parents was ruined, and she was going to be stuck in a lame boring town, doing nothing. She was mad not only at the situation but her boyfriend too.

After they got a room, Britney walked to the closest fast-food restaurant to blow off steam and after a while, she started to come to terms with the situation and gave up on being upset. As she was about to walk back to the room, she noticed a familiar RV pulling into the gas station next door. It was the older swinger group that she had talked to at the rest stop and she sat there now in complete disbelief of what was happening. She wasn’t into a higher power or the idea of it. Even though her parents were hardcore Christians, she didn’t like the idea of it. But at that moment, she started to believe it was a sign that maybe she could still have a great trip and do what she had always wanted, and that was to do what she wanted and also do something her parents wouldn’t approve of and stick it to those whom she believed were trying to make her life boring.

She walked back to the car and luckily the car was still unlocked and her bag was there. She grabbed it and left her boyfriend a note to not look for her, that she was going to be picked up by her parents and go back home. After that, she walked with her bags towards the gas station and there was Jim pumping gas and finishing up. He noticed the gorgeous figure of Britney walking from afar. At first, he didn’t know it was her, but the closer she got, he finally realized who it was and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was Britney walking with her hair up in a ponytail, skin glowing in the sun, walking slightly bow-legged due to having thick thighs. As she got closer and noticed Jim looking at her she smiled at him and Jim smiled back until she was standing in front of him.

“Well, I sure as hell didn’t expect to see you again, pretty little lady. To what do I owe this nice surprise?” Jim asked.

“Hey… well, our car broke down and we are stuck here in this shit town or… at least my boyfriend is. I saw you guys and, well, I was wondering if I could get a ride with you guys? I don’t want to be stuck here and ruin my spring vacation.” She explained.

“I’m sure that we can work something out…” he said with a creepy smirk, as he looked at Britney from head to toe. Britney stood there smiling nervously with a smile also looking at him as he pervertedly checked her out. Jim wrapped up pumping the fuel and directed her towards the entrance of the RV by putting his hand lightly on her lower back and lightly pushing her towards the direction of the door. As she walked in front of him, he tilted his head dramatically at a lower level to the side to get a better look at Britney’s thick bubble butt. As he did, he smiled again in a very evil, deviant way as she waddled towards the door. He opened it and allowed her to walk into the RV first. As she climbed up the steps and into the RV he couldn’t stop looking at her perfect young, 18-year-old ass and legs and noticed no underwear lines on her ass cheeks so he knew either she wore no underwear or had a thong on.

When she walked into the RV, Karen was coming out of the bathroom and she looked at Britney and her eyes widened and a smile appeared on her face. Naturally, Britney smiled back and Jim came up behind her. The RV was old and had a wood-style finish interior but very spacious with fabric couches, a small booth-like table, and a small kitchen with a countertop. Behind that was the bathroom and then the bedrooms. There were two bedrooms right next to each other. One was the master, Karen’s and Jim’s, and the other was the spare for her brother, Bob, who coincidentally walked out of his room in only a pair of loose-fitting boxers. She noticed Bob had some strange tattoos on his chest and stomach, one was a rebel flag and one was of a group name from prison izmir escort bayan that was dedicated to the white population there. Jim explained what had happened to Karen and Bob and they both were happy and excited about the situation. They told Britney to go get her things in Bob’s room as she could sleep there because she was their special guest and Bob would sleep in the couch area till they figured something better out. They didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, because for now, they were going to give her a ride since she didn’t accept the offer first given to her, and Britney agreed. She walked past Karen who did the same Jim had done and checked her out as she walked by. When she walked past Bob, he also did the same, looking at her thick perfect ass as she walked past him.

