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The class was seated, slight murmurs and shuffles from nervous students who had never had to deal with this sort of curriculum before. It was brand new, part of the school’s new racial equity and accountability initiative. The policy had been brought on due to fiery national race relation issues, and given that it’s surrounding suburban populous was over 90% white, 7% asian, and less than 2% black. Democrat voters and politicians agreed, they needed to acknowledge and take responsibility for years of supposed systemic racism, reach out, and make amends.

So they introduced a mandatory senior level class called “Sexual Education and Minority Integration on a National Academic Level”… or the S.E.M.I.N.A.L program for short. It had become a graduation and pre-college requirement in record time. The classes were separated between boys and girls, and it took place during the final semester, as attendees had to be 18 or older. At present, they had hired a single instructor, a 50 year old black man named Luther Mangrove, who was currently standing in front of the all female class introducing himself.

“Good morning ladies, and welcome to your first day in the SEMINAL program.” he said, facing the board, a few snickers coming from the group, “My name is Mr. Mangrove, and I will be teaching you all about sexual education in the progressive age.”

“Excuse me, sir?” one of the girls inquired, her hand up timidly, her glasses slipping down her nose slightly.

Mr. Mangrove turned around, taking a moment to spot out the inquisitive young student, and checked his seating chart to identify her, “Yes Ms… Collins, what is it?”

“Well, I don’t want to sound rude, but we are all eighteen, and have already been through sex education… how is this going to be any different?” she said, feeling a little more confident as she heard whispers of agreement around her.

“First, that is an ignorant and racist question, you should be ashamed of yourself.” he said, making her hunch slightly, now fearful for having been bigoted, “Second, you haven’t exactly let me get to that part, now have you?”

“I’m sorry, sir.” she said, her knees buckling together in her uniform skirt, her eyes dropping to the floor.

“But you helped make my first point, every single one of you girls in this room is a racist.” he said, broadly gesturing to all of them.

This of course was met with vociferous chatter, the girls blushing and outraged at the accusation.

“Before y’all start trying to talk down to me, a black man, you need to recognize why that statement made you so upset. It’s because you’ve never had to check your own white privilege. So, you’re welcome.” he said, acknowledging their response to his insult.

“Sir, I don’t think that’s fair at all.” another student, Margaret Chen said.

“Oh really? Well, let me ask you this, you ever sleep with anyone before?” he said, calling her out.

“What? I… I don’t have to answer that.” she said, blushing.

“That’s a yes.” he said, purposely embarrassing her, “Now let me guess, he was either white, or asian like yourself, am I right?”

“That is absolutely none of your business.” Margaret said, more embarrassed than ever.

“Privilege.” he said, matter of factly. “None of you girls has slept with a black man, or even considered it.”

“That isn’t a fair statement, Mr. Mangrove.” declared Holly Benson, the fiery redhead with mounds of curls. “Doesn’t that just boil someone down to their external features, shouldn’t that be inconsequential towards to heart of who someone is or loves?”

“Privilege.” He said once again, dismissing their remarks. “It is astounding the amount of unconscious bias in this room right now.”

The girls were all worked up, but unsure what to do about any of it, the class after all, was completely mandatory and without it, none of them could graduate let alone attend college. Mr. Mangrove simply sat down on the edge of his desk and addressed them once more.

“So, today, we’ll be spending this first session together learning what it means to feel exposed, something people in minority communities feel every day.” he said, producing a digital camera from his bag, “So, everyone, remove your clothes.”

The classroom of course burst into a roar of dissension, girls folding arms in a huff, others picking up their bags and preparing to leave.

“Let me remind you, failure to comply will result in a failing grade, and that means no graduation, and no college.” he said, barely batting an eye.

“This isn’t right.” Maggie Fry said, standing up and brushing her uniform skirt down in a fit of objection. “There’s no way this will stand.”

“Again, try me. Even if this program is dissolved, it won’t happen for several years at best through litigation and law, which got us here to begin with, thank you very much. So, I’ll tell you for the last time remove all your clothes.” he said, as still as stone.

