The Soldier’s Sister Ch. 02


The Soldier’s Sister-The Bed Bath

The developing love affair between a wounded soldier and his sister, the nurse.

‘Oh god Jen, that was fucking incredible,’ I finally managed to gasp out. My wonderful and totally amazing sister had just been playing with my cock, and had finished me off by sucking me to the most amazing orgasm of my life. She smiled at me, no it wasn’t a smile, it was a big grin, which lit up her whole face. She pulled up my boxers shorts, and gently handled my cock again, tucking him back inside the boxers.

‘Listen sweetheart,’ she said. ‘I’m on duty at the hospital within the hour. I really don’t want to go. I’d rather stay here with you, we have a lot to talk about, but I can’t let them down. Luckily this is quite a short day, a half-shift, so I’ll come back to you this evening. Is that okay?’ I smiled at her.

‘Oh Jen, I’ll be counting the minutes. Thank you so much, give me a hug before you go,’ and she came into my arms again, but for all too short a time. I don’t think I’d ever loved her so much as I did at that moment. We said our goodbye’s, she took her medical kit with her, and then she was gone, leaving a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in my heart. I knew she was only going for a few hours, but I was missing her even before I heard the front door closing as she left.

Between this time yesterday and today, our lives had changed forever. Jen had gone from being my closest sister, just over a year older than me, someone I had already loved, and adored all my life, to being my lover within the last half hour. She had always been my best friend, my confidante, and I was hers, but now that close and loving relationship had taken on a whole new meaning and importance. We’d just taken the first steps in a forbidden relationship, so now we were going to be thrown even more closely together, it would be ‘us,’ against the conventions of the world.

I spent the rest of the time that day trying to read, occasionally trying to watch some things on TV, but none of it held any interest for me. Finally I switched off the TV, laid down the book and thought the best way to get time to pass was to sleep. To tell the truth I hadn’t slept very well the night before, thanks to my erotic thoughts about Jen, and I was feeling really tired now, so I turned over and tried to sleep, and I must have dozed off. I didn’t waken up until after 5pm, when my mother opened my bedroom door.

Our evening meal was almost ready she announced, so I got up, went to the toilet, then made my way very slowly downstairs. I had been told to stay off my feet for a few days to allow my wound to start healing, but I was allowed to do various things like go to the toilet, etc. Apart from that I was pretty much bed bound for that first few days

Our evening meal was delicious, mum had always been a first rate cook, and she knew the kind of things I liked to eat. She was spoiling me rotten, but then, that’s what mums do. I think the fact that I’d been shot and wounded in Afghanistan had a lot to do with it too. I thought maybe she was having nightmares about what might have happened. My wound wasn’t all that serious, but it was the ‘might have been,’ that was giving her sleepless nights. I complimented her on the meal, and she beamed a wonderful smile for me, but I could see she was still upset and worried too. I’d have to do something about that. I didn’t want her worrying the years away while I was porno izle in the army.

As I was sitting there, thinking of limping upstairs again, Jen arrived, and was surprised to see me downstairs and sitting up. After she’d had a bite to eat and told us about her day, she helped mum with the dishes, but recommended that I go back upstairs and get some rest, and since she was my nurse as well as my sister, I went back to bed on medical orders. She told me she’d be up soon to check on me, and she gave me a wink as she said it. I knew what she meant, and my cock grew hard at the thought.

About twenty minutes later, mum opened the door to let Jen into my room, because Jen had her hands full. She was carrying a basin of warm water, and some towels. As mum turned to leave, Jen thanked her, giving her a hug. As the door closed behind mum, Jen and I were alone again. I was super excited, but wondered about the basin and all the towels. Jen saw me looking at them, so explained what was about to happen.

‘Well, as you know, one of the medical orders was not to get your dressing wet, which makes showering etc almost impossible, so we’re going to do this the old fashioned way, and I’m going to give you a bed bath,’ she declared. I started laughing.

