A Brother in Need


*The characters in this story are old enough to buy a beer from the local 7-Eleven.

“You really ought to wear your sunglasses if you’re gonna do that,” I said as I rose from my lace tying position.

Georgina was oblivious to my comment, and to the fact her boyfriend had been looking down my top. The same narrow-strapped tank top Gigi had been rolling her eyes at in the car. I shot him a playful smile as we continued our walk. Hooked onto his black, V-necked t-shirt, silver shades bounced lightly against his chest. The two of us walking either side of him, it was fun watching random guys go past. Their eyes on him — Gigi — me – back up to him again. Not at all privy to our relationship, they might have been wondering if this greedy asshole was really bedding both of us. The back of our hands glancing as they passed, it was amusing to pretend.

But like so often, reality tended to make a mockery of perception. I was very much the hanger-on for the day. I probably shouldn’t have been here at all. Though his early morning invitation could have just been out of politeness, it was something in his voice that made me slur yes. Still, it didn’t make much sense that he felt the need to peak down my top. Not when his girlfriend was much better endowed in that department. I guess I was smaller than her in all areas, which was something a bit different for him, I guess. Probably no more than male, animalistic instinct; I let my ego run a little. I slapped at his hand as he tickled my side.

“What’s gotten into you?” I joked.

Tall, broad shouldered, with black gelled hair, I had to admit David was a decent catch. But Gigi was right there, and this wasn’t appropriate.

“What do you women want to drink?,” he asked.

“Ice coffee for me, babe,” Georgina said, still glued to her iPhone.

“Just a coke. Nice and cold, please,” I said.

“Well, I’ll do my best, m’lady.”

“You sure, Jen?” Georgina added. “Not worried all that gas will bloat that little belly of yours? Your top wouldn’t look so cute then.”

I glared at the guy responsible for all this. I could have been at home in bed.

“Now, now, girls. Play nice.”

We sat at a picnic table as David headed for the little tuck shop. Still nursing last night’s hangover, I was looking forward to my icy beverage. Tapping away on the screen, it appeared Gigi wasn’t going to get the small talk started. She could be odd like that at times. It was like she was there, but not there. Wherever the bitch’s mind was, I decided it was as good a time as any to initiate some gossip.

“So, Georgina. My brother treating you well?”

Well, half-brother. Our Mom was a bit of a slut back in the day. Gigi locked her phone and put it down. With her dyed blonde hair, polished nails, and expertly applied makeup, she was the total opposite of me. While I considered washed hair and my brunette pigtails a decent effort, my ripped jeans impressed her about as much as my top.

“I have to admit, I was hoping it’d just be me and David today, but I’m kinda glad you’re here now.”

I just smiled, not really sure how to respond.

“He’s been a bit distant lately. Have you noticed?”

I honestly hadn’t, but decided to assuage her concern.

“Maybe a little bit,” I said. “What’s up with him?”

She flicked her silky hair and focused her total attention on me. It was a bit overwhelming at first.

“Jenny, I honestly don’t know. I mean we try to do fun things; nice restaurants, brunch, shopping trips away on the weekends…”

She paused a second for my fake endorsement.

“I even started going along to his games. Well some of them anyway.”

“Soccer? That’s dedication! You guys are moving in together, right?”

“Well, that’s the plan. Just with my job, there’s so much travel, and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and properly discuss it with him.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Moving is a pain in the ass. My new place is a total m-“

“Like, even tonight — a Saturday — I’ll be in bed by ten because of my flight. Your brother is really understanding about it though; giving me the space I need.”

“Space? But I thought you said he was being too distant?”

“I guess I meant emotionally. Sorry, Jenny. I guess it was silly of me to expect you to understand our relationship in that way.”

Georgina was distracted again by her vibrating phone. As for her problem, I think I was beginning to understand. Unless I was way off, it was a no brainer. It also went a long way in explaining his careless behaviour. As David’s shadow covered me, I’d have to wait for another chance to tell her that all she needed to do was touch his dick every now and again. He was wearing his shades as he peered down at me. The thing that needed to be touched would have been just about level with my mouth, I gauged.

“Think fast!”

Droplets splashed face and neck as he flicked icy condensation on me. He laughed to himself as he slid next to Georgina.

“You two are crazy,” she said, before slurping coffee through a straw.

I twisted the cap and gulped foamy sugar. Theory all but proven, I had no doubt he’d taken another look down my top as he sprayed me. şişli escort My lips around the rim, I didn’t wipe the sparkling droplets from my face. Concealed eyes were still on me, but two could play that game. Some of the coke had fizzed up and spilled over the top. It was all a bit strange, yet I was feeling better about dragging my hungover ass out to join them on this lovely sunny morning. Calling his sick bluff was fun too.

