Amy’s Surprise


Amy traced her fingers over her clit as she embraced the feel of her throbbing pussy. Memories of Nick and their little naughty date night kept floating into her mind, making her pussy clench in excitement and have her gasping. That selfish ass fingered her at that corner booth at the bar without making her cum. She has never felt so much vulnerability until he stopped touching her and acted as if he wasn’t just fucking her with his fingers under the table. But he drove her home, telling her he had a surprise for her tonight. He also made her promise not to cum till he sees her again. Until then, he’d been sending her texts that are making her shiver in anticipation.

“Get ready for some hot, kinky night.”

“Can’t wait to get my hands on you”.

The day before, he had sent her a pic of him shirtless and in sweatpants. She easily noticed his thick cock, its head peeking out from the waistband. ‘God’ she groaned, remembering that sexy pic. ‘Why is he doing this to me?’ She thought, rubbing her clitty furiously until she remembered his order.

‘Don’t you dare cum before i get my hands on you.’ He growled, making her whimper in excitement.

She pouted and reluctantly stopped, wondering what he had planned for her.

She sighed, got out of bed and started getting ready for the day, trying to calm herself from getting too excited for tonight.

She goes off to work, and eases herself into her normal routine the whole morning, slightly distracted thinking about him until she gets a text. It was Nick. Her heart raced a little at what he sent.

“Picking you up tonight, at 8 pm sharp, a second late and there will be consequences.”

‘Oh God’ she said, feeling her stomach flutter, and her panties soaking in excitement. She squirmed and crossed her legs to give her wet pussy a slight relief, mulling over the text when it clicked. He was gonna make her kinkiest fantasy happen. She gasped, her voice echoing slightly in her spacious office. ‘Fuck this’ she thought and got off her chair and picked up her purse. She quickly stepped out of her office, signed off and made her way to her car.

She was back in her apartment in a thirty minutes. She checked the time, it was already 5 pm. She had enough time to get ready for tonight, after a long shower and intense body shave, she steps out and gets her hair done. She puts on her favorite red lipstick and mild makeup to have a natural yet hot date night vibe. She wears a cute burgundy piece that goes a bit higher than her knees, giving off that elegant yet sexy look. It was 7:45 pm when she was done. She anxiously waited those fifteen minutes already feeling her thong soaking in her juice.

She heard a soft knock coming from her door at 8 pm sharp. Her heart skips a beat in nervousness as she opens the door. There he was standing in all his glory. He looked amazing in his casual suit and smelt even more amazing. And the way he looked at her from head to toe made her stomach flutter, and nipples harden in anticipation. He bites his lips and his eyes darken before pulling her towards him. He leans down and breathes in on her neck and hums.

“God, i love your fucking scent.” He said, lowering his hands from her waist all the way to her ass, he gives it a quick squeeze and mutters “Have you been extra good?” She nods, unable to mutter a single word. “Good…otherwise…” he spanks her slightly making her gasp in shock. He chuckles and takes her hand and lead her inside his car.

They drive to Lolita bar. This high class area, where the wealthy businessmen and women go to have a drink or two. It was private and exclusive. The guard immediately lets them in without a single word exchanged and Nick bursa escort guides her upstairs.

All eyes were on her, men wanted her, the ladies were curious or envious of her. But she was oblivious to it all as she followed Nick without a word.

They sat at a table and the waiter immediately came to pass them the menu and take their orders.

After taking their orders, the waiter walked away and they fell in silence. She looks around admiring the place and its exquisite design. Her skin prickled in goosebumps, feeling his eyes on her.

“So what have you been doing these past couple of days?”

She clears her throat and answers her usual routine, not mentioning the fact that she spent most of the day distracted and horny.

“Good, good. But what have you really been doing?”

She turned to him, confused. “What do you mean?”

“Have you touched yourself?” He asked leaning forward, his dark brown orbs staring into her light nervous ones. She went quiet and stared. His eyes grew darker.

“Take off your thong.” He muttered not leaving her eyes. She paused for a moment in shock at the abrupt order and says. “R-right now?”

He nodded. She gulped in nervousness but then slowly and discretely managed to take off her thong.

He put his hands on the table, and opened his palm without leaving her eyes. “Give it to me.” Her ordered.

