Chasing Moonbeams

Double Penetration

Bonnie Knight was in the process of reviewing a share-ware contract with IBM when her phone buzzed.


“Mrs. Knight, Mr. Knight senior is on line two.”

“Thank you Linda. I’m all set. You may go home.” Then after pushing the line two button she spoke to her father-in-law. “Hi Charlie, how was your golf match?”

“I had a good day. Shot a eighty-three, which is very good for me.”

“Since you called, I assume that you want me to wait here for you?”

“Been three days since I have seen you Bonnie. Besides, I have something to show you that makes you and I historical.”

“What on earth could that be, Charlie?”

“I have in my hand the latest issue of Forbes magazine. You, my dear, are listed as one of the one-hundred most influential women in America, while I am included in the men’s list.”

“We did it Charlie, we really did it.”

“You did it Bonnie. I just came along for the ride.”

Bonnie knew that it would be fifteen minutes before Charlie arrived at Knight Computer headquarters. Her office, that of president, occupied the entire top floor. After working hours, the security people activated the exclusion system so that only she, and Charlie could enter by use of a coded card.

She walked over to the wet bar. As was her custom when Charlie senior was to see her after hours, she filled a shot glass of Jack Daniels, which she downed in one gulp. A second followed. Then she filled a drink glass with half Daniels and half water. She walked over to the huge window overlooking Lake Saint Clair.

She smiled to herself. Her thoughts went over how she had come to this point in her life. Her parents were dirt poor. She, being obsessed with making something of herself, had been a bookworm to beat all bookworms so that she would qualify for scholarships to college and law school. She had finished eighth in her class at Harvard Law. She had taken the position as assistant council for Knight Typewriters. Soon after her arrival, John Winston, council for the firm, resigned to go into private practice.

Charles P. Knight, Sr., was president at that time, which meant that everything that she did was at his request, or for his review. In a short while, he scheduled his daily meetings with her as his last appointment of the day.

She noticed subtle changes in Charlie. Even though it was the end of the day, he would be freshly shaved, his face splashed with Old Spice. She saw it coming. Charlie was setting her up to be his mistress. At the time, she thought of her poor mother struggling with her life. No, God damn it. That will never be me in a ramshackle old home. If I have to fuck Charlie Knight to stay close to wealth and power, so be it, she concluded.

Charles had a surprised look on his face when she readily agreed to drive with him to his camp North of the city. They stopped for dinner at an elegant Italian restaurant that he had often mentioned to her. She had never been in such a place. The food? Oh, my. She was overwhelmed. She had four glasses of wine.

She had almost screamed when she read the check, upside down. One hundred and twenty-two dollars was mind boggling to her, at the time. Funny now.

Once at the camp, Charlie lit the gas fireplace. He embraced her. He kissed her. His hand slowly pushed her hair away from her eyes. He kissed her again. “I am so happy that you are here.”

“I’m happy to be here.”

“While the place is warming up, let me show you the deck.”

It was beautiful out there, with the moon shinning across the water. Several boats could be seen in the distance.

Charlie gave her a deep kiss. There was urgency in his lips; his body was full against her. She had only had one lover before. He was a foot shorter, and sixty pounds less then Charlie. She wondered what it would be like to have a large man pinning her helpless to the bed as he had his way with her. Her mind had doubts. Her pussy did not.

They walked through the living room into the bedroom. When Charlie turned from removing his clothes, Bonnie was naked on the bed. Now beside her, he slipped his finger into her. She spread her legs wider. Charlie rolled onto her, and entered her.

“Oh, you are so tight,” he whispered.

Gently, slowly, changing his motion, he moved in her. She knew that he was trying to please her. She was not concentrating on her own orgasm. Rather, she was mentally examining the feel of his body on her, the effect of his longer body on the arc of his thrusts, his scent. One thing was for certain. She liked it, and all that went with it.

Charlie set her up in an expensive apartment that he could discreetly visit. She was now his mistress, but you would never know it at work.

The company’s only product was the typewriter line. Bonnie visited a girl friend, Jan Williams, in New York City who worked as an attorney for the firm representing IBM. She had a computer. More importantly, she told Bonnie, that word processors and computers would soon make typewriters obsolete. She also mentioned a small firm that she knew of which was rich in computer engineering talent that might be for sale.

