During One Stormy Delhi Afternoon

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During One Stormy Delhi Afternoon


Meera wondered if she would be alone in the house and hated the prospect. Her grandparents, an aunt and uncle on her mother’s side, kept to themselves in other parts of the large property set in a choice Delhi suburb that the extended family occupied. She often relied on her brother Aviraj, or Avi as she fondly called him from her childhood years, to be working at his internet business that kept him locked away in his work and living space on the top floor; just the place she really did not want to be just now.

She would have to ring him and discover his whereabouts, hoping the musical tone on his iPhone would be heard above the noise outside. She wanted to find a place where her senses would not be assaulted by the noise of the sudden tempest that had broken just as she arrived home from her tutorials. After enduring months of intense summer heatwaves, followed by disappointingly brief spells of pre-monsoon thunderstorms that cleared the air only too briefly, the time seemed to have arrived for many to rejoice; to give thanks for what she now heard raging outside the family home.

“Avi! Where are you?” she exclaimed on a happy laugh on hearing his voice.

“I’m at home…looking at the rain! Can’t you hear it?”

“Yes, and I hate it! You know that I do. I don’t suppose you’re…?”

The ensuing pause was meant to tease her. “You want us to be together…me to be downstairs with you…or you daring to live it out up here in my place?”

She knew what she wanted at other times; to be in his ‘place’ that were two rooms and a bathroom, modern in their furnishing, that looked out over a rooftop terrace with views of the city, through the trees, and being little more than a bedroom with ensuite shower, as well as a sitting room that he relaxed in; music playing and his bank of computer screens, on a worktable, like unseeing eyes. He lived out a hectic life up there. None of the family disturbed him, save when she called and said she’d like to be with him; to make up for times when they could not be together, save at mealtimes when all of the Varma family would be gathered around the table.

It was at such times that she saw how her elders kept to traditional ways of dress, while she and Avi were ‘westernised’ in their tastes, but never forgetting their heritage or customs.

“I’ll close the blinds, Meera…so come up here and be with me?” he coaxed. “I’ve finished my project…so have all the time you need to get through what’s going on outside…my clients will get the work I’ve done for them, and my account, soon after the storm’s passed through. So, be with me…and do that now!”

Meera heard his infectious laugh as he said it.

“Are you sure?” she asked in a faltering voice, knowing what being in his company might again lead to. ” I know the storm will soon blow through…so I wonder if I should be there with you.”

She heard him sigh in evident annoyance on hearing her doubting words.

“Yes, I’m sure…we’ve been too busy to be company since the last storms…but my feelings still rage, Meera. It may be that you no longer want to hear that from me…”

She knew it to be otherwise, reckless as her behaviour and feelings could so easily become. “Let me be with you….storm or no storm!”

“Then do that! You always had a place in my life…like no one else. Now, you know where I am…”

Meera thought that she had heard regret in his voice for their times apart. She also understood, from his brief ways of speaking that. like her. he could not quite let go of memories; not to recall their particular closeness and the awkwardness that had been felt, scarcely spoken of, the first time they had expressed feelings that had been suppressed and not worked through as others, in families she read of on the web, endured.

In those few words, that he had spoken, he had revealed his consideration for her. She knew that to submit to his coaxing words and gentle touches would be the beginnings of her fall into forbidden ways and would shatter her ordered life, such as it had been, under his roof and with other members of their extended family all around them.

“Soon…I’ll be with you soon!” she exclaimed, ending the call, and rushed up the stairs to her rooms.

There, she washed quickly; sprayed a musky scent to her breastbone and throat; was dismayed to see how her nipples poked at the fabric of her cutaway bra, the cups accentuating her cleavage, her matching green panties shaping her belly, the fabric soft against her skin. She never fully shaved her mound, just trimmed the edges, never liking the touch of a women’s razor and remembering Avi telling her that he liked the feel of her bush, such as it was, against his skin.

They had no secrets; she told him that there were no other lovers in her life; that she didn’t want people to think badly of her; that what she had succumbed to with him and pursued erratically, both in time and emotionally, being enough. Crazy porno as it might sound, he respected her for that choice.

