For My Neighbor II – His Side


Sunday, Feb 21Dear Alexander,For years have we been pen pals and not afraid of sharing our darkest secrets in order to get them off our respective chest, even though we have not once sat face to face, let alone been able to look into each other’s eyes. We have shared stories, fantasies, and dreams at times beyond disturbing; fantasies we would not dare talk about with anyone else. So it is this time again, my friend.Here and at this moment, I allow myself to tell you a story that has been haunting my nights and keeping me awake ever since it occurred, for the emotional rollercoaster it has set rolling is most urgently demanding to be regained control of.I allow myself to have you know I feel profoundly guilty of having caught myself indulging in such immoral behavior merely a few days prior to writing this here letter. As for now that I finally mustered the courage to share this event with you, my friend, I gradually begin to feel at ease again. Yet even now, dear fellow, as I am penning these very lines, my mind still gets plagued, nonetheless, by the mere thought of this uppermost disturbing occurrence.As you may remember from one of my former letters, I have lost a few words about my neighbor’s daughters Lucy and Larissa, have I not? Let me briefly remind you of what they are and look like, although I know my descriptions of these two adolescent girls were rather vivid in my earlier scribblings – of Lucy, the elder of both sisters, especially.Larissa, the younger of the two, aged sixteen, shows travesti istanbul great talent in luring boys and sometimes even young men into her home; to let them savage her luscious body whenever her parents are out, I assume. She might be an appealing and alluring vixen who knows her way around the hormone-driven youngsters among our gender, but for the time being, I will refrain from writing about her. It once more is rather her elder sister who caught my eye.Lucy, seventeen years of age, stands in stark contrast to her younger sister; or better half sister, as Larissa is a child from a brief adventure of her mother’s. It is, needless to say, said escapade cost the latter her first marriage (to a very polite and respectful policeman, if I remember correctly, although I never really got to know him) years later as her cheating was revealed.The differences between the two sisters are, as already mentioned, uncanny in many ways. Lucy seems a lot more mature – far beyond their mere difference in age, in fact – although she appears to be more reserved and to have a slightly less developed and pronounced female physique. Here I am talking about mental matureness, however.She is, for instance, waiting for the right person to give up her virginity to, as she once told me. Don’t ask me under which circumstances this young and well-mannered lady on the brink to adulthood shared her most intimate secrets with the old geezer I am, for I simply can’t recall the occasion. In times like these istanbul travestileri where losing one’s innocence is pathetically over-hyped among these oversexed teens her age, patience is a rare virtue.Before filling you in on the details of my lewd escapade, I shall provide yet further details to explain the circumstances so difficult to put in mundane words; for the better understanding that is.It is Lucy with her pure face, eyes so full of life and such vivacious ways of expression who keeps intriguing me, and makes my mood lighten up in brightest lust for life even in my darkest days. In the time we were neighbors, I have grown very fond of her the more she turned into the young woman she is indeed about to become. Her obvious fondness of my humble self did not pass unnoticed either, quite the contrary so, in fact.Before long after her sixteenth birthday, I noticed that Lucy was not far from growing to be a bright and pretty woman. Every move she made, every smile she offered me (and she seemed to do that a lot; then again, this might just neighborly politeness), every glance her eyes so full of life through radiated a youthful enthusiasm, almost an euphoria unmatched by any other woman or girl I had so far had the pleasure to meet. Her heartwarming smile was so affectionate it kept me going through the most tedious of work days. Just the mere thought of coming home to that beaming smile in the evening lifted my mood enough to keep going through my darkest times. I took an istanbul travesti immense liking in seeing her grow and explore the little things in life and slowly become the young woman that I live next door to.In order to be clear, it is imperative to point out that my interest in her was strictly non-sexual; I just found in her to be an utmost interesting girl and a good friend.As it is with the male nature – alas! – reason and feelings do not always coincide when it comes to the question of the opposite gender. Whilst being fully aware of the implications that go with a morally unacceptable adventure with a teenage (in this case seventeen-year-old) girl, my feelings had their very own view of the situation. You too know these kind of fantasies your mind pictures although knowing they are strictly forbidden, taboo even. You have told me about yours. Usually, we do not cling to them, we brush them aside as wrong, non-affordable et cetera, and are sometimes shocked, or disgusted by our own perversions.Now with this particular girl, things were to be different, for Lucy’s beaming smile and her blooming body started to have my mind filled with images intense beyond my ability to suppress them and inappropriate for a married man my age.This went so far that one night around half past midnight I was lying in bed, unable to sleep. My wife who lay beside me, snoring lowly and happily, had cuddled up to my side after one good episode of our amazing lovemaking (I told you in an earlier letter how amazing our love life still is after twenty five years of wedlock, have I not?). Yet not even during our coital act, however, good it was, was I able to get my mind off young Lucy.I decided to get up, answer some long-pending e-mails, as a matter of distracting myself.

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