Ex-Con Uncle was My First Pt. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I grew up in a tight-knit family. My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are all pretty wholesome people… all with the exception of my Uncle Joe who had been locked up the majority of my life. Apparently, he was always in and out of the county jail and finally did something bad enough to get sent to prison for a longer term.

I’d never learned what he was in prison for, and to be honest it didn’t matter.

I’m Chad. 18, 130 pounds, 5’4″ tall. I’ve got blonde hair and gray eyes. Smooth, pale skin… and a swimmers build. I’m gay, but not out to my family… just close friends. I mean, if you met me you’d probably figure it out pretty easily… I’m a theater kid, I teach tap dance at the youth center in my spare time to make extra cash.

Basically a twink.

Anyway, after getting denied for parole several several times Uncle Joe was finally being released in the next week or so.

The original plan him to stay at my maternal grandparents’ home, but due to the restrictions of his release he couldn’t be within a certain distance of a school. He also had to be close to the one of the locations he’d have to go to for the classes that were part of his release. This made our house the only other option–a double wide trailer with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The trailer was weird because it had two master bedrooms.

This sounds cool, but it’s actually an inconvenience because guests have to go into one of the master bedrooms to use the bathroom.

Mom and dad shared the larger master bedroom, I had the master bedroom at the other end of the trailer, and the third bedroom without a bathroom would be where uncle Joe would sleep for the time being. We’d just have to clear out all the junk that dad, a bonafide hoarder, had stuffed in that room that resembled a storage shed filled to the brink with old furniture and musical instruments dad said he’d fix and sell for profit eventually.

Dad drove trucks and had a long week ahead, and mom didn’t really want to get her hands dirty, so it was left up to me to clear out the room and drag all of dad’s junk to the garage. It was senior year in high school, so I only went to school part of the day anyway. Well, the day arrived to go pick up uncle Joe from the greyhound station. Mom made me go with her because it was getting late and she didn’t want to be at the Greyhound station alone since it’s in a sketchy part of town where lots of homeless people hang out. We almanbahis got there and waited in the parking area as the sun went down waiting on Uncle Joe.

As each bus went by we’d check the number/city until finally Uncle Joe’s bus arrived. I hadn’t seen uncle Joe since I was about 4 or 5 years old so I didn’t really know who to look for as the people Unboarded the bus, then finally mom said “Oh there he is right there! Let’s go see if he needs help with his bags. As I got closer, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Uncle Joe was a looker!

He stood 6’4″ and was built like one of the characters in a Spartan movie. His head was shaved bald and he sported a natural tanned body. He was wearing a dingy wifebeater, but you could see the tan line of the t-shirt he clearly wore daily out on the recreation yard in prison. There were tattoos all over his arms, hands, and neck. Uncle Joe was inked!

His legs were like tree trunks under the sweatpants he wore, and I couldn’t help but notice the print of his long dick hanging downward to the right. On his feet he wore socks and what had to be prison issued flip flops. “There’s my Stinky!” He said as he held his arm out wide for my mom as she ran then jumped into his bulging arms. Who knew she had a nick-name?

His voice was so deep it rumbled like thunder.

…and he had this really thick country accent. Sure, my family has rural roots, but he sounded like one of the characters on The Beverly Hillbillies lol. As he lifted her up into the air his shirt went up a little, and his pants down a bit, showing the deep athletic “V” shape near the front/side of his waist… which was also covered in Tattoos.” And this must be Chad!” he said as he stepped over to me and gave me a bear hug.His strong bicep bruising across my lip as he did, giving me a taste of his salty sweat. “You’re not a little boy anymore, eh Chad?” He said.

As I stepped back and looked at his toothie grin, I could see Uncle Joe was missing one of his front teeth… this only made him hotter. One the way home mom and uncle Joe talked the whole time. I didn’t really pay attention to their conversation, instead I sat in the backseat ogling at the sight of this hunk of a man. Uncle Joe had but one ask of my mom… he wanted to stop and get a case of beer, so we did. As we pulled into the driveway, he asked where my dad was.

Mom explained that he was on a big hauling trip and would be back in a few days. Mom went on to explain that he’d have his own room but since I hadn’t cleared it out for him almanbahis yeni giriş and we didn’t have a bed yet, he was welcome to sleep on the couch or in my room. He said he’d be fine on the couch.

