Sex with my Osteogenesis Friend

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I met Callie in my freshman year of college in C++ programming class. My first impression of her was that she was way more extroverted and outgoing than any computer nerd I had ever met. She was cute, perky, and had the sexiest freckles all over her shoulders and face.

I always like to sit on the front row of my classes, and apparently Callie did too, mainly so she could maneuver her electric wheelchair around the room more easily. She had a cherubic face and a petite, malformed frame and her smooth, skinny arms were covered in white, downy hair. She stood about 3’8″, but really she was unable to stand up completely straight, due to early developmental issues with her legs and back. She had long, oversized arms hands for her body, that is to say, they were proportionally normal-sized for average women, but oversized for her.

After a few classes I began making small talk with her after class and eventually we started going out for coffee together, mostly so I could pick her brain about programming issues I was fuzzy on. She was a really high-strung chick and talked non-stop, but she was obviously brilliant and insightful, far more than I certainly was. She talked so fast that she literally spit at times trying to keep up with her thought process.

Callie, I learned had a weird bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition that makes your bones really brittle and prone to breaking. Evidently, she had a milder form of it, and functioned better than most people with the disease. Although she got mostly around campus in an electric wheelchair she was able to walk with aluminum crutches sometimes. It was just safer to use the chair when moving from class to class, she said. Over coffee at the student center one day she told me she had broken her ankle, her right leg (twice), and her left arm when she was younger. She was quite cheerful and positive about it all though, and had the greatest outlook on life, despite her physical limitations.

Over the course of the semester I became strangely attracted to her. Here was this cute, slightly deformed munchkin of a girl, with a high, shrill voice, and a brilliant mind, who seemed to really enjoy my company. She even laughed at my dumb jokes. She was unpredictable and exciting and I became really hot for her in what felt like a perverted way. At night I began masturbating to the thought of having sex with her, but was frustrated imagining how that could even physically happen. She was far too fragile for sex I thought.

Before midterms I got up the nerve to ask her over to my apartment to study and she enthusiastically accepted. The afternoon before she arrived I spent over an hour cleaning up my place. I tend to be a chronic masturbator and keep cum rags, lubes, and a respectable number of stroke toys lying all over the place. I even have a sex doll torso that permanently lives beneath the sheets of my unmade bed that usually stays full of cum, Vaseline, and Albolene. I washed my bed sheets and cum rags, vacuumed the place up, and stashed all my embarrassing unmentionables in the closet so my apartment would look presentable. Callie showed up promptly on our agreed time. I liked that.

“Mmm, smells like you’re a busy little beaver up in here sport”, she commented with a smile upon entering. I blushed, realizing my apartment probably smelled like a gay porn studio and was at a loss for a response.

“Don’t worry about it dude, I probably get off more than any human alive”, she laughed, sensing my discomfort. She jumped out of her chair and immediately started oggling my server and PC setup like a kid in a candy store. I had a lot of monitors and smart TVs subbing as monitors all over my apartment for gaming, porn, programming, etc. and she seemed clearly impressed with my setup. She correctly deduced and was impressed that the separate TV and desktop on the floor at the foot of my bed was my dedicated porn rig. I was pretty embarrassed that she had pegged me so easily.

We sat down on the couch and the conversation stretched into the evening as we finished off two bottles of red wine and got to know one another. She was so easy to talk to that it was scary, even when the subject turned to sexually explicit topics. As we talked about teachers, upcoming programming projects, and games we loved to play, I noticed her edging closer and closer to me on the couch every time she changed position, until we were practically cuddling. She smelled really nice and sexy as she drew closer. I wasn’t sure if it was her or some scent she was wearing, but I was definitely getting hard.

At one point she nodded to my porn PC and confided that she masturbated at least two or three times a day, every day of her life. Evidently she got off once in the morning before getting up, then once or twice again before going to sleep. She said it kept her more relaxed and that she really needed that release several times a day to keep her sanity. She even got herself off around lunchtime if she had the time. I asked what sort of toys she used and she listed a string of favorites that she owned, from vibrating istanbul travesti bullets, to rabbits and even something called a Lush that had multiple vibrating settings. It seemed she had an even bigger collection in her bedside table than I did. I knew things were getting really intimate when she told me how she constantly rotated through beach towels on her bed all the time, because she came so much masturbating.