She slowly passed her soaking thong to him. He brought it to his nose, breathed in her scent and groaned. He got a closer look and it had a slight wetness there. He looked up and sucked on her juices and moaned. “You taste so fucking sweet, baby.” Her jaw dropped. She should have felt embarrassed that he was doing this in public. But it was one of the hottest things she has ever seen him do. He shoved her thong in his pocket, when he saw the waiter approaching with their drinks.

She felt herself gushing at his action, but acted calm and composed when the waiter came and set their drinks down. ‘Enjoy’ he said and walked away.

She took a pic gulp because she was not only thirsty but also hot. And the cold and sweet drink was a welcoming one.

Their food, soon enough followed and after dessert, they drank some more and made their conversation simple and casual ignoring the sexual tension.

After a couple of drinks, Amy was feeling relaxed and slightly buzzed, chuckling and flirting like their usual dates before, but he was sticking to water since he was driving.

After getting the check, they stepped out into the cool air making her nipples harden and her body shudder as she felt the wind slightly brush with her lips downstairs. He took her hand and guided her inside his car again and made their way back to his house.

It was her first time seeing his apartment. It had a comfortable yet modern look with a bachelor’s pad vibe. After a bit of looking around, she felt him standing behind her as he lightly touched her arms with the tips of his fingers making her shudder and causing goosebumps all over her arms. He gives her a kiss on her neck and whispers: “Turn around.”

She turned around to meet his burning gaze. Nick ran his hand up Amy’s back, resting at the back of her neck as he pulled her head closer. His lips parted around hers, his tongue searching out hers, almost desperately. His fingers intertwined in her hair, gripping tightly, holding her close to him. He broke away from her sweet mouth and turned her head slightly to whisper in her ear. “Get on your knees.”

She did as she was told. She felt her dress riding up to her ass but ignored it as she looked up at him expectantly. She was eye level with his bulge but pretended she wasn’t, as she stared up at him bursa escort bayan innocently.

He began to unbuckle his belt. Amy moved to help him but he quickly swatted her hands away. She looked at him curiously at what he had in mind, when he pushed Amy’s shoulders to the ground. Her dress rid up, exposing her thick luscious ass and her wet, dripping pussy. Her face was resting on the carpet and her arms are splayed above her head.

He quietly turned around, admiring how marvelous and sexy she looked. She was the picture of perfection. “Oh Amy…” he muttered. He stopped right behind her and kneeled behind her. She waited quietly for what he was about to do next, when she heard the snap right before feeling the bite of the slap. She shuddered and inhaled sharply at the surprise and pain as Nick hit the soft, tender skin on her ass with his big hands. “I told you to wait for me.” Spank! “I told you to not touch yourself.” Spank! “Such a naughty slut…” Spank! He grabbed her by her hair grasped her waist till she could feel his bulge rub up against her. He moved his hands under her dress and started rubbing her clitty furiously as he growled: “Mine!” She moaned at the feel of his rough fingers touching her clitty. When he pulled away she groaned. He got up and pulled her up with him. He turned her around and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around him as he carried her on the empty dining table. He sat her down and unzipped her dress from the back and took it off. He spread her legs and pushed her down on her back. He lifted them up and looked at her pussy in hunger and breathed into her scent. His fingers slid between them to pry them apart, she offered no resistance. As her pussy opened for him, her shimmering silky liquid clinging in a sinewy string to her parting lips. He had to taste her. You would have thought a shock of electricity had caused her to jump when he softly laid his tongue in her velvet groove, extracting her juices on to his tongue. He gazed up at her, seeing her head tilted back and eyes closed.

“Uh, God that feels so good. It’s been so long, fuck it feels so good…” she moaned.

And then he stopped. She looked down in frustration as she moved her hips to get him to eat her again. He shook his head at her and picked her up again. He carried her to his bedroom and gently put her down on her feet. “Get on your knees.” She did as she was ordered, while he pulled his pants and boxers down and took out his hard cock. Precum was already coming out. She licked her lips in anticipation.

“Go on. Touch it.” He muttered.

