Alternative Lives


It was the latest fad in technology — a machine designed to create instant power naps on its users whilst, at the same time, ensuring that they dream the dreams they desire. As with all new technology, it was damned expensive and Ben was not going to try it, tempting as it was, until, like all these new fads, it came down in price. His best mate, Zach, however, was the total opposite of Ben; he wanted everything new straight away! By the time most people were buying gadgets, Zach had got bored with them and was selling them on for half the price he’d paid for them.

During a lunch break, Zach walked into the staff canteen and sat next to Ben.

“You’ve gotta try it, mate,” he said, “It’s absolutely out of this bloody world — I feel totally refreshed and I’ve just had sex with two beautiful women!”

“In your dreams,” Ben reminded him.

“Yeah, but pal, it’s so fucking realistic! Did I tell you? My dreams are all about me as a playboy; living in a mansion with about ten beautiful young women at my beck and call! Blonde, Brunette, Redheads — white, black, Chinese, Asian — whoever I want whenever I want!” he responded.

“Yeah, you’ve told me about a dozen times, Mr Megabucks!” retorted Ben.

Ben couldn’t help but wonder though; he had been happily married for five years and had resisted a few temptations that had come his way — like Sonia in the typing pool. She had flirted with him at the photocopier and he had been sorely tempted by her curvaceous body but he had restrained himself, twiddling his wedding band round his finger while trying to remember his vows in his head. If he used the “Alternative Lives” machine he could have a fling with her and still stay faithful to Crystal, his wife. He made his mind up — tomorrow he would go to the store a few doors down at lunch-time and try it out!

That afternoon he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sonia, whenever she was around. She was still batting her eyes at him and flashing him the biggest “come-on” smiles. Her outfit was skimpy and just about appropriate for work, but it certainly didn’t leave a lot to the imagination.

When Ben got home that evening, Crystal found him somewhat distracted.

“Bad day at work hun?” she asked as she threw her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Something like that Chrissy,” he said, kissing her perfunctorily, “What’s for dinner?”

“I’ve done one of your favourites,” she responded, “Hunter’s chicken.”

“Great,” he said, somewhat unenthusiastically.

Crystal decided to let things be, deciding that whatever had happened at work was festering inside Ben and that there was little she could do about it.

Their evening passed somewhat frostily and Crystal was relieved when it was time for bed; this was where she came into her own! She knew how much Ben liked her mouth on his cock, how much he liked to suck her breasts and pussy and the countless positions that they had made love in.

When Ben joined her in the bedroom he seemed more like his normal self; little did she know that he was imagining that she was Sonia! The sex was the best she could remember for months; in her mind she was thinking, “Perhaps he should always come home from work grumpy!”

In the morning, Ben was more eager than usual to get to work; Crystal put this down to the wonderful effect she had on him in bed the previous night — invigorating his body with positivity. Ben, however, was just keen to get through to lunchtime!

Ben kept himself busy at work although always keeping an eye out for Sonia. When he saw her at the photocopier his heart stopped; the top three buttons of her blouse were undone, which would undoubtedly show off a nice glimpse of her breasts, her skirt was figure hugging, showing off her arse to perfection and she was wearing sheer black stockings — God let them be stockings and not tights, he thought. He got up and wandered over to the photocopier, standing just to the side of her, his eyes fixed on the tit flesh on show.

“Morning Sonia,” said Ben, resisting the temptation to put his hand on her shapely arse.

“Morning sweetie,” she said as she slowly turned and smiled at him, “is there anything I can do for you?” She was toying with the next button on her top, as if she were about to undo it.

The emphasis on the word “anything” made his knees go weak and his cock go strong; his eyes transfixed on her fingers as they toyed with the button.

“N n no thanks Sonia,” he answered, “just thought I’d pop over and say hi.”

“Well if you want anything, just let me know,” she smiled and turned to leave, making sure that her arse was wiggling as she walked away. She glanced over her shoulder and caught Ben staring at her departing backside. She smiled at him as she returned to her desk.

“What I wouldn’t give to be under that desk right now, licking her gorgeous pussy,” Ben thought to himself as he went back to his own desk.

Zach had been watching the scene evolve. “You should take her in the loos man, she so has the hots for you!” he bursa escort said as Ben sat down.

“I’m married for Christ’s sake, Zach,” he responded.

