My Vicki Ch. 01


(Author’s note: this is my first submission of erotica for public viewing—-all comments and criticisms are welcome. Inspiration for this particular story came from an ex of mine who suggested we each write our own story involving a girl named Vicki and another female. Be forewarned that I like my sex stories to have a plot, not just the screwing-bits, so don’t read if you need action-action-action. Thanks!)


The first time I set eyes on Victoria Jane Duquette, she was naked as a jaybird, splashing water into the air and shrieking with laughter. Of course, she was barely four years old at the time, full of joyous abandon and innocent ignorance—and so was I. Susan, my mother, had brought me to Vicki’s house to play while our mothers enjoyed coffee and gossip. We became friends for life on that hot August day in the inflatable kiddie pool. We were inseparable– went to the same preschool, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school; and even when her parents split up and Vicki went to live a few towns away with her dad, we kept in touch. We even managed to get our final exams scheduled together, and it was on the last day of testing that things changed forever.

I had just turned 18, and Vicki was a few months older. We were both no longer quite as unblemished and easily entertained as in our kiddie pool days. Vicki had struggled with depression along with normal teenaged angst, and bore beneath her perpetual long sleeved turtleneck blouse the scars of a few halfhearted suicide attempts. I had overcompensated a bit for the chaos surrounding me, and developed an eating disorder that left me with more angles than curves despite my age. She had dyed her hair repeatedly, and kept it braided tightly and tucked back with a spiky tuft of bangs. My blonde hair was buzzed short in the back with long tendrils in the front, combed over my left eye.

But she was still My Vicki—-and I was still Her Jenn.

We had studied frantically for this exam. Vicki’s dad had promised her a car if she placed well, and that would mean we’d get to see each other a lot more often. Between school and part-time shifts at Dunkin’ Donuts, somehow we managed to study hard enough to get the grades we wanted and put all the stress behind us. Too drained to do anything very cerebral, we celebrated with diet Pepsi from the vending machine down at the skate park. We watched the boys showing off on their boards for a while, pretending to flash them as they went by and jeering when they fell.

Finally bored with skating and skin abrasions, we wandered off to the picnic tables near the hedge on the other side of the park. It was one of those oven-baked days where the dry heat makes you feel like your hair might burst into flame, and Vicki was roasting in her habitual turtleneck. She tugged at the bottom hem, flapping the shirt to get some air.

“Why don’t you just take it off, Vick?” I said. “It’s wicked hot. Nobody’s gonna see.” She wrinkled her nose at me, and I rolled my eyes back.

“Fine,” she relented, “but only if you take yours off, too.”

I laughed, quickly peeling off my skimpy top and tossing it to the grass. “Done! Okay, girl. Get rid!” I tugged at her sleeve, then leaped up onto the sun-warmed table, closing my eyes and lying back to tan.

Vicki hesitated for just a moment, then wriggled out of her shirt. She settled herself cross-legged beside me, elbows on thighs with her chin in her hands. I opened my eyes and grinned at her, and she stuck out her tongue. We were lazily silent for a while, listening to the distant shouts of the boys. Vicki drummed her fingertips impishly on my exposed belly. “It’s good to see you filled out a bit, Jenn,” she said softly. “You’ve been looking nişantaşı escort like a starving albino aborigine lately.”

“Albino aborigine? Oh, that is sooo wrong!” I giggled. I was actually just bloated from the carbonated drinks, but she didn’t need to know that. I breathed deeply, feeling tingles chase all through my body under her friendly tapping. “It’s good to see you at all—you stay cloaked up in those stifling shirts too much.” I ran a finger from the back of her neck down to her bra strap, and snapped it playfully. “God, I wish I had boobs like yours.”

“You couldn’t wear shirts like those with boobs like mine,” she retorted, glancing at my barely legal top on the ground.

“True.” I said, sitting up and surveying my meager cleavage, pushing my breasts together and apart to compare. My body was still tingling, and with this attention my nipples contracted painfully against the lace of my bra. “I hate it when they do that!” I groaned, pressing my palms against them to make them relax.

Suddenly, I felt Vicki push her hands against mine, pushing me back onto the hot table. Her lips brushed against the corner of my mouth, and something deep inside me began to melt like chocolate chips in a microwave. “Vick…” I whispered, confused, my hands still clutched to my chest by her hands and my legs half-raised in protest.

