Chris and Cathy in the Mountains


Chris and Cathy met on line and fell for each other almost with in minutes of their first meeting. They had spent hours chatting about the many things they both had in common in their unhappy marriages. Neither of them had expected the instant attraction they would find for each other. Nor did either of them expect the release of emotions that culminated in the hurried lovemaking they would share the next day in the back seat of Chris’s truck. These were two people that started as not much more then pen pals and this was not the original plan. Everything about them seemed to be an almost natural fit. The first time in the truck was heated and hurried but it was only a few days later that they met again. This time Chris took Cathy properly and made love to her slowly and very tenderly. He felt tenderness towards her and an urge to protect her that he had never felt with anyone before. Cathy also seemed to be opening herself completely to Chris.

The relationship became more heated and more involved. They still spent hours chatting online but now their chats were being taken to a higher level. With the mutual sense of humor they both shared and the teasing between the two of them, they were almost always in a state of constant arousal. They had intimate meetings at least once a week as well as lunch at least a couple times each week. The sex between them was wonderful. With the feeling of closeness escalating their lovemaking was taking on a new form. It became even gentler, deliberate and involved hours of just being in each other’s arms. They found a few places that were private and out of the way to meet, one being an Italian restaurant where they could order lunch and sit unnoticed as long as they chose to. Many of the lunch meetings would end with them parked in a quiet area where they spend time in each other’s arms thinking of the next time they could make love. On occasions they also lost control and let themselves go to the point that they made love again in the backseat. Even in that sort of a situation it was always tender and loving.

Something was building between them and neither was making any attempt nor did they seem to care about anything except each other. Chris looked for Cathy online almost within minutes of the time he could get free and Cathy was spending every minute she could online. They managed to remain discreet and knew each other’s schedules and knew when to phone. They also put together a usable excuse for knowing each other should they be seen. Chris became a customer of Cathy’s by using some of the products that Cathy marketed. As well as the value Chris gained from the products it gave them a reason to know each other. It became their built in explanation should they ever be spotted together in a parking lot or in a restaurant. It also gave both of them an excuse or story should any communication between them be spotted by their spouses. They had all the bases covered should they be spotted during a casual lunch meeting. Of course nothing could ever explain to anyone except themselves some of the times they had together. These were the times that they made love and how they spent afterwards letting the passion subside as they slowly cooled in each other’s arms with their bodies molded to each other with their lips touching.

It was during one of these times when each of them were in the melancholy mood knowing they would soon have to leave each other and this beautiful fantasy life they had developed for themselves. They knew they would soon return to reality. As they spoke quietly almost in a whisper Cathy was saying how she had feelings she didn’t know how to handle. Chris then went on about how much he looked forward to his time with her and how thoughts of her were consuming him. Cathy looked into his eyes and asked “what is it your saying Chris”? He swallowed, caught his breath and softly whispered, “I am saying Cathy, that I am in love with you but I’m sure you already know that”. He looked down and saw the tears form in Cathy’s eyes as she pressed her head into his neck and held Chris so close he could feel her heart beating. She finally released her hold on Chris, moved back and with teary eyes managed to smile. Then Chris heard what he so much wanted to hear from his Sweetheart as she softly whispered, “Chris I love you so much”. The next words she spoke were powerful in meaning but yet so timid in their simplicity. Those words were “what are we going to do”?

Although neither had happy marriages they were still involved with children and family to such an extent that the idea of breaking their marriages was not an option at this time. Chris knew that if things ever came apart in his platonic marriage he would come after Cathy and would be relentless but this was not the time. So they decided they would be lovers and continue to spend their time together giving each other what neither of them had in their lives. They both looked upon what they had as something that was filling a large void. They would contain and manage istanbul escort their love but would never attempt to control it when they were together. It had developed into something far beyond what some might choose to describe as a simple affair. This was no simple affair in the minds of either of them as they both considered them selves to be people in love sharing each other. They agreed to continue with utmost caution as neither of them wanted to hurt anyone and would keep their passionate love hidden to all but themselves. To this point they had only shared the few stolen hours with each other during the day. On many occasions they discussed how nice it would be to spend a whole night in each other’s arms and how wonderful it would be to wake up together. With this in mind they began to put together a plan as to how they would get to go away with each other

Cathy was expanding her business and it included some out of town work. It was sort of a natural that she could decide to spend some time out of town investigating leads. Chris on the other hand just said he was tired and was going to take a little break on his own and go away for a couple of days. This was not unusual for him and would meet with no suspicion. They planned it well right down to the times they would leave and where they would meet. They agreed to each take their vehicles and meet at a designated spot. They would hide Cathy’s car in one of the large inside parking areas when they reached the other city and then travel in Chris’s truck. They would each take a room so they could show the room receipt with a single occupant and would use only one of them. They had it all planned and were both excited as they left on their love holiday. This was something they had both been dreaming about that was now going to become a reality. They were going to spend a couple of days in the mountains with each other.