The next time Bonnie was almanbahis in bed with Charlie she blew him away with this proposal. “Charlie, I’m going to make you an offer that you can’t refuse. I want you to become the Chairman of the Board, and essentially retire. I will become the President, and chief operating officer. We are going to drop the typewriter product line. We will buy a company with the talent to let us compete in the computer field. To do this will require that we borrow every penny the banks will lend up.”

“Why can’t I refuse?” Charlie said with a grin.

Bonnie sat up. She was sweaty, hair a mess, cum running out of her pussy. Her face-hardened. “Because Mr. Knight, if you refuse, I will resign this minute. You will never have me to play with again. Your company will be chapter-eleven within two years, and I will be very wealthy as the president of another company.”

“I don’t believe you. Where are you going to get the financial backing?”

“A silent partner, and the Chase Manhattan Bank.”

Charlie let out a low whistle. His eyes squinted. He knew her well. She never embellished, never lied. She is an attorney. He remembered that she had once been dirt poor. She had told him that she had scratched and clawed to make it to the top of everything that she ever did. “Why are you offering to even take me along for the ride?”

“Because I like you. You have always been fair and honest with me.”

“Bonnie, I have never met a woman like you. Okay, One more question. Will we be able to employ my present employees? Some have been loyal to me for years.”

“That is another reason that I wanted to make the move with Knight Typewriters. I know and trust these people.”

“Bonnie, you draw up the necessary documents, including your own job description, and we will announce your promotion as soon as you complete it.”

“Anything to get on me again, Mr. Knight?”

Two years later the transition was complete from typewriters to computers. Knight Computer was the darling of Wall Street, which the Forbes article was indicative of.

Charles Knight, Jr. PhD moved back to the area to start, with his father’s financial help, the business of Knight Laboratories.

Bonnie met him at a country club dinner. It amused her when he came on to her. He asked if she would be interested in accompany him to a movie. Bonnie turned to look him squarely in the eye. Her mind was racing. What the hell should I do about this? It had been long ago established that Charlie Sr. would never leave Paula, his wife. Time to look out for Bonnie. “Yes, I would love to go.”

Later, with his father. “I’m dating your son. I like him. Don’t be offended, but I must move on with my life.”

“I think that is wonderful. I told him that you are the most attractive, complex, smartest, hardest-working woman that I have ever met. I even suggested that you would be an interesting date.”

“Ha, ha, ha, you told him all that? No wonder that he is curious about me.”

“I certainly did.”

“Charlie, we are not kids. He will want more then a kiss on the cheek.”

“I know what you are saying. You can handle two Knights, can‘t you?”

“You are an old scoundrel.”

Six months later she was Mrs. Charles Knight, Jr.

All that was over a year ago. Bonnie felt that her clock was ticking, so she went off the pill. She was bemused by the fact that she would be witness to a sperm war between a father and his son. She tried to give Charles junior the advantage by abstaining from sex with him the three days before her ovulation, hoping that his sperm would have strong and numerous swimmers when she was ripe. Charlie senior, she allowed access to her.

A year had passed with no pregnancy, which made Bonnie most anxious. That brings us up to the present. The elevator door opened.

Turning away from the window, Bonnie walked over in front of her large oak desk as she said, “Hi Charlie. I have some things to discus with you, after I read the Forbes article.”

As she said that she took off her shoes, pantyhose, raised her skirt, and sat on the edge of her desk with her legs apart. It was a game that she had started one day when she was feeling extremely horny. Charlie handed her the Forbes. He then slid his right index finger into her pussy. As she read, his finger slowly ran in and out. She opened her legs wider.

“Don’t let this article go to your head, Charlie. We are riding the wave of our stock going up three hundred and sixteen percent. You and I are taking the credit for the ideas of our engineers.”

“Well, it is glory for the day.”

“That may be more accurate then you think, Charlie. Look at this computer consultant’s report that I commissioned. It states that if we don’t come up with an updated line soon, the market will pass us by. I have hired a head hunter firm to find the finest new talent there is.”

“Sounds like you are Bonnie being Bonnie. C‘mon and sit on me on the sofa while you tell me about this talent.”

Both took off their clothes. Charlie sat back in the center of the sofa. Bonnie startled his legs, while lowering her pussy onto his cock. When she was comfortable, almanbahis yeni giriş she slowly thrust forward and back as she continued.