‘No way Jen,’ I smiled, ‘ a bed bath? Sounds like fun to me, yesterday it would have been embarrassing, today it’s exciting. The prospect of you giving me an all over wash with slippery soapy hands, oh fuck Jen, thank you, you’re so fucking good to me, I can hardly believe it. I love you, and I pulled her closer and kissed her, not like any brother ever should. She kissed me back, and then laughed again.

‘I thought you might like the idea, but I stress this will be done competently and professionally, so although you think we’re going to get down and dirty, believe me you’re going to be getting a proper hospital style bed bath.’ I knew she was teasing me again by the wicked smile on her face, but she continued, ‘I may linger a little longer on your cock and balls than I would with any other patient, just to make sure it’s nice and clean, especially if you want me to suck it again.’ She was smiling all the time she was talking, teasing me again, as well as promising me something wonderful I’d never forget.

‘It also give us a perfect opportunity to be together,’ she said quietly, serious now. ‘Mum knows what I’m doing, and knows it’s a perfectly legitimate thing for a nurse to do, so she won’t come in or interrupt. We’ll just have to be a bit quieter than we may otherwise be if we were somewhere private. Now turn over and I’ll do your back quickly, I want to spend more time on the front if that’s all right with you?’ We both laughed, eager for the same thing.

She bent over me, kissing me passionately, then helped me turn over. She must have been desperate to get to the front because she washed my back, from shoulders to toes in a couple of minutes. Insisting that she missed nothing, and she’s done it thoroughly, and she was the professional here so who was I to disagree. It felt wonderful anyway. She dried me, then helped me turn over, and laughed at my cock sticking straight up. ‘Mmm… he’s eager to be washed.

Disappointingly, she started from my shoulders, washing my chest and shoulders gently, under my arms, warm soapy water on a washcloth. It felt wonderful and all the time she looked down on me, smiling. Again I marvelled at how beautiful she was, my sister altyazılı porno and now my lover. I just felt so much love for her. She rinsed the soapy water off, and dried me again, and then started from my feet upwards. The same sequence, soapy water, rinse and dry, up to just below my wound on my right leg, all the way up, just short of my balls for the unwounded left leg. She worked carefully around the dressing making sure it didn’t get wet, then draped a green sterile surgical cloth over the site of the wound to protect it.

‘Now… the bit we both want to get to. You’ve been a very patient… patient,’ she smiled sweetly at me, and making her hands soapy, she held them up for me to see. ‘No wash cloth for this bit,’ she laughed quietly. ‘Just bare hands, I want this to be special for you… and for me too. I’m going to take my time playing with your cock. Open your legs, I’m going to give your balls a nice massage too,’ she promised, and I did as she asked.

‘I want to touch you too,’ I said, reaching my arm out of the bed and cupping her bottom, squeezing and caressing her. She smiled again.

‘Mmm… that feels nice,’ she said quietly. She had changed out of her hospital clothes and was wearing a plain white T-shirt and soft grey track suit bottoms, and her bottom felt muscular and tight under the soft cloth. As she bent over the bed, I slipped my hand between her legs from behind, and she moaned very quietly, and then started to wash me, starting at my lower stomach, gradually working lower, just above my pubic mound. Then she changed direction slipping her hand down between my legs, lifting my balls very gently in her hands, massaging and stroking.

Washing me thoroughly, but very, very sensuously with her gentle hands, and after a minute or so of this, she went for the main menu, one hand sliding higher and then reversing direction sweeping down from my stomach, the other advancing up from my balls in a classic ‘pincer’ attack. She had my cock surrounded by warm slippery, soapy, lather and I had no choice but to surrender to her superior tactics as she slid both hands up the shaft of my cock. My hips lifted off the bed, and then she slid them back down again.

‘You’re so fucking hard,’ she whispered, and then, ‘I love your cock, I want it so badly, but for now this is all I can do for you. Hurry up and heal, so we can be real lovers,’ and she reached down and kissed my mouth again, so very lovingly. ‘Let’s get this soap off you, and get you dried. I want to kiss you there again.’ Soon I was rinsed and dried, and as she was drying me, standing close to the bed, I slipped my hand between her legs, but from the front this time.