Amy reached for his cock, placing one hand softly on his shaft, towards the base, and the other hand on his cockhead. She wiped up the precum and began massaging the tip, using the precum as a lubricant, while her hand at his root simply steadied. Nick groaned as she began to stroke his cock, finding a slow, teasing rhythm. “Fuck…”

She kept stroking, coaxing another pearl of precum out. She marveled at it, which pleased Nick. While looking the member up and down, she noticed his large balls, heavy and full, waiting for her. She took her hand off his cockhead, keeping the other hand stroking at his base, and grabbed a handful of his balls. They were so big, she couldn’t hold them both in one hand, but she loved the feeling of rolling them across her palm. Nick loved the feeling, too, letting out another moan as she did this.

Without a word, Amy leaned towards Nick’s cock and stuck out her wet tongue, licking from his base to his tip. He twitched as she did this, and when she repeated the action twice more, he involuntarily rewarded her with more precum. “That’s it baby. Suck my cock…mmmm yeah…just like that. escort bursa Suck it like the good little slut you are.” She began pumping her hands up and down his shaft, barely able to wrap her fingers all the way around his girth. Meanwhile, she sucked on his cockhead, driving him wild with her ministrations. She pulled back, releasing his cock from her mouth with a POP.

“That’s enough for now. Get on the bed.”

He ordered breathing heavily.

She stood up shakily and crawled on the bed. He took of his dress shirt and made his way to his bedside table. He retrieved his red tie and turned to her.

“Lean back against the pillows. Arms up.” He said.

He threaded the tie behind a few of the bars of the headboard, then tied each end around her wrist so that her arms were spread wide above her head. He worked gently, focused on tightening the thick strip of terrycloth, but Amy was already squirming with desire.

It was really happening! Her heart raced, and her body was burning with need. Nick stepped back to observe her. He felt his cock twitch in excitement at the sight he was having. “You’re so fucking beautiful. I can do anything I want to you.” He whispered.

His finger started tracing a circle around each of her big breasts as she trembled in anticipation. He ran his hand across her flat stomach, down her abdomen, to stop and tickle the thin vertical line of dark hair above her otherwise smooth vagina.

She moaned and twisted towards him, offering her open legs, but he leaned forward and took her breast in his mouth instead. He sucked each one in turn, tonguing the nipples playfully until they stood stiff and swollen. Amy writhed in her bonds, desperate to feel him inside her. Now his fingers traced up her inner thigh… and down the other side. They swirled her pubic hair again, then brushed her labia, avoiding her most sensitive areas. He was teasing her.

“Nick…Please…” she begged, moaning in frustration. He leaned in and kissed her lips deeply, biting her swollen lips. She wrapped her legs around him and grinned herself against him hoping to get any kind of pleasure.

Finally, he slipped two fingers inside her. “Fuck!” She shouted.

“Cum for me, you little slut.”

He thumbed her clit and she climaxed, thrashing in her bonds, her back arching. She was still crying out, her thighs shaking when he entered her. He thrust into her fast and hard, gripping her waist, and she bucked her hips to meet his thrusts. Never before had she been so lost in her passion, so totally overcome by a sexual experience. They were ravenous animals, consumed by desire, biting and scratching, driven by lust. Amy felt his hands squeeze her breasts roughly, felt her own hands twist, bound above her head, and felt warmth gathering in her abdomen again.

He groaned. “Oh yes yes yes! Oh fuck yes! You like that, you nasty slut? Your pussy feels so fucking good. Fuck! I’m so close! Cum for me, baby! Now!” He shouted still slamming himself against her.

She came hard, her cry filling the bedroom as he kept pummelling inside her. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” He shouted.

He pulled out and straddled her waist and, and stroked on his cock really fast. She stuck out her tongue as he groaned and he came all over her. She swallowed the salty cum as much as she could given her position. He untied her and collapsed next to her and breathed heavily. Her arms weakly fell as she tried catching her breath.

“That was…” she gasped still trying to catch her breath.

“Yeah.” He said taking one deep breath and turned to her. She had never looked so beautiful, glistening in sweat and covered in his cum.

She turned to him and smiled, amazed and still processing all that happened. She felt content, just laying next to him. Exhaustion was slowly kicking. She wanted to sleep. “Thank you for that.” She mumbled and closed her eyes, as she drifted off to sleep.

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