“The head-hunter has located a senior at MIT, in Boston, who is considered a computer genius. He has an IQ of two hundred plus. They contacted him with a position offer, which he seemed to be interested in, but said that he would investigate Knight Computer before proceeding. Here is a picture of him.”

“He looks like a twerp, a shrimp. Must be one of those wimpy nerds?”

“Don’t know that much about him. He seems to know something about Knight. This morning he contacted the head-hunter with the request that Knight’s president, Mrs. Bonnie Knight personally fly to Boston for an evening meeting with he and his associates to determine our compatibility.”

“If he is all that you think he is, go humor the boy.”

Two days later Bonnie arrived at Boston Logan airport. She was met by boy genius, Christopher B. Getty, who was dressed in a black turtleneck sweater, dungarees, and loafers, without socks. “Let’s go get a bite to eat at Cheers?”

Bonnie, who had eaten at Cheers before, while attending Harvard, replied, “They have a very limited menu there, how about the Harbor, down on the docks?”

“Cheers in next to the hotel where we will meet my associates. Besides, I want to get some whiskey and beer into you, so that we will see the real Bonnie.”

“I beg your pardon? What did you say?”

“My investigation of you revealed that any time that you were meeting with Charles Knight senior, that you have a few straight ones. He knows you better then anyone, since you are his mistress. He saw enough in you or your ideas to make you the chief executive officer of Knight. That is the Bonnie Knight that I want to see.”

Bonnie was stunned. She stopped. They turned to look at each other. Her mind was sifting out what she had seen and heard. This Christopher Getty had the body of a slim, anemic, college nerd, but what he was saying, and his eyes were of something else; far, far different. He knew so much. How? Where was this going? She was being mentally manhandled. She was not happy about that at all.

“Is this a wasted trip for me to have come here?”

“If you want me to save your company, I would not think so.”

“So, you are willing to work for Knight?”

“If I and my associates think that you are real after our meeting, and you agree to certain condition, then yes.”

“Who are the associates?”

“The local chapter of America Mensa, of which I am a member.”

Bonnie relaxed, expecting that she could handle that arena with aplomb.

At Cheers she ordered a Rubin, Chris a club. Her drink was a Manhattan. It seemed to be large. Chris was a friend of the bar tender. She had three strong Manhattans, each with a dose of ecstasy. Having been a heavy drinker, she was not dismayed by her feeling of relaxation, lack of inhabitations. She knew that she was real, whatever they though that was. He had said that he would work at Knight. That was all that mattered. She would still be Bonnie Knight of Knight Computers.

She was surprised upon entering the Hogan room in the hotel to find it contained a small stage, which had an overstuffed chair on it. The stage was surrounded by more overstuffed chairs. Standing in a corner at a bar were twenty-five men and women, all with drinks in their hands. Chris led her over to the group. He introduced he to each one of them.

She was not surprised, since this was the Boston chapter of Mesa, that several were addressed as Doctor.

She had the bartended pour her another stiff drink. She had half consumed it, when Chris said to her, as well as the others. “Time to examine Bonnie Knight, one of America’s most influential women. Bonnie, please sit in the chair on stage.”

When she was comfortable Chris said to her, “Do you agree to answer any question about any subject to the best of your ability?


During the next fifteen minutes the questions had to do with her growing up and education. Then they shifted to her duties upon being hired at Knight.

A woman asked. “Did you sleep with the corporate council who hired you at Knight?”

A sober Bonnie would have walked. “No, he never came on to me.”

“Would you, if he had?”

“I don’t know. He was older than I.”

“Mr. Knight is older than you. You slept with him, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, but that was different.”

A male voice asked, “Was it different because Mr. Knight was your orifice into the executive suite?”

Giggling. “If you put it that way, perhaps.”

“So, you are a whore. You will fuck for material gain?”

Bonnie’s eyes got wide. The drink and ecstasy had slowed her reaction, reduced her reserve. “Well, that is not the only reason that I’ll fuck.”

That brought laughter, snickering from the group.

A deep voice asked, “We assume that you like to fuck, since you are having as much sex with the elder Mr. Knight, as you are having with you husband. What we are trying to learn is are you an alpha female, suitable for selective breeding?”

“I would like to be, but almanbahis giriş so far the stork has not flown my way.”