“Thanks a lot, bro. You’ve made it go everywhere and now my fingers are all sticky!”


“David!” Gigi shouted, pushing his hand off her skirt.

“Sorry, babe,” he lied. “The road is real bumpy. My hand just slipped.”

If the car had gotten a flat tyre right there, he could have taken me from the back seat – very much the third wheel.

He was soon doing his best to ease back up her thigh. A little thick for my liking, her legs were one part of her I wasn’t envious about. Still, I couldn’t say I was enjoying what I was seeing. I wasn’t quite sure if it was his unwelcome advances or her incessant blue-balling. I considered using one of the many bus stops we whizzed passed.

“For God’s sake!” she said, trying to control her tone. “Your sister is in the bloody car.”

“Christ, Georgina! At this rate I’d have more of a chance with her!”

He angrily withdrew his hand. I hadn’t seen him this worked up for a long time. He wasn’t dealing with it very well, but I could understand his frustration. Maybe Gigi simply didn’t? I wish I’d given her my advice back in the park. Then again, she may have just laughed in my face. Scrolling through her phone, she once again seemed oblivious to the awkward silence that filled the car. Speaking too soon, silence was still better than the nauseating ‘sorry babes’ and hand holding that started as we approached her place.

“Gigi, you selfish bitch! He doesn’t want a kiss on the cheek. He wants his cock sucked. I’ll even hold your pretty hair back for you!” I wanted to shout.

“Or you could hold back mine,” I muttered.

“Huh? Jen?”

“What was that, Jen?” Gigi asked.

“Oh nothing,” I said. “In my own little world back here.”

I met David’s puzzled gaze in the rear-view mirror. Turning away to look out the window, I slowly pushed my tongue against inside of my cheek.


Georgina blew her kisses and said her goodbyes. Another polite blow off hadn’t done anything for his mood. The poor girl just had to get her beauty sleep. I climbed from the back to take the now vacant passenger seat. David looked less than impressed about my unorthodox manoeuvring across his Beemer’s leather. Until he noticed my temporarily vulnerable chest that is.

“Cheer up, bro. It’s not the end of the world. Besides, you have your match tomorrow? I read somewhere that abstinence is better before a big game.”

He cracked a sarcastic smile and revved the engine. Screeching tyres spat gravel behind us. My grin faded as I was sucked into the seat. I could feel at least one of my straps drifting down my arm. My boobs jiggled until traffic lights finally halted his racing. I was relieved, breathless, and ever so slightly turned on. Probably just the vibration under my legs.

“Lucky for you. You get a ride home,” he said, looking down.

I loosened my grasp on his leg.

“IF we ever get there,” I shot back. “Can we stop at a 7-Eleven?”

“Sure. Might get some more water,” he said, smirking. “Or a coke.”

“To spray all over my face again?” I teased.

“Maybe, although you probably want to drink some this time. You look like a thirsty girl.”

I went to readjust dangling straps, but decided to leave well enough alone. Bluff calling time.

“Why would I want yours when I can get my own?” I continued. “Does it taste better or something?”

It was fun seeing him struggle to reply. Too distracted by revealed skin.

“Besides, you heard what Gigi said?”

I slowly peeled my top up past my bellybutton.

“I could lose my little belly because of you.”

The engine fully firing, I sensed the car speeding up. His hand stayed on my knee far longer than it needed to as he pushed.

“Feet off the dash,” he said.

“Men and their cars!” I said, scoffing. “They’re like your babies.”

“Of course…” he managed, finally making use of his big head. “You did go clubbing last night? Lots of guys offering their ‘cokes’ I’m sure. A pretty girl like you. Nah, you’re probably not so thirsty now.”

I shot him a cheeky ‘how dare you’ grin and let the sight of my gaping mouth linger. I wonder if he found that pretty? Cruising up to traffic lights beside the store, red flashed to green.

“I’m quite parched actually. Most guys end up spilling all over themselves before they even get near my mouth.”

We swung into the forecourt. I don’t think the blood could get up to his face fast enough.


I roamed around the brightly lit store with the other weekend shoppers. It was nice browsing with nowhere in particular to be. Still giggling from the car, I headed for the chilled drinks. I toyed with my pigtails as I flirted between cans or bottles. I’d already given up on the idea of finishing my mecidiyeköy escort unpacking today. I grabbed a six pack and went to find David. On seeing me down the aisle, he fidgeted with something small. He stuffed it back on a shelf and walked off.

