Closure Pt. 01


Author’s note: This is the first part in a multi-part story detailing a couple’s final hours together. I purposely withheld too many extraneous details regarding character development, external description and background because, for me, it is the eroticism, the sex and the connection that fuel my stories and me. These stories are me.


It had been months since we touched. Your scent no longer plagued me. I had to search to remember the feel of your hands on my face, your fingers in my mouth. My fantasies had become dark and hollow, void of feeling, without you. My orgasms shallow and cold. Almost like a simple reflex. Like a dulled, involuntary reaction.

We had had no real ending. Just a whirlwind of pain and hurt that rattled our already separate lives. The result of our reckless passion and inability to disengage from one another. The intensity with which we fucked was equal to that of the daggers we used against each other in the end.

I needed closure. I needed to feel you again, one last time, experience our connection. I needed you to make me come and I wanted to fully enjoy you, feel your dick inside of me. Everywhere. Filling up all of my holes, one at a time.

I walked into the dark room, a strange combination of fear and want stirring inside of me. It made my breath tremble and my heart race. You istanbul escort were waiting for me. Nervous yourself because you knew what this meant for both of us. You stood up as I softly closed and locked the door behind me. We said nothing. You approached me, slid your hand across my cheek, pressed your forehead into mine and stared deeply into me. My pulse throbbed in my ears and I felt warmth between my legs at just your touch. You moved your mouth to my neck and kissed me gently, moving your lips to my ear while one hand cupped my full breast and the other ripped into my hair. My hips thrusted forward as my head fell back. I had missed you more than I realized.

I felt your erection through your pants and grabbed your perfect ass and pulled you close into me so I could feel your hard cock against me, rubbing against my already swollen clit through my wet panties. Small moans escaped from me as my want for you increased. Your hands ripped harder into my hair as your tongue explored my neck and shoulders and face. I reached down, loosened your belt and pushed your pants to the floor. You flipped me over. I had wanted your beautiful cock in my mouth but it was not time. You were in control.

You pushed my head firmly into the door as you lifted my skirt to expose my round ass and swollen mound. You grabbed and squeezed every inch of escort bayan my plump cheeks before you lifted your hand and spanked me hard over and over. I could feel the heat as my skin reddened from the pain. I pushed my hips further out, begging for more but you stopped and gently slid my panties down my firm legs to the floor. Then you kissed and suckled the delicate skin where you had bruised me. The smell of my want for you was strong, you moaned gently as you dragged your face against my ass while your fingers cupped my moist pussy.

You guided me to the bed, I sat down on the edge. You removed my shirt and I your underwear. You stood before me, your incredible hard cock with its beautiful shiny tip directly in front of me. You wrapped your fingers in my hair and I moved my mouth to your balls. Licking every inch of you and suckling each one gently in my mouth. With one hand I stroked your dick and looked up into your eyes as you hardened and began to throb. You bit down on your bottom lip, your eyes in a half opened gaze, as you admired my work. I circled my tongue around your opening and moved back up to your tip wanting it all in my mouth.

I worked up enough saliva and let it drip from my lips onto you and then sucked your dick slowly, not missing any part of it. I savored your taste, your feel, as I traced my tongue along every edge, escort istanbul every vein until I needed all of you. In one movement I pushed your entire cock deep into my throat until I could no longer breathe. You grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face like I wanted until I gagged hard and pulled off leaving strands of glistening saliva hanging from your dick. ‘Fuck,’ you begged, saying my name.

You pushed me back onto the bed abruptly, not wanting to come yet. I instinctively spread my legs wide. Knowing you were about to devour me. You grabbed my shirt and used it to tie my wrists together, placed them over my head and instructed me not to move. You grabbed each breast, sighing with want as you sucked each nipple until they were hard and erect for you. Your fingers slipped down to my swollen slit and penetrated deep within me.

Your mouth followed and your soft warm tongue covered my pulsing clit as your fingers worked fervently inside of me. I was so wet, you moaned with delight as you ravenously ate me, swallowed all of my juices. I broke the rules and pulled my hands down, I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed hard on the back of your head, my fingers gripping your hair, and pulled your face deeper into me as I reached my first orgasm. My body trembled with each violent contraction. I said your name over and over as I succumbed to the pleasure. My cum flowed hard and filled your mouth with my sweet taste. There was so much, it dripped from your lips. I looked down and found your intoxicating gaze, a single strand of my cum mixed with your saliva connected me to your perfect, talented mouth.

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