An older man approached her on stage. “Mrs. Knight, we are a sub-group of Mensa dedicated to the raising of the IQ of the average American. Selective breeding is the process of choice. This is what we offer to you. We will offer not only Chris as an employee, but the research capabilities of the entire Boston area which will guarantee that your company will be the Microsoft of the computer world in exchange for your agreement to our terms.”

“Which are?”

“You agree to allow access to lovers of our choice as requested. Our research indicates that with the correct stimulation that we will be successful in impregnating you.”

“I want a baby so bad.”

“Please understand. As a breeder, your obligation would last until age thirty-eight. However, beyond that point, you would be expected to accommodate Mensa members until age sixty-five, when you may retire, if you wish, but it is not required.”

Bonnie giggled again as she pictured herself as a little old lady trying to flirt with a young stud. Her mind returned to the proposal of her having babies. Yes, Babies!

“How sure are you that you can maintain Knight Computer’s solvency?”

Another man stood up. I let computer contracts for the military. Your company will be advised in advance as to what specifications will be required to win contracts.”

Bonnie closed her eyes, lifted her hands and arms above her head and said. “Mommy and Dad, I’m gong to buy you a nice condo in Florida.”

She stood. To the Mesa group, she said, “I’m yours, bring on your studs.”

Chris said, “All in good time, Bonnie. All in good time.”

Chris escorted her back to her room. The following afternoon, he met her for a five o’clock dinner. After they went to the Comic club. By midnight they were at the Hooligan Bar and lounge. Three young men who seemed to know Chris joined them at their table.

“Hey, Chris, buddy, how is it going?”

“Great, Justin, have a seat.”

Bonnie smiled at each of the three as she was introduced. She, an old lady of twenty-eight was not attuned to the current street talk. Each in turn asked her to dance. That was fun. It had been a long time since she had a trim college guy in her arms. She decided that they were all good looking. Chris went to the bar for drinks for everyone. Bonnie’s was a goblet, which would hold a third of a fifth of liquor. Chris whispered into her ear, “Bonnie, I want you to drink the entire drink in the next few minutes. It has in it relaxants and other drugs to assist in your insemination. When I believe that you are ready, we will cross the street to the Hyatt Regency. Once there the five of us will work on your fertilzation.”

Bonnie drank it all. Looking at Cris, she asked, “What other drugs?”

“You have never heard of them, but you will become a horny, hyperactive, drunk slut.”

Scared now, Bonnie pleaded, “Chris, couldn’t we start with just one guy?”

“The doctors have recommended the proper stimulation. I will explain the rest to you, after we start.”

Bonnie looked from one of the boys to another. She whispered to Chris, “Do they know about …?”

Justin, sitting on the other side of her, overheard her question. He grabbed her hand to draw it to his groin. Under his pants, his cock was fully erect, running upwards to his belt line. Justin whispered to her, “Bonnie, I’ve taken Benny’s that will let me go all night. We all have.”

To Bonnie, it was akin to sitting naked. Tonight she would be bred. They were going to make a baby. She was, after all, Mrs. Bonnie Knight, wife of Charles Knight, Jr. and mistress of Charles Knight, Sr. But, tonight, she would be a whore, a slut, having other men’s babies to raise as her own, and so that she would always be wealthy.

Bonnie was a hyper-drunk, with slurred voice, and stumbling walk, who had to be helped into the room, which contained a king sized bed. She was undressed, placed on her back. Her hands were tied to the headboard. Her legs were raised to be tied to her arms, spread wide, so that her pussy was now horizontal, exposed, unprotected, a hair covered patch, split down the middle by her slit, that of a young woman who as yet had not given birth, nor ever been abused, plundered by cocks too thick, too long.

The men undress. Their cocks were placed by her pussy for her to see. Bonnie could not take her eyes off the cocks.

Chris sat by her head. As he played with her left tit, he said, “Bonnie, doctors have long recognized that the insemination rate for a women under the stress of rape or other sexual duress is twice that of the same woman when having sex with a long time partner, such as your husband or lover, especially if the men in her life are of average cock size, which fails to stimulate her insides. The theory is that acute stimulation triggers the travel of your eggs, as well as the secretions, which are conductive to the travel of the sperm. These gentlemen were chosen for the girth and length of their cocks. They will at all times wear a condom. Their assignment is to assault your unprotected pussy as hard and fast as they can. When each has finished the first round, then I will enter you to deposit my sperm into what will be a vagina fully prepared for breeding. I will eat you for a few minutes to prepare you.”

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