Crowd-Surfing Mother


It was the last hour of school on a Thursday and the classroom was buzzing with excitement. The teacher was absent, and it was absolute chaos. There were paper planes flying and makeshift balls being thrown around. But our group was seated quietly in a corner with pens and notebooks, we were making plans.

Josh, Stanley, Hyun, Chris and I were drafting precise steps on how to escape the clenched jaws of our parents and go to the Iron Mad concert. We came up with a brilliant plan. My mother along with Josh, Hyun and Chris’s mothers were leaving on a weekend vacation to the countryside where Chris’s mother, Mrs. Josephine had a farmhouse. Hyun’s parents had a divorce recently, so this was more of a therapy vacation for Mrs. Kyung, Hyun’s mother. And my mother was the spearhead of this ‘therapy’ vacation as she has had experience on the subject matter. My father left us ages ago.

But this worked out perfectly. This meant that my house will be empty except for my sister. We planned that all the boys will tell their parents that they are staying over at my house for the weekend while we leave for the concert without anyone knowing. Chris had a phone which meant communication will not be a problem. I will take my mom’s car if they leave in Mrs. Josephine’s car; otherwise we would have to take the bus. And we were all finally eighteen which meant that we could even drink during the concert, legally! The only roadblock was my sister who should not need much convincing anyway.

“Alright then, I think this should work. All I need to do is talk to my sister and off we go!”

“I don’t know if my parents will allow me to stay over for two nights man,” said Stanley. He was the mastermind of the group and the one with the plan.

“Oh, fuck off!” Josh was pissed. “Grow some balls will ya? Don’t ask, tell them. That you are staying over at Dan’s house for the weekend and fucking leave.”

“He’s right you know. I think it’s time you stop sucking on your mama’s tit and leave the house for once,” said Chris jokingly.

Hyun just shook his head. Every time Stanley says he can’t go, but at the end he’s always there. And we need him too. He comes up with the most ridiculous plans at the right moments and he has saved our asses so many times.

The bell rang and school was over. “Okay. Final decisions tomorrow then. See you.”

“You sure your sister will be cool with this Dan?” asked Hyun.

“You don’t have to worry about her.”

“Bring her along too man, it will be nice to have some pussy around.”

“Oh yeah Chris? Isn’t yours enough?” We all laughed and left for our homes. I wasn’t too worried about my sister; I knew she would be fine with this.


My mother came to pick me up. I stepped in the car and without saying anything, plugged in the USB and started playing some Iron Mad. I couldn’t believe I was going to their concert to watch them live.

“Anything new?” said mom.


We talked of sports, weather and her vacation on our way home. She said that she was going to console Mrs. Kyung through the tough times and that she would have taken me along if she could. I was so glad she didn’t. I slowly put forward our little fake plan of my friends staying over for the weekend. She said okay without much hesitation and asked us to stay safe.

After reaching home, I went to my room to start packing. I couldn’t wait. I was glad to finally be able to use my tent that I had bought so many years ago. It was going to be so much fun. I wasted my time watching Iron Mad concerts until it was time for dinner.

After dinner, I went up to my sister’s room to talk.

“What are you watching?” I said.

“What do you want?”

“Well, since you know mom is leaving, so, my friends and I have decided to stay over for the weekend here. And – “

“What? No!” she interrupted.

“No. We will not be here. That’s what we will say we are doing. Instead we are planning to go to the Iron Mad concert in Bostom.”

“Bostom? So, you’ll be gone for the weekend?”

“Yes. And all you need to do is not tell anyone.”

“When will you be back?”

“Sunday night. And mom’s not coming back till Monday morning.”

“Alright. Just don’t get yourself into any trouble. I don’t want to have to be the one to answer questions.”

“You won’t. We’ve got everything planned. Stanley will come over tomorrow and reroute the telephone to Chris’ phone in case any parent calls here. You don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Okay cool. Just make sure that you get back before mom does.”


She gave me a little smile, “Alright then. Great! I’ll finally get rid of you for a weekend.”

I slept smiling that night.

The next day, the five of us were ready. Everything has gone according to plan and even Stanly was allowed to stay over at my home. They all brought their essentials along with them and I told them that I had already packed and that we could leave right after school as my mother will be gone by then. istanbul escort I could see everyone was super excited and couldn’t wait.