As I poured her another glass of wine she confided in me that “girls like her didn’t get laid very often”, and that she had the filthiest thoughts about guys all day and was constantly horny. Most guys were intimidated by her personality and handicap, and she admitted that she, “didn’t get near as much dick as she would like.” I was floored and fascinated at how she discussed her masturbatory and sexual habits so freely, as if she were discussing a line of programming code. The more we talked about sex the hotter she seemed to look and smell. It was hard to believe that she had a difficult time finding lovers. My rock hard erection bulged beneath my sweatpants to the point I had to hide it with my arm. I glanced down at her t-shirt at one point and could see her tiny nipples getting firm and stiff. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, and had A-cup sized breasts.

Callie didn’t miss my eyes straying down her shirt. She stretched and yawned loudly, then draped her arm over my head on the couch seat, then turned the conversation to focus on me as she edged in closer. She wanted to know all about my personal sex life, my lovers, my kinks, and my masturbatory habits, as if I were being interviewed for a job. I told her my sex life had been almost non-existent recently, with the exception of one blond freshman psychology major I had brought home from a bar and had sex with my third week of school. I admitted having a large array of stroke toys, and lubes and described the types of porn I enjoyed watching and stroking to the most. She was clearly getting turned on by our conversation and I could sense the question that was coming next.

“So how often do you jack off”, she whispered close? Apparently my answer surprised her.

“About four to five times a day for about three or four hours a day”, I replied.

“I really want to give you head right now”, she blurted out, abruptly, following my admission. I was speechless and sure my mouth dropped open.

“Ummm”, was all I could manage. She smiled wickedly, like a tiger circling it’s prey, and her hand moved slowly up my thigh to my crotch.

“How would we do that”, I asked, “Safely I mean?” She liked this apparently and responded by pulling and tugging at my sweats. I helped by pulling them down to my ankles, exposing my stiff eight inch erection, which stood up firmly at attention.

“Holy shit”, she said, surprised. “That’s a seriously impressive meat stick you got there buddy”, she said in amazement. I laughed. I had never heard my cock referred to quite that way before. I kicked my sweats off completely to where I was naked from the waist down, then spread my legs, giving her complete access.

“I’m going to lay my head in your lap”, she said, as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it to the floor. “Then, I want to just work you nice and slow while I’m holding you in my mouth”, she whispered with a wicked smile. I nodded silently in agreement, still bewildered at the turn the evening had made. I got a brief glimpse of her tiny boobs and perky nipples before she turned and lay her head down in my lap.

I caressed her smooth, little, misaligned shoulders that were covered in tiny brown freckles. Callie nuzzled in even closer to me, making herself comfortable, until half of her tiny frame was draped across my abdomen and thigh, curled into a ball that encircled my erection. She was so light that her weight was practically nonexistent. She let her soft, brown hair drape across my chest as she began kissing my lower abdomen and brushing her hands over my warm erection playfully.

I lay back on the couch with a long sigh as she wrapped her hand tighter around my pole and began stroking it softly. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of her wet mouth slowly slip around my glans as it slid just past her lips. She held me inside her mouth, applying the perfect amount of steady suction to my swollen glans, squeezing me from the base so it would expand and contract as she applied a constant vacuum. As she slowly stroked my stiff shaft I could feel her teeth raking gently over the surface of my sensitive glans as the tip inch of my cock slowly moved in and out of her wet mouth. She took deep breaths through her nose, letting them go slowly, then pulled more than two inches of my shaft deeper as she continued to slowly stroke me in and out of her stationary mouth.

Periodically she would readjust the angle of her face around my intruding flesh, making little wet smacking sounds as she moved. It felt so incredibly sensual and amazing as every tiny movement she made resulted in a burst of pleasure throughout my body. Slowly, she began working my erection up and istanbul travestileri down, gently tugging it in and out of her mouth while she rested her head in my lap, moaning with obvious satisfaction as she pleasured me. The slower she went, the hotter it felt. It was beyond incredible. I couldn’t believe such a compact little female could deliver such delicious pleasure.