She drew a soft washed-out green lawn dress over her head and smoothed it over her breasts and hips, adjusted her beaded necklaces and checked her earrings; slipped on white house slippers and checked her reflection in the mirror, the lashing rain against the window disconcertingly violent, the room lights flickering but staying on, thank goodness.

Avi would take her mind off the storm that now raged outside; from the flashes of lightning and the rolls of shattering thunder that had her feeling the house would be shaken apart.

She’d always known that it was wrong, that their affectionate relationship, their special bond, had become so much more than just family love, but an impossible and consummated longing for one another.

To be with Avi had become a drug, an all-consuming need for the destructive bond that they now had and all that he brought to her. She was not the only one, she knew that, but no one else had taken a hold in her mind as Avi had done for some time.

He would again be her comforter in the storm that she heard raging outside; the rain drumming its beat on the skylight above her head he gathered up the skirt of her dress and raced up the stairs as far as it allowed.

“You look wonderful…beautiful…now come here!” he demanded, his voice kept low and almost a growl, as Avi answered her knock on the door. “The heat of the day has been quenched…my feelings for you have not been.”

“Avi…Avi,” she acknowledged on halting breaths, “that you can simply speak out on what we have…”

She wondered how her relationship with Avi could survive this moment, whatever happened between them. Their bonds of family and trust, respect for each other, would again be stretched and perhaps beyond repair. But she hated to be alone and just the look of his eyes upon her broke any remaining resolve, any sense of restraint that she had hoped to exercise over their ways with each other. She heard in his deep voice a breathless urgency and felt his hand take hold of her arm as she moved past him and into his spotlessly clean apartment.

They would love, but where that might then take them she had no means of knowing, save that it would be a place they could never turn back from. 


She was swept up into her handsome brother’s arms and she felt his strength; breathed in his heat and felt he soft brush of his carefully tended stubble beard and moustache as Avi kissed her cheeks. She moved to take in his studiously slovenly appearance so at odds with the young tyro she knew him to be. She felt over-dressed, Avi in khaki draw cord linen slacks that brushed the floor, his matching long-sleeved collarless top revealing the hair on his chest, leather necklaces with a variety of pendants; beaded wristbands to each arm along with a stainless steel kada, bracelet, on his left wrist.

“I couldn’t….couldn’t stay away!” she said through his kisses, sliding her hands under his shirt and feeling his heat. ‘How I hate these storms!”

The lightning flashed in searing blazes of silvery whiteness; the thunder rumbled and boomed overhead. The storm seemed to be as one with her feelings now that she was to be reunited with him. Meera kept Avi from leaving her side. She embraced him awkwardly, kept her hands to his skin.

“Am I the answer to what is happening…out there…and here…in your heart?”

His fingers had brushed over the front of her dress, to press the rounded swell of her breasts, her nipples hardening and arousing the sudden rush of an acute sense of wayward desire for him.

“Yes…you know you are!” She trembled as he began to loosen the fastenings of her floaty dress, brushed her fingers over his back and felt him move to allow her undressing of him. “You…you are so well-made…so desiring of me.”

“As you are…but you are beautiful…a young woman now,” he kissed, easing her dress from Meera’s body and brushing his fingers over the swell of his sister’s wonderfully shaped, firm breasts, her skin soft, perfumed, warm to the touch of his lips.

“I want this…from you…but…but I know it’s wrong…aieee!” She jumped into his arms and clung to him, the rain’s furious rhythm as one with the gusts of wind, their soulful moan as they tugged at the trees in the garden, twigs to be heard battering against the window. “The storm…the storm!” she wailed, lost in his arms on feeling his skin against hers. She started breathing more heavily.

Avi could tell that she was anxious, excited, and frightened all at the same time. “I love you Meera, you’re one of the coolest, cleverest and beautiful women I know…”

He was, as ever, a persuasive and smooth talker.

“But it’s not supposed to be like this,” she answered, leaning back and meeting his wondering look upon her. “I let you see me…love me…but it is wrong.”

“There are others in our lives…” he kissed, unhooking porno her bra and Meera moving to let him ease it off her body. He bent to press his lips to them, sucked on her proud nipples as his fingers slowly brushed over her panties, pressed into her moist heat. She moved to meet them. “I’ll take your mind off the storm…”

“Go on…do it now! Go on…take my doubts away!”