After school we took the bus to get some supplies. Josh needed to buy a tent, and we had to buy some beers. We didn’t have enough money and we knew alcohol was going to be expensive there, so we thought that we should buy it cheap here instead. We were having a hard time finding a tent for Josh and ended up buying an extra-large tent that could house around four to five people; although, we promised that there was no way we were sharing his tent.

We walked home and saw that the car was still in the garage. That means they went in Mrs. Josephine’s car and we can now take my mother’s car to the concert. Everything was perfect.

We went into the house and saw a stranger there. “Who are you?” I said.

“He’s Danny. Don’t mind him,” shouted my sister as she came out of the kitchen wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Danny must be her new boyfriend. I suddenly realized why she was so happy that I was going away. God knows what they will be up to.

“Come.” I directed my friends as I was heading to my room. They didn’t move. I turned to see that all of them were ogling at my sister’s breasts. Her nipples were poking through her top and my friends were taking in the view.

“Oh, come on guys. Her nipples are always out!” I said.

“Hey!” shouted my sister.

“What? You know they are!” I said. It was the truth. She was kind of slutty and she rarely ever wears a bra at home.

“Get the fuck out of here,” she said in an irritated tone. I could see she was embarrassed for me saying that in front of my friends. Even my friends were embarrassed, I wasn’t.

“Yeah, we are leaving anyway,” I said as we went to our room to pick up my stuff.

“Yo Dan, she is kind of hot though!” said Chris.

I smiled. “You liked that huh?”

“Stanley, there’s the phone. Do your magic,” I said to Stanley pointing at the phone. While he installed a routing device to transfer our calls to Chris’s phone, we packed our stuff.

We got ready to leave and I took the car keys when my sister interrupted, “You are taking the car?”

“Yes,” I said and thought of having some fun, “And Chris wanted to take your pussy too!”

“Dude!” exclaimed Chris.

“Okay. Are you drunk already?” said my sister. My friends laughed at me.

“Alright bye. Have fun with Lenny.”

“It’s Danny,” she said.

“Yeah whatever.”


We finally left for the concert. The five of us. Half of our beers were already finished before we got there. We were all considerably drunk. We sang and rapped along the way. Josh was the best rapper among us. Here the cliché that black guys rap better was true after all. He could have gone pro if he wanted to, he was that good.

We reached Bostom before sundown and drove to the location. It was a remote area in the middle of nowhere. Big trees all around, it felt like we were in the middle of a forest. But the field was gigantic. The stage was spectacularly made and there were speakers everywhere. There were huge crowds forming and people were dressed in the weirdest way possible. Most of them had colorful wigs on and had crazy drawings on their faces. They were already lining up near the stage for the concert to start and we were late. We had to first find a decent place to set up our tents and then get in the crowd.

We searched around for a spot, but all the good ones were already taken. We roamed about, talking, dancing, totally drunk by now, and didn’t even realize that the show was about to start in half an hour and we still didn’t have a decent space for our tents. At last by Josh’s suggestion, we went to the edges where the field met the forest and set up our tents there. There were no other tents around and even though it was far, we weren’t planning on coming back any time soon.

We changed into our black Iron Mad t-shirts that we all possessed. All of us except Stanley had brought wigs too. Mine was a black shiny long hair wig. I specially chose it because there will be a lot of headbanging during the concert and I wanted to look cool. Chris’s wig was like mine but blonde. Hyun and Josh had matching big afro wigs. We decided to get face drawings too after seeing some people get them. So, we went to a tiny makeshift shop in the middle of the field where people were getting their drawings. All of us got some crazy patterns drawn on our faces and were almost unrecognizable. We looked like real metal heads with our wigs and everything.

The concert started in a slow pace with some complimentary artists performing first. We heard that Iron Mad had already arrived and were getting their things ready. We were super excited but were a little disappointed in not being able to find a spot near the stage and had to stand quite far. But before long, many more people arrived, and we ended up being right in the center of the crowd. There must have been more than a million people there.

