Amber in the Motel


When Amber was a student in college, her sexual experiences mainly resulted from being accosted and picked up on the street or other public places by strangers. She really enjoyed the resulting fun sex without commitment, but stopped the practice when she read and heard about women being beaten or killed as a result of doing the same thing. She misses the excitement of being picked up like that, and the anonymous fucking, though, so sometimes we pretend we’ve never seen each other, and pick each other up on the street the way she used to do with real strangers.

The most recent time was one afternoon last week when I dropped her off on a one-way street that runs past a small park and drove my truck, a Toyota Tundra, around the block to come up behind her. With her nice, plump ass swaying provocatively in her short green skirt, Amber was walking slowly and seductively along the sidewalk, her long, brown hair swinging from side to side.

I pulled up beside her, lowered the window and asked, “Hey, Sweetie. What’s a cutie-pie like you doing out by herself?” When it’s a sure thing, as it was then, you don’t need a good pickup line.

“Just taking a walk.” She smiled at me, winked a big, brown eye, and thrust out her chest. “Why? Do you have something better in mind?”

“Maybe we can think of something together. How about climbing in here with me and seeing what comes up?”

Amber climbed into the truck through the passenger door and slid over to the middle of the front seat, leaning in my direction with her right hand on my thigh and the other arm around my shoulders. “You’ve sure got a nice, big truck here.”

“That’s not the only thing I’ve got that’s nice and big.”

She moved her hand to rest it lightly on my cock, which was already putting a bulge in my pants in anticipation of what it knew we would soon be doing. “This feels nice and big too. Can you think of some fun thing you want to do with it? Anyplace you might want to put it?”

“I sure can. I got a place to go, too.” I was referring to a motel room that I rented earlier that day, before going to meet Amber at her apartment. She knew about the room but, in keeping with the role-playing, she had never seen it and had nothing to do with choosing it. As I drove there, we continued the charade.

“What’s your name, Dude?” she asked.

“That’s my name. Dude. You made a good guess. What’s your name?”

“You guessed right too. My name is Sweetie.”

That early in the day there was plenty of parking at the motel and I found a space right in front of our room. Furtively, I looked around before scurrying to the door to unlock it. That done, I returned to the truck and opened Amber’s door. Chivalrously, I helped her emerge and locked it with the remote control. The two of us hurried through the door to the room and I closed and bolted it behind us.

“This is a nice room,” Amber said, holding her arms open and advancing toward me for our first hugging and kissing.

Actually, she was lying, and we both knew it but that part was staying in character too. The room was in an ordinary hot-sheet motel and would probably be rented three or four more times that day but it had a bed and a shower so it met our needs. After that, we had no need to talk, and our tongues were too busy saying hello to be bothered anyhow.

“You kiss good. Let’s see what else your tongue can do,” she challenged me, pulling down the bedspread and blankets to expose the old and dingy sheet.

I started unbuttoning her blouse and she reached over to do the same to my shirt. My fingers finished first, but I waited until hers were through too, before starting to lift her blouse off. Amber turned around to let me pull it from her; I did the same and we were both bare above the waist because Amber likes to have authentic detail, and she believed it would add to the general tenor of sluttiness if she didn’t wear a bra. I had no complaints.

Her breasts are not particularly big, but they filled either of my hands quite nicely when I backed her up against the edge of the bed. She sat down, kicked off her shoes and started on my pants. As I stood there, she unbuckled the belt, unhooked the waist band and pulled down the zipper. Putting a hand on either of my hips, she pushed down, until my pants cleared my ass, and let them drop to the floor. Before removing my boxer shorts, Amber reached into the fly and took out my cock, which was stiff from the anticipation. .

“You really meant it when you said you had something big, didn’t you, Dude?” She kissed the head and licked it a few times.

Like her breasts, my cock is nothing special, and only of average size, but we were still staying with the role playing. “Let’s see if I can fill your mouth,” I suggested.

“Good idea.” Amber/Sweetie slowly moved her face forward, took the head between her lips and licked it a couple of times, before engulfing my entire cock. Her lips stroked it a few more times, before she stopped and held it in her fingers.