“You do know that more people who are married have affairs than those that don’t, right? It’s just the done thing — no-one expects faithfulness these days! There’s just too much opportunity to play around,” he continued. “God if she looked at me the way she looks at you, I’d have her buck-naked right now with my cock in between those heavenly thighs!”

Ben didn’t respond; he was imagining his cock buried in Sonia’s pussy while he sucked on her tits. He let out a low moan.

“You alright pal?” asked Zach, bringing him back to reality.

“Yeah, fine. Hey, you going to “Alternative Lives” lunchtime? I was thinking of giving it a try,” said Ben.

“Yeah man, I try to go every day — pennies allowing. I get enough material in those dreams to keep my right hand busy for hours, if you know what I mean,” said Zach.

“Yeah, I have noticed your frequent trips to the toilets in the afternoons,” Ben smiled at his mate.

As lunchtime approached Ben was eagerly watching his watch. He took a casual stroll over to where Sonia was sitting, just to refresh his memory about how she looked, what she was wearing — he wanted this to be as realistic as it possibly could.

Zach and Ben went through the doors of “Alternative Lives” together; Zach just paid and went into a cubicle to continue his playboy life — as it was his first time Ben had to fill out some forms, including a “No-liability disclaimer” for the company should he suffer a heart attack or any other medical problem during his dream. The last form asked for information regarding his fantasies, requiring details of anyone, in particular, he wanted to appear and any specific fantasies/fetishes he wanted to enjoy/experience. As he handed the forms to the pretty receptionist, she scanned them to check that they were all complete; she seemed to take longer over his dream requirements, he thought, took his credit card for payment and directed him to cubicle 15.

As he entered the cubicle, he thought how bare it was — just a single sized bed in a white-walled room with a machine next to it with several electrodes leading from it. He was followed into the room by a young lady dressed in what was almost a nurse’s uniform — tight fitting and extra short. She smiled at him.

“You can lay on the bed fully clothed, partially clothed or naked,” she said, “some of our clients seem to get an extra kick out of stripping in front of me.”

Ben was unsure what to do; ordinarily he slept naked but it hadn’t been part of his plan to strip in front of a total stranger. He decided to remove his shirt and trousers and lay down in his boxers.

“Nice,” said the ‘nurse’, “are they silk?”

“Umm, yes they are,” said Ben, feeling slightly uncomfortable that this strange, but incredibly attractive, female was commenting on his underwear. Once he was laying flat on his back, the “nurse” attached the electrodes to Ben’s head and switched the machine on; her breasts becoming closer than necessary to his face as she did so. He so wanted to reach up and grab a handful; rip her top open and suck on her tits, but he resisted the urge, feeling sure he would be thrown out if he laid a finger on her.

After she had finished setting up the machine, the “nurse” left the room, switching off the light as she exited.

Ben lay there starting to think of Sonia when he was suddenly back in the office. It was the end of the day and Ben had stayed late to finish off some paperwork. Sonia strode over to his desk and sat on the corner of it, her skirt rising slightly up her thigh as she did so. She crossed her legs — her skirt rose higher exposing more of her delectable creamy thigh to his gaze.

“Hey Ben,” she said, her voice sounding husky, “you know they say all work and no play?” As she was talking her hands had moved to her blouse and began to undo the remaining buttons.

“Oh God Sonia,” he said, “I’ve wanted this for so long.” He stood up and pulled her head towards him, planting a fevered kiss on her lips. He took off his shirt, his muscles rippled, and then removed his trousers and boxers — in the dream he had no footwear on which was very convenient — his cock was standing to attention and pointing straight at Sonia.

By now Sonia’s blouse and bra were off and she got of the desk and lowered herself to her knees, gently licking at the end of his cock as some pre-cum started to leak.

“You taste yummy, Ben,” she said, “I always imagined you would.”

With that, she took his cock in her mouth and started to lather his cock with her tongue. Ben reached down and grabbed two handfuls of soft, pliant tit flesh and started to thumb her nipples, which grew impressively — boy, he had to have a suck on those at some time. He began to move his cock in and out of her mouth, feeling himself at the back of her throat. She was moaning (as much as she could with a mouthful of cock) and grabbing his arse. bursa escort bayan As she poked a finger into his rectum he came in her mouth; she swallowed every drop while staring into his eyes.