“That… travesti istanbul but, why do we have to be naked?” a sporty young blonde by the name of Michelle Thiel said from the back of the class, feeling a little defeated.

“As I said, marginalized communities such as my own are forced to deal with feeling afraid and exposed every single day, and if you intend on bettering yourselves as humans, and I hope you all do, then you need to empathize for the first time in your life and do it.” he said, shaking his head, seemingly incredulous at how little these white girls understood.

There was a series of lower murmurs, girls talking in low and defeated tones, before one of the girls stood up and started pulling her uniform jacket off.

“Fuck it, I’m getting this bullshit over with.” Jenny Marcus said boldly, unbuttoning her top.

The other girls paused, but began following suit, dozens of uniforms skirts dropping to the floor, knee high socks peeled down and dropped, bras undone, until the whole class was standing awkwardly with arms raised to cover both bare breasts and exposed genitalia.

“Very good, now that’s a start.” he said, moving and lifting up his camera, “Now, each of you will come up here, lower your arms to your sides, and state your name, and declare that you’re taking a stand against racism. Then do a full circle, slowly. My people had to pose like this once for slave buyers, and now you’ll know what that feels like.”

The girls, already in way deeper than they ever would have imagined, lined up single file, and stood before him as he took dozens of shots and video, each of them declaring, mostly in a timid fashion, that they were standing up to racism. Mr. Mangrove quickly scrolled through the dozens of photos, eyeing up every different set of breasts, perky, plump, flat to stacked, from puffy nipples to pointy ones, and a whole collection of fresh white pussy, some trim and shaved, others more natural, puffy, tight, it was just 24 more girls that were “standing up to white colonization”.

“Alright, very good everyone, now nobody go back to their seats, I want everyone around my desk.” he said, ushering them all around, their naked bodies crowding his hard wood desk.

The girls had resumed their posture, arms desperately trying to cover their nudity, despite his claims about slavery and exposure, it didn’t feel right. But, if school had taught them anything, it was to follow the adults in charge commands, and not question them, because otherwise you’d be punished with bad grades, or suspension, or in this case, denied further education.

“Alright, now that you all know what it feels like to be exposed, I’m going to give you a brief introduction to the next unit, which I refer to as “Sex and the Black Man”.” his statement leaving the girls in another quiet murmur, worry breaking out on several of their faces, “Rather than rely on digital aids, I’m just going to work with what nature gave me, so if you can all gather around, I want you to look it over, inspect it, touch it if you want, just explore the taboo that is black penis.” he said, laying back on his desk and unzipping his pants, pulling out his sizable black cock and balls, letting them flop down as he struggled not to get an erection.

The exposure was met with some awkward giggles and a few shocked hushes, with one of the girls Katie Dibbs chiming in, “So… you want us to like, touch your penis and stuff?”

“That’s right, look it over, feel it, maybe even take a look at the testicles. I want you to feel free to explore it without worry about what society will think about you. This is a safe space.” he said, his chest tight with anticipation.

Some of the bolder girls wasted no time, lifting his large dark penis in their slender white fingers, others reaching out and cupping his balls, remarks filling the crowd about both it’s length and girth. It wasn’t long before almost every girl in the classroom had put their hand on it in some shape or form, his dick growing even larger as it swelled up with erectile engorgement, a few shocked gasps escaping lips.

“See, that arousal you’re feeling there is perfectly normal, despite what your parents or society might tell you to think.” he said, turning his face to look at some of them as he lay on his desk.

“Sir?” another girl, Cassie, asked from the crowd of pale nude bodies, “Is your… uh, size, normal for a penis?”

“Another interesting question, from the perspective of a black man, yes. From the perspective of white society, no. You see, black men are generally well known for having larger than average genitalia, such as mine, which is what led white men at the time to consider us savages, or animals. You see, it was a product of fear that made them dehumanize us, and that’s the stigma we’re erasing today.” he said, growing impatient at waiting for what he wanted to do next. “So, what we’re going to see next is about normalizing sexual istanbul travestileri behavior, which you shouldn’t be ashamed of at all, blame puritanical values, so I’d like a few volunteers who would like to help me reach ejaculation.”