“Again..” he teased.

“Yes…again! Don’t remind me!” she groaned through their kisses and feeling the brush of his pants to her skin, reached between them to grope for him. “I want to feel your naked body against mine! Put out the flame that is burning again in me…I am taken this way and that, by my emotions…all that I share with you and that is wrong.”

He was caught off guard by the vehemence in her voice and hesitated before choosing to kiss her. “Then I will know of you…and you of me this last time.”

She gave him no answer as Avi carried her into his bedroom, the slatted blinds only half-open and the flashes of lightning casting an eerie glow into the room. She heard the rain streaming down the glass, the gutters above them overflowing and the water cascading down onto the garden below, such as it was.

She slowly lay back on his wide bed, continued to share in their kisses and lapping of tongues, Meera moaning out of both longing and out of a fear of the tempest outside her supposed haven…his bed, his strong arms, what she would share with her beautifully made brother; a forbidden lover of her. No one else had been let in. Seeing Avi gave her the reasons why. She was obsessed with the one man that she really knew and had been uncommonly close to for so long.

She shivered as Avi stripped away his cargo pants, then tugged free his straining prick from his briefs, some fashion house logo printed on the waistband. He was so well made, his belly taut and his stomach muscles deliciously defined. She reached out to touch him, stared wide-eyed at his state of arousal, Avi’s penis a deep mahogany colour so stark against his paler skin.

Avi moved to lean over her, knelt by her shoulder on the bed and kissed her, felt the hesitancy in her responses and how she stroked his aroused flesh. Meera trembled,, looked down to see just what she was doing for him; squirmed on feeling the press of his fingers to her, the soft touch of her panties over her pussy’s lips.

“What’s wrong…first you call me and then come to my rooms. Now you hesitate…unlike other times.”

Meera shifted and glared up at him. “What’s wrong? We’re brother and sister…family…we stray from what is normal.”

“What is new, girl?” he rasped, ceasing instantly in his claims and slumping down on the bed beside her, moved to cradle his head on folded arms. He did not look at her, fingered his length until her touches stopped him in what he was doing.

She looked up into her older brother’s eyes as she lay against him, moments of deeper intimacy perhaps to be shared, only later. “Don’t you really see anything wrong with this?”

“We have kept all of this a secret since you were seventeen years old…four years now…and I have always been careful of you…never forced this on you….took you against your will.”

She sighed out of frustration to be talking of it. “You took my virginity…”

“You asked me…remember?” he retorted, could not keep from casting an appraising glance over her naked body, her shameless acceptance that it could be so, even now, a brother and sister naked on a bed.

Meera heard the harsh way that he now spoke to her. “Yes, I remember…you were slow and tender…we shared so much at that moment….”

“And many times after, but I never owned you…and I don’t own you now.” He had lost his virginity with an aunt, widowed and lonely as she was then and who was still in his life; Aunt Lavanya, a wondrous and well-connected woman who saw it as her duty to be of continuing help to him and his business. She had seen it thrive, put leads his way but she did so discreetly, and not becoming directly involved. All that she asked in return was that he ‘attended’ upon her.

“No, you don’t own me, but you have a hold on my thoughts.”

The rainstorm had turned his day upside down and now his sister was sending him mixed messages; sought comfort on the one hand and now, all but naked in his arms, restrained him or wanted the act of finding comfort to be different from all that had gone before.

She didn’t know what played out in his life away from the extended family’s home. He got up from the bed, her sliding caress to his body not stopping him. He soon stood by the window, failed to look through the veil that the cascading water off the roof, the gutters overwhelmed, kept him from seeing.

“Don’t be so angry….” She asked, moving to be with him and soon pressing her lips to his back as she embraced him, slid her hands down his body and sought the source of her comfort. “As a woman I have to think of what we do…our customs türk porno change, some say, while others are stricter…would call me bad names if they knew what I am to you.”

Meera ducked under his arm and held him tight; felt his hand stroke down her back and grip her buttock. He squeezed on it rhythmically as she held his manhood.