She walked into the room and saw a bed, a drawer, and a small closet. The room had a smokey smell of nicotine and it was decorated with rebel flag memorabilia and Trump support stickers. She put her bag on the bed and walked back out and Karen was still standing outside, close to the door area, and Bob was now sitting on the couch and Jim was sitting at the driver’s seat, ready to get going on the road again. Karen told her to follow her to the cockpit. It was spacious and had two big chairs, one for the driver and one for the copilot. She stood in the middle of both seats and Karen offered her to sit next to her, but Britney, still a little shy and nervous, declined to sit. They started to drive away and got back on the interstate quickly. Karen nodded at her brother and without a word, Bob left to his room. She then redirected her attention to Britney again.

“So, Britney, we need to talk about how you can help us since we are now helping you out, don’t you agree?” Karen asked Britney.

“Yes, I agree. So what did you guys have in mind? I honestly don’t have money. I was relying on my boyfriend for this trip, expense-wise.” She explained.

“Well, Britney, we still have the original offer on the table… but we will now not pay you if you agree to it,” Karen said in a very deviant way as she looked at Britney with a deviant look in her sweaty, greasy face. Jim, while driving, also looked at Britney with a wicked smile through the rearview mirror he had, to be able to look into the RV.

“Oh, okay, I was thinking about that and I think yes I can do that. I can be your brother’s partner at the RV place for that one time,” she said in a nervous tone.

“Well Britney I’m glad to hear that, but now it’s going to be a little different since you declined our original deal and now you NEED us…” Karen added.

“What? Well, what would be the difference?” Britney asked a little confused and now with a little attitude.

“Well, now we won’t pay you and for that drive, it’s going to cost more than just a one-time thing, and you don’t have money sweetie… you know what the saying is… Ass, Cash, or Grass. And you, honey, only have one thing right now and that’s a nice, young, juicy ass.” Karen said in a very direct way and a belittling manner.

Britney was taken by surprise at the direct way Karen was being now with her, when before she was a nice, older woman, but deep down it made her heart rate start to accelerate and made her blood rush to the surface of her skin, making her blush and she felt that tingle between her legs again. Karen noticed this and knew what was happening. She knew Britney was a slut deep down. In her opinion, all girls are. They just need the right person to bring it out of them and she was doing that to Britney.

“So, what will it be?” Karen asked her now in a demanding way, knowing she would give in if she pressured her to make that decision now, while she was thinking with her primal instincts vs her brain.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right… I’ll do it if that’s what I need to do…” Britney said with a forced smile on her face.

“No, you don’t have to do it, sweetie. I’m not forcing you. We can just drop you off at the next rest area. Not 100% sure if you want to do it.” Karen said with confidence as she knew she was pressing Britney perfectly and putting her in a corner that she wouldn’t be able to get out of, and it worked perfectly.

“Yes, I want to take your offer, please. I’ll let you guys use me however you like as payment for this.” Britney finally lost grip of her self-control and agreed to their terms and added a little more to it by letting them know they could use her as they wished. Karen was taken back and surprised and now was smiling more excitedly by what she heard. Jim looked at Karen and gave her a surprised look because he also couldn’t believe what Britney just said and his cock was hardening in his denim shorts to what his ears heard.

“Well, well, seems like she’s finally cutting the act out of being a good little spoiled brat. Come here and sit on my lap, baby girl, I won’t bite just yet.” Karen told Britney. She obeyed and walked down to the copilot chair and sat on Karen’s lap with a smile on her face. As she was starting to sit down, Karen snuck her izmir escortlar hand on Britney’s ass quickly and gave it a grab, groping her ass cheek, feeling her soft skin and the thickness of her meaty ass at the same time. When Britney sat on Karen’s lap, Karen started to run her hands up and down Britney’s thick wide legs, feeling her silky soft skin and the firmness of her meaty thick, beautiful legs.

“Damn, girl, you developed well and fed well, weren’t you?… get over my knee I want to get a better look at that ass your momma gave you, baby girl. Hehe.” Karen said in a wicked way as she forced Britney over her lap on her stomach. Britney was surprised. She was strong for an older, overweight woman, and she couldn’t help but squeal in a cute innocent way as she was being handled by the older woman. Karen started to grope Britney’s thick ass, feeling it, jiggling it with her hands, admiring its perfection. Britney was getting moist now between her legs and was getting excited at the same time being in a vulnerable position.

