A Visit to Nurse Peters Ch. 02


After Tom was diapered by Nurse Peters and sent back to Mrs. Schultz’s class, things didn’t get any easier for him. As the weeks passed, she continued to deny him bathroom breaks when he requested them. The other students found it all highly entertaining, watching his face sink into worry and dejection as she told him “No!” time and time again. They came to understand it was all psychological for the most part since it was Tom’s fear of being denied that seemed to bring on the urge. When class ended, Tom would always be the last to leave and this was simply because his diaper, which had to checked by Nurse Peters each morning when he arrived, would usually be full and saggy with urine. He would sit there for several minutes after all the other students left and try and summon the nerve to get up, knowing his peed in diaper would make a horrible swishing sound from its load. But this was a waiting game Mrs. Schultz was happy to play because each time he did rise and attempt to shuffle out the door, she would stop him.

“Tom.” She would say as soon as he passed her desk.

Her sharp intonation always sent a bolt of fear up his back.

“Ya- yes, ma’am?” he would stammer as he froze.

“Do you have something you want to tell me?”

He would turn toward her after this but never look at her.

“Ah… not really.”


“I don’t think so…”

“What did I tell you to do when you have an accident in class?”

“Ah… you told me to raise my hand and report it.”

“That’s correct. And did you do that?”

“Na- no, ma’am.”

“No, you didn’t. So- what has to happen now?”

“I have to report to Nurse Peters.”

“That’s correct. Wait right there and I’ll take you to her office.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

At this point, each time they had this conversation, she would rise and escort him out of the classroom and down the hall by the arm. Of course, all the students in the hall knew what this meant as they passed them on their way to the nurse’s office and Tom’s face became a study in suffering. There was even a group of cruel girls who shook rattles to mock him as they went by. But Mrs. Schultz never corrected them. She just marched him along with a rigid posture and a righteous expression.

“Swish! swish! swish!” His diaper would noisily echo each time.

But after three more weeks of this, Nurse Peters grew annoyed. Finally, when he was brought in for the fourth time in one week, she put her foot down.

“Tom!” she told him as she pulled his pee-laden diaper out from under his skinny ass, “This program doesn’t seem to be working.”

Mrs. Schultz, who was standing right next to her, nodded in agreement.

“I think he needs to be put in special education.” She suggested, peering down at him coolly.

He continued to whine and sniffle and hide his face as he always did.

“I don’t want to raise my hand in the middle of class every time I pee myself!” he complained through his tears.

“Do you want to sit there in class in a soaked diaper?” Nurse Peters reminded him as she threw the drenched bundle of material into the trash.

“But it’s nobody’s business!” he yelled.

“Yes, it is! It’s my business and I’m afraid we need to take more steps to curb this behavior!” the woman in white asserted as she rubbed a baby wipe over his springy, little penis.

“No!” he moaned.

“What’s the plan for escalation?” Mrs. Schultz asked, ignoring his presence.

“Let’s see how he does in special education for a few weeks. He can be diapered in the classroom there.” Nurse Peters istanbul travesti announced.

Upon hearing this, Tom became hysterical. He started to kick his legs and bawl loudly.

“I don’t belong in Special Ed.! No! I want to go home!”

At this point, Nurse Peters took a pacifier from her cabinet and walked back and placed it in Tom’s mouth. He went silent immediately. She then put a new, oversized industrial diaper on him and rubbed his stomach as she spoke to Mrs. Schultz.

“Mrs. Haber is a great teacher. She’ll get him trained quickly and then he might be able to come back.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Mrs. Schultz concurred.

A week later, Tom was ushered into Mrs. Haber’s Special Ed. class at Braxton College by Nurse Peters. He was whining and griping as usual as his diaper rustled underneath his sweatpants. Mrs. Haber guided him to the front of the class and introduced him to the other students.

“Students! This is Tom! He will be joining us for a while. Can you all welcome him?”

“Hi Tom!” They all said in unison.

Tom only directed his eyes to the floor and gave a little wave. Then a girl in the back raised her hand.

“Yes, Cindy.” Mrs. Haber responded, recognizing her.