“You always help me through…overcome my doubts, Avi. I know who I am to you…in this.”

“A woman that I want to make love with…that I know…someone that I would never take advantage of.” In spite of the blinds that he let fall from his grip, the bedroom had more than enough light for him to delight in all that Meera brought to his touch. “Be with me…lie with me…try and forget the storm…be with me in our special ways. How it is for me with you has always been different…you have always been in my life, and I see you become a woman and attractive to me. There have been no changes as it is with others. What we do, have done…it is special for us, and no one ever needs to know.”

“And they wouldn’t understand what made us do it…”

Avi’s deep kisses silenced anything else that she might have chosen to say, but distraction from the storm raging outside their window, and in her mind, was all that she now sought.


“Avi…Avi…you are so strong and handsome…your stomach’s so sexy,” she kissed as she brushed her fingers wonderingly over every crease, his six-pack and ribs so defined, his chest muscles flexing as he guided her back to the bed.

As at other times, he had become trapped by his hunger to know of her body, pulled Meera closer as she lay back on the bed and he began to suck on her nipples, to slick his tongue over them and the dimpled texture of surrounding flesh.

Meera groaned, tilted, her head back as his lips and hands claimed and pinched on her nipples; as his hungering mouth sucked on one then the other; tugged and sucked on those hard buttons her nipples had become.

“Relax…don’t be frightened…I’m loving you…won’t ever hurt you,” he kissed, paying attention to her breasts and at the same time trailing a hand over her belly. His questing touches had Meera lift her hips off the bed and he tugged down her panties, exposed her soft, pink and wet, pussy lips to his gaze.

“Aieee!” she yelped in fear and looked away, at the window, as the crack of lightning, and a blinding flash lit the room, soon to be followed by the thunderous shaking rumble and boom of thunder. Meera pulled him to her, reached for his prick as it rubbed against her pussy’s lips, and she met his silencing kisses. “Wait…wait…pretend it’s our first time!”

“You don’t mean it…say you don’t?” he kissed, harshly this time, his mouth tugging on her nipples as his bulbous penis tip parted her pussy’s lips. “Damn…the condom!” He looked down at her and then reached across to grab the packet from the bedside cabinet’s drawer.

Meera sat up, caressed his hips and belly as he smoothed the thin rubber skin over his length, shared some moments of doing that. She kissed his skin, was then coaxed to lie back.

“I’m scared…”

“Scared of what? We have loved before…I will play your game if that’s what you want…”

“It’s no game…I’m scared…know what we’re doing is wrong….you know it too, somewhere…in here.” She kissed his chest as Avi leant over her, made ready to claim her body. Her conscience was telling her one thing; the sight and touch of Avi had her conceding; would have her say ‘yes’ to loving again with him.

“Perhaps, but I still want to do this!”

He had instantly reached the decision to persuade her, to ease Meera’s conscience by pleasuring her. He pushed apart her legs and buried his face to her pussy, parted the lips with his fingers and lapped his tongue up and down her slit, parted the darker skin, lapped at and tased soft pink flesh.

She bucked her hips, tugged at his hair and squeezed on his head with her thighs; felt the press of his lips to them before he devoted all of his attention to eating her out, sis or not.

“Wit…I said wait….w-w-wait…” Meera protested as she started to feel a tingling sensation take over her body.

He could no longer see her face. Meera had tilted her head back onto the bed as she succumbed to the waves of pleasure that overwhelmed her senses. All he could see was the rounded shape of her breasts, splayed and trembling as she gave in to the rushes of pleasure that his practised attention upon her body, her intimate place, provoked.

Meera paid no attention to the noise beyond the window, and he could not get enough of her taste as the actions of his mouth, lips and tongue, became fiercely predatory. She tasted good and he wanted more of her. As he pursued his pleasuring of her so Meera’s calls to him increased, her moans becoming one long gasp of surrender. She bucked her hips, pushed to meet his tongue and gripped his head and shoulders with her thighs, brushed his back with her feet, tapped out a dance on his skin.

“I love being with you!” he called out as he licked faster and faster, as her breaths became quicker and shorter; her soft cries of dismay changing to words urging him on.

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