AS she stood up, she pushed all the papers off his desk, removed her skirt (no knickers!) and lay on the desk.

“Fuck me Ben,” she said, “any position you want — I’ve waited too long for this moment.”

Ben growled. He turned Sonia over, with her legs on the floor and her arse sticking up. Looking at his cock, it was still rock hard and he plunged into the entrance of Sonia’s tight pussy, which seemed to clamp down on him as he pushed in.

“So fucking tight,” he exclaimed.

“Stretch me Ben,” she said, “make me your little cum whore.”

Ben groaned again at the words coming from Sonia’s mouth; never in his wildest dreams had he imagined she would be so sluttish! He pumped into her tight pussy thrusting in and out, using her hole for his gratification, taking out the weeks if not months of longing for her body in one hard fuck. She was panting at his thrusts, “Come inside me Ben — I want to feel your seed filling me up — come for me, please.”

Ben needed no further encouragement and spilt his load inside her lovely tight pussy, not stopping pumping until every last drop of his seed had drained from his balls and was now inside Sonia. When he had finished coming, he knelt on his knees and started licking her pussy, enjoying the taste of her pussy juice but also getting some of his own cum in his mouth. Sonia was moaning again, “Oh God, Ben — yessss — I’m gonna cum.” And with that, Ben’s face was covered in Sonia’s lovely juices — this was a fantasy of Ben’s as it was something Crystal would not do — she only came using her own fingers no matter how much he tried with his tongue, his fingers, his cock — it was the big regret of their sex lives.

After that Ben got dressed, went home and fucked Crystal brainless.

When Ben woke up, he realised that only half an hour had passed — it felt like hours! He felt like he had benefitted from at least six hours sleep and he was sexually satiated. The “nurse” came into the room; did she have another button undone, he wondered, and removed the electrodes from his head.

“Have a pleasant dream?” she asked, looking pointedly at his boxers.

When he looked down, he realised that there was a large wet stain on them.

“Oh Christ, sorry,” he said.

She smiled. “No need to apologise,” she said, “It’s all part of the job. You should see the state of some of the guys who sleep naked — now they look a right mess!”

Ben could only imagine! Cum coating your cock and balls, tangled in your hair — what a sight that must be for the nurse.

AS he left the room, he heard the “nurse” say, “Do come again soon.”

He looked back to see her smiling face, as she was changing the bedding for the next “guest”.

When he got to reception, Zach was waiting for him. The receptionist called Ben over and asked him to fill in a Customer Satisfaction form. While he was doing this, he made a point of taking a mental note of the name on her badge, “Holly”. The badge was pinned to her blouse on her right breast; Ben’s eyes lingered briefly until the receptionist coughed. When he looked at her she was smiling, or was it smirking?, at him.

“Thank you, Ben,” she said, “Hope you enjoyed the experience and I look forward to seeing you back here again soon.”

As they left, Zach was full of questions; “Well, did you enjoy it? What did you dream of? How many orgasms did you have? Isn’t that nurse a peach? I had her in my mansion this time — she knows it as well.”

“Let me see,” said Ben, “Yes — very much. I’m not telling you. Two — yes she is. Now tell me do you sleep naked in there?”

“Weird question,” said Zach, “I never used to but this time, knowing the nurse knew that she was to be in my dream, I did. Wanted her to see the package, you see.”

“You dirty bugger,” said Ben.

When they were back in the office, Ben couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sonia; wondering if her pussy was as tight in real life, wondering if it tasted so good in real life. Dammit, he thought, this was supposed to be a cure for my wanderlust, instead it seems to be making it worse.

Zach could see that Ben only had eyes for Sonia.

“I think I know who was in your dreams at lunchtime, you randy sod,” he said.

Ben looked at him and smiled. “I was hoping that if I had her in the dream, it would satisfy my yearning — but it only seems to have made it worse.”

The afternoon passed with Ben getting very little work done; he was caught between watching Sonia and re-living his dream in his mind. He made almost as many trips to the toilet as Zach, that afternoon.

After returning from the toilet on one occasion, Zach said to him, “Hey, I got a message from the nurse — her name is Abby by the way — she has agreed to meet up with me as long as her boyfriend can join in. A threesome — I’ve never had one of those before — perhaps escort bursa we can spit roast her!”

“Abby eh,” said Ben, “there’s a place I wouldn’t mind going to worship!”

