No Escape


Okay so this is my first ever upload onto this website. While I’ve done some other stories in the past, I’ve never branched out onto Literotica. So I hope this is up to a standard that you can all enjoy.

Tags are Dark- Yandere- Romance?

Disclaimer that all characters are over the age of 18.


No Escape

Chapter One – Where I Fucked Up

My name is James, just James. I can’t tell you my last name, I dare not even whisper it. To do so would be to tempt fate, to twist the entity known as karma into something spiteful towards me.

Currently, I am living in a not-quite-but-still-quite run down apartment out in the middle of a nowhere village. And I mean that literally, you’d be hard pressed to find my location on the map. This was of course all intended, I couldn’t and wouldn’t dare to live somewhere like the city.

She could find me there…she would find me.

Perhaps I’m going a little too quickly for you. Perhaps I’m not making much sense.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say anymore…but I need to tell someone. I need to know that someone will eventually believe me, that they won’t scoff and accuse me of lying, of being some disgusting creep.

Because I’m not, I’m not any of those things. I’m just a twenty-something man living in constant paranoia and fear.

Fear…of her, fear of Sophie, fear of…of my sister.

Let me take you back to where it began, to where I completely fucked up my life.

And hers.

(Six months ago…)

I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen!

Finally, after years of hearing only whispers, I was going to Jasmine Farrows house for the biggest party of the year. I couldn’t believe I’d even been invited to it at all. But when I got back home and saw the flowery invitation in the hall, the words I’d dreamed about written upon it along with the slightest scent of Jasmine’s perfume, I knew that my luck was finally going to change for the better.

Jasmine Farrows was a student at the college I attended and more importantly, was the most popular individual on campus. Her father was a multi-millionaire, all of his kids had attended the same college and all of them had thrown an absolutely massive party when they were about to graduate.

Jasmine it seemed was no different and had sent out the invitations to what seemed like every other popular guy and girl in the college. I didn’t know why that included me as I tended to keep to myself, but I sure as shit wasn’t going to complain about it.

I looked down at the invitation once more and read it aloud.

“If you’re reading this message, then that means I’ve decided your worthy to attend the party to end all parties. I, Jasmine Farrows, to hereby invite you to 14 Wallbull Lane at 8.30 PM. The party is invitation only so do remember to bring this with you or you won’t be allowed inside. And finally, the party requires that you wear a mask that suitably disguises your face. Why? Make sure you wear one, or you won’t find out!”

It was brilliant and exciting, it was fantastic. The disguise, PFF! I didn’t care about it. I could buy one easily enough and had done with the money I’d saved. It was a Zorro-esk kind of mask that covered the entire top half of my face, leaving only the mouth and chin uncovered. It didn’t actually make me look too silly either, and as it was the other people there probably wouldn’t know me anyway.

‘Even then, if the lights are dimmed a bit then even mom wouldn’t recognise me. Unless I talked anyhow.’

A knock on my door snapped me out of my musing and swung open shortly after.

“You do know that the knocking is redundant if you just barge in right after?” I snarked, quirking an eyebrow at the all too smug looking intruder.

The intruder in question being my younger sister, Sophie.

If I was to describe her in that moment with someone holding a gun to my head, I’d say that Sophie was a pretty young woman with long, curly brown hair, strikingly poignant blue eyes and an hourglass figure with decently sized eye catching cleavage that most other girls would kill for.

Her dress hugged her body in a way that practically screamed for the typical man to stare at. That is was a very striking red only accentuated this.

That being said…

Without the gun to my head, I’d say she’s a noisy, irritating and all too smug snoring pig who seemed to always be in my periphery and constantly ate all my damn food AND never put on weight despite it.

Harsh, maybe. But brothers are allowed to be brutally honest in that regard.

And while she was indeed eye catching, I thankfully was quite the normal sibling in that I didn’t find it arousing once I realized who I was looking at. Years of memories involving her picking her nose or farting next me to on the sofa removed all sexual attraction before it could build.

“Aww, are you saying you might be up to something behind closed doors?” şişli escort she replied, grinning at my flat look. “Now, now. I’m only here to let you know that I’m heading out tonight.”

“Really?” I asked, the timing too close to my own plans not to raise a red flag or two. “Doing what?”