I reached over her shoulder and caressed her stiffened nipple as she set a steady rhythm, pulling my cock in and out of her open mouth. I caressed the length of her soft body, then finally ran my hand inside her sweatpants, pulling them off her hips and down her thigh to her knees. Signaling her willingness, she raised her knees up slightly to assist me, never missing a stroke. I pulled her sweats and pink little panties together over her feet. Now she was completely naked except for a pair of white socks. The crotch of her panties was wet and moist from her own arousal and I could see a large wet spot had formed.

Without thinking I pulled her panties and sweat pants up to my nose and inhaled the sweet, pungent aroma of her sexual discharge. They smelled strong and feminine and so erotically naughty. I squeezed her soft little ass lightly as her head steadily bobbed up and down on my cock. She pulled hiked her knee upwards to expose her hairy little pussy, highlighted by her large, fleshy labia.

I slowly began working my middle finger between her legs from behind, caressing the length of her hairy labial folds up and down as she continued to lose herself as she steadily consumed my penis. She parted her legs, allowing me better access, and signaling her willingness for me to continue further. Slowly, I began pressing between her meaty pussy lips with my finger until I finally penetrated past them into her wet little box. She was tight and warm inside.

Once I found her honey-well she moaned in approval, so I began to finger-fuck her softly, making noisy squishing noises with every stroke. She whined softly with obvious pleasure, keeping my cock nestled firmly just inside her mouth as she adjusted her right leg to give me easier access to her crotch. After a few thrusts the entire length of my middle finger sank all the way inside of her, down to her firm cervix at the bottom. She gasped and tensed her body briefly as I began to massage the walls of her tight vagina.

Her own strokes got faster and stronger. She methodically inched my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth as she tugged me tighter now. I imagined how good those pouty lips of hers looked now as my strong-willed little friend submissively took my cock. Her tight, hairy pussy was getting so wet now that it made loud, almost rude squishing sounds as my middle finger slid in and out of her over and over. I took another sniff of her wet panties, and let the waves of pleasure wash over me as we pleasured each other’s horny genitals. Finally, after several minutes I could feel my climax building.

“Oh God that feels so good”, I whispered down to her. “I’m getting close.” She gave me two more strokes then abruptly slipped me out of her mouth, seconds before I reached the point of no return. She sat up abruptly, as my finger slipped from her pussy, then got a really serious look on her face. Her lips and the entire left side of her face was smeared with gooey saliva and precum that had settled at the base of my cock, but she looked at me with the most serious, almost business-like look.

“I’m going to fuck you now”, she exclaimed, quite matter of factly, “but you need to stay perfectly still and you have to let me do everything, ok?” To emphasize the point, she pointed her wet gooey index finger at me, which we both glanced at with a naughty snicker.

“I’m serious”, she re-emphasized, forcing herself to stop smiling. I nodded silently in agreement. “If you don’t let me do all of it I could really get hurt”, she said more softly. “That’s the deal!”

“I promise, it’s all you”, I replied earnestly. She narrowed her eyes and looked at me silently for a few seconds with her head cocked slightly, as if she were gauging my level of sincerity, as well as her own trust in me. Finally, she appeared satisfied. She planted a long, wet kiss on my mouth for the first time that tasted like my own salty penis.

“So take me to bed, and bring those panties with you if you need another whiff”, she joked, rolling her eyes. I didn’t think she had noticed me sniffing her panties while she was giving me head, but evidently she had. I carefully stood up, picked her up, and carried her tiny nude frame to my bed in the next room, laying her down next to me as I sat up slightly against four or five pillows propped against the headboard.

She quickly climbed on top of me, straddling my waist and facing me now as I pulled my own t-shirt over my head. Now we were both totally naked. I got my first full look at her small, perky boobs that stood at attention in front of her chest. They were perfect and quite lovely. Her nipples were hard and erect. I felt her warm wet crotch perched just above my stiffened cock, travesti istanbul which pointed back up towards me. Callie weighed practically nothing as she clambered around on top of me, adjusting her thin spindly legs and body for the optimal position as she straddled me.