“Shh, Jenn. It’s okay,” she said, caressing my mouth with tiny licks of her pointed tongue and nibbling at my lips. Her hands squeezed mine once more and let go. She hovered over me, supporting herself on her palms on either side of my shoulders, placing soft, deliberate kisses on my neck, arms and chest. The sensations were thoroughly pleasant, for all my misgivings, and I was sure all my bones had melted away as I lay helplessly beneath my best friend in the world.

“Dude! Dude! You have to come see this!” Kyle yelled, coming to a screeching halt by the half-pipe.

“Shit! What the hell, Kyle, I almost nailed that one!” Scott picked himself up and poked gingerly at a new bruise.

“Seriously, dude, those two hot chicks that were watching us—-holy shit—-you gotta come see—-“

“Take a breath, dude. What are you talking about?”

“No time—-” gasped Kyle, grabbing Scott’s arm and dragging him off towards the picnic tables. “Just come on!”

The melted chocolate feeling had spread deliciously through my body. I closed my eyes in limpid submission as Vicki continued to cover me with her hot little kisses. Everywhere her mouth touched seemed to retain the heat and remember her attentions. I felt her braids against my waist and reached for them, gently tugging the bands from the ends and twining my fingers through the plaits to undo them. She bit softly on my tummy, her spiky bangs tickling me unmercifully as I combed through her freed hair with my hands.

“Vick… Oh, Vicki, what are you doing?” I breathed as if I didn’t know. “We shouldn’t…”

She didn’t reply, didn’t even look up. Instead, she hooked her fingers over the top of my innocent pink panties and pealed them off without even so much as a preamble. The warm air caressed my even warmer secret parts, and I wriggled slightly with the pleasure of it. My sweet friend cupped her hands over my small, curly-blonde muff with her thumbs teasing my slit, her lovely breasts pressed against my slender legs.

“Don’t you want this, Jenn?” she murmured. “I can feel how wet it makes you.” She lifted one of her thumbs to her lips and sucked the slickness from it. I couldn’t reply, but trembled inside, quivering like a hummingbird with invisible force. When Vicki bent down and slid her tongue between my lower lips, I gasped in surprise and delight. She languorously twisted her kağıthane escort way up to my clit, then tapped softly, timidly—as though addressing a forbidden door. I moaned in quavering welcome, drawing my legs up and to the sides to give her access. She teased me for a while, licking my sensitive folds with the barest pressure—-and I moaned in glad distress, panting now with need. My back arched unbidden when Vicki finally began making heavy circles around my pulsating clit with her firm tongue.

“Oh God!” I gasped, my eyes flying open for an instant before closing again in ecstasy. Vicki maneuvered her mouth expertly around my labia, her tongue sliding back and forth like a hungry eel. The few fumbling boyfriends I had had never brought me to such paroxysms of delight—-bastards! I sobbed when she centered again on my throbbing clit, sucking the slick nectar slowly from that tender bud before swirling it rapidly, just the way I needed it. And oh, how I needed it— her gripping fingers on my hips and her hot sweeping tongue in my cleft, I needed Vicki more than I have ever needed anything else in my life. Cries tumbled from my lips as I ground my hips up against her face, my hands clutching my tiny breasts in desperation. She slipped two fingers cunningly inside my cleft, and the slick walls sucked at them eagerly as I cried out. She responded by thrusting her tongue even faster against my greedy clit, and with an electric jolt and a scream, I peaked at last.

Vicki stilled her questing tongue, pressing it gently, comfortingly against my clit until the spasms ceased and my sobs quieted. Finally, she lifted her head at last from my lap, slid her soaked fingers from my snatch and looked warmly up into my wide eyes. “See Jenn,” she said with a purr, the moisture from her hand glistening as she lightly stroked my thighs. “It’s okay.”

“Oh Vick,” I breathed, slipping a hand down to feel the crazed, slippery muddle she had made of my pussy. “That felt so good…”

Vicki grinned. “Glad you liked it, babe. And I think somebody else may have enjoyed it too.”

I looked at her sharply. “What do you mean?”

Chapter Two

“Did you see that?” Scott wheezed, eyes glued to the space between the branches of the hedge about forty feet away from the girls.

“Dude, I fucking told you!” whispered Kyle, his injuries forgotten, knee bouncing up and down agitatedly in a futile attempt to alleviate his painful erection. “Now shut up! They might hear us.”

“Don’t be stupid, could you hear anything with your face buried in twat like that? Ow!” Scott yelped as Kyle slapped his arm to silence him. Both boys huddled still for a moment, afraid the girls had heard.