It was a gorgeous winter day. The sky was clear and the sun was shining as Chris and Cathy drove west and into the mountains. The view was breathtaking and the traffic was light. It was a bit of an off season after the summer and fall tourist season but not enough into the winter for there to be enough snow for the ski crowds to be there in full force. Chris had phoned the local tourist bureau and was assured that with the large hotels and lodges being quiet right now a reservation was not necessary. This satisfied them both, as they would be able to see and choose a nice place. They arrived before noon and very soon found one that looked good to both of them and the vacancy light was on. Chris and Cathy each had to show room costs to deflect any suspicions, as each of them knew their expenses and credit cards would be monitored. They found that they could each pay a portion of the room and get individual receipts not showing number of occupants. They took a deluxe room with a fireplace and a large jetted hot tub. It was a nice room with a view of the mountains from a large window. The fireplace was in the corner with a few nice thick monster pillows on the floor in front of it. It was gas fired and when Chris turned it on it was only a few minutes before its warmth started to flow through the whole room. The bathroom was large and the feature of the room was the huge two-person tub. They put away their suitcases got their clothes in order, checked out the TV as well as the room service menu. That was something they would be using, as there was no intentions by either to spend much time away from this room.

It was not late in the day, as they had started out so early in the morning. It was only lunchtime but neither was hungry. They stood for a few moments looking out the window at the mountain scenery. Chris draped his arm around Cathy and she moved in close. They soon were in each other’s arms. The passion flowed out of them with the anticipation of this time they would spend together. They had grown so used to each other and knew each other so well there were no clumsy moments and no hesitation as they kissed gently. The kiss became longer and more intense until finally they parted lips and Chris wrapped Cathy in his arms and just held her close to him. They stood with her head on his chest while he slowly stroked her back and they both absorbed the warmth from the glowing fireplace. They moved apart finally and Cathy disappeared with her bag into the bathroom and Chris flipped the TV channels then checked the bottle of German wine that he had in the ice bucket moving it and then submersing it again at the same time as Cathy came out of the bathroom having changed into her robe. Chris met her as she came across the room and with an easy pull on the belt he opened the robe. Cathy smiled with her eyes not leaving him, as her beautiful small body bare except for panties was uncovered for him to see. Chris slid his hands inside the robe and around her bringing her close to so he could just hold her. They stood like this for a brief moment and then decided to try the tub.

The tub filled escort bayan fairly rapidly and Chris checked the temperature being careful to not get it too hot and then stripped down to his shorts. He threw a towel over his shoulders and went out into the room and slid his arms under Cathy and carried her into the bathroom as they both laughed and joked that he was going to throw her in. Of course he didn’t but he did slip the robe off her and he did slide her panties down along with his shorts. He lifted her again and stepped into the tub with her in his arms. They settled down into the water with Cathy tight to Chris as he cuddled her into his arms so she lay partially in his lap with the warm water up to her neck. It was so warm and so sensuous. Chris pressed the button and the bubbles rose in the tub and the water jets massaged their skin. Their lips met and Chris softly caressed her soft warm skin under the water as they lay back and let the pulsating jets warm them. Cathy was now right in Chris’s lap lying on her side with her breasts tight against him. He slowly bit by bit moved his hand until it was between her legs. He advanced it along her inner thighs until he was touching her. She was like a young girl as her outer lips were firm and tight with soft inner lips that he gently slid his finger between as he slowly opened and penetrated her slightly. Immediate tremors ran through her with a sharp intake of breath as he slowly worked the edge of his hand between her legs. Cathy started to moan and quickly tightened herself against Chris as she began small movements. It was like she was releasing a pent up fury as she moved rhythmically against the fingers and in almost no time at all she clinched her legs moaned and cried out. She climaxed while Chris gently slowed the rubbing and just held her close.

Cathy seemed to be in a state of total relaxation and settled right into Chris’s arms and laid back in the water her hand now gently moving on his erection. The warm water relaxed both of them and there was a feeling of total comfort. Chris cupped the soft warm breasts and rubbed the nipples between his fingers until even under the warm water he could feel them hardening. Cathy slowly almost as if exploring gently stroked him squeezing until she could feel Chris starting to move and then she would slow the movements all this time keeping him in a state of complete arousal. They soaked until they both felt their skin starting to shrivel and finally Chris stood up bringing Cathy with him. He reached for one of the extra large towels and wrapped her in it. He dried himself and helped by rubbing Cathy until she was also dry.

The room was warm from the fireplace as Chris pulled the covers back on the bed. They moved into each other’s arms and Chris brought his upper body over Cathy and kissed her lips gently and then slowly started to kiss the side of her neck and now down her chest to her hardened nipples. He teased each one as Cathy took a deep intake of breath. Chris sucked briefly and nibbled them with his teeth as she slowly started to move from side to side. Chris proceeded to trail his tongue down her flat tummy pausing for a moment to just barely touch the inside of her navel. He felt Cathy shutter as he slowly moved his lips down until they were on her soft pubic mound. He kissed her and then using his tongue he spread the wet lips and opened her. He heard a slight whimper from Cathy followed by a pushing against his tongue and lips. This was followed by a very small but noticeable moving of her pelvis against him. He opened her legs and moved down between them lowering his head so he could get his lips right into Cathy. His tongue was probing inside the wet opening and he stroked it easily in and out of her. He fastened his lips over her small sensitive button and sucked hard. Cathy started to move against him in a steady up and down motion he merely used the hard tip of his tongue direct on it until she inhaled a large breath and brought her hands down and held Chris against her as she trashed up and down in a state of complete abandonment until a quiver went through her whole body. She climaxed again as Chris slowed his tongue and stopped the direct contact on the now tender spot.

