Challenging a Co-worker


“Amo la vie scopi…”

Roughly translated, it means I love the ways you fuck me. Especially times like now, when I’m on the edge of my bosses desk – my legs spread, skirt up around my waist, and my hands are gripping the edge to keep me steady.

Your pants are down just enough for your dick to slide completely into me,d and your balls to meet with the wet slickness between my pussy and ass. You’re controlling all the motion, varying between sliding into me so slow that you can feel my pussy clench around you — muscles seemingly working their best to draw you in quicker — and so fast that when you’re in as far as you can ram yourself, I give a gasp of pleasure that I can’t control.

You’re driving me mad, but you aren’t in control. Not really. See, you’re trying to meet a challenge I’ve put before you. Its a fairly simple one — to get me to beg you, or to scream your name. So far, all you’ve managed to elicited are those little gasps. Enough to let you know that I’m enjoying what you’re doing to me — but you haven’t made me lose control yet. Not like you did after our first Outland outing. Remember when I’d fucked you wearing nothing more than that silky black bra and those black books you love so much? After that, when your fingers almanbahis were working my pussy, and I was writhing against your hand. When you were whispering for me to relax, and I finally begged you, and said how much I wanted your cock in me?

I get wet all over again just thinking about it.

The phone rings, startling us both into a momentary stillness, before I look down at the caller ID and see that its just my boss. I smile at you, and order you to keep working. Then I pick up the phone and begin to talk to him, my voice perfectly normal. Well, almost perfectly normal. There are those moments when you’re slamming into me so hard I have to put a hand on your shoulder to steady myself — that my voice gets a little waver to it. I reassure him that I’m almost done with the work that I’d told him I’d do for him, and when he says he’ll be there in about fifteen minutes-

-fuck, adding your fingers rubbing my clit while you grind against my pussy is just evil — I had to bite my lip to keep from saying your name just then –

-when he says he’ll be there in fifteen minutes, I say “Alright, see you soon…” and hang up the phone.

I smirk at you, for the challenge has just had another component added to it. Time. So, can almanbahis giriş you make me beg or say your name in twelve minutes or less?

I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

You step up your game, sliding me off the desk — only to turn me around and lean me over it. Do you like my ass? You seem to, the way you’re cupping it in your palms, squeezing, as your dick teases the opening to my pussy. You’re sliding it against it; and then you’re sliding in it — just a little bit. My breath is coming faster now — in little pants — as I try to remain motionless. I don’t want to make this easy for you, but I can’t really help it.

I rock my hips back as much as I can when you slide just a little ways into me. I’m trying to drive you deeper inside of me.

Hey, now! Pulling out all your tricks, are you? You know I love it when you spank me.

8 minutes. You place your hand on the small of my back and twine your fingers through my hair. You pull my head back just as you abruptly thrust into me as hard as you can.

“Fuck,” I gasp. You do it again. Don’t you like how I feel around you? My pussy so wet and tight as it clenches around your cock. I know you like how it looks — me seemingly powerless under your hands. My breasts almanbahis yeni giriş pressed against the desk; my hands splayed out — clenching and unclenching s I try futilely to find something I can squeezed to regain a little control back.

6 minutes. My hips are gyrating against you, as you pound your cock into me. My pants become slight moans — I know I’m losing control. I will end up begging or screaming your name soon, won’t I?

5 minutes. You know I’m close to losing control, but you are too. Your breath is coming hard, and your thrusts aren’t as controlled as they were. I guess the question is — what’s going to happen first? Are you going to make me beg? Or will you lose — and feel your dick throb as you come inside me first?

3 minutes. The phone rings again just as you pull almost all the way out of me, and slam back in.

“Fuck-k” You can’t tell if I was just about to say your name, or just stretching out the word. Then I’m raising up just enough to grab the phone, and swallow hard before I say hello into the receiver.

Its my boss. He’s a few minutes early, and wanting me downstairs to help him carry a few things in from the car. I could scream- and not from pleasure. I tell him, resignedly, that I’ll be right there, and you pull out of me with a groan.

I straighten up, hurriedly adjusting my clothes, and press a hard kiss to your lips. At the door, just as I open it, I grin at you as you adjust yourself.

“To be continued, hm?”

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