When Ben arrived home that night, he grabbed Crystal by the hand, led her into the kitchen and bent her forward over the table. Lifting up the hem of her dress and pulling down her knickers, he was inside her in seconds, pumping furiously as he imagined she was Sonia.

“God, you’re so tight So…, so tight,” he corrected himself before saying her name in full.

Crystal was just enjoying the moment. This sort of thing used to happen in the early years of their marriage but had disappeared of late. Whatever it was that was getting her husband so horny needs to continue she thought, as she felt his cum erupt inside her.

“That was fantastic, honey,” she said, “let me get down there and clean you up.”

She dropped to her knees and licked all around his cock, even licking his balls and sucking one of them into her mouth.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” he said, stroking her hair as she removed every last bit of cum from his cock.

He went up to the bedroom to change, while Crystal got on with preparing dinner; enjoying the feeling of Ben’s cum dribbling down her thigh. Every so often, she would scoop some up and put it in her mouth. A thought occurred to her as she was making the sauce, she scooped as much cum as she could from her pussy and added it to the sauce. “Well,” she thought, “it’s not like we haven’t both tasted it in the past — who knows it might enhance the flavour?”

As they sat down to eat, Crystal watched as Ben poured a healthy helping of the sauce over his meal. Once he had finished, she did likewise, emptying the pot and even running her finger around it, scooping the last drops from the pot and licking it off of her fingers. She could taste the cum’s distinctive flavour amongst the other ingredients.

“Something special about the sauce, tonight?” enquired Ben, “You don’t normally do that.”

“It’s a new recipe I’m trying,” she responded, “let me know what you think.”

Ben took his fork and scooped up some of the sauce, he dipped his tongue into it at first, then put the forkful into his mouth, letting it rest on his tongue, while his taste buds went to work. Eventually he swallowed.

“I like it,” he said, “a bit tangier than usual — what did you add?”

“That’s my little secret,” she answered, smiling at him, “I will just have to make sure I don’t run out of the secret ingredient!”

After they finished dinner, they went to the living room; Ben pulled Crystal so that she was sitting on his lap as they watched a film together. Crystal could feel Ben’s bulge beneath her and began to sensually move her hips, causing her pussy to rub against his length. Ben reached around, clasping Crystal’s breasts in his hands as her pussy continued to tease him.

“You were always a little cock-tease, weren’t you?” said Ben “I thought I’d broken you in but you are returning to your old ways.”

“You no like?” enquired Crystal, as she moved her hips in a more exaggerated way.

“I love it and you know it, you little tease. Now go upstairs and wait for me,” instructed Ben.

Crystal bounded up the stairs eagerly, quickly stripping off and putting on a see-through baby doll nightie with tie at the side panties. She lay on the bed on top of the covers, trying out several positions until she found one she decided was the most provocative.

Downstairs, Ben had decided to get some revenge for her teasing. He switched over to a sports channel and started to watch some football; determined to make Crystal wait for him — it was his turn to be a tease.

When Ben eventually made his way upstairs, Crystal had fallen asleep. He gazed at her sexy body lying on the bed and wondered how he could ever be foolish enough to consider cheating on his beautiful wife and risk putting their marriage in trouble.

He crawled onto the bed carefully, not wanting to wake her. He undid the ties at the sides of her panties and slowly pulled the material away from her pussy. She moved slightly; a soft sigh departing her lips. Her thighs were too close together for him to get his mouth to its goal, so he gently eased one leg away; in her sleepy state Crystal assisted him moving her legs apart. Ben lowered his mouth and began to tenderly kiss and lick Crystal’s damp pussy lips. She tasted divine and it was such a turn-on for Ben knowing he was doing this to her while she slept. His tongue strokes got firmer and firmer; he used his fingers to open her gash, licking the full length of it before exploring her love tunnel with the tip of his tongue.

“Hello, sugar,” came Crystal’s voice, “you kept me waiting but it sure was worth it!”

Her hands came to his head, holding him in place as she started to raise and lower her butt, getting his tongue just where she wanted it.

“That’s it baby, lick my pussy,” she instructed.

Ben had no intention of stopping; her juices were flowing and the sweet nectar was too good not to drink. “I wonder if Sonia tastes this good?” he thought, instantly chiding himself for thinking of Sonia while eating his wife’s pussy. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” he thought.

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