“Why is he wearing a diaper?” she asked before covering her mouth quickly to suppress a giggle.

“Because Tom has trouble controlling his bladder. Do you remember- we talked about that?” she reminded them.

“Oh yeah!” the girl replied.

“There is nothing wrong with grown people wearing diapers. Right?” she reinforced.

“No, Mrs. Haber!” They all replied together.

“Afterall, we have a few students in here that wear them- and that’s fine.”

“Yes, Mrs. Haber!” They all replied again.

“Thank you, Nurse Peters for bringing him in!”

Miss Peters waved and departed.

Tom watched her leave with dewy eyes, but things started off well that first day as they all sat on the floor in a circle together and read a picture book about the American Revolution.

“… and that’s why we don’t have a king in this country!” Mrs. Haber pointed out to them toward the end.

But Tom soon became fidgety and seemed to be waiting for her to finish. As soon as she did, he raised his hand. But to his annoyance, she didn’t recognize him. He raised his hand again and this time waved it around, but she only looked at him and put a finger to her lips.

“I need to go!” he blurted out then.

“No, Tom! You’re only anxious. Put your mind on something else!” she instructed.

“I caaan’t!” he whined as he bounced his body impatiently.

“Yes, you can!” Concentrate!”


Mrs. Haber stood up and moved behind him then. She reached down and put her forefingers on each of his temples and massaged them in circles.

“Concentrate on my touch.” She directed.

But the only thing Tom could think about was that he was now trapped and unable to leave. He felt his bladder release then. He tried to stop it, but then just let it go. The urine surrounded his ass and genitalia with warmth. He felt relief and then despair rise in him.

Moments later, when they stood up to stretch, Mrs. Haber saw immediately what had happened. She directed the class into an independent activity and took Tom aside. She guided him to a spot behind her large desk and had him lay down on a rug. A female student appeared then.

“Is everything okay, Mrs. Haber?”

“Yes, Daphne, Tom is just going to take a nap.”

“Wow! He’s lucky!”

“Yes, he is! Now don’t worry and go back to your group. Okay?”

“Yes, travesti istanbul ma’am.” The student replied with hesitance as she backed away.

But Tom quickly realized when Mrs. Haber reached down and pulled open the tie of his sweatpants that he was going to be changed right there! She leaned down to him and spoke in a quiet voice as she worked his pants down to his ankles and opened the diaper completely to expose his private parts.

“You need to learn that you don’t control the world, young man!” She told him, “Others are going to make demands on you!”

Tom could only lay there and watch her now as she removed the weighted diaper. He began to experience emotions he hadn’t felt since Nurse Peters first changed him. He was helpless now, without any claims to adulthood.

Another student appeared then.

“Mrs. Haber?” she queried, her eyes darting down several times to Tom’s nude parts, “Do we have to write this exercise in our notebooks?

“Yes, Greta.” Her teacher replied with a casual smile.

“Okay, thanks.” The student said with a final, pity-filled glance at Tom.

Mrs. Haber didn’t bother to clean him as Nurse Peters had. She simply slipped a pull-up, cartoon motif diaper onto him that she got from her desk drawer and let him go around in it without his pants for the rest of the day.

But a few days later, there was another regressive move in Tom’s development. While Tom was taking a nap with the rest of the class, he accidently soiled himself. This created such a disruption in the class, Mrs. Haber had to remove him and bring him back to Nurse Peters. She led him in by the hand.

“We have a number two situation now.” Was all she said before turning and leaving him there.

Tom could only stand there and grimace uncomfortably. Nurse Peters rose slowly and went to him. She took him by the arm and turned him around. Then she pulled open the back of his diaper and looked inside.

“Sit down on the floor.” She directed as she moved to the phone.

Tom did as he was told.

“What are you doing?” he asked her with trepidation.

“Calling your mother.”


“We’re not running a nursery here!

“But I didn’t tell her about any of this! She thinks I’m… normal.”

“That’s why she needs to know. You have a problem with authority obviously!”