“That’s nice, but I’ve got another place I want your bursa escort dick to fill first.”

Amber kicked off her shoes and pulled her skirt down and off. That left her wearing only panties, because she had omitted any kind of stockings for the sake of simplicity in our undressing. She lay back on the bed, a pillow under her head, and slid into the middle to wait for me. I was not far behind, and I knelt beside her, cupping a breast in my hand. Amber grinned an invitation up at me, and I responded by leaning forward and licking the nipple.

“I like what you do with your tongue, but I hope you aren’t going to stop there.”

“Not if I can help it. I’ll lick you all over, if you want.”

“You’re off to a good start, Dude, and I’ll tell you where else I want you to put your mouth.”

I knew that the first other place was Amber’s other nipple, and I transferred my attentions there for a few strokes. She had been sexually aroused before we even entered the room, in anticipation of the role playing we were going to be doing and her nipples quickly grew rigid under my tongue. It stayed that way as I alternated between the two delightful nubbins, while her body squirmed on the bed under my face.

Opening my mouth wide, I drew one luscious globe into it and started sucking. My tongue remained active too, licking Amber’s areola and nipple, while her body became more active and she started cooing in pleasure. As I continued, her breasts began thrusting up to meet my mouth every time it moved from one to the other.

It was fun, but there was another place where both Amber and I wanted my tongue, and I started licking down her soft, round belly to reach it. For a few seconds it paused to swirl in her navel. She laughed and urged me farther downward, until I reached the elastic waistband of her soaked panties. I licked all around there, before getting off the bed, picking up a pillow, and going around to the foot to get back on.

As I walked toward her on my knees, Amber smiled at me in anticipation. I reached out and hooked my fingers in the elastic of her panties, and she raised her body from the bed so I could pull them down around her ass and all the way off, leaving her completely naked. After dropping her panties on top of our other clothing, I leaned forward, so Amber could raise her legs and I could duck under them. With my arms around her thighs, my nose was just inches away from her lovely pussy.

In anticipation of our meeting that day, she had used her razor there, and I gazed with lust upon the beautiful sight that awaited me. The skin was ivory colored, and clean-shaven right up to her slit, and her dark pink inner pussy lips were blossoming through. They were swollen with her lust, as was her clit, which was peeping out at me from where the lips meet to form its protective hood. When I gently took hold of the edges of her slit and separated them, a fragrant cloud arose to treat my nostrils. My eyes were pleased too, by the shiny-wet pink lining of the slit, and I could see some of Amber’s delectable juices trickling out and down her crotch. When I leaned forward and my tongue sluiced up some of the small stream, they tasted even better than they smelled.

“Mmmmm, that feels really good, Dude,” she murmured. “You really know how to treat a girl right.”

I hoped so. I was certainly treating myself right. There was more of the nectar on the soft insides of Amber’s thighs, and I licked up every drop, before cleaning all the fresh juices from her crotch. After devouring all the ambrosia that she had produced, I began licking one of her outer lips. The soft, smooth skin reminded me of a warm clean pillow, except it was warm and vibrant against my tongue, especially the way Amber was squirming under my face. Loving everything about what I was doing, my mouth slowly meandered all the way to the end of the lip, and I kissed her soft mons.

“Dude, I love what you’re doing. Don’t stop.”

I did stop, but just for a few seconds to raise my head and answer her. “I really love your little pussy, Sweetie. It’s one of the hottest one’s I’ve ever licked.”

After that, I didn’t say anything, even when Amber sighed and moaned and uttered other sounds of pleasure. I don’t talk much anyhow, and especially not when my mouth has things to do that are so much better. After licking up all the nectar that she had produced, my tongue started stroking Amber’s other outer pussy lip. This one felt just as good to me, and I treated it same way, even kissing her mons again when I reached that soft mound. The erratic movements of Amber’s body were more pronounced by then, and she was starting to thrust her pussy up into my face.

I devoured all the fresh juices and started licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips, starting with the small, very smooth and soft place between their origins. Moving very slowly and relishing every second, it took me a long time to reach the point where the lips are close together. I tilted my head so I would be able to thrust my tongue into the seam between them, bursa escort bayan and lick both at the same time. Amber’s inner lip was swollen so much with her lust that it felt spongy as I caressed it.