We şişli escort were talking and were a little bored when the whole crowd started shouting. Iron Mad was here! Everyone was jumping and shouting and dancing, it was chaos. They opened with their most famous song and the ceiling would have got blown away if there ever was one. It was that loud.

They were playing their best songs one after the other. We had no measure of time and were dripping from sweat. Everywhere we looked were girls in bikinis. Some were elevated from the crowd by their boyfriends shoulders. There were bouncing boobs everywhere, and even though we came to see Iron Mad, this was always in the back of our minds. We pointed at girls and screamed, “nice tits.” Of course, no one heard us over the mind-numbing screams. We were a total wreck and drunk out of our wits. We had finished our alcohol long time ago and now were sharing with strangers. No one cared. Everyone wanted to get drunk and party.

Some time passed when we saw the first girl crowd surfing. She was picked up by possibly her boyfriend and handed over to the crowd. She was near to the stage and the group of people were moving her across the field from left to right. She was screaming and enjoying the experience as hundreds of people shifted her towards the stage. As she got closer and closer to the stage, the security guards came in to stop her, but they were unsuccessful. She got up on the stage with the help of the crowd, and ran to hug Michael Stan, the Iron Mad lead vocalist. Guards rushed in and tackled her to the ground and took her away. Everyone was laughing, and we were discussing how on earth is she going to find her boyfriend again in that crowd.

Seeing her successful attempt at hugging Michael Stan, many more people started crowd surfing. There were people thrown here and there and although some came tumbling down, most were kept afloat. Most of them were girls and although there were some boys, they would come down within seconds. The girls on the other hand were finding it difficult to come down once they got up. The people underneath the crowd surfing girls were tugging on their clothes and trying to undress them. And since most of them had bikinis on, they were easily successful. We were surprised to see so many girls getting stripped naked while on top of hundreds of people, everyone free to grope them as they wanted. The girls too seemed to not mind at all and in fact were enjoying it.

We didn’t except anything like this and couldn’t believe our fate. Our first real concert and naked girls everywhere.

“Oh look!” said Chris pointing to a naked girl riding the crowd and moving towards us.

“This is it guys. Get ready,” I said as we tried to push the crowd and get near her.

She rapidly moved through the outstretched hands, everyone trying to cope a feel, when she finally arrived above us. She was on her back and I touched her ass first. I tried to grab a handful, but she quickly passed me. I saw that Stanley was stretching his hands as far as he could to touch her breasts, but even he was unsuccessful.

“Oh man! This is crazy!” said Chris.

“I touched her ass!” said Hyun.

“Me too!” replied Josh.

“Next time we cannot let her pass us so fast. Okay?” I said.

“Yes. At least a minute,” said Stanley.

“A minute?” said Josh mocking him. “So, you want to fuck her too?”

“Oh, shut up, I just meant a little longer,” replied Stanley.

There were girls crowd surfing everywhere, but not many were close to where we were standing. Most of them were near the stage because they too wanted to get on the stage like the first girl. But now the guards were on alert and caught them before they approached anywhere near the stage. The girls in the back however, where we were, had no intention of reaching the stage. They just wanted the thrill of it. We saw some girls stripping naked even before they got up to crowd surf. They wanted to get groped and touched.

A few minutes passed when another girl was making way, riding the crowd towards us. We saw that although she didn’t have her bra on, she was in her underwear and not completely naked. We were a little disappointed, but it didn’t matter. She was riding upside down, which meant Stanley could get a good feel of her tits this time.

She was moving slower than the previous girl and I reached to touch her pussy. Even though she had her panties on, I was able to insert my finger a little bit. She must have shaved because it was really smooth. She moved a little closer and I got to grope her tits this time. Her tits were hanging freely, and people were tugging on her nipples. I wanted to touch her pussy once more as I saw Stanley finally getting a good hold of the girl’s breasts. I tried to insert my finger in her pussy from underneath her underwear, but the crowd stopped moving her and brought her down to the ground near us. I saw Stanley still holding her breasts and squeezing them while she stood right beside us. I looked up to see her face mecidiyeköy escort and…

She was my mother.

