Three’s a Crowd

Legs Open

“When are you going to tell him then?” Hannah had asked me this question repeatedly and in recent weeks she had asked it more regularly and become more insistent. I couldn’t blame her as later I was marrying Robin, the love of my life but Hannah’s bed still beckoned. I had tried as hard as I could in recent weeks not to have any fun with her but had failed miserably. “I’ll tell him later,” was my reply, pathetic I know but it reassured me.

Before the conversation could continue I heard the door open and Robin called as he entered. “Hide,” I whispered to Hannah and while she struggled to find anywhere suitable I suddenly had an idea and lifted the skirts on my wedding dress and told her to hide underneath. She smiled and ducked down covering herself. Robin came in and asked how I was. “Nervous,” was my reply and he asked if I fancied a cuddle and maybe more to calm me. I knew I couldn’t move and so started to rebuff his advances. Just then I felt a sensation between my legs as first Hannah started touching me and then used hers tongue to lick me. Meanwhile Robin was kissing my neck and thought his kisses were driving me wild. I was terrified Robin would see Hannah and so I pushed him away and told him to wait until later.

Hannah’s kisses on my opening were too much for me to ignore and after Robin had left we undressed each other and I enjoyed a very nice eating out and orgasm. As we lay there afterwards I checked the time and realised I should be getting istanbul travesti married in ten minutes time. We helped each other dress and Hannah laced up the corset of my dress and we rushed downstairs for the ceremony.

I wanted to marry Robin but Hannah coming into my life had made me question it all. I had met Hannah at work a year earlier and we had got along well straight away. I have to admit I found her attractive as she was tall, had long legs and always dressed very smartly in skirt suits with nice heels. It was one evening when we were enjoying a post-work drink that she baited her hook which I bit on and she reeled me in. Later on I ended up in her bed and allowed her to help me explore a sexual experience that was incredible. “But you’re married I asked her later.” “Soon to be divorced,” she replied and told me how her marriage had ended when her husband had come home early and found her in bed with the wife of her husband’s best friend.

I asked her how many other women she had turned and she told me that it wasn’t a case of turning, more like awakening a desire that was always inside them. I had to agree with that as women had always turned me on. When I had snogged my school friends in my teenage years in preparation for meeting boys I had to admit I quite liked it. As I grew older I wanted to see if I wanted to be with women and had even tried visiting a club when I was at university but it was only when I met Hannah that the desire really istanbul travestileri awakened.

Later Robin wanted his conjugal rights and I must admit I was felling horny for him. We escaped the party and ran upstairs together but inside the room was a surprise neither of us were expecting. “Going to tell him now?” Hannah asked as we walked into the room. She was inside the bed and when she climbed out was completely naked. “You said you would let me tell him,” I pleaded. “Well, some people don’t do what they say they will,” she replied with her hands on her hips in a Wonder Woman pose. I had to admit that at that moment with her loose breasts jutting out and her legs apart showing her vagina that she was very appealing, but now wasn’t the time.

Robin initially thought that a threesome was my wedding present to him but as Hannah got angrier he looked very confused. “What the heel is going on,” he asked? Then it all came out, the coming out to Hannah and our increasing times together. “Sorry, I have to spend some time alone,” he ended with and left.

Hannah looked like the cat who had got the team and suggested we went to bed. “I’m not in the mood I replied and started to undress to sleep. I kept the white underwear I had bought to give Robin a thrill on as I had a hope he would return. As I climbed into bed Hannah joined me. “Keep your distance, I told her” and turned away from her and closed my eyes. Hannah the minx couldn’t take no for an travesti istanbul answer and cuddled in close and soon afterwards started kissing me softly. I must admit that the feeling of her warm soft skin against mine and the softness of her kisses started turning me on. Soon I turned over and we embraced with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Soon she moved down to caress and kiss my breasts and then down to between my legs. Hannah gives an amazing eating out, much better than any man who has gone down on me. As her tongue and fingers worked their magic I lay back and gasped as my body filled with pleasure.

“Can I join in then?” I looked up to see Robin standing over us with his trousers open and his hard cock in his hand as he gently stroked it. I beckoned him forwards and opened my mouth to take his length inside me. I eagerly sucked on his rod while Hannah ate me out and soon I was rewarded by my own orgasm and then a mouth full of Robin’s come which spilled out onto my chin. Hannah came up from under the covers and looked sheepish at the sight of Robin. “Let me clean that up for you,” she said and moved up to lick Robin’s cream off my face. She then kissed me and I could feel his warm cream on her tongue.

I could see Robin wanted more and Hannah needed pleasuring too. They maneuvered me to lie down on my back and Hannah came to in front so that her wet pussy was ready for my tongue. Robin entered my own pussy and we started our threesome and we all had our own amazing climaxes. We concluded by lying each side of Robin and fell asleep like that. We enjoyed more fun the following morning giving Robin all the pleasure allowing him to fill Hannah’s pussy while exploring my own snatch with his tongue.

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