I almost cracked a beer open right there. Staring, I hooked my strap back over my shoulder. The box he had studied was tilted and dented. ‘Large, Ultrasensitive Condoms’ read the package. The teller waved me out of my daze. I paid, and left to the sound of the ding. David was already in the car. We didn’t say much as he drove. He didn’t even scold me for opening a beer. The city flew past us. He seemed to slow down as we neared my place. It was nice of him to be dropping me off, but I knew it wasn’t by choice. I would have been stuck on a packed bus right now if Georgina had let him stay. Part of me was glad she didn’t.

“You lied to me earlier when you said Georgina was ok having me around. So, what was the real reason for inviting me?”

His knuckles turned white on the steering wheel.

“I…I don’t know, Jen. What do you want me to say?”

The word kept bouncing around my head: ‘Large.’ He didn’t stir as I placed my hand on his thigh — not far from his bulge.

“Drive fast again. I like it when you go fast.”

The BMW roared down some very bumpy roads.


My heart was thumping as we pulled into the parking lot of my new apartment complex. He let the engine idle as I got out of the car. I closed the door and took a deep breath. The electric window buzzed down. Leaning on the frame, it took a second for his eyes meet mine. I probably should have thanked him and said goodbye. We could have just forgotten the last twenty minutes, and put his groans and girth down to bad roads and my clumsy hand. Never mention it again. Maybe it was the sweet gasoline fumes making me woozy.

“Want to come in for a bit?”

“Uh, sure,” he said. “I actually forgot to get water in the store.”

“Is that all?”

I let the little dented box tumble into the passenger seat. My mind raced as I walked quickly to the door. ‘What the fuck are you doing, Jen? Flirting? Cock teasing? He’s. Your. Brother.’

The engine died and a car door slammed. Eager footsteps followed me.


“Sorry about the mess in here,” I said, pushing cardboard boxes out of the way. “Make yourself at home. By the way, feel free to get that tv working. I’m just gonna go freshen up.”

I was in two minds as I headed to my room. Things were getting a bit too real. Though the scent of my sweaty palm offered zero evidence, I must have been so close. A few more minutes on bumpy roads and he would have finished in his pants sure. I stripped down to my lingerie. Lilac, laced, and slightly damp, my panties could stay. I didn’t intend on going out again, so I tossed the bra. A little worried about losing the volume effect of the cups, my breasts looked pretty good under the fresh t-shirt that wrapped around my body. Besides, depriving him of cleavage for a while should calm him a bit. I slid on some denim shorts that rode high on my legs. I secured any stray strands that had escaped my pigtails. Imagining his hand wrapped around one, my nipples stiffened. Going bare foot was more comfortable than putting back on my sneakers.

“Oh, I have the car, Jen,” he said as I set down two glasses of wine.

“Drink it. Don’t drink it. You’re a big boy.”

I joined him on the sofa, sitting close, but not suggestively close.

“I guess a few sips won’t hurt,” he said. “Nice t-shirt by the way. You wear Master Chief well. Think I liked the other one better though.”

He was growing more brazen. Relaxing, he opened his legs and rested his arm on the back rest. His hand crawling behind me, I couldn’t tell if he was just stretching, or claiming me into his sphere. I sipped wine and waited.

“Nice of the previous tenants to leave the sofa behind,” he said. “Must have been too big to move.”

“I see you got the tv working,” I said, lowering the volume. “I don’t really want to watch tv though.”

“No?” he said.


I nudged slightly closer. I felt so wicked as I crossed my legs — my toe glancing his calf.

“We haven’t had a good heart to heart in ages. Georgina said you’ve been a little down lately. What’s up?”

David sighed his frustration. This was borderline cruelty.

“She did? Georgina sure does like to talk.”

He took another mouthful. He’d need a refill soon.

“Ah, we’re ok, Jen. Just…”

“You’d rather be sat on her sofa drinking wine?”

“I’m not sure actually. Your wine is pretty good.”

We sat quietly for a few minutes. I felt his eyes as I played with a pigtail. The arm behind me slithered closer.

“You have to admit…it’s a bit of a mindfuck. That ‘little drive’ here. Being invited in for a drink. Relaxing together as you go braless under a tight t-shirt. If you were any other girl, I’d be real excited.”

“You seemed pretty excited in the car.”

“You’re the one with hard nipples.”

I retracted my grin. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction, I avoided looking down on my chest. I didn’t need istanbul escort to.

“There are many reasons,” I said, defiantly. “The cold for example.”

“It’s not cold, Jen.”

I couldn’t take the game anymore. I had to move. Do something.