Once she was situated comfortably her face softened into a look of sinful pleasure again. She wrapped her long arms around me, leaned in, and French-kissed me hard and long. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as she grabbed my face with both hands and aggressively explored the interior of my mouth with her wet tongue. Her breath was sweet and hot as she exhaled into my face and mouth. I grabbed the back her head and pulled her face gently into mine as she cocked her head slightly to facilitate our open mouths interlocking. With my left hand I supported her lower back to give her balance as she began to grind her wet crotch back and forth over my erection. Her wet, meaty, labia lips perfectly enveloped the top and sides of my cock as she gyrated back and forth, grinding her slick pussy up and down the length of my erection as she rode me back and forth like a monorail train. God, it felt so fucking good and I wasn’t even inside of her yet.

She held my face with both hands as she released our long, sensual kiss and looked hard into my eyes. She was so beautiful and sexy at that moment and I could see every detail of her facial features and eyes. She needed total sexual communication with me for safety I learned, which she primarily conveyed non-verbally with her eyes to those smart enough to learn. Callie was a quarter my size and weight and she was trusting me to submit complete physical control of the moment to her.

Her gooey, warm labia felt so good as she slowly pleasured her clit up and down the ventral side of my engorged glans and shaft, over and over. Her wet tongue snaked all over my face and darted in and out of my mouth at times for fresh saliva as she coated me in my own spit, then hungrily licked my face dry. She clearly had a sexual agenda she wanted to follow and obviously enjoying herself, so I let her completely have her way with me.

Finally, she tired of the excruciating foreplay and reached down to adjust the position of my cock, forcing it to tilt upwards slightly. Then, ever so gently, she positioned my glans between the opening of her wet pussy lips. I held my breath in crazed anticipation as she narrowed her eyes and stared hard into my own. Her face was so close to mine that I could see the tiny flecks of green in her brown irises and feel her warm, sweet breath on my face. I held her small torso for support as she delicately positioned out bodies for intercourse.

At last I felt the tip of my cock burrowing inside of her, at what felt like a millimeter at a time. Her mouth widened briefly as she felt me slip inside of her. Slowly, I began to feel more and more of the unmistakeable sensation of silky, warm flesh enveloping me as my glans penetrated into her horny body. She took a deep, jagged, breath, then impaled herself onto me, forcing my cock deeper. She felt so deliciously warm and tight around my shaft as her little body gyrated and impaled itself willingly onto my erection. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking hot, little Callie, the girl I had only the night before fantasized and masturbated myself to an intense orgasm over.

I badly wanted to thrust the length of my cock to the bottom of her tight little cunt, but I resisted, knowing how easily it could injure her. With another thrust she took another inch of me deeper inside of her. The temperature became incrementally warmer the deeper I penetrated and I shivered from the exquisite pleasure.

We maintained constant eye contact, watching every reaction from each other, learning what movements felt best in the other’s facial expressions. She seemed to enjoy my agony, knowing I struggled to resist taking her wet hole completely. She forcefully thrust onto me a little more again, bringing me even deeper inside of her. I flexed my cock involuntarily, causing it to swell with blood.

“Don’t do that”, she whispered, shaking her head slightly.

“Yes, ma’am”, I replied, and for my politeness and obedience I was rewarded with the final inch of total vaginal penetration. Finally, my erection was completely engulfed within her tight, warm, fairy pussy as she rested her full weight directly on top of my cock. I never knew such a tiny body could contain such incredible pleasure. She pushed into me and I felt my glans press against her cervix deep at the bottom of her hairy little well.

She fucked and ground her crotch aggressively into mine, making a point to keep me buried firmly inside of her with every thrust. This kept her body movements to a minimum, avoiding unnecessary pelvic stress on her fragile body from the usual movements associated with hardcore penetration sex. Watching Callie relax her body and ride my cock was like watching the flow of calm ocean waves lapping onto a beach. Every movement of her horny little body was graceful and fluid, almost poetic. She closed her eyes briefly and threw her head back as she pleasured her horny vagina with my stiff flesh. Our sexual movements resembled that of well-established lovers making slow, passionate love to each other, not just merely fucking for the first time.

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