This sent the girls into wide eyed stares and blushes harder than ever before, the same few daring girls stepping forward to help move things along.

“Very good, very good. So, let me just sit up here.” which he did, turning toward the back of the classroom, “And you girls get on either side of me here, and I’d like the rest of you to all gather around in front of me, and get down on your knees.”

“Mr. Mangrove, this…” a timid voice started.

“NO, I am done taking objections from the class, you either participate, or you are getting marked out as a failure. The amount of white privilege in this room is absolutely stunning.” he said, giving them all a stern look. “Now, get down on your knees, the rest of you, begin.”

And with that, six white hands started working his thick black cock, working as a group to jerk him off. He reached down, guiding hands to better their efforts, moving some to his testicles, and ensuring one was rubbing the head of his cock with her thumb, to which he gave approving whispers and smiles.

“There… there we go… alright, all of you girls, down in front of me NOW.” he said, gripping the base of his own penis and jerking himself to completion.

He whipped his dick from side to side, making every effort to cum all over as many of their naive white faces and supple bodies as possible, absolutely drenching Sharon Peters in the front row, the load dripping down to her perky young tits.

“Oh… oh okay… there it is… alright…” he said, catching his breath a little, “Now… now who here thinks that this was dirty, or disgusting?” he said, eyeing their cum splattered faces with hidden glee.

Several girls raised their hands, which was exactly what he was hoping for.

“You see, again, you’re viewing this as disgusting. Something that is perfectly normal sexual behavior. So is it because I’m black?” he said, chiding them.

While most of the girls put their hands down in shame, one held hers up still, Becky Delucca.

“What is it young lady?” he said, annoyed.

“It’s not because you’re black, it’s because I think you’re using this as an excuse to get a bunch of girls to jerk you off, and even worse, all over the rest of us.” she said, defiantly.

“You really think that? That your honorable state governor and lawmakers would approve of a class that merely sexually objectifies women? What year do you think we’re living in, the 1800’s? I’d bet you’d prefer that, but no, it’s 2022, minorities aren’t slaves anymore and sexual empowerment is alive and well, if you can’t see that, then there really is no hope for you.” he said, really loving how easy it was making everything about race.

Becky gave a defiant look, but lowered her hand, still not ready to accept what was being thrust upon her, figuratively for the time being.

“Okay girls, we only have twenty minutes left, so I’m going to move onto section two of “Sex and the Black Man”, which will require participation from all of you eventually. I will pick today’s participant personally, since we’re low on time, and this class wants to be so contentious.” he said, scooting forward and standing up in front of the group of still kneeling girls, “We’re going to start with you, Ms..? State your name please.”

“Becky.” she said flatly.

“Very good, the rest of you may return to your seats, but I don’t want to see any clothes put back on until I instruct you to, do you understand?”

The girls all chimed in agreement, carefully taking their seats, some wiping wads of cum off themselves with their bare hands and looking around for somewhere to wipe it off again.

“Alright Ms. Becky, since you seem so intent on living in the 1800’s, let’s give you a crash course in time travel, and bring you up to speed with the rest of us. Come around here and bend over the desk.” he said, circling around himself and standing there waiting.

“What? You want me to… bend over in front of you?” she said, genuinely distressed.

“Not simply bend over, I will be inserting myself inside you. You may understand the physical mechanics of sex, but you have no understanding of human connection, particularly with minorities and that is going to change right now. Now come over here, and bend over.” he said, once more pointing to the space where his chair normally went.

Becky turned to the class with imploring eyes, seeing nothing but scared, nervous, or otherwise slightly excited faces, and knew there would be no outcry of support for her here. She walked slowly to the desk, double checking her peers faces for reassurance, found none, and stood in front of the desk as he reached over and guided her down until her bare breasts were touching istanbul travesti the surface of his desk. He stepped behind her, and she could feel the large head of his cock firmly probing her tight opening, as he staged himself for penetration.

“Uh, are you going to use a condom at least?” she said, beyond nervous.

“No more talking, and no. This is a sex positive age, and I was thoroughly screened before becoming your instructor.” he said, grabbing her hip with his free hand.

