Lisa’s Panties


As you may have gathered from my username, I have a serious panty fetish. Whether it be stealing them from woman I know, or buying my own, panties are what turn me on the most. This is the first in a series of stories that I’ll be releasing that detail my experiences in pursuit of the highs that panties provide me with, I hope you enjoy it.

The company that I work for has offices in a number of cities across the country, and employees will often travel between them for meetings and events. I have one women working for me in the northern office, and it was time to fly her down for the Christmas party.

Lisa is her name, and she is an absolute stunner: early 20s, pale skin, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfectly petite figure that I’ve fantasized about on many an occasion after being in the same room with her. While her tits are a bit on the smaller side (but well-suited to her petite frame), she has amazing legs and a fantastic little bubble butt that she loves showing off on Instagram. She’s a big fan of short skirts and high heels, and puts on quite a show when she crosses her legs in front of me during our meetings. I’ve caught an upskirt glimpse of her cute little panties a few times before, and she’s always looked me right in the eye after I’ve looked up, giving me a shy little smile.

Anyhow, she arrived and we had a great Christmas party that went way into the night. With me being her boss, she spent a lot of time talking to me and I made sure that she let her hair down and enjoy herself, especially when it came to the dance floor, I wanted her to get nice and sweaty for me. I had a great time watching her move her sexy body around, teasing all of us older guys by shaking her perfect little ass to the music. I left before the end of the party, but told Lisa I’d pick her up at her hotel in the morning and take her to a meeting that I’d arranged first thing. She thanked me with a kiss on the cheek and a very tight hug, where she pushed her entire body into mine, giggling in my ear. I felt her hard nipples against my chest and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra, I just hoped that she’d not left her panties behind too.

The next morning, I arrived at her hotel bright and early and a very hungover Lisa was waiting for me at the entrance. I parked the car, greeted her and grabbed her overnight bag, making sure to put it in the trunk before she could protest. Lisa got into the passenger seat and we headed off to the office for our meeting. On the way, I told her that she’d be doing the meeting alone as I’d mistakenly double booked myself and had to be across town for another meeting shortly after I dropped her off. She didn’t seem to be too bothered, but then again, I think istanbul travesti she may have been sleeping when I told her. I dropped her off, and sped away to an underground parking garage where I could be alone.

I arrived at the parking garage a couple minutes later and found a secluded spot close to the wall where I wouldn’t be disturbed by people walking by. I got out, popped the trunk and quickly hauled her bag into the car with me. I pushed my seat right to the back and turned my attention to Lisa’s overnight bag on the seat next to me.

My fingers trembled and my heart raced as I found the zipper and saw that there was no luggage lock. I’d been blocked by one the last time she came down, so was very relieved to see that she’d left it at home for this trip. I could feel my balls tingling as I slowly unzipped the bag and started rummaging through its contents. Fearing that she’d gone commando the night before, I started taking everything out: a small make up bag, her toiletries, a pair of sexy high heels (which I ended up ‘borrowing’ for an evening on a later trip, story to come), and then jackpot, the tight black pants that she’d worn the night before. Inside out, with her panties still between the pant legs. The tingling in my balls quickly spread to my cock, and it started to swell.

She had worn these panties all night and from the scent they gave off while I pulled them from the legs of her jeans, they’d partied just as hard as she had. I was in heaven. I turned them right side out so that I could examine them, before diving head first into my session.

Lisa’s panties were a cute little bikini cut, seamless and made of a smooth, stretchy fabric that felt great in my fingers. Pale pink in color, they looked simple and practical, with a little heart graphic near the left hip, adding a bit of youthful playfulness. They were damp all the way through (thanks to her time on the dance floor) and I slowly put my face to them and breathed them in, filling my nostrils with her scent, which was intoxicating, to say the least. It was sweet and heavy, with a slightly sweaty odor finishing it off. I took a couple deep breathes before turning them inside out again.

As with the outside, they were plain and simple inside, but what drove me wild was the gusset. Besides it being wet and pungent from the contact with her sweaty pussy, I noted that the one end was open, like a little pocket, and I immediately stuck my fingers inside it. I rubbed my fingers inside the little pocket, coating them with Lisa’s sweat and pussy juice, before sticking them in my mouth, tasting what I could of this little blonde dream that I’d long fantasized about. I then shoved the gusset into my mouth travesti istanbul and sucked as hard as I could while undoing my pants for the next part of the session.