The three of us sat out on the couch laughing and catching up until about midnight when mom tapped out went to her room to go to sleep. Uncle Joe was chugging beers the whole time. Back to back…Every now and then he’d burp. It was both disgusting and sexy as hell.

Eventually he said he was about ready to go to sleep himself. Realizing how small and uncomfortable the sofa was seeing his 6’4″ frame sitting there on it, I again mentioned he was welcome to sleep in my bed. He declined. He asked if he could take a shower, and if so where the soap, towels, and stuff was. I showed him everything, started the shower for him, and into the bathroom he went. I turned off the tv and went to bed as well, though I couldn’t sleep. As I laid there in bed, I could hear him in the shower singing…

I couldn’t quite tell what he was singing, but he was singing nonetheless. Then, out of nowhere the door to the bathroom opens and a naked Uncle Joe steps halfway out the door speaking loudly in my direction “Hey, how do you turn off this shower.” “Twist all the way to the left, then down,” I yelled back to him. “What?” he replied.

“Twist all the way…-never mind” I said as I climbed out of bed to go do it myself.

I was wearing a pair of briefs and a t-shirt that probably showed off my smooth, hairless body, and soft bubble butt.

As I walked over to the bathroom he stepped out of the way, completely naked, as I turned the shower off. I got a full view, although brief, of that athletic physique of his.

With his body still glistening from the shower he’d yet to dry off from.

“Thanks, kiddo” he said as I walked back to my bed. He stayed in the restroom a bit longer drying off before coming out wearing an old, faded Pepsi t-shirt and a pair of prison issued boxers.” On second thought, I’ll take you up on that offer to sleep in the bed,” he said.” No problem,” I said as I got up and headed to the couch. He held his arm out and stopped me.” Where you going kiddo, there’s way more than enough room in your bed for the both of us” he said. So I went back and climbed into bed…

He followed…

He went on about how small the beds/cots are in prison and how glad he was to be a free man.

Then silence.

I turned on my side away from him and tried to leave him more space since he’s such almanbahis giriş a big man.

Before I knew it, I was awakened by the sound of Uncle Joe opening yet another beer.” Hey Chad, you up?” He asked.

“I am now, I said.”

“Could you–could you help me with one more thing?”

He said with a distinct intoxicated slur to his speech.” I know what you like kiddo, it’s….it’s cool with me,” he says.

“I knew guys like you in the pen… and… and it’s cool with me”

And with that he reached around to grab my hand and place it on his hard fuck pole that he’d pulled through the slit of his boxers.

“C’mon, I know you want it kiddo” he said directly into my ear. He bit my ear lobe.I’d sucked guys off before, so I knew just what to do.

I climbed around on the bed so that I was now coming up between his monstrous thighs and licked the shaft of my uncle’s hard throbbing Dick from the base all the way to the tip. He trembled and let out a guttural moan.

He threw his head back and spread his legs wider…I used the tip of my tongue to tease his heavy ballsack.

His balls contracted and his long fuck pipe danced once more. Once I reached the top I let a bit of spit pool around the head and swept it around with my tongue.

“Fuuuuuck, you fa” he moaned.

Then I put my uncle’s throbbing penis into my warm wet mouth and started sucking on the tip….

He grabbed the back of my head with his right hand…Looking down at me with this confused, ashamed, yet satisfied look on his face. I spit in my hand and started stroking his Dick as I sucked it. Eventually I rolled the dice and went all the way down on his fuckstick until my nose was touching his wiry pube hairs. He trembled again…

“You’re gonna make me cum, kiddo” he said…I increased my speed. I increased the auditory slurping and moaning, too…

I could tell I had him in the palm of my hands….literally. His abs were contracting and detracting…

So were his massive pecs….All of a sudden he started convulsing as I continued going up and down on his 8.5 inch penis.

I could feel the root of his dick pumping…churning baby batter that was about to explode. Then he roared like a lion….

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh” As his Dick jerked in my warm throat and spewed the first rope of his salty baby batter. I pulled out my mouth but continued stroking as his Dick spewed 3 more gooey ropes of his jizz on my face and in my hair. Once he was done he was breathing so heavily….Then the heavy breathing dissipated and his thick, heavy Dick softened…

And he fell asleep.

There he was… snoring as the sticky goo started to dry on my face and hands.I pulled his boxers up, went to my end of the bed and jacked off before going to sleep myself.

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