“No, I’m not worried about STD’s, I’m worried about getting pregNAAAHHHHH!!!” she screamed out as he forced himself inside, stretching her vaginal walls to the limit and driving her cervix wide apart as he pushed hard.

“There we are… almost half way there…” he said, grabbing her other hip now that his cock was secured inside her, pulling her back with full force.

“OwowowowowOWOWOWOW!!!!” Becky shouted as it drove the rest of the way in, the head finally stopping as it hit the inside of her uterus.

“Now, it’s clear this isn’t your first time, but tell me MASSAH BECKY… is this anything like the sex you had before?” he said, now pumping his cock with long hard strokes.

“NO… I, UH… OW… HE DIDN’T… OW… IT WAS…OW!!!” she cried again as he continued hammering her insides.

“And tell me, better or worse?” he said, not skipping a beat.

“AHHH… AHHH… BETTER!!!” she cried, her pussy getting hotter and wetter as she stood on her tip toes trying to brace her only before lightly used pussy from the black invasion taking place.

“That’s right, because I am a professional, not some hack who came here to “get girls to jerk him off” as you said earlier.” He increased the tempo, leaning forward and bracing her shoulders instead, his balls slapping hard against the backs of her thighs as he took any last vestige of virginity away from her. “Now class, look hard at Becky’s face… tell me the moment you think she’s over being a backwards thinking racist.” he said, using one hand to pull her hair back bringing her face into plain view for everyone else.

With every thrust of his fat black cock, Becky was racing closer and closer to orgasm, her mouth hanging open stupidly slack, and her eyes rolling back in her head. In a matter of minutes, the pleasure overwhelmed her, sending her crashing into a series of body shaking orgasms, as she threw herself forward, grabbing the desk with both hands, clutching it so hard her knuckles went even whiter.

“That, for the unobservant, or indifferent, was the moment.” he said, reaching down and rubbing her clitoris from behind, making her cry out and spasm even harder.

The girls watched in startled amazement as Becky cried out, a trembling, orgasmic mess. Mr. Mangrove felt the stirring in his own loins, putting both his hands to work holding her ass tight against himself as he unloaded another fat load, this time directly inside her unprotected white pussy. He trembled slightly himself as each and every drop spurted out, before carefully pulling out, the leftovers oozing down her thighs.

“There… There we go… THAT is what the end of racism looks like…” he said, huffing and puffing. “Now, it doesn’t look like we have time for another participant today, so you may start getting dressed. But we’ll be meeting here at the same time tomorrow, and the same thing goes then.” he said, wiping his cock off on Becky’s ass as she lay gasping and recovering herself. “As a reminder, this class is not to be discussed with your parents, as that would be a violation of the state’s safe space mandate, compromising your ability to learn in an environment free from intimidation, understood?” he said, as they all started gathering their things.

There was a more vocal return of agreement, the girls pulling their knee high socks back on, panties up, skirts up over their buttoned blouses.

“Becky, go get dressed, you have your next class soon, and I don’t have time for stragglers.” he said, copping a quick feel of her ass as he directed her away from the desk.

Becky walked, as straight and as powerfully as she was able to her things, and slumped down in the chair, pulling her panties up and over the leaking mess coming from her vagina in a sex addled stupor. Before long, everyone was dressed and the bell rang, letting them all loose back to their normal studies. Mr. Mangrove sat down, having already redressed himself, and put a check next to Becky’s name on his list with a smile. He whipped his cell phone out quickly, checking his texts, spotting the one he was looking for.

“First day teach’… did you do it?” it said knowingly.

“Sure did.” he responded, “These idiots will do anything to feel less racist.” followed by the laughing emoji.

“Nice.” his partner shot back. “Save some for me.”

“We’ll see.” he said laughing emoji once more.

The next class of 24 girls shuffled in and took their assigned seats, his second class out of 6 overall today, Mr. Mangrove turned to greet them all with a big smile. There were nervous looks, and one’s of concern or interest, but he would handle them all. It was, after all, his job to introduce them to the age of sexual normalcy and modern politics.

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