My cock had gone fully erect during this foreplay and the head was sticking out of the waistband of my briefs when I unzipped my trousers. After a minute, I was completely naked from the waist down, with my legs spread as far as my car’s footwell would allow, rubbing a good amount of precum all over the head of my engorged, pulsing member.

I started the session by wrapping Lisa’s panties around my cock and stroking it softly while I sucked on the fingers that I’d had inside the gusset. The smooth material felt great against my shaft, and the friction made her scent spread from her panties throughout my car, making me breathe deeply so that I could get all of it into my nose. I spent a good few minutes edging myself with her panties, allowing my precum to dribble onto the material during the pauses. I made sure to put my cock through one of the leg openings, so that I could throttle it and prevent myself from cumming too quickly.

After getting way too close on one occasion, I unwrapped the panties from my cock and spent a few minutes licking the gusset where her sweet little pussy, had pressed against the night before. I made sure to get as much of her out of these panties as I could, all the while rubbing the smooth fabric over my face while fantasizing about giving her the most fantastic oral sex that I could muster. This turned into me talking dirty to a pair of dirty panties, which sounds weird, but it took me to the next level.

Once I’d sucked all of Lisa out of the gusset, I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it into the wet little pocket. I almost came when it went in, so I quickly wrapped my fingers around the base of the shaft and squeezed, watching as the head pulsed inside the damp, tight fabric, my precum adding to the mixture of bodily fluids already saturating the smooth material of the panties.

Now, knowing that Lisa would probably just throw these panties into the wash, along with all her other dirty clothes when she got home, I decided that I was going to treat myself by finishing inside her panties.

My cock still sitting comfortably in the wet pocket, I slowly started stroking it, feeling it get harder and harder as I went. I could feel my balls tensing and just knew my load was going to be massive. I started talking dirty again to Lisa while I fucked her panties, telling her what a good little slut she was, and how I loved her tight little pussy. I told her I wanted to fill her up with my hot cum, and (in my head) she begged for it, so that’s just what I did. I stroked faster and my istanbul travestileri load broke free from my rock hard cock, filling the pocket with loads of hot, wet cum. It poured out of the pocket and down onto my still stroking hand. I tensed so hard that I lifted my hips from the car seat, and moaned Lisa’s name quite loudly. I then slowly massaged and squeezed every last drop of my thick, white cum into her little panties, shuddering with every spurt, until I just lay back and let myself grow soft while still inside the pocket.

After a few minutes spent basking in the experience, I removed my now soft cock from the panties and held them up to inspect my work. Lisa’s panties were now covered in my cum, the majority of it seeping out of the pocket and onto the back panel of the pair. I realized that I’d need to clean them up a bit, so I began to gently lick my load from the fabric, tasting now how it changed Lisa’s flavor from sweet to salty. Her scent was still everywhere, and I breathed in deeply while eating my cum from her panties.

Making sure to leave a small signature amount of myself inside the pocket, I pulled them inside out, and placed them back in her pants as I found them. I then repacked her overnight bag, and zipped it up as I’d found it. I was still nude from the waist down, and feeling a bit horny, so I popped the trunk and got out my car to drop the bag in the back again, feeling the cool breeze against my still wet cock and balls. After that, I got back into the car and headed to the office to fetch Lisa and take her to the airport for her flight home.

She was a little livelier than before (thanks to some coffee at her meeting) and we chatted amiably on the ride over to the airport. As we drove, I couldn’t help seeing her noticing a slight scent in the car, and from the look on her face, she recognized it, but couldn’t understand where it was coming from. I kept the conversation going to distract her, telling her that I’d be up to see her early on in the New Year, to which she smiled and stopped her sniffing of the air.

We stopped at the drop and go, and both got out. I took her bag out of the back, and handed to her after which she thanked me with a kiss on the cheek, and another full body hug. As she walked away, my eyes dropped to her perfect little ass, wondering what kind of panties she was wearing right now and how her little pussy felt being pressed up against them. My cock was tingling again, and in my lustful state, I didn’t see her stop. She called my name, and I looked up. She’d clearly caught me staring but just smiled, told me to drive safe, and winked at me, before carrying on towards the doors, her hips swinging a little more than before.

I got back into my car, unzipped my pants and pulled my semi-hard cock out for some air. Heading back to the office, slowly jerking myself off as I drove, I reminisced about my session with Lisa’s panties and started working on a plan for how I’d get hold of them again.

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