I looked away in an instant. The whole ground started to shake, and my heart was beating outside my chest. I wanted to run but didn’t, I stood still. I realized she must have not recognized me. I looked again to make sure. It was her. She was looking around probably trying to find her friends. I looked at Stanley, who by now has removed his hands from my mother’s breasts. He was looking at Josh, they both were now looking at me. Stanley was in shock as was Hyun. All of us had realized that that girl was my mother. I gave them a ‘I don’t know what to do look’ when my mother spoke, “Hi. I’m Kristy.”

We couldn’t say anything. Chris saved us, “Hi Kristy. I am David. These are my friends Jimmy, John, BB and Eric.” These were all famous guitarists’ name. I knew she wouldn’t be able to recognize them and even Chris knew that. I was BB.

“Hey. Enjoying yourselves I see,” my mother said.

“You too. Loved your breasts by the way. Very firm,” said Chris.

Even though it was hard to recognize us, I couldn’t believe his confidence. Our wigs did look more like real hair than wigs, except for Hyun’s. But in places like these, it was not hard to find a Korean with real afro hair, he was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Oh. Well thank you. I try to take good care of them.”

My mother was flirting with Chris. This was unbelievable. I didn’t know if I was more embarrassed or excited.

“Excellent care Kristy,” said Chris looking at my mother’s naked breasts.

She gave him a smile. “I don’t know how I’ll find my friends now,” she said.

Then it struck us. She must definitely not be alone. This meant that Chris, Josh and Hyun’s mothers were also here. We looked at each other nervously. But Chris was on a roll, “Oh we’ll help you find her babe.”

My mother must have been really drunk because she was leaning on Chris while he held her by her waist.

Another girl was approaching us surfing the crowd. This time we weren’t as excited. She passed right above us, and we helped her move along without any second thoughts.

“Woo hooo!” screamed my mother as Iron Mad started playing their next song. She started jumping and her breasts shook uncontrollably. We couldn’t stare away from them, they looked so sexy.

I had never imagined my mother in a sexual way but watching her shake her breasts at us really did give me a tight feeling in my pants.

“Come on dance. What are you waiting for?” she said to us.

We all looked at each other and started dancing awkwardly. Chris was really in the zone. He looked at me and gave me a wink and moved closer to my mother. He brought her closer to him and rested his hand on her ass.

As they jumped to the never-ending beats, we looked at each other but didn’t say anything. We were all mesmerized by her beauty, especially her breasts. Even though I had seen my mother naked in the washroom before, I never imagined her in this girly manner. She really did have a great body. I finally understood what Chris was on about.

The dancing continued and I saw Chris’s hands were now on my mother’s breasts. He was fondling and squeezing them. He then slowly moved his hands down and inside her underwear. He was trying to finger her. But, as soon as she felt his fingers on her pussy, she pushed his hand away and stopped dancing. “I must really find my friends,” she said.

“Okay Kristy,” said Chris. “Come on guys, let’s go.”

“No, it’s okay, I’ll find them on my own. You guys enjoy the concert,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it. We want to help,” said Chris and we made our way through the crowd to where she originally was. Even though we were looking forward for this concert for so long, this was really more exciting.

We crossed magnitudes of people, all dancing and bumping into each other. Many tried to grope my mother’s breasts as we passed them. On the way I groped a lot of breasts and asses myself. Some tried to put their hands inside her underwear too, but she shooed them away. I realized that she was a little insecure about her pussy. I say that because her breasts were public property by now.

After shuffling through the crowd for about twenty minutes, we still weren’t able to find her friends. We really hoped her friends were not our mothers, but we knew the possibility was slim. Although we were pretty confident in our disguise, we planned to find my mother’s friends and leave as soon as possible before anyone identified us.

“It’s okay guys, I’ll find them,” she said.

“We are here till you find them,” I said in a changed voice. I wasn’t going to leave my mother alone half naked in the middle of hundreds of people.

“Yeah,” said Chris, “But until then let’s dance.” He was still holding her as she was so drunk, she was unable to walk straight. But his hands were now only on her waist.

She gave him a smile, “Come on. Let’s dance,” she said directly looking at me.

“Yeah,” I said. And this time I wanted to dance too. My initial fear was now over, and I was sure she wouldn’t be able to recognize me.

Chris gave me a smile and handed my mother over to me with a wink, “Dance,” he said.

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