She immediately opened her legs for me, and I eagerly rubbed her through the fabric. She bent over and placed both hands flat on the bed, and stood there, breathing totally out of control as I lovingly rubbed her pussy. She used one hand to push the track suit bottoms lower at the front, inviting me to touch her properly, and I was all too eager to accept her offer. Skin on skin between her legs, and I pushed my hand down the front, and under her panties. My hand was on bare skin, she turned a little in my direction to make it easier, and suddenly her soft skin parted, and my fingers slipped between her wet pussy lips.

She shuddered and moaned quietly, and as I stroked her pussy, she began to move her hips back and forth, fucking my fingers. With two fingers in sex hikaye her pussy, stretching her gently, and my thumb flicking across her clitoris she became more and more excited, and then she crossed her legs, locking my hand between her thighs and she came almost soundlessly, still pushing against my hand. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, which I was ecstatic about. She had brought me so much joy and pleasure already, and I wanted to return the pleasure to her.

She unclenched her legs, and slowly, and I think reluctantly removed my hand from her pussy. She looked at me, love in her eyes. No doubt!

‘Well, that was most unexpected,’ she smiled. ‘Thank you my love, I didn’t realise how much I needed that,’ and she kissed me again. ‘Now it’s your turn,’ and she turned her attention to my cock, and began to rub and stroke my length. It was bliss, and as she started I licked her essence off my fingers, tasting her pussy for the first time. The fragrance of her pussy was intoxicating, and I determined to go to the source in the very near future.

As I luxuriated in her attention, she went up a gear, and lowered her head, kissing and licking along the length of my shaft, looking up at me with those glorious dark eyes of hers, and then she licked my balls too. She lingered there for a little while, but then she kissed back up along my shaft, circled my knob a few times then sucked it into her mouth, and all the time stroking her hands up and down my length. She took me deeper then until almost all of my cock was in her beautiful sensual mouth, and then again.

‘Oh Jen my darling,’ I groaned, ‘I’m close, you’re doing such wonderful things, I can’t hold out any longer.’

‘Just let it go my love, give it to me, come for me baby,’ and then she sucked me in deep again, and redoubled her rubbing, and then I felt it begin at the root of my cock, and I was pumping and pumping along the length of my cock and into her mouth, where she swallowed and sucked until I was spent. She kept me in her mouth once I was finished, knowing I’d be leaking the residue of my come for a minute or two yet. She wanted it all, and then she stood up again, looking down at me with that wonderful smile of hers. She took the towel she had used to dry me earlier and dried my cock. Removing her saliva and any of my essence from my cock and balls.

She covered me up then, and said she’d be back in a moment or two, removing the basin and the damp towels she’s used for my bed bath. She wouldn’t have wanted mum to do it.

‘Get over a bit please so I can give you a big hug and cuddle before I go,’ she said when she returned, and she got in beside me, but on top of the covers in case mum came. We hugged and we kissed hungrily. We wanted more, but until my wound was properly healed it couldn’t be done.

‘I’ve had an idea,’ I said quietly as we lay there face to face, mere inches apart. ‘I want to do so much more for you, I really do. At the first opportunity, I want you to sit astride my face and let me lick and suck you to orgasm after orgasm. Please Jen, I love you, and I want to do this for you. That way you won’t be anywhere near my leg, and you can’t possibly hurt me if we do it like that. Please,’ I begged her, and she nodded.

‘Okay baby, we can do that,’ she said cradling my head in her arms, ‘but let’s hope it’s not too long before you’re okay again, and we can do everything we want to. I want to make love with you properly,’ and she kissed me, again and again.

Reluctantly we had to part, but with kisses, smiles and sweet loving words. I’d see her again tomorrow I knew, but I could hardly wait, and I knew now I was in love with my darling sister Jen.

* * *

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