When I reached the end of that lip, where it merges with the other one to form Amber’s clit hood, I raised my head to see how the young hotsy was doing. It was quite well, with her body rocking slowly from side to side on her ass and her head tossing back and forth on her pillow. We were both having a great time, as intended and expected, so I brought my mouth back down to where I had started and began pleasuring Amber’s other pair of inner and outer labia the same way.

This time, when I reached her clit hoot and raised my head, I saw her movements were even more strenuous. They were making the rather rickety bed squeak and squeal, but we both knew those were the usual noises at that motel, so we ignored them. Amber’s whole body was bucking and thrashing on the bed, and it felt as if her pussy were trying to wrap itself around my face. Both legs were thrusting out and back beside my head and, when I looked down, I saw the muscles on her thighs had turned outward, presenting her pussy even more completely to me. She had reached the apex of her excitement, and it was time for her climax.

Amber’s clit had pushed its way completely out from its protective hood, and it resembled a beautiful pink pearl. I ran my tongue around the edges and drew the precious little cutie into my mouth, letting my lips form a seal around the base. The actions of her body became wilder than ever as I sucked, while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top, until Amber let out a cry of absolute ecstasy.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Her legs squeezed my temples and her hands grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her pussy, which was exactly where it wanted to be. Amber continued fucking up into my face, while her legs swung from side to side, carrying me a very willing prisoner. All the time she was in the throes of cumming, the hotsy kept begging me to suck her clit, which I had no intention of not doing.

When she climaxed, all the muscles in Amber’s body clenched and her back arched, ramming her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After that powerful orgasm, she totally relaxed, seeming to melt into the mattress like a creamy white puddle. Her eyes were closed; her lips were parted in bliss, and her legs were no longer holding me, but remained draped over my shoulders. I moved my face down to start licking off the nectar that had spattered all over her thighs, crotch and the outside of her pussy. I left the juices in the pink hole that had produced them, because I knew they would be needed for lubrication when we started fucking, which I knew we would be doing momentarily.

After devouring all the delicious juices I would allow myself, I backed out from under Amber’s legs, got off the bed and picked up my pants from where they were lying on the floor. I took a condom out of the pocket, unwrapped it and rolled it onto my cock, which was stiff and ready for its turn in the delightful place that had been so hospitable to my mouth. When I got back onto the bed, Amber was still lying on her back with her head nestled in the pillow, but her eyes were open and she grinned when she saw my erection all ready for her.

“Dude, I loved what your mouth did for my pussy. Let’s see what your dick can do.”

“I’m ready when you are,” I replied, walking toward her on my knees.

Amber showed me she was ready by reaching down and spreading the lips of her pussy with her index fingers. I leaned forward, placing one hand on the mattress beside her while my other guided my cock to the beautiful hole she was holding open for me. When the head squeezed between the tips of her fingers and made contact with the wetness, I moved it up and down to spread the lubrication. After it was ready, I gave a firm push and the head of my cock wedged into pink hole that was waiting for me. Amber draw her breath in, and I looked down at her face to see a mask of joy at even the first small penetration.

“That feels really good, Dude. Really give me that big, hard dick now.”

I proceeded to really give it to her, but in small increments. The next thrust drove almost two more hard inches into Amber’s dripping pussy, and she cooed in pleasure at the way it stretched her tight hole. Enough of my shaft was imbedded in Amber that I no longer needed to guide it, so I placed that hand on the other side of her body. She grinned at me and shook her breasts to induce me to stick my cock all the way in.

The encouragement was really not necessary, but it did add to the visual delight. After another thrust, half my cock had found a welcome place, and Amber released the lips of her pussy and raised her arms in an unspoken invitation. She also spread her thighs slightly farther apart and, when she felt my cock surging into her again, hooked her ankles around my legs, grabbed my upper arms in her hands and propelled herself to meet me. escort bursa Our bodies came together with a satisfying wet noise, which was accompanied by two sighs of pleasure.