“Don’t look, but you see that row of hedges over there?” Vicki flicked her head briefly in the direction of the shrubbery. I nodded. “And you know those boys we were watching at the skate pa—-“

“Omigod!” I started to leap up, my face burning with shame. “Those pervs were watching us?”

“Shh, Jenn! Wait—-” Vicki grabbed my arms and held me in a sitting position, a mischievous look in her eyes. “They’re still there!”

“Well yeah, Vicki, that’s why I’m trying to go!”

She rolled her eyes at me, then licked her lips. “You wanna mess with them?”

“What do you– oh! Oh…” I suddenly understood. And giggled. “Really?”

“Just follow my lead,” Vicki said, then flung herself with a fake sugary sigh into my arms. “Ohhhhh Jenn!”

I had to fight down a burst of laughter, but dutifully lay back and wrapped my legs around Vicki’s waist. We had snickered through a ridiculous porn movie we found in my brother’s room once, both of us incredulous to think that boys really got off on that sort of osmanbey escort thing. The fury of my brother when he’d come home to find us watching his flick in hysterics on the floor, however, was enough to cement the occasion in our minds.

“Ahh, Vicki! Yes! Ooooh, look what I found!” My fingers hooked around her bra strap and unfastened it deftly.

Vicki squealed with exaggerated delight, sitting up and shaking herself to make the garment fall away. I leaned up to her, pushing my fingers through her hair and kissing her fiercely, blushing when I realized I could still taste the salt of my own pussy on my friend’s mouth. Vicki moaned, tilting her head back so I could lick her throat while my hands wandered over her envy-worthy breasts—-fumbling and unsure at first, then warming to the experience while her skin warmed to my touch. A touch of avarice tingled through me as I pinched her perfect nipples a bit tighter, eliciting a yelp from Vicki.

“Eek! Jenn, what was that for, you naughty girl?” Vicki purred lasciviously, her mouth meeting mine again, our tongues tangling together. Her low laugh turned into a quiet moan, and I pressed closer to her, ponderous tits meeting my pointy ones in a decadent crushing embrace. The knowledge that the boys from the skate park were watching us made my scalp prickle with excitement, and Vicki’s soft body in my arms sent a spike of arousal through my still-damp mound. I kneaded her neck, sliding myself against her unconsciously with enjoyment, and Vicki giggled again.

“You horny little minx! Do you want to fuck me, Jenny, do you?” Vicki stretched herself out on the picnic table where I had been, spreading her legs wide and swaying her hips back and forth while she slid off the rest of her clothes.

“Oh angel, I want you so bad!” I quipped, remembering a line from the movie. I watched curiously as her garments fell away; her pussy was light pink and completely hairless! I hadn’t known Vicki shaved down there. I settled between her legs, intent on feeling this depilated skin for myself.

“Ohh, you bad girl, touch me good!” she cried, arching her back dramatically. I cupped her softness carefully at first, marveling at the silken desert where, on me, a forest of curls stood stiff and thick. Then I carefully spread her pouting lips apart, and got my first real eyeful of female sex organs. They were surprisingly beautiful—-such color and shine! Like the new red sports car her dad had promised her after finals, Vicki was primed and dying to be driven. The girls in the porno had nothing on my Vicki.

I found Vicki’s clit tucked high up in her pussy, swollen and begging to be kissed. I obliged. Vicki moaned, audience apparently forgotten as her voice died down to a whisper again: “There…” Oh, I knew “there”, and that at least I could do for her. I didn’t bother teasing. We were both too ravenous for each other to wait, and I rubbed her little pea with frantic intensity. She bucked beneath me, and the sounds she made were muffled by her thighs clamped in desperation around my ears. Ignoring the cramp in my jaw, I continued churning away inside her saturated cunt, feeling the wetness seeping from between my own thighs and the smoldering fire in my womb. Finally, Vicki tensed like an E string and screamed like an heiress, thrashing her whole body back and forth on the table, dragging me with her. I grabbed the seat and hung on, trying to extricate myself from her flooding depths while she regained her grasp on reality.

“Sweet Jesus, Jenn!” she said at last, still trembling.

“Was that good, angel?” I replied, winking and nodding towards the bushes—-which by this time seemed to be rustling of their own accord.

“Oh, it will suffice, I think.” Vicki stretched her body like a cat in the sun, yawning and shaking her head. “To business then?” She glanced at the bushes slyly. Even her breasts looked mischievous, and I had to grin.

“Yes, please!”

(to be continued…)

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