“No! I don’t! I like your authority! I just have anxiety. But the diapers give me comfort! I swear! It’s just that they make me too comfortable.”

A voice came on the line then.

“County facility.”

“Yes, I’d like to request a pick-up… a male… nineteen years of age. His condition? I suspect he has a persecution complex with infantile tendencies. Yes… the nurse’s office at Braxton College. Thank you.”

Nurse Peters hung up the phone after this.

“I thought you were calling my mother?”

“No. She’ll just take you home and bring you back. We need a long-term solution for this.”

She grabbed a container of baby powder and went to him and squatted down.

“Lie down.” She ordered as she pushed him back.

For a moment he thought she was going to change him, but she only pulled up his diaper and dumped some of the powder down into it.

“There. You don’t stink as much now.”

“But what’s going to happen?” he pled with a face full of fear.

“They will come and pick you up.”

“But where will they take me?”

“To a place where guys like you are always pampered.”

And that’s what happened. An hour later, a large woman lumbered into the office and looked down istanbul travestileri at Tom with no remorse.

“Is this the one?” she asked.

“Yes, he’s a chronic pants wetter and malcontent.”

“I see. We’ll give him lots of things to cry about!”

Tom looked up at her awestruck. She stood well over six feet tall and weighed twice as much as him.

“Stand up!” she ordered.

Tom began to whine, but he was soon pulled up by her.

“If he makes too much noise this will keep him quiet.” Nurse Peters advised, handing the woman his pacifier.

She placed it in his whimpering mouth and his noise instantly ceased.

“And he prefers to be carried.” Nurse Peters informed the large woman.

With this, she bent down, wrapped her arms around his thighs and easily hoisted him up. Tom was amazed and his pulse rushed. He was now completely in another person’s control and he didn’t even care where she was taking him. How could he have anxiety now with everything done for him?

With Tom in her arms, the large woman’s demeanor became protective.

“Duck your head, Sweetheart!” she warned as they went through the doorway.

Nurse Peters went to the door and watched them move away down the hall with Tom looking back over the big woman’s shoulder with the satisfied face of a cow put out to pasture. The swim coach pulled up again beside her.

“Another one for the Reform School?”

“Yeah, he’ll fit right in there! How’s your diaper doing?”

“It’s a bit wet.” He announced.

“Well- let’s do something about that!”

They both went into her office after this to the exam table behind the curtain and his pants were pulled down by her. The bulge beneath his diaper was quite evident then. She patted the table and he climbed up onto it. She stared at the swollen mound for a moment and then squeezed it. This caused him to shudder.

“There does seem to be a load in this.” Nurse Peters remarked.

“Uh huh.”

She undid the tape and peeled away one side of the diaper at which point Coach Wellman’s penis sprang up stiffly out of the plastic.

“Oh yes! I see the cause of wetness!”

She pulled the rest of the flap down and away revealing his saggy testicles and then got lotion from her cabinet. She returned and rubbed the lotion between her hands as she searched his face.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for getting this big erection?” she asked him.

“Yeah.” he replied excitedly.

She brought both of her hands to it then and worked them along his prick’s length.

“It must feel so good for you to secretly be wearing your nappy under your swim trunks though!”

“Oh yeah.” he blurted, his head falling to one side.

“Knowing I was the one of put it on you!” she reminded him as she twisted her fist around his gland.

She let her left hand travel down to his scrotum and tickle at it with flicks of her fingers.

“I don’t get this reaction from most of the guys I diaper here!”

He shook his head in agreement and started to tremble.

“But I guess you love watching what I do to them, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” he replied as his body stiffened.

The sound of the lotion on his large member grew louder.

“So you better be good or I’ll have you carried out of here to reform school, too!”

“Yeah!” he said as he shook.




His big prick exploded in her hand then- spewing semen up onto his chest.

“Mmmm! Good god!” he moaned.

“That’s my good patient!”

She let his penis drop then and rewrapped it in the diaper. They both emerged from behind the curtain a moment later to discovered a student waiting for treatment.

“What do you need, young man?” she asked a bit nervously.

“Ahh, I think I had an accident…” he replied.

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