I stayed in that position for almost a minute, letting Amber’s body squirm happily under me and letting the muscles inside her pussy massage my cock, before slowly drawing back. With just the head still inside her, I paused, before thrusting all the way back into her pussy. Once again, she moved her body to meet me, and we came together with an even wetter noise and louder expressions of pleasure.

We both much prefer the more intimate skin-on-skin of the missionary position, so I slid my hands along the bed until they were under her shoulders, and I was supporting my weight on my elbows and knees. I could feel Amber’s rigid nipples scraping against my chest as I drew back and drove forward. She flexed her hands and legs and her body met me again, so intimately that I could feel my pubic hair sweeping against her bare pussy.

For a long time, we fucked like that, using slow, deep strokes with my cock plunging all the way into her pussy. Amber’s sighs evolved into moans of bliss, which started to end in whimpers, and the movements of her body as she fucked back to meet me became wilder. She started rocking from side to side with every stroke, and her head was tossing back and forth on the pillow.

As good as it was for both of us, she knew how to make it even better. “Dude,” she said to me. “Just stay in place and let me fuck myself on your big, hard dick.”

I was more than willing to do what she wanted so, with my cock buried all the way in her pussy, I raised my upper body so we were in the same position as when we started fucking. Amber first pushed with her hands against my upper arms and slid toward the head of the bed until just the tip of my cock was still held by her pussy.

After a pause of no more than a few seconds, she pulled against my arms and flexed her legs and started to imbed my cock in her pussy again. When she had almost completely impaled herself, I thrust forward, and our bodies met with a highly satisfying noise and moans of joy from both of us. She stayed under me like that for almost a minute, letting strong waves of pleasure reverberate through her body, before she resumed stroking the same way.

We fucked slowly in that position too, with Amber moving back and forth on the sheet and cramming her pussy with my cock. I thrust forward to meet ever stroke of hers, and we expressed mutual joy every time our bodies came together. Her fragrant juices were gushing from her pussy and flowing down her body to soak into the sheet. I regretted not being able to devour them, but they weren’t really being wasted, because they were doing their natural job of providing lubrication.

As she slid on the bed, my partner’s movements started becoming more erratic, and I knew she was getting closer to cumming. Her body was writhing under me and bouncing from side to side, and her blissful moans were ending in sobs of joy. My climax had been mounting for some time too, building slowly but steadily, and I knew I would be cumming within a few minutes. I was glad when Amber wanted to change her position under me.

“Fuck my clit, George,” she whispered to me. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster and make me cum.”

I ignored the minor departure from character, which I think Amber most likely didn’t notice, and did what I knew she wanted. Once again, I lowered my body so almost all of my weight was supported on my knees and elbows, but I also moved slightly higher on her form, so my cock was driving down into her pussy, giving me more contact with her clit. It was time for both of our climaxes, so I started plowing my shaft into her harder and faster, as she wanted, and Amber matched my speed and thrust her pussy back at me to meet every thrust. She released her grips on my arms and her hands started stroking my back and shoulders at the same pace as her body moved under mine.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! I’m cumming,” Amber cried out ecstatically less than a minute after our change in position.

Her hands gripped my shoulders, digging her nails into me. I knew it would hurt later, but I was reveling in the tremendous fucking too much to even notice the pain then. Amber’s legs squeezed onto mine too, and her ass bounced up and down on the bed as she kept meeting the surges of my cock into her pussy. Her hips swiveled and her body thrashed all over the squeaky bed under me, while she crooned of the immense pleasure she was getting from my cock. When she climaxed, Amber’s nails gouged even more deeply into my flesh and her pussy rammed up against me for a final time.

After her orgasm, she totally relaxed on the bed, but I kept ramming my cock into her pussy without even slowing down. The volcano of pleasure that had been building up inside me erupted through my groin, and I grunted and ejaculated into my condom as I climaxed. The fucking of Amber’s quiescent pussy continued, and I pumped out two more bursts of cum, before I also collapsed on top of my partner. For almost ten minutes, we lay like that, in a happy and satisfied heap, resting and letting our breathing return to normal. Our tryst was through for the day, and so was out role playing.

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