College Boy


I don’t know where to begin. I guess with any story it should begin in the beginning. Putting it simply: I have always enjoyed watching my mother do things around the house. I don’t know why but I did. She was what every boy wanted in a mother, someone sweet, kind, giving and the hottest thing on the block! I really loved her and she loved me, as a mother should.

Looking back on my childhood I didn’t have anything but positive memories of my mom and me. The sperm donor – my father as she called him was someone I didn’t know or care about. I never received a card for my birthday or for that matter – anything. So at a young age I, not knowing I was saying it, said “Fuck you, and everything about you, you fuck!” and had nothing to do with him.

My mom always making me feel safe and secure never brought anyone home with her which; again looking back boggles my mind. My mom was fucking hot. You see the sperm donor knock her up with me when she was 13 years old and left. When I was two my grandparent passed and left my mom and me with enough money to never worry about it. Without this burden upon us, my mom went to school and became a great chef and eventually opened her own catering business.

Now, the saying “don’t trust a thin cook” is bullshit. My mom is the best cook I know. She is also the best-looking female I know. Since my mom had me so young when I turned 18 and got ready to move out and go to college she was only a very sexy 31.

Angela as her name was, is five feet, four inches and weighs no more than 125 pounds. She has like me hair as black as coffee and eyes which make you feel you are falling. My mom, Angela as very active in her business and in life, always working out at the gym and practicing her martial arts. Her breasts while not huge but are perfect for her lean frame – about a small “B” cup and they didn’t appear to sag at all when she went braless which was often around the house.

I remember she was the first person I dreamed of when I masturbated and still to this day the thought of her naked turns me on.

Being 18 and moving out of the home I had packed and moved to college a few hundred miles away – a business major on my mind. As spring break approached seks hikaye I decided I didn’t want to go to the beach with my newly found friends because (I’m kind of ashamed to admit) I didn’t have steady girlfriend and really didn’t like one night stands or “hey about a blowjob?” for the numerous girls around the campus. No, I missed mom and decided to go home for the break.

As I arrived mom was very happy to see me and we had one of the best welcome home meals of my life. I also remember mom was just as hot as ever. Her long, flowing black as fucking night hair falling down her back and her wide happy, smile making me love her all the more.

Mom, breaking out the wine for this special occasion, we enjoyed ourselves very much catching up with each other. Later that night mom suggesting we watch a movie before she went to bed and recommend a new release she had recently received in the mail from her DVD club she belong to. Agreeing to her selection, she excused herself and staggered (too much wine) to her bedroom and changed into her nightie because after the movie she was going to go to bed.

Now my mom isn’t a slouch in any manner and this applies to what she wears to bed. While her nightie wasn’t based on a sexual nature or theme it was very nice and simple and made her look very sexual to me. The nightie was basically a long button up, thin silk shirt, which fell to just above her knees but it made her look good as it showed off her curves.

Changing my clothes also I put on a loose T-shirt and a pair of sweat shorts. Getting myself comfortable for the movie I watched as she came out of her room and walked towards the couch. Yes, I watched as she walked towards me and secretly lusted after the small jiggle of her braless breasts as she moved. The two top buttons were undone on her nightie, exposing her upper chest and just hint of breast. She wore her clothes like this often in the safety of her home and this was nothing usual.


Two more bottles of wine later the movie was half over and mom and me were hardly watching it. I was telling her stories of my college life and she of her business clients and their strange requests for food. Opening the third bottle of wine sex hikaye we continued to laugh and have a good time but started to settle down as the wine took effect and watched the end of the movie.

After about 25 minutes mom passed out and fell heavily against my right shoulder and began snoring very sexily. Immediately, my cock growing to it full length I gazed upon my moms exposed skin – her arms, her legs and the subtle rise of her breast beneath her nightie. I wanted to touch her – did I dare? What would happen if I got caught? Anything I wanted to do could ruin my relationship with the most perfect woman I knew.

But I also had a lot of wine in my system and was willing to take a chance. Seeing she was really passed out I slowly, bit by bit moved my hand to her right breast.

My fingers touching the silk fabric of her nightie I felt the swell of her right breast. As I’ve said my mom’s breasts weren’t large but slowly fondling it though the fabric I noticed and felt her nipple become very hard underneath. I was sweating now and wanted more but did I dare? I was right now living a dream I’ve had for years by stroking her breast, as I had always wanted to do. How many times had I masturbated to this fantasy, I wondered as I enjoyed the feeling of her nipple through her shirt?

I’ve gone to far my mind suddenly screamed at me as I jerked my hand away. That was enough. Getting up from the couch I looked down at the tent my cock had made inside my shorts. Smiling to myself I knew I had years of new beat-off material in my mind and I quietly turned off the lights and the TV. Slowly reaching down I gently picked up my passed out mother from the couch and carried her to her bed.

Gently laying my mom down with every intention to go to my room and beat off I noticed as I put her on her bed, her nightie had ridden up her toned, tanned thigh and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. Oh my god, my mind screamed as I gazed upon her upper thigh. It would only take a small amount of shifting of her nightie by me and I would be able to see everything I had wanted to for so long. Watching my hands move by themselves, I slowly moved the silk shirt aside and saw my mom’s completely shaved pussy. The sex hikayeleri sight of it was beautiful.

I was now hornier than I had been in my entire life and needed a release – NOW! Going for broke I threw caution to the wind and slowly opened my mom’s silk shirt exposing her breasts. My moms breasts were very firm and stood up proudly up from her body as she slept on her back, her large nipples pointing straight up from (I thought) the cold air from the A/C.

Taking my throbbing member out of my pants I began stroking my cock in front of this most beautiful woman. Moving closer to her I knew I needed to touch her, let her know hot she made me. Her legs being slightly apart, I moved in between them, my thighs rubbing against hers. I continued stoking my cock, and brought it closer to her now opened pussy and slowly, as I rubbed the long shaft of my cock I moved the tip across the entrance of her fuck hole and clit.

Shuttering with more pleasure then I believed possible I continued stroking my hard cock as I rubbed the tip against my mom’s pussy. Feeling her heat and wetness – either from my precum or her pussy juice I didn’t know which I relentlessly rubbed my dick harder and harder against her clit. Noticing my moms breathing had changed to a more rapid pulse I stoked my cock faster and faster. Suddenly, my hand slipping the tip of my cock slipped off my mom’s clit and entered her hot and very wet pussy. Moaning loudly at the heat of her pussy on my cock, it erupted and I shot my load inside of my mother.

The lust leaving my mind I looked at the sight I had created. My mom was thankfully still passed out and I looked down and saw my cock just inside of her pussy. Knowing I wanted to push it in further more than I ever wanted anything before, I used all of my will power and slowly pulled the tip out of her. My cum, slowly leaking down from her cunt covered her rosebud of an ass, making it glisten in the pale night the room. I really wanted to fuck her in the ass or cunt but I thought I had pushed my luck far enough and decided a retreat was in order.

Cleaning up the scene of the crime up as best I could I rearrange moms clothes and put her under the covers – kissing her full on the mouth brushing her lips with the tip of my tongue before I left.

Leaving her room I looked back at the woman I loved so much and for a brief moment thought I saw a small smile touch her lips.

More to come….

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