She quirked her own eyebrow back at me and snorted non too ladylike. “Well, not that it’s any of your business James, but the girls and I are planning on hooking up with a guy or two tonight.”

She then smirked. “Or in terms that even you can understand. We’re gonna get laid and possibly not come home until the early hours of the morning, depending on whether or not they can last more than a minute.”

I blinked, her words taking a second of two for my brain to comprehend, before I shrugged and walked over to close the door.

“You do you sis,” I said, inwardly amused at her shocked look. Evidently she’d expected me to react not quite as maturely. “Just remember protection, I’m not taking care of your love child.

I pushed her out and shut the door in her face, smiling at her look of outrage.

“You’re a dick, James!” she shouted, banging her fist on the door before the stomping away, the sound of her footsteps fading away after a short moment.

A few minutes later and the front door opened and closed, the sound of a car and the incomprehensible tone of my sisters voice fading away as it drove away.

I looked down at my watch and smiled, everything else forgotten as I quickly put my mask in my pocket and made my way to my car. The place wasn’t too far away, barely twenty minutes from my house but I made sure to drive carefully so as to not bump into someone else who may have also been attending.

Like I said, I didn’t know anyone as far as I was aware. None of my friends had mentioned the party let alone having been invited to it. Thought to be fair, most of my mates would rather play League of Legends and lose LP all night than leave their rooms.

I was only slightly more outgoing. Hell the only reason I was attending the party at all was because of the various, whispered rumours that hinted at the very easy sex one could have there.

As far as I could gather, getting laid at a Farrows party was all but guaranteed.

Eventually I rolled up to the place, a truly massive mansion with more rooms than I could count, and smiled at the music I could hear coming from inside. Even through the closed curtains, I could see the shadowy shapes of people dancing with each other. And as I glanced, I noticed a small group of people walking up to the front door, masks on and invitations in hand.

‘Well, it’s showtime!’

Trying not to seem too excited, I took a calming breath and put my mask on, smiling at how well it seemed to go with my new shirt and jeans. Nobody would’ve guessed it was me if they only glanced, I was more of the shorts and baggy top kind of guy after all.

I left and locked my car, invitation in hand as I walked up to the steadily louder house and pressed the doorbell. The bell was loud, even louder than the music and upon pressing it I heard a loud cheer from the others inside.

‘Wow, I guess they’re as excited as me.’

The door swung open, revealing a slim woman wearing a domino mask and a sultry smile.

“Hey there stranger, nice mask, you got an invitation?” she asked, her American accent surprising me. Apparently whatever she could see of my face showed as much as she giggled lightly. “Yeah, I’m not a Brit. Don’t worry about it, we California girls have got tricks you guys haven’t seen.”

“Well colour me intrigued then,” I flirted, surprising myself at how easy it came to me in that moment. Usually I’d be a little more tongue tied, but hell if I was complaining. “Here’s the invite.”

She took it from me before tilting her head backward and moving aside, a grin on her face as she ripped the invite in two and tossed it behind her. I nodded a goodbye and made to venture further in, but her hand on my shoulder stopped me.

“Ah, ah!” She tutted, grinning at me. “Just one last thing before you go in hun.”

“Yeah?” I asked, suddenly realising how close she was to me as her breasts pressed up against my chest.

“You can get wasted, get laid, do whatever you like,” she explained, her arms snaking around my shoulders. “But whatever you do tonight, do not take off your mask. If you do, you’re gone. Understood?”

I blinked but nodded regardless.

“I wasn’t planning on taking it off anyway,” I said, grinning back at her. “I think it suits me.”

“It certainly does, stranger,” she purred, leaning forward as if to kiss me…before squeezing my almost erect cock through my jeans and moving back with a wink. “Nice size, have fun now!”

Before I could formulate or perhaps try to convince her to do more, the doorbell rang and she all but dismissed me with her eyes. I shrugged, figuring that if she was as forward as she was, then getting laid was pretty much certain if I played mecidiyeköy escort it cool the rest of the night.

Moving further into the house, I marvelled silently at how completely wasted everyone already seemed to be. It was barely past 8.30 after all. Deciding not to be the wet lemon, I made my way over to a bar manned by two girls in bunny suits and domino masks.