“Ah, you’re getting low. Let me get y–“

His lips pressed against mine as I reached for his glass. It was a sloppy, messy affair. It probably drove home the utter wrongness of the situation. He pulled away and rubbed his forehead.

“Sorry,” he said, wearing an expression that he’d seriously screwed up. “Bit too much wine. I should probably be headi-“

I pulled his hand onto my chest. Holding it there, I moaned to his squeezes.

“I’m not Gigi, David. I won’t cry if you touch.”

It was a rush being dragged closer. Our kiss was much cleaner this time. I felt sharp stubble as his hand crept under my top. Before sane eyes could meet, I explored pants with my fingers and rubbed what I’d ‘accidently’ discovered in the car. I squeezed him as mouths disconnected. His gaze switched between my face and the hand on his crotch.

“You’ve been hard for me all day, haven’t you?”

“We should stop,” he said, before wetting my lips with a kiss.

He unbuckled his belt as I slid onto the floor. His throbbing, juice glazed cock sprang out and glanced my nose. He exhaled as I restrained him in my hand.



He looked worried – as if he expected me to suddenly back out.

“Thanks for the ride home.”

He whispered my name as I gave him my mouth. He tasted of salt and desperation. Day old, dried precum mixed with new, that I singlehandedly helped produce. Adding saliva to his natural lube, I only really got going when his shaft was completely drenched. There was a considerable amount of meat to cover. And I wasn’t going to neglect his balls. Not anymore. It didn’t seem so long ago that I absolutely hated it. But now it felt good when he pulled my hair.

“Oh, Jen!”

As my tongue swirled around his slick cockhead, I wondered what was taking so long. From what I’d learnt about his sporadic sex life — not to mention our little warm up in the car — I was expecting a rather quick mouthful. Kissing swollen balls, I plunged fingers down my shorts to rub slippery lips. Fingers paled in comparison to what my mouth told me ‘large’ felt like. Deep down I needed to know — very deep down. I sucked him slowly, cherishing every subtle crevice and bump. With a gentle squeeze, I commanded his balls to hold their load. My lips slid off him with a pop.

“I think we’re gonna have to try something else.”

I dragged his pants away from his ankles before rising. Hairy legs open in his manly posture, I wasn’t the only thing standing tall. He touched himself as I slid denim and laced cotton down my legs. Hands got busy on my body as I kneeled over him. His arms felt good around my waist. Grinding girth, I kissed him.

“The condoms?” I whispered.

“In the car. Shit!”

“That’s ok. It’s the thought that counts,” I said, stroking him into position. “Unless they really weren’t meant for me?”


His mouth fell open as I sat. I shrieked and stretched around him. Sober eyes locked, acknowledging the irreversible euphoria of our incest. Hungry hands squeezed my swivelling bum. The most dangerous part of him buried, I always knew he’d feel this good. My fingers danced ever so lightly over sweaty balls.

“Just let me know when you’re about to shoot. K?”

I wasn’t concerned about his guttural response. My juices smearing his cock; what more could I have expected. Any warm, female body would have pleased him. Mine just happened to be the only one around. Keeping my slow ride going, I peeled off his t-shirt. Hairy and lean, soccer had served him well. Hands roamed over a muscular chest.

“This is so wrong,” he said, gripping my ass for complete control.

I leaned in and kissed him. It seemed that both of us had a thing for speed. David certainly didn’t complain as thighs clapped my bouncing bottom. I giggled as he sucked titties through cotton.

“So…Better than weekend brunch?”

I raised my arms as he hoisted Master Chief over my head. He steadied wobbling breasts with his hands. I tried to fix a loose pigtail as soft lips made out with my nipples. His upward thrusts made it impossible. Giving up, I mashed his manhood and cried joy.

“I woke up today wanting one thing. And I fucking got it!”

“Sex!” I screamed.


I was too focused on churning my imminent orgasm to reply. Cruelly, my pleasure was ripped away from me as I suddenly found myself on the flat of my back. Muscle and testosterone hovered above me.

“Such a naughty sister. Teasing me all day with that smoking little body!”

I smirked as my legs fell open. His tongue filled my mouth as I frantically jammed him back inside. Arms hung around his neck. Our ready bodies locking together; slow and steady was not the name of this game. Each glorious ram brought bliss to the deepest of places. I massaged what I could of him. Every part of the man felt solid; virile; alive! Fingers grew sticky from his gelled hair. Noses glancing, we shared a surreal, sibling smile. His gasps became grunts. Dropping his head, he groaned into the cushions. It didn’t diminish the thundering slaps of his fat balls. My lips moistened a bulging vein in his neck. He was quite literally ready to burst.

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