“Wow, your parents gave you good genes, girl. Your ass is the best ass I’ve ever seen in person. I bet you get a lot of guys hitting on you regularly. Look at this ass, Jim! Do you like what you see? You think this ass would be a great fuck?” She said to Britney and asked her husband at the same time, while she groped Britney’s ass and showed it to her husband for him to enjoy.

“Oh, yeah, honey, I like what I see. I’ve been liking it since the first moment I saw it. It’s very distracting though. Let me smack it. Hehe, bet her daddy never spanked her brat ass.” Jim said as he reached over and smacked Britney’s ass over her shorts, and the smack sound rang out in the RV.

“I want to start playing with her sweet ass, hehe. Don’t you?” Karen said to her husband.

“Well, it is getting late to be driving and we don’t have much left before we get to the place. We are doing good on time, hun, and I want to see what she can do to, hehe, break her in for your brother.” Jim told his wife. At this point, Britney hearing the older couple talk about her and using her like they were was turned on a lot and she was more excited than she ever had been in her life. Her heart was beating out of her chest and her instincts and desires were taking complete control of her actions now. She nodded in agreement desperately while she looked up at Karen.

“Yes, please…” Britney said as she started to get off Karen’s lap and turned towards her husband Jim and got on her knees beside his seat, looking into his eyes with her beautiful blue-green eyes and gave him the cutest, naughtiest smile she could. Britney’s hand naturally moved to his crotch and she started to unbutton his Jean shorts desperately. At that moment, Karen set up a camera they carried around for these types of moments and started recording the scene without Britney’s knowledge.

“Wow, look at her! She can’t wait, honey, to get at your cock. She’s letting out the little slut in her!” Karen mentioned as she still played with Britney’s ass.

“Damn, you desperate little slut. Let me see. Here’s a rest stop. We can park here for the night and I can see what you can do, little bitch.” Jim said with an evil tone. Britney couldn’t wait. Her natural urges had taken control of her actions and she undid the button on Jim’s shorts, and she unzipped them and quickly put her hand inside to get to his cock. To her surprise, he had no underwear on and his cock was hard but not completely hard and it was also bigger than she had expected and much thicker. Meanwhile, Jim was pulling into the rest stop and finding a spot to park. Britney took his penis out and stared at it in amazement and began to jerk it, getting it a little harder for her pretty mouth.

“Wow, you’re so big. This cock is so much bigger than my lame boyfriend’s and so thick I can’t wait to put it in my mouth.” Britney said in awe of Jim’s cocks size. She started to lick it from the tip and Jim shivered in surprise. Jim pulled into the rest stop and parked in a spot between other RVs and Karen closed the blinds so others in the other RVs couldn’t see what was going on inside of theirs.

“Wow, she can’t wait. What a little hungry slut. She didn’t even care if others can see her from outside. That she’s being a little slut.” Jim said as he parked and turned the RV off and adjusted himself leaning back against the driver window and giving Britney a better angle on his cock and himself a better view of the beautiful teenager enjoying his cock in her beautiful mouth. Britney smiled as Jim said what he said about her with her tongue sticking out and on his penis. She now unbuttoned her shorts and Karen pulled them to her knees from behind but couldn’t get them off due to her shins lying flat on the carpet of the RV where she was on her knees. Her ass exposed, Jim looked at it, wide and perfect, her thong gripping her hips tightly, creasing her skin a little due to the tightness of them on her hips and the thong getting lost in between her ass cheeks. But he could see his wife’s face of astonishment as she was looking at Britney’s ass from the opposite side and that made his cock even harder and bigger as Britney started to put it into her mouth and started to suck it like a Popsicle on a hot Florida July day.

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