“What do you want hun?” one of them asked, smirking as my eyes took in her rather larger than life tits.

“Bartenders choice,” I replied, thankful that my mask covered up what was likely an embarrassing blush.

“You look like a Stella guy,” she mused, grinning before handing me a cold bottle of said drink. “Have fun babe, but don’t get too plastered. You’re gonna wanna keep it up.”

I merely grinned back, words lost to me in that moment as I substituted it with a wink instead. The bar bunny giggled before leaving to serve a group of people.

It didn’t take long for the party to become more debauched as the hours passed, and while I’d been chatting up a rather buxom looking blond, the music became suddenly quiet as someone who could only have been Jasmine Farrows herself took a mic from the DJ.

‘Even wearing a mask, that girl is hot as fuck.’ I mused.

Bright red hair, steel grey eyes, pouty lips and a body that screamed to be stared at. Jasmine was a sexy bird and she sure as shit knew it.

“Hey fuckers, we having fun?!” she shouted, her words slurred as she seemed to stagger slightly, clearly quite drunk.

The crowd cheered and whistled back, something she seemed to like as her smile widened prettily.

“Fuck yeah, that’s what I wanna hear!” she yelled, her eyes suddenly frowning as she took us in. “But there’s something not quite right. Why the fuck is everyone not fucking! Don’t answer that, I’ll tell you why. Because you haven’t had the Farrows special brew!”

As if waiting to be introduced, two guys in suits brought in a huge barrel clearly filled with liquid. Another two came shortly after as we all stared at it in wonder.

“So ‘hic’, unless you’re ‘hic’ a fucking wet blanket,” Jasmine slurred, smiling wickedly down as us. “Come drink some of the good stuff and make this night one you’ll never fucking forget!”

A line seemed to form out of nowhere with me somehow getting pushed into it as people just walked forward and got a cup of whatever was in the barrel poured into a fancy plastic cup.

‘I’m not sure I wanna drink that.’

I wasn’t that drunk that my sense of self preservation had deserted me. And drinking some mystery drink from a rich daddy’s girl who had pretty much all but admitted it was to solve the ‘non-fucking’ issue didn’t exactly give me confidence.

Still…the alternative was looking like a wet blanket, and fuck me if I was going to be that guy.

Eventually everyone had a cup and Jasmine was once again on the mic.

“Goooood shit!” she shouted, giggling drunkenly. “Now drink in three, two, one!”

Everyone downed the drink at the same time, me included. It actually tasted really damn nice, sweet and strawberry. It didn’t even taste alcoholic.

…and then it hit me like a tidal wave.

A hot, wet tidal wave that started at the tips of my fingers and seemed to end up right on my cock. The organ swelled from chub to hard as steel in all of about three seconds. And as I looked around, panting lightly as I quickly realized that everyone else was clearly affected the same way, the last bit of common sense in my head wondered if I’d just done something really stupid.

But as I locked eyes with the blond I’d been chatting up, her nipples clearly visible and thighs rubbing together, common sense died a very quick death.

“Now that we’re all feeling nice and randy,” Jasmine laughed, looking down from the small platform as if a God to her subjects. “There are over fifty rooms in this mansion. Go and use em!”

It was chaos, people grabbing people next to them and rushing away from the room to find a place to fuck. The girl I’d locked eyes with made to come over to me, her expression filled with so much lust I doubted she could see anyone else but me.

I grinned but before I could rush to meet my nights conquest, I found my hand enclosed with another as I was yanked to the side.

“The fu-“

I couldn’t finish the word as a pair of the softest lips I’ve ever felt kissed me. And when I say kissed me, I mean they really fucking kissed me. Whoever they belonged to knew what they were doing, and as we broke contact and I looked at her masked features, those very same lips grinned in a way that made my cock twitch.

“Room. Now!” she commanded, panting, her voice barely audible over all the noise around us.

I had no idea who this girl was, her black dress was almost skin tight as it moved in rhythm with her panting, and her mask hid all but her lips.

But to be honest, I didn’t give a shit.

The blond from before was forgotten in a moment as the istanbul escort black dressed girl all but dragged me up the stairs and into the nearest empty room, flicking the lock shut behind her. The room itself was dimly lit and I could scarcely make her out.