He continued to gently tongue Cathy in a slow soothing manner at the same time he moved his hands to her breasts where he rubbed them softy and caressed them. The sweet essence coupled with the feeling he was getting from Cathy was overpowering. He was very hard and when he brought his hand down he felt the stickiness that had already formed on the tip. Cathy had hardly come down from her climax as Chris came forward and kissed her. She no doubt could taste herself on his lips as she sat up and moved her hands towards Chris bringing him to her. He straddled her knowing what she wanted. He reached down and lifted his hardness as both of her hands came onto it. She moved forward placing her lips over the tip and rolled her tongue on it. She pursed her lips and opened them as she escort istanbul surrounded the blunt head. He felt the warmth of her mouth surround him. Cathy also stroked him slowly as she sucked him wetting it until it slid smoothly between her lips. Chris leaned back his eyes in the air as he felt himself almost ready to release. This was wonderful but he wanted to make love to her now so he pulled back, caught his breath, felt a slight tremor then leaned down kissing Cathy as he lowered her back onto the bed.

He moved over her as he opened her legs and lifted her knees. He was between her legs and was lowering his upper body until his chest was gently touching and tickling her breasts. He held his weight off her as he rested on his arms and elbows. He moved his hand down and guided his now throbbing hardness into Cathy. She wanted Chris and as she felt the warm head she pressed against it and lifted so she could accept all of him. She felt him spread her and then the warm smooth slide as he entered her. He pressed it deep as he gathered Cathy into his arms kissing her forehead softly as he held her against him. She moved her legs higher on his sides as he started the in and out movement. Unknown to Cathy, Chris had a goal and wanted to do something very special for her. She had told him on many occasions that she had never climaxed at any time during penetration and the only way was during oral. Chris knew how passionate Cathy was towards him when they made love and was not willing to accept that. He began thrusting smoothly using long smooth strokes and he felt Cathy start to move with him. He knew she liked the feel of his hardness deep inside her. He alternated with some quick short ones each time grinding on her as he worked it round and round, in and out fast and then slow and deep. He soon began to feel her tightening her arms on him. She was starting and knowing he had to get a more direct contact below he moved higher on her body and forced himself deeper which brought him right into contact with her very sensitive spot and before long he knew he had her. She was breathing deeper and thrusting herself against him. Chris knew Cathy was almost there so he increased the speed and it was all that was needed as she cried out. He heard a loud moan from her lips as she tightened her arms around his neck and held him with all her might and whimpered softy as she contracted around him. For the first time of what would be many she felt the release with Chris inside her. The first time that she got to hold him inside her as her body quivered and shook from the hard climax that left her coated in a light sweat.

Chris slowly continued his slow stroking knowing he was not going to be able to hold himself. He had already had a small internal release when he stopped earlier and was not going to be able to hold any longer. He felt Cathy urging him to finish. He could feel her hands lovingly on his back and he knew she was feeling a new closeness to him. She had experienced something with him for her first time and he was so happy for her. He stroked fast and deep then stopped for a moment as he felt the first telling throb. He moved forward forcing himself deep into Cathy. He kissed her forehead, buried his head in her neck as streams of sticky semen shot into her filling and soaking her. They both giggled when she felt the warmth and the amount of it inside her. He drained slowly and then finally withdrew smearing some of the overflow. Chris used one of the towels as they laughed and finally settled into each other’s arms as he pulled the covers over them. They kissed and continued to play with each other. Chris always seemed to be able to keep Cathy in a constant state of arousal. He played with her breasts and merely by rubbing her back he could keep her moving against him. The lovemaking they shared was awesome. They were a perfect fit in everyway. Cathy was very petite and Chris had grown to understand her and knew when to be soft and gentle and when to be aggressive and bring her along.

They spent the whole afternoon after that just playing with each other. Chris had a surprise for Cathy in that he had brought an electric vibrator. He got it from his bag and warmed it under the hot water tap and brought it to the bed. Cathy was willing to try it so he slowly slid the side of it along her slit in her wetness. He turned it to a slow speed and felt Cathy tighten up. He knew she liked it and was going to enjoy it Chris wet the tip in her and then easily inserted it and again felt Cathy push against him as he pressed it deeper into her and turned the knob to the higher setting. He could feel the vibrating action and could feel Cathy react. He held her in his arms and slowly stroked the realist soft rubber vibrator until he felt her again tighten her arms around him and cry out. Another orgasm consumed her and it again left her sweaty and shivery as she kissed Chris and nuzzled her head into his shoulder. He withdrew the vibrator and placed his hand between her legs as she closed them on it. Chris knew that Cathy had taken enough for now and was showing signs of tiring. Her lower body was tight against him as he held her close until her breathing slowed to normal and she slept in his arms.

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