But as she quickly took the dress off, leaving naught but her bra and knickers on, I found myself once again uncaring.

She dashed forward and pushed me on the nearby bed, her hands yanking my jeans down with a ferocity I found sexy as fuck. The sounds of moaning and rocking beds filled the air and the walls found themselves lacking, fifty people fucking being far too much to block out.

But if anything it just made the situation hotter.

My boxers hit the ground next and her lips all but swallowed my cock as she went right down to the base, giggling as I groaned in pleasure.

‘Fuck me, this girl knows what she’s doing.’

She manipulated my tool with ease, suckling the head and glans while rubbing up and down with one hand and lightly rubbing my balls with the other.

Sensing I was close, she quickly stopped and all but ripped her knickers off before pushing me onto my back and sinking herself down unto the very hilt. Our motions started off a bit slow and awkward, but within but a few moments she was riding me like an animal, moaning and groaning as I unclipped her bra and began to suckle a tit.

“Fuck yeah baby, suck that tit.” she whimpered, one hand stroking the back of my head as slowly rode my member. “Oh fuck that’s good…”

Somewhere beneath the drunkenness and mystery drink, a bell of familiarity made itself known…and then vanished as she pulled her tit out of my mouth and stuck her tongue in instead.

A familiar ache in my stomach began to overcome me as I groaned against her lips.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum,” I moaned, the girl giggling as she rocked her hips against me, her velvet wetness hot and tight.

“Me too babe, me too, oh god I’m going to-“

And then the bell of familiarity hit me again, punching through my drunken, lust filled stupor as the girls voice became suddenly very familiar.

A dread filled my gut but it was too late, I felt her clentch around me and scream, her lips against mine as I grunted and shot load after load into her.

We panted against each other, her lips twisting into a content smile as she rocked against me, letting me ride out the rest of my orgasm. The euphoria left me very quickly as Ieaned back and looked at the pretty girl smiling happily back at me.

A smile too familiar for any drink or drug to make unnoticeable.


Her eyes blinked at the name, clearly surprised as she took what she could of my masked appearance in completely for the first time that night.

Her eyes widened very quickly as realization took hold. “Oh fuck, James?”

She got off of me quicker than I’d have thought possible, moving far away to the edge of the bed, her eyes wide with shock as she lifted up her mask.

If any doubt was left in me then it vanished there and then as I took in my sisters face.

“Oh my God.” The words left me without any prior thought, the sight of my naked sister covered in sweat. My cum seeping out of her pussy taking all thought away from me.

I had just fucked my sister. I had just fucked my younger, baby sister unprotected.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus,” I moaned, standing up a quickly shoving on my pants. “This is not happening, this never fucking happened. Holy shit what have I done?”

“James, James stop!” Sophie said firmly, moving over and pulling me down until I was sitting on the bed next to her. Her hands grasped my face gently and forced my panicked eyes to lock with her own.

“Stop?” I echoed, my voice lost. “Stop what? We already shagged. Oh Jesus Christ, Sophie what have we done?”

“It was an accident,” she said, her voice surprisingly calm. “That’s all James. It was an accident. We didn’t recognise each other and were hooked up on that mystery drink. I could barely think after drinking that thing, so don’t think for a second I blame you or me for what happened, okay?”

Surprisingly, her words had a remarkable calming effect on me, my panic steadily vanishing as I forced logic to take its place.

“You’re right,” I said, nodding twice. “Okay…okay you’re right. That drink, the masks, we can’t blame ourselves for this. It happened so let’s…let’s move on and forget about it.”

Inebriated, the mystery drink still in my system. Both made me miss the hurt that flashed across her face for all of a moment.

But then she returned my words with a nod and began getting dressed…and then stopped, turning to look at me with an unreadable expression on her face.

“Was it good?” she asked.

Startled I turned to face her. “What do you mean?”

She frowned lightly before a slight smile wormed its way onto her lips.

“I mean the sex obviously,” she said, smile becoming a grin as she stared at my now covered dick. “It’s not often this kind of thing happens so…how was it?”

“Are you serious, Soph?” I asked, more sober than I’d been in a while.

She rolled her eyes and came close, the sudden nearness of my not-five-minutes-